Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 02

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I made no attempt to hide my delight at finding her outside my door and quickly ushered inside. Even before she removed her coat, it was obvious that instruction in English was not the only, or even the primary, reason why Mei-Lien had come. Rather than her habitual rather drab hairdo, she had carefully plaited her sumptuous black mane into a stylish knot at the back of her head which enhanced the beauty of her rounded, Asian face. Hardly giving me time to appreciate her coiffure, she disappeared into my study. After a few minutes, she reappeared and positioned herself before the mirror in which she had witnessed the persecution of her own tummy. Raising her arms and clasping her hands behind her neck, she presented me with an unobstructed view of what had been hidden beneath her coat.

Mei-Lien’s choice of clothes took me by surprise. All she wore was a tightly fitted pair of shorts, which left bare both her legs and most of her stomach, and a halter top, which was just as revealing as a bra. The shorts and halter were both made out of the sort of soft material which follows every contour on which it lies. Thus, not only were Mei-Lien’s mons and pelvic region clearly outlined, but the shape of her breasts and the points of her erect nipples poking against their cover were put on display.

Moving to join her in front of the mirror, I stood behind her and placed a hand on each of her gently sloping shoulders, right next to her clasped hands at the back of her neck. While kneading the tendons in her shoulders, I put my mouth near her right ear and, in a hushed voice, told her, “Your decision makes me very happy, especially now that you have shown me what a fine body I will be training. As you already know, I do not want to make drastic alterations in your figure, whose soft, feminine contours I find very attractive. Instead, what I would like to adopt the role of a sculptor who is putting the finishing touches on a statue with which he is already pleased. Thus, what I will concentrate on those aspects of your body which I think could be improved. The most obvious of these is your posture. Even with your arms drawn back as they are, your shoulders hunch forward and your stomach lacks discipline. Both these defects are the consequence of inadequate muscle tone, and they are exacerbated by a lack of attention on your part. Assuming that you agree to my doing so, I will help you overcome these imperfections.”

In response, Mei-Lien said, “Since my last visit, I have done little but think about what you did to me. At first I was sure that I did not want you to do anything like that again. However, as the soreness in my belly began to recede, I realized that I was actually sorry to lose the memory of what you had done to them. I have had lovers, but none of them has made me so aware of my body as you did. I cannot explain it, but while you were manipulating of my body you were also manipulating my emotions. In spite of the physical pain which you caused me, you made me proud of my body in a way that I had never experienced before. I have come back today hoping that you can give me that experience again and knowing the price which I will have to pay for it.”

Surprised as I was by their bluntness, her words assured me that I had her agreement. Thus I guided her by her shoulders into the living room and told her to lie flat on her back in the middle of the rug. When she had, I knelt by her legs and pushed on her feet until her knees were bent. I then moved so that I was straddling her feet and grasped her ankles. “Mei-Lien, I want to begin by having you exercise your stomach. I will hold your feet flat on the floor while you raise your torso toward your knees. Each time that you bostancı escort bayan rise as far as you can, I want you to hold your position while I count to ten. When I say ‘ten,’ you may lower your body back the floor, although I want you to do so as slowly as possible. I do not know how many times I can expect you to repeat this exercise, but I think that we should aim for twenty repetitions. In any case, it is I, not you, who will determine when you may stop. Now, clasp your hands again at the back of your neck, and begin.”

As soon as I finished speaking, Mei-Lien began. Grimacing, she raised herself until her breasts were within a few inches of her bent legs. From my position, I was ideally situated to monitor every detail of her progress. As she lifted her head off the floor, the muscles in her lower abdomen bunched and, as she rose, became increasingly clearly defined beneath the front panel of her shorts. At the same time, her chest was thrust forward so that the mounds of her breasts flattened against her halter, with the result that her areolae became dimly visible and her nipples more prominent. When she was upright, I counted to ten, purposefully prolonging her travail by taking several seconds between numbers. At ‘ten,’ she slowly lowered herself back to the floor, where I allowed her time to catch her breath before telling her to rise again.

By the time that she had completed her tenth repetition, it was obvious that I had overestimated Mei-Lien’s capacity when I had set her goal. Therefore, not wanting to overtax her resolve and wanting her to have sufficient reserve to tolerate the next stage in the program which I had conceived for her, I told her that she had done enough and that she should rest where she was while I went the collect a few things. With an expression of sincere gratitude on her sweat covered face, she released the tension in her upper body and, after I have gotten up, straightened her legs so that she once again lay supine on the floor.

When I returned, she had her eyes closed and had beatific smile on her face. During my brief absence I had fetched a wash basin and a few toiletries from the bathroom as well as a couple of pillows from the bedroom. Kneeling next to her head, I first placed a pillow beneath her head and then bathed the sweat from her brow and the exposed portions of her torso, and then carefully dried her off with a towel. Next, I moved to her side and sprinkled talcum powder all over the wide band of bare flesh lying between her halter and shorts. Finally, I spent several minutes spreading the powder into a even, smooth film.

Leaning back on my heels, I could not but admire the effect which I had produced. The thin film of powder complemented Mei-Lien’s dusky complexion. In addition, it so beautifully highlighted every line, nook, and cranny of her body that I was tempted to continue powdering the rest of her, particularly the succulent region at the tops of her thighs. However, I feared that involving such an explicitly sexual part of her anatomy might break the spell which my attentions had cast over her, and so I resisted my temptation and simply spent several minutes contemplating the aesthetic effect which I had already produced.

Rousing myself from my reverie and her from her rest, I told Mei-Lien what was the next item on my agenda for her. “You will be pleased to learn that you have completed the most physically demanding part of regimen which I have planned for today. What comes now is a lesson in body discipline. Once again, your abdominal muscles will back at work, only this time in a much more subtle way. Namely, I am going to sit by your side and literally force you to keep your ümraniye escort abdominal muscles rock hard. The methods which I am going to use will vary, but they all are intended to prevent you from relaxing your tummy. As long as I am satisfied that your muscles are working hard enough, I will merely run my hands over the surface on stomach to produce a mild ticking sensation to help keep you aware of your responsibility. However, should your attention lapse and your muscles begin to relax, I will not hesitate to employ more rigorous methods, like the one which you experienced the other day.”

When she heard my final sentence, I saw the muscles in her belly flatten as her abdominal muscles tightened. Thus, when I placed my hands on her stomach, I could feel the tension under my fingers as I slid them over the flat, powdered plane which ran from the bottom of her halter, past the oval of her navel, over the inverted bowl of her lower belly, and disappeared into her shorts, where, even covered, its presence was visible. Keeping my word, for about five minutes I restricted myself to a gentle teasing, occasionally applying pressure to places where I sensed her muscles could be harder. However, at the end of those five minutes, Mei-Lien’s muscles began to fail, with the result that I had to apply more intense stimulation.

Shifting so that I was straddling her hips, I placed both my hands on her lower belly and began massaging it, probing with my fingers through the soft pads of fat surrounding her navel in order worry the tightly drawn muscles beneath. In response, Mei-Lien twisted her whole torso back and forth in a vain effort to relieve the pressure on her already tired muscles. Realizing that her gyrations were of no help, she soon abandoned them and lay still, staring at me with a pleading look in her eyes and grabbing my wrists, less to interfere with what I was doing than to communicate the anguish I was causing her.

Hoping that it would console her, I said, “Mei-Lien, I recognize that you have been doing your very best and that you can’t continue for much longer. Nonetheless, I want to be certain that your muscles are thoroughly exhausted before I let them rest. I think that I will have achieved my goal in a minute or so.” My prediction was correct. Within a minute, I could feel that Mei-Lien’s muscles were unable to resist my fingers any longer, and, as soon as this happened, I stopped probing and leaned back.

Moved by the relief which I saw in Mei-Lien’s face, I announced that her figure training was over for the day and that I was very pleased by her obvious dedication. I then attempted to stand up, but was prevented from doing so by her hands, which continued to grasp my wrists and hold my hands against her persecuted belly. Encouraged by this indication of intimacy, I lowered my body over hers and planted a chaste kiss on her brow, a gesture for which I was rewarded with a warm smile which spread over her face and a whispered “thank you” from her lips.

Not wanting to overstay my welcome, I rose after several minutes, helped Mei-Lien to her feet, and suggested that she refresh herself in the bathroom. She stayed in the bathroom for quite a long time, and, when she reappeared, it was evident that she had spent the time well. Freshly washed and coiffed, she glowed with a radiance that I had not seen before.

Leading her once again to the hall mirror, I asked how she felt and what she thought of my training methods. Speaking softly, but with conviction, she answered, “I have never felt better, although I am sure that I will be sore tomorrow. As for your program, I am not only certain that it is will greatly improve my appearance but also that escort kartal I want to continue. You have taught me things about my body and its resilience that I never suspected, and I would like to have you teach me more.”

Reassured by her answer, I ran my hands over her belly and said, “You are correct to assume that your stomach will be sore tomorrow. Nonetheless, every day, including tomorrow, I want you to exercise your abdominal muscles. I expect you to perform the sort of sit-ups which I had you do today, both in the morning and in the evening. For the time being, you should set ten repetitions as your goal, although I hope that you will soon be able to increase that number as your muscles get stronger. However, strengthening your abdominal muscles is only one aspect of program which I have in mind. Just as important is teaching you to discipline your muscles. As I said earlier, your posture is poor, and simply toning your muscles will do little to improve your appearance unless you learn how to display your body to its best advantage. During your next visit, I will concentrate on that aspect of your education. In the meantime, I want to get you started by having you wear something which should increase your awareness of your body and the way you are presenting it.”

Reaching into one of my pants pocket, I withdrew a three foot length of hemp rope, in one end of which I had made a small loop and at the other end I had left a plume of unraveled hemp. After stepping between Mei-Lien and the mirror, I circled her with the rope, being careful to follow the crease where her waist is narrowest. Once I had girdled her, I cinched it in place by pulling the unraveled end through the loop and tying it off with a knot which I positioned so that it would lie in the hallow of her navel and the plume would dangle down over her lower belly. Because the rope had a three quarter inch diameter and because I had not pulled on it very hard, the rope just dented the soft flesh which it circumscribed. On the other hand, because it was made of hemp and therefore rather bristly, I knew its presence would be difficult, if not impossible, for Mei-Lien to ignore, especially after I tucked the unraveled plume under the front panel of her shorts and spread it so that it was in direct contact with a sizable portion of the tender skin covering her lower belly.

“Mei-Lien, I trust that you understand the purpose of this belt and that you will learn from it to keep your tummy tucked in and firm at all times. I would like you to wear it as much as possible, although you should not wear it at night when you should spread a smoothing ointment on your skin to avoid chafing. In order to monitor your progress, each time you come here I will put a mark to show the length of belt. In time, I hope that the mark will move, but that is not my primary goal. Unless you go on a stringent diet, you will never have an hourglass figure, and anyway, as you know, I am opposed to your attempting such a drastic alteration of your body. My goal instead is to discipline you to present your body so that anyone looking at you will see a woman in full bloom but in danger of going to seed. Such women have a special appeal to sensual men, men who can appreciate the sacrifice which the maintenance of her figure entails and can sense the tension which that sacrifice creates. It bolsters a man’s ego to know that a woman is willing to suffer a little in order to please him, and I won’t deny that I will get pleasure from thinking about you coping with your hemp girdle.”

Mei-Lien seemed pleased to have her efforts given an explicit purpose and promised to follow my instructions to the letter. Out of gratitude for her compliance, I hugged her and, for a second time, kissed her, this time on the cheek and in a less chaste manner, to seal the tacit compact which we had made. Finally, as I helped her into her coat, I marked the rope girdling her waist with a felt pen and escorted her to the door.

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