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I thought it a delightful surprise. Kate never makes any specific sexual request or desire of hers known. I’d tried on many occasions to get her to confide in me (her husband of 15 years) some of her sex fantasies or any unfulfilled desires. She always turned the conversation off. Apparent discomfort speaking openly about sex. I had hoped I could get her to open up, so that I could have a more complete concept of how to please her. I thought – we’re and old couple, this should be a breeze. It wasn’t. So I had given up on it, taking her insistence that I was “doing just fine” in the sex department at face value.

It was a morning like any other Thursday morning. She was seeing to the kids to get them off for school I was getting up. I had laid out my clothes for the day the night before. Curiously, she had replaced my boxer briefs with black silk boxers (I’d never worn silk underwear before). OK thought I Kate must be a little amorous today and has something up her sleeve. Whatever it was I wanted to make sure that I played into it so that her little attempt at communicating her desires to me were not frustrated. I wanted whatever she had in mind to come off perfectly. Boy, was that the right approach!!

After brushing my teeth, a shower and a shave. I slipped into the silky boxers. Man, to think that women wear this type of stuff all the time, a daily little treat. The simple motion involved in walking became a light sensual workout – the light coolness brushing back and forth across the head of my dick had me later leaking pre-cum by 8:30 AM. As I was putting my keys into my pockets I discovered another little surprise from her, a note folded into quarters but marked “read later in private”. I shot Kate a quizzical glance she pretended nothing was unusual – I dropped it and kissed her good day.

I sat in the parking lot for a minute (I had a few minutes to go) to finish listening to a favorite song, then remembered the note. I pulled it out and opened it and read:

learned how to use the digital camera, the tripod and the remote check the glove box. Love, Kate.

Now this was getting interesting!! I reached over and retrieved sheets of photo quality paper rolled up. And there it was, Kate had taken 24 poses of herself in sexy lingerie. Some poses were outright HOT with her tweaking her nipples or toying with her pussy, even a close-up with her splaying the lips wide apart. I could see that she was turned on when she did this as she was wet, from thigh to thigh and her fingers glistened in telltale fashion implying that they were dipped deep into the puffy gash now digitally captured. Almost 9::00 AM I had to rush to beat the clock to punch in – barely made it.

The work day seemed as though it would never come to an end. I couldn’t stop wondering what Kate had in store and what would come next. Finally it was lunch time. I walked down to the little courtyard that my company provided for brown baggers. It was a little frosty out so there was only one other person in the courtyard, a plump little “go-fer” eating her sandwich with her nose in a romance novel. I opened the bag and started in on the sandwich and chips Kate had packed me but – what’s this? Another note:

cum home early. I’ll be in the tub at 1:00 PM. meet me there. Kate

Wow!! I dumped my lunch and made it over quickly to personnel informing the sexy personnel clerk that I had urgent personal business. She handed me the request slip in a perfunctory manner. Her face lightened up when she apparently noticed that I was sporting a half hard-on, one could make out my dickhead through the khaki material of my trousers, unfortunately there was a little dab of precum at the tip, not leaving too much to imagination. “urgent personal business, huh” a knowing smile accompanied the query. “Uh, yeah” I reply anxious to be on my way.

“Well I hope you do a thorough job of it” from the look on her face she knew and wished she had “personal business to” attend to.

“I’ll do my best” with that I left. I stopped an bought a bouquet of cut flowers. Kate loves that stuff.

I arrived at 1:00 PM on the dot. I made my way to the bedroom and to the master bath. She had apparently just settled into a bubble bath. “Hey, Kate”

“Hi, Chad. How did you like my little surprises today” she eyed my bulge.

“I loved them, how considerate”

“Thanks for the flowers, just put them aside for the moment” I laid them on the vanity.

“What do you think of the silk boxers?”

“They made my dick leak all day, it drove the women in the office nuts” (a little bit of an exaggeration).

“So you like the feel of the silk caressing your dick and balls, huh? I must replace all your underwear with silk. Well, get undressed but save the boxers for later”

So I quickly shucked my clothes but folded the boxers carefully for later use – I was thrilled that she had extended plans. I moved to enter the bath with her but she had something else in mind. She told me to sit in the chair (she had placed an armchair in the bathroom facing the tub about 8 feet kartal escort bayan away. I hadn’t noticed it when I came in. There was a half slip draped across one of the arms. I was puzzled by this but complied.

“Now, Chad I want to watch you jerk off.”

This unnerved me a little. Such a private act for her to sit and watch.

“Just pretend I’m not here” she coaxed. OK I think. I still pull on the old pud every once in a while usually its when she is out of town or on her period and I find myself in need of some release. From the motion in the bubbles I could tell that Kate was rubbing her tits belly and occasionally down further. And so I began to lightly stroke my rigid member. Allowing my fingertips to dance along the shaft and sac I noted more precum well up at the tip of my cock. I collected it with my finger and began to stand to reach it towards Kate’s mouth to give her a taste (she hates the saltiness of cum but seems to loves the mild flavor of precum).

“No don’t get up keep on what you are doing”

“I thought you’d want a taste.”

“I’ve had it many times – its good – you try it” my mind was reeling. I had her taste herself many times and it turned me on to watch her do it. Well I guess that she is similarly turned on by this mildly kinky act. So I thought I’d give her exactly what she wanted. I noticed her bite her lower lip and lick her lips as I was licking my fluid from my finger. I noted that another drop had formed I milked my dick of a sizable amount and teasingly sucked my fingers clean for her. Now I noticed she was tugging on her nipples.

I got back to the business of stroking my cock and balls, Kate slightly adjusted her position to comfortably take in the show and not miss anything.

“Chad, since you like the feel of silk, rub yourself with my half-slip there”

Keeping my dick in one hand, I reached with the other picking up the slip I rubbed the smooth, cool material over my nipples and across my legs, my balls and a few stokes over my dick. It felt delicious, but I put it down after a minute ready to do some serious jerking off for Kate.

“No,” she pleaded, “jerk off with the slip.” After a second I understood what she wanted and how to do it. I picked the slip up again and grabbed my now steel hard and red hot meat through two layers of silk. I was concerned that she couldn’t see well with the material in the way but she reassured me that she was seeing exactly what she wanted. The two silk layers provided a slippery gliding action of my hand over my dick, the trailing material dangled between my legs tickling my inner thighs and my balls. Now Kate had stopped caressing herself and watched intently. I absentmindedly began to tweak my own nipples, leaned back and savored the sensations I was inducing on myself from below. The added sexual dimension of being watched sort of semi clinically by Kate soon sent me over the edge. I stiffened and shortly gobs of white goo streamed forth from my tortured cock. It saturated the half-slip where I held my dick and continued to slowly to milk myself of all of it. Kate bid me toward the bath and scraped the cum off my dick and the soiled garment, she recovered quite a bit of it. She then began to coat her face with it saying that she had heard that it was the best anti wrinkle cream known if left on as a ten minute facial. When her face gleamed with the goo, she leaned back in the tub to finish her soak and to let the “facial” do its work.

She dismissed me to get dressed in some sweats and go in the yard and rake up the leaves that I had been putting off for a month. I obeyed but was a little disappointed that I got no pussy yet. The Jerking off was fine, felt great and was enhanced by the circumstances, but any guy that whacks off from time to time will tell ya there is no substitute for pussy. I consoled myself with the thought that she clearly had more in mind remembering that she had me put aside my silkies for later.

By 4:30 PM the chill in the air having given way to the sun and the heavy exertion of heaving bag after bag of semi wet leaves left me completely soaked with sweat. I walked in through the French door to the kitchen. Kate was engaged in helping our 7 year old with his grammar lesson at the kitchen table. The 5 year old was coloring. I felt a familiar itch in my crotch as I noticed she was wearing a nightshirt, my trained adult male eye could see that she had no underwear on underneath. Kevin and Josh were of course completely oblivious to what was going on between their parents. I leaned over to kiss her.

“Ooooh, you’re stinky. Go take a bath. I got you some new jammies!” she sweetly smiled.

“OK, great.” I figured this must be part of her plan – I never wear “jammies”.

When I arrived I was surprised that she had laid out for me a set of black silk pajamas to go with my boxers. Unlike the boxers the pajamas had a tiny gold and red paisley print design as did the matching robe. She even had some black slippers (reasonably masculine) to replace my worn grey corduroy “fluffies”.

The escort maltepe shower was invigorating, I started it off warm to soap up but switched to cool water gradually for the rinse off. I’m not sure why guys that are sexually frustrated speak of cold showers because it has the opposite effect on me. I almost always get a woody and my nut sack contracts bringing my balls up in the “ready position”. By the time I dried off the woody was gone so I set about putting on my new “jammies”. Kate had chosen well. Now my whole body was getting a silky massage. I spent the evening in anticipation for what might come next. At 8:30PM we put the boys to bed.

I thought the activities would soon come but Kate returned to her TV show. When it ended the phone rang, I got it it was Marcie, Kate’s neighbor friend from 3 houses down. Kate picked up the wireless phone then motioned me to follow her to the bedroom. She then sat on her side of the bed Indian style and I got a glimpse of her recently trimmed pussy. After a few seconds of girl chatter Kate motioned me to pick up the phone and the indicated silence by placing her index finger across her lips. Marcie is a blabbermouth. She went on about her hobbies having been vasectomized during a prior marriage and that although she thought this was fine in the beginning she lately began to want to have children. Her hubbie was an attractive man but a little cool of temperament and not very experimental. Lately Marcie had taken the initiative to make him warm up to her (and possibly to the idea of a reversal of his vasectomy) by becoming the sexual aggressor. She indicated that while Pete never rejected her advances it was as though none of it was a great priority for him. “So how’s the project going?” Kate asked.

“Not bad, I gave him a double whammy last night”

“How so? Kate pressed.

“I gave him a blowjob while he titfucked me. I stuck a little vibrator up his asshole, he nearly drowned me with cum.” Marcie continued, “Then, later, I climbed all over his sleep-woody to wake him up for a little more.”

“Sounds like great fun” Kate allowed. By this time my jaw was hanging open, and a little silk tent began to form in my new PJs.

“What does it taste like?” queried my bride.


“His cum”

“Oh, that. Well I don’t swallow. (nice girls have to draw the line somewhere). But its kind of salty. I heard that getting them to eat pineapples or drink the juice makes it kind of tasty. By the way how did Chad react to your pictures?”

“He seems to have reacted positively to them, thanks for the help by the way” Well, by this time my semi erection had graduated to a full throb, defcon 4, piece of steel.

“By the way, Marcie, how big is Bill’s dick?” My eyes bulged in disbelief that this was my wife talking.

“Nothing to write home about was Marcie’s response it doesn’t fail to please, but I wouldn’t mind another 2″ added to his 5 1/2″. Does Chad have a big dick?”

“He’s a little bigger than average about 6 1/2″ I think, but like you I wouldn’t mind if he suddenly grew an inch or so.”

I couldn’t believe it. Frank sex talk from my wife – even though she had to engineer it so that she was not speaking directly to me. The conversation drifted off sex and on to our boys and Marcie’s new found desire to make a family again then on to new cleaning products at which point I lost interest and quietly hung up.

I was immensely grateful for my wife’s ingenuity in getting some sex communication going. I learned more about what women really think about sex, dick size and felatio by listening to those few sentences than I learned from what other men said about it or even what women would admit to thinking about to other men. I thought Kate was a little generous in her assessment of my dick size, so while they continued their conversation dug through a junk drawer, retrieved a ruler and measured my dick. 5-3/4″ from tip to skin, 6-1/8″ when I pressed the ruler to the pubic bone. I surmised that Marcie probably overestimated Bill’s size – poor guy – probably no bigger than 5″.

After the completion of her call, Kate leaned out the bedroom door, smiled and crooked her finger in the universal come hither gesture. Before I got to the bedroom, my prong was at attention. Kate wrapped her arms around my neck and crushed my lips then began to lap at my tonsils as her hand went south to trace the wet spot at the apex of the silk tent below. My hands dropped to her shapely buns, kneading them a few times and spreading her asscheeks in a raunchy gesture meant to match her hand play. We began to sway standing there, holding the kiss, then a subtle few steps towards the bed.

We allowed ourselves to fall over on the bed while holding our embrace, and continued our preliminaries.

Shortly I made my way to her chest, teasing her breasts and nipples through the thin “tee shirt” material of her nightshirt. I lingered there for a bit then gentle pressure from my Kate’s hands signaled me it was time to go south. Her butt was at the edge pendik escort of the bed, so I kneeled between her thighs and lifted her nightshirt to reveal her neatly trimmed pubes and her pink lips (which were now beginning to get puffy and red and starting to glisten with juice). The aroma was delicious and seemed to send electrical currents straight to my rigid pole.

As I lifted her legs by applying gentle upward pressure behind her knees she took the cue and assisted by resting her feet on my shoulders and splaying her thighs wide. Over her mound I could see her toying with her breasts through her nightshirt. I began with gentle lapping, my tongue flat against her, grazing her whole area, outer lips, inner and her sensitive clit which by now was rock hard and protruding like a tiny little penis standing guard over her little pee hole and vaginal opening. After a minute or so Kate began to hump her pelvis towards me in an effort to signal me to pay more attention to her clit and hole. Always aiming to please I then changed my technique and pointed my tongue and wiggled the tip back and forth over the head of her clit. I felt her fingers clasp the back of my head so as to hold me in position. I felt a little spasm in her now dripping cunt as I slipped one then two fingers in. When this subsided she pushed my head away, I reluctantly complied as I was enjoying this immensely, but she needed a few minutes for her now sensitive slit to recover before resuming action there.

“How was that?” I asked.

“It was great for me but lets do a little something for you” she offered. “Pull down those PJs”

As I rose to do so she sat up. She then motioned me on the bed, I laid back. She assumed the same position I had done earlier, and like her I brought up my feet to rest on her shoulders and splayed my legs. She got directly to work licking up and down the length of my shaft. In seconds she had me drenched in her saliva, the cool breeze from the ceiling fan adding another dimension to the pleasure she was giving. For a second or two the sensations stopped, I looked down quizzically to see her applying a lotion to my cock and balls. She looked me in the eye seductively as she slowly stroked my rod and streams of sensations erupted as I sensed the warm/coolness of the mint flavored lotion.

“Chad, would you like to try something new?”

“Sure, anything” Did I really say that? Did she really ask that? Next she began again to lick and suck on my dickhead, then she slipped a well lubed finger to my asshole and just rubbed there for a little while. I was startled at first, but then I decided the feeling was pleasurable.

Next she suddenly stood up. I looked at her panicked, she wouldn’t leave me like this – would she? She grinned a naughty grin and told me to turn over, I did so, after a second It became clear she wanted me on hands and knees.

“Just relax and enjoy” she reassured me.

A little gentle pressure against my upper back an I was now face and chest against the bed, my knees spread apart and my stiff cock dangling. I’ve never felt so vulnerable and aroused at the same time in all my life. The fan was now adding to the sensations again but this time the focus was my anal opening as my wife began a slow masterful stroking of my dick from behind me she seemed to alternate hands one on my shaft and the other on my balls, changing them back and forth. I felt I would soon explode, my cock must have been purple by now and it actually physically hurt for release. AGAIN SHE STOPPED – SHIT!! About 30 seconds later the urge had subsided, she again took hold of my shaft with her left hand and began the slow teasing stroke again, I now appreciated that it was her plan to tease me into the orgasm of my life. Her right hand slipped between my asscheeks where she toyed with my hole. Slowly she rocked a finger in fraction by fraction as she massaged my dick with her other hand. When she got her whole finger in she stopped all motion, I looked pleadingly over my shoulder at her. She beamed at me in her power over me in this situation.

“Now spread your ass.” I could not believe it but my hands obediently went to my cheeks and spread them wide to let her do as she would. She then resumed her ministrations.

“That’s much better, don’t you think so?”

“Unh-huh” was all I could manage in agreement. Her finger slid in and out of my asshole, the sensation was beyond description when she found and massaged my prostate. I was leaking precum like “no tomorrow.” After a while she removed her finger, her left hand kept a slow steady rhythm on my dick. I was beyond the point of no return when I felt her warm tongue digging at my ass and in a few seconds I unleashed gobs of goo into her waiting right hand as she continued to stroke my dick and suck and lick on my asshole.

When she was sure she milked me of all I had, she stood up. I flattened out on the bed, temporarily spent. Then I rolled on my back to look at her. She was looking at the gob in her right hand. “Not bad, about a tablespoonful”. I expected her to reapply her “facial”, instead she lifted her left leg resting her foot on the bed next to me and began to rub it into her pussy. When she had got it all in, she looked at me with a flushed face hot with desire and silently took up a position similar to what she made me do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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