Sixth Period Trig Pt. 03

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Many thanks to ZMaria, the wonderful volunteer editor who was an immense help in editing this story.


Chapter 4

Vickie’s weekend was filled with erotic dreams which seemed to have a life of their own. She was shocked to find her fantasies were so strong. Just a little while ago she had no such fantasies, but she also found comfort in them. She felt as if she was growing, learning and her student was the instructor.

Monday’s sixth period class was filing into the room. Vickie wore slacks and a modest blouse. She had spent much of the weekend in front of the mirror checking out more new clothes. She modeled short skirts, and see through blouses knowing that she would never wear them to school but it fueled her fantasies. She didn’t really trust herself in class today, so she dressed conservatively.

As the students filed past her, she couldn’t help thinking that one of them had seen her naked chest. One of them had felt her tits and even sucked her nipples. Vickie spent the entire class scanning her students’ faces for any telltale sign but instead of a suspect all she did was get herself more excited.

She finished her lesson, did examples on the board, and assigned the problem of the day. She sat at her desk and anxiously waited for an e-mail but none came. After a few quiet moments, a student, Joey People. raised his hand.

“Miss Roach, I need help.” He said.

Vickie went to his side. As she walked towards Joey People’s desk, she remembered what SIX had told her. Joey People liked to look up her skirt. Well, today she wasn’t wearing a skirt and almost immediately regretted her decision. She liked the idea of Joey People looking up her skirt. She liked the idea of all her students looking.

She caught a glimpse of Veronica sitting a few aisles away. She was busy looking at her computer screen but just like last week, her short skirt was doing nothing to cover her legs. She sat there with her legs wide open oblivious to James’s leering glances. James, a student representative had his head on his desk and was looking backwards towards Veronica. Vickie felt a pang of jealousy as she knew that Veronica would draw the boys attention today, not her.

At Joey’s desk, she asked, “What can I help you with, Joey?”

Joey asked a few questions relating to today’s lesson and at one point, Vickie had to lean over to type something on his computer. She knew that he was trying very hard to peek down her blouse and she smiled.

“Did you do last week’s homework, Joey?”

When Joey said that he did do his assigned work, Vickie asked him three relatively easy questions, which Joey answered correctly. Immediately, Vickie thought about her new ‘teaching method’. She wondered if SIX also thought about it. Was SIX looking to see if she let Joey open her blouse and give him access to her breasts?

“Miss Roach,” said Joey.

Vickie, lost in thought, pictured Joey, a freckled face, red headed boy with an impish personality fumbling with the buttons of her blouse.

“Miss Roach…”

Vickie imagined herself leaning over slightly to make it easier for Joey as he had finally slipped the last button out of the hole.

“Miss Roach…..”

Poor Joey, Vickie thought, was having difficulty with the clasp in the front of her bra. Mary Ellen popped out of her seat and offered her help.

“They should make these bras easier for the boys, Miss Roach,” said Mary Ellen as she let the unclasped bra fall away.

The whole class watched as Joey opened his mouth and Miss Roach lowered her breast.

“Miss Roach,” Joey said loudly.

Vickie snapped out of her trance. He asked another question that forced her to lean over again. Joey stared directly at his pretty teacher’s chest and Vickie pretended not to notice. She stared at the computer screen but could sense that Joey’s eyes were elsewhere.

Vickie turned and looked at Mary Ellen, who was staring attentively at her computer screen. Mary Ellen did not have her chest resting on the top of the desk as she usually did but rather sat up straight in her chair. She noticed that Mary Ellen wore a vest, unbuttoned and opened. Under the vest she wore a white t-shirt and it was obvious that she did not wear a bra. From Vickie’s vantage point she could clearly make out the outline of Mary Ellen’s nipple poking at the t-shirt as the opened vest failed to cover her left breast.

Vickie drew her attention away from her student’s breast in time to notice that both Brian and José tried to sneak peeks of Mary Ellen’s considerable attributes only to snap their heads back to their own screens when they realized they were being observed. Brian looked back brazenly one more time and then looked up and smiled at his teacher before busying himself with his class work.

Finished with Joey’s questions, Vickie headed back to her desk and was pleased to see an e-mail from SIX.

Dear Vickie,

You are such a naughty teacher. I bet that you were thinking of your new teaching methods with Joey. Did you think about how you would nurse Joey with those pendik escort lovely tits of yours? How do you know that I’m not Joey?


Vickie replied quickly.

Dear SIX

I don’t know who you are and yes, I was thinking about that. I was thinking about what it would be like to ….


She kept her e-mails to a few words, afraid of what she might write, afraid to admit to SIX that all she thought about was sex.

With about two minutes left in class, Vickie got another message.

Dear Vickie,

You are so beautiful. I can still see your breasts, I can still taste your sensitive nipple. Can you still feel my mouth on you?


Vickie was able to send one last e-mail before the bell rang, an e-mail that just read one word; YES.

The bell rang ending class and she watched her students gather their books and belongings.

When Veronica stood, her skirt clung to her waist allowing the leering James to see her panties. He let out a soft whistle which caused Veronica to look up and catch him staring at her naked legs and exposed panties. Vickie was amazed as Veronica did not immediately pulled down her wayward skirt but took two steps towards the still seated James. She stopped at his desk and did nothing as James whispered something to her as he brought up his hand and let his fingers slide between her legs and over the front of her panties. It seemed like his fingers caressed her for minutes but in reality it was a scant few seconds before Veronica gently patted his cheek and Vickie heard her say, “It’s nice to see our elected officials trying to keep in touch with the student body.” She then moved his hand away and slid her skirt down and continued out of the room.

Vickie sat at her desk for a while and could only think about her desire to open her blouse and the casual manner in which Veronica let a fellow classmate touch her. She again regretted wearing slacks. The teacher wanted to experience the feeling of sitting at a desk with her skirt hiked high, panties exposed, legs spread. She wanted so much to feel what Veronica felt, she wanted to be as free as Mary Ellen, even if she was in an empty classroom.

Vickie’s new found desires worried her. She was afraid that they were getting out of control.

She stayed in her empty classroom well after the school had emptied and worked on her lesson plans. Satisfied that her week was well planned she got up and went towards the door. She stood at the door and looked back into her classroom and wondered if there was a new sexual energy that flowed in her room. Was it always there and she just never noticed or were her students reacting to the subtle vibes that she was giving? She stood there for a few moments and relived that scene. Veronica letting James touch her without so much as a protest. With a deep sigh, Vickie closed the door and headed to her car.

That evening, after a supper that consisted of a salad and a glass of water, Vickie decided to go back to the store where Pam worked. She didn’t know whether she went there to buy new clothes or just to see Pam. It seemed that Pam and SIX were the only ones who knew her and she wondered why she had this unfounded trust in Pam.

Vickie peered into the store and was relieved to see no customers and that Pam was working.

“Hi, Miss Vickie,” said a delighted Pam as she greeted her now favorite adult customer. “Here for some more advice from the girl who knows what men really want?”

Before Vickie could answer, an exuberant Pam added, “I was thinking about you, my sexy teacher, and I put aside some provocative additions for your wardrobe.”

Vickie laughed as she raced off to get her stash.

While Pam was gone, a teenage boy entered the store and went directly to the counter without looking at any of the store’s wares.

When Pam returned with an armful of clothing, she saw the boy and greeted him warmly by saying, “Doug! What a pleasant surprise.”

She carefully put the clothes on the counter and hugged Doug.

She turned towards Vickie and said “Doug, this is Miss Vickie, the woman I told you about. Miss Vickie this is Doug, my best friend’s current boyfriend.”

Doug approached Vickie and said “You told me that she was good looking but you didn’t mention that she was really, gooood loooking,” He really dragged out the words good and looking in a manner that made Vickie nervous.

Pam sensed this and added “He’s harmless, just a little overwhelmed.”

“Yeah, overwhelmed,” added Doug.

“And to what do we owe this visit, Doug?” asked Pam.

“Cindy couldn’t get out tonight and I was bored, and I was passing by when I thought of Cindy’s sexy girlfriend and how could I resist? So, Ta Da.. here I am.”

They stood there for a few nervous seconds before Pam said, “Here, Miss Vickie, try this on.” She handed the teacher some clothes and Vickie retreated to the dressing room.

It seemed as if Pam was determined to get her to wear skirts because the armful of clothes were mostly skirts, short skirts, pleated skirts, maltepe escort zippered shirts, skirts with large buttons down the front, really, really short skirts and a few dresses. Vickie tried on a few but was reluctant to exit the dressing room, feeling shy in front of Pam’s friend.

Vickie tried on the pleated skirt. It reminded her of the skirts that girls wore to schools that required uniforms. It fell to mid thigh and swayed as she walked back and forth. Vickie thought it looked kind of sexy but knew that she would probably never wear it. It was just then that Pam yelled out “Why haven’t you come out yet? Your audience awaits.”

“My audience,” thought Vickie and the idea of an audience appealed to her, so she put on the knee socks that Pam so thoughtfully added in the pile and a crisp, white blouse.

Vickie left the dressing room and went to the nearby mirrors. She was shocked to find that Doug had pulled up a chair near the mirrors so that he could watch.

“Wow” said Doug and Vickie could feel herself blush.

“I knew it,” added Pam, “That looks great on you. Walk over to me.”

Vickie did as Pam suggested and soon she felt as if she were on the runway, modeling clothes.

Pam turned to Doug and asked “well what do you think? If she was your teacher would you be impressed?”

Doug just stared.

Vickie paraded herself back and forth in front of the seated boy.

“Come on Doug, express yourself. Think hard.”

“Well. that’s easy” Doug started. “I’m thinking about this sexy teacher and I’m hard.”

“Boys can be such pervs,” scolded Pam, “but Miss Vickie, you are sexy.”

“It just needs a little tweaking,” Doug explained and he jumped out his chair and approached the waiting teacher.

Doug pointed to the top button of her blouse and asked, “May I?”

Vickie shrugged her shoulders and smiled at Doug as he reached up and deftly undid the top button. He then took hold of the cloth above the buttons and pulled it apart a little.

“My, you’re good at that,” stated a more confident Vickie.

“He should be, he’s had plenty of practice, from what Cindy tells me.” said Pam with a small laugh.

Doug stood back a step and admired his handy work. Vickie stood tall and awaited his decision.

“Hmmm,” Doug moaned, “just a tad more tweaking.” He stepped towards Vickie again.

This time, he didn’t ask permission but reached up and opened the next button. When he pulled the material aside again, a fair amount of Vickie’s cleavage was visible.

Doug sat back down and said, “Pretend that I’m a student that needs help. Come over to me, lean down and make believe that you’re looking at my paper.”

Vickie took two steps towards Doug and he yelled, “Stop!”

Both Vickie and Pam looked at him for an explanation.

“The skirt, it needs to be shorter. Pam fix her skirt.”

Pam moved over to Vickie and twisted the waist of the skirt so that it rolled under itself, thus pulling up the hem even higher.

Without prompting, Vickie moved toward Doug, leaned over and looked at his imaginary paper.

Doug’s eyes went quickly to Vickie’s chest and his hand went to the back of her naked thigh. The teacher did not pull away as he caressed her leg and moaned softly at the site of her exposed cleavage.

“Now look at what you did, lady,” said Doug.

It was then that Pam raced to the teacher’s side and ushered her back to the dressing room.

A surprised Vickie asked her what had just happened.

“Take these off, Miss Vickie. I’ll wrap up a few things that I know you’ll want. If not, just return them later. You can pay for them later, also. I trust you.”

Vickie finished unbuttoning her blouse and questioned the teenage salesgirl again, “Pam, what happened?”

Without thinking, Vickie had taken off her blouse and pulled off the skirt. She stood before Pam not realizing that all she had on was a bra and panties when Pam said “It’s Doug. I’m afraid that you turned him on. When he said, “Look at what you did lady”, I knew that he had a….a… that his….Um, You know like he’s sexually aroused and like he wants relief.”

Vickie suddenly realized what happened and she said, “Pam, I’m so sorry.”

“Oh, don’t be Miss Vickie, really. I know what to do.”

“But Pam, isn’t he your best friend’s boyfriend?”

“Oh, Cindy won’t mind. She’d rather that I take care of him than some stranger and I like it, but you have to leave right now. I’m going to close the store for a while and take care of Doug’s.. ah, um, problem.”

Pam moved closer to Vickie and gave her a small kiss on the lips and said “Thank you.”

She turned to leave but before Pam got to the door she turned and ogled her almost naked customer.

“Miss Vickie, if you ever need anyone to take care of you, I’d be delighted.”

Pam turned and left and Vickie wondered what she meant. What would Pam do? What would she expect Vickie to do? These thoughts raced trough her head as she dressed. Vickie had never considered being with another girl but Pam was pretty kartal escort and gentle and she could still feel the young lips on hers.

Vickie felt like she was going to explode sexually and made her way to the exit.

Pam locked the store entrance behind Vickie and gave her a wink as she went to the rear of the store, with Doug.

When Vickie arrived home, she tried on the clothes that Pam had given her to examine. Vickie tried them on and decided on the dress. It was a simple dress that fell about two inches above her knee. Shorter than the skirt but not so much as to be found improper by school authorities. The skirt was made of a silky material and hung loosely down from her waist. If she spun fast enough, the skirt would probably float to about waist high. “No spinning”, Vickie thought. The top of the dress went over her shoulders and was cut square above her breasts. If Vickie leaned forward it would probably pull away and give someone an eyeful. “No leaning over,” Vickie thought. The one thing she loved about the dress was that it buttoned up from the hem to the very top. She looked at herself in the mirror and asked herself, “How many buttons will SIX ask me to undo?”

Vickie laid the clothes out for tomorrow and went to her computer. She was surprised to find an e-mail.

Dear Vickie,

I hope you meant it when you told me to be creative. Well, I snuck into school over the weekend and installed something. I hope that you’re not disappointed in me. Remember, it’s not entirely my fault. I’m a high school boy and it’s normal for me to think about sex. You could say that it’s your fault for being so sexy. I know that you saw James looking up Veronica’s skirt. She knew that he was looking at her but she likes boys looking at her. I know that you would like the same thing, Miss Roach. I know that you would like to sit there just like Veronica I’m not sure that I should tell you but I decided that I must. To see what I installed go to this ip address. I would never do anything to harm you. I can still taste you.


Instinctively, Vickie cupped her breast and she could still feel her students eager lips sucking her tit.

Vickie moved the mouse over the ip address and the pointer turned into the familiar hand, indicating on her Macintosh G5 that it was a live link.

She clicked on the address with apprehension. It took a while to load and when it finished, Vickie couldn’t tell what she was viewing.

It was dark, very dark but in the center of the screen it was a little lighter but not light enough for her to discover the true picture.

She moved the mouse over the image and it remained a hand. A right hand, index finger pointing as the thumb protruded outward. The remaining fingers wrapped under themselves. Tired from not being able to figure it out, she logged off and shut down.

That night Vickie slipped naked under her covers. Her mind raced with today’s events and with her fingers between the warmth of her legs she wondered what it would be truly like to have Pam take care of her.

The next day she went to her computer quickly and retried the ip address from SIX. The morning gave enough light but she still couldn’t quite make out much. It looked like a tunnel or box with some sort with light at the end. She could also make out a solid looking object that slanted downward towards the middle. It almost looked like the leg of a chair but that didn’t make any sense to Vickie so she dressed in the clothes she had set out. Vickie buttoned all the buttons and left a few minutes early, eager to see if the morning light would provide clues to what was in this mysterious ip address.

As Vickie walked from the office to her classroom, she got two compliments from her peers. It struck Vickie funny but that was the first time she ever got compliments and she walked quickly to her room.

She logged onto her new e-mail address at hotmail. SIX had suggested this might be safer than using the school’s server.

She opened her e-mail and again clicked on the ip address that SIX provided. The image opened a little quicker due the faster service in school.

Vickie looked at the image on the screen. It was two legs. Two female legs, seated at a chair and visible from the waist down. It was Vickie’s legs because she recognized her new dress.

She jumped out of her chair and moved the chair aside. She put a few pieces of paper on the floor that allowed her to kneel without the worry of getting dirty and peered under the opening of her desk.

Finally she spotted it. A tiny camera. It finally dawned on her what happened. SIX had installed a camera under her desk. She sat back down and looked at the image. She could see her legs peeking out from under her dress up to her mid thighs.

Vickie shook her head in wonder and remembered that she had invited SIX to be creative if he wanted to look up her skirt. Well, this is creative, she thought and decided to leave the camera alone.

She sat there for a few minutes and experimented. She watched her screen and moved her legs to various positions, just to see what it would look like. She knew that she would have to be careful because SIX had placed the camera in a very advantageous position. But then she just smiled as she realized that she wouldn’t be careful. Lucky SIX.

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