Step Siblings Ch. 05

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Note: Please read Step Siblings Ch. 1 thru 4 to get up to date. The ending on Chapter 4 was mean but I really wasn’t sure how you guys wanted it to end. Basically Jake was waiting to hear if the girl he loved is his real sister. Thanks for your feedback. Enjoy and all rights reserved.


Jake heard what his mother said and froze. He had prepared for the worst and was ready to hear that Sarah was his half-sister. He was standing by the main entrance to the school just as the last bell sounded.

Sarah was heading for the girl’s locker room when she noticed Jake by the door. He was just staring into space. As she edged through the crowd to get to him she saw him drop to his knees and hold his head with his hands.

“Jake……..what’s wrong?” She asked as she moved down to her knees in front of him. It looked as if he was crying. “Jake?” She saw his hands move away and expected to see him crying but saw the biggest grin ever.

“You’re not my sister. You’re not my sister! YOU’RE NOT MY SISTER!” He screamed. His body leaned forward and pulled her soft lips to his.

She let him kiss her for almost a minute before pushing him back. Other kids were now standing around them and smiling. “Are you alright?”

“You’re not my sister,” he smiled. “I love you so much!”

A few of the girls started clapping and then the others joined in. The clapping continued until Ms. Simmons pushed them aside. “What is going on?” She saw Jake and Sarah hugging on their knees.

“Not you two again,” she gasped. She turned to the other kids. “Move along the show is over.”

Jake pulled Sarah to her feet.

“Now what?” Ms. Simmons asked.

“She’s not my sister,” Jake grinned.

“I know….she’s your step sister,” the teacher gasped before she turned and walked away. “Hormones.”

“We better get to practice,” Sarah giggled as she took Jake’s hand in hers. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yes….I’m very…..very much alright.”


Ann too was relieved when she got the call from the lab. Sure there were still issues with her son and her step-daughter dating and living in the same house but it would only be for the rest of the school year and then they would go away to college. She called her husband to come home early.

“God what’s wrong?” Jim asked when he crashed through the door.

“Nothing…..nothing at all,” Ann giggled as she took his hand and led him up to the bedroom. “I want a quickie before the kids get home.”


“What are you smiling so much about?” Brian asked Jake as they tossed the football back and forth.

“She’s not my sister,” Jake repeated. He had not said anything else for the past hour.

“No shit,” Brian laughed. “What have you been smoking?”

Jake finally landed. “Would you and Danielle like to go out tonight and celebrate?”

“Actually Danielle and I broke up.”

“Sorry dude………what happened?”

Brian caught the football and walked closer so no one else could hear. “We uh….we uh…did that threesome with Maria…you know…and…now she spends more time with her than she does me.”

“Sorry I mean I was the one who set you three up,” Jake frowned.

“That’s alright. They were wearing me out anyway.”

“Hey would you like a blind date?”

“She can’t see?”

Jake smacked his arm. “This girl got me out of trouble the other day and I think she’s really nice.”

“The……..field hockey girl?” Brian gasped. He had seen her eating ice cream with Sarah and Jake.

“Hey man she’s nice and nice is what you need right now. And……I think she is a virgin.”

“But she has a big ass.”

“And a big heart,” Jake said. “Think about it and if the date doesn’t work out then fine.”

Then the coach called them all together.

“On Friday night we play the State Class AAAA champs. Last year we lost to them by 40 points. I don’t want to be embarrassed again.”

Jake’s old team had played Hoover High last year and had also lost but only by a touch down. They had been losing by 20 points at halftime but their coach changed his defense but not fast enough. Hoover’s halfback Alfonso Jackson was All American.

“Coach,” Jake said holding up his hand. “They run 80% of their plays with Jackson.”

John smiled. “Go ahead Jake.”

“Well last year my coach assigned two of us to just stay on him. We almost came back and beat them.”

“I know. I was there,” John smiled. “And guess what? We are going to do the same except I just want you to stay on him.”

“Just me?” Jake asked. “They have a big offensive line.”

“I know but they are not as fast as you are and with you dancing around they will have a tough time blocking you. However I can’t waste your energy on offense.” He looked at the backup tight end Randy Means. “Are you up for it?”

“Yes sir,” the younger boy grinned.

The team broke and Brian and Jake walked towards the locker room. “Shit man I hope the sophomore can catch the damn ball,” Brian whispered.

“He will just give him canlı bahis some encouragement,” Jake smiled. As he neared the locker room he saw Sarah waiting. “You know Ms. Simmons is on to us now.”

“I know,” she smiled. She looked over by the cars and Jake followed her eyes. Standing next to Sarah’s car was Gina.

“Gina?” He was hoping she was not going to suggest another FMF threesome.

“She lives with her father and he works second shift.”


“And she told me that we can use her bedroom if we want.”

Jake glanced over at Brian who was waiting for him. “I think I know of a way to keep her occupied.”

Sarah followed his eyes this time and saw Brian wondering why they were looking his way.

“WHAT?” Brian yelled.


Gina sat next to Sarah as she directed her to her modest single story house. After the ice cream the day before she had talked with Sarah a few times and discovered her need to get Jake alone. It was then she offered her bedroom. “My daddy won’t be home until midnight.”

Sarah parked in the single lane driveway. “And your mother?”

“She died when I was born,” Gina said sadly.

“I’m sorry,” Sarah whispered. They moved into the house and Gina showed her around which didn’t take too long. “I don’t want to get you into trouble with your dad.”

“He works long hours and I don’t see him much,” Gina said. “Is Brian really coming over here too?” Her hands clutched together showing her nervousness.

“Yes. He just broke up with Danielle and we wanted him to meet you.”

“But…….but……he won’t like me,” Gina said softly. “I’m not very pretty and…….I’ve never really dated before.”

Sarah moved next to her on the bed. “You are pretty.” She moved Gina’s dark bangs from her eyes. “Have you ever kissed a boy before?”

“Not really…….I mean not a real kiss,” Gina blushed.

Sarah knew they had about 30 minutes before the guys would arrive. “You’ve never french-kissed.”

Gina’s blush continued as she shook her head.

Sarah laughed. “Danielle and I taught each other to kiss.” Her fingers held her bangs to the side and looked into her deep brown eyes.

“Will you… know?” Gina whispered.

Sarah smiled knowing she had promised Jake her threesome days were over but this was just girl/girl fooling around. “Lie back.”

Gina’s large breasts were rising and falling rapidly while she waited for the head cheerleaders lips that were slowly moving down to hers. As soon as they touched Gina’s emitted a low moan.


Sarah giggled and gently rubbed her soft lips across the larger girl’s puffier ones. “Make your kisses gentle and tease him.”

Gina’s body was really alive and excited for the first time. Her mind was only on Sarah’s lips which sent flashes of electricity from her lips through her body. When she felt the tongue she opened her eyes and then her lips.


Sarah teased Gina’s tongue until it started touching back. Her fingers toyed with the girl’s earlobe which caused Gina to pull her mouth away.

“Oh God.”

Again Sarah giggled and then pushed her mouth harder into Gina’s mouth and then jabbed her tongue deeper. It was then Gina became the aggressor. Her large hand moved over Sarah’s body and pulled the smaller girl on top of her. Their breasts crushed together and their legs opened until their sex mounds touched.

Sarah managed to somehow pull her mouth and tongue away. “Wait…..calm down.”

“Sorry,” Gina said gasping for breaths.

“It’s OK…….you need to cum.”

“Ca……ummm?” Gina repeated.

“Yes…….cum,” Sarah giggled. She reached down between them and pulled Gina’s skirt up over her panties. Her thigh then parted her large thighs and pressed into her moist silk-covered virgin pussy.

“Oh God,” Gina gasped again when the pressure touched places only she had touched before. Sarah’s lips and tongue again found hers and her leg methodically moved to get the big girl off.

For the next four minutes their bodies rubbed together until Gina’s hips lifted Sarah. “OHHHH!”

Sarah giggled and continued rubbing until her body was too tired to continue. She started to move off but Gina grabbed her.

“Let me up because the boys will be here soon and you will need to change your undies.” Sarah stood up and looked at the moist panties and the huge bush under it. She wondered just how far she would let Brian go.

“What should I wear?” Gina asked Sarah as she pulled off her panties and then her oversized bra.

“Jesus,” Sarah gasped. “What size are you?”

“I wear a 44 DDD bra,” Gina answered. “Do you think Brian will like them?”

Sarah sat back on the bed. “Yeah uh definitely.”


“If I say the word ‘football’ it means I want out,” Brian whispered to Jake when they walked up to Gina’s front door. They had forgotten the address but when they saw Sarah’s car they found the house.

“Gotcha,” Jake grinned. He rang the door and stood back when it opened and Gina stood there bahis siteleri smiling. She was wearing a low cut v-neck blouse that showed most of her pink mounds. “Wow.”

Gina blushed and stood back. “Do you want to come in?”

Jake was still staring when Brian pushed him aside. “Definitely.” He took Gina’s hand. “Hi I’m Brian.”

“I know,” she smiled. He had been in a lot of her wet dreams.

The guys moved inside to find Sarah sitting on the sofa with four beers in front of her. “She says her dad won’t miss them.”

When Gina sat next to her she stood and moved so Brian could take her place. Gina handed him a beer. “Thanks.”

After talking about their teachers and classes and having another beer Gina and Brian were relaxed and really ignoring Jake and Sarah.

“Come on,” Sarah whispered. She took his hand and moved down the hallway to Gina’s bedroom. She closed the door behind them and pulled his mouth to hers. After a minute of hot wet kissing she nibbled on his ear. “I’ve been thinking about this all day.” He reached down to pull off her top but she stopped him. “Sit on the bed.”

Jake smiled and sat down. Her hips started grinding in circles and then she started whispering a cheer. “We are Kennedy…” She jerked her top off her semi-cup bra. “Mighty-mighty Kennedy!” She leaned over and shook her chest.

“Damn,” Jake gasped when her pink titties almost fell out.

“Everywhere we go…….people want to know…….who we are!” Sarah pushed her cheerleader skirt down over her skimpy white lace thong.

Jake reached out for her but she jerked back.

“So we tell them…..We are Kennedy……Mighty..mighty…” Suddenly Jake lunged and grabbed her wrist and pulled her nearly nude body onto the bed next to him. He pulled down her panties and kissed her glistening slit.

“Mighty…..mighty………..OH YES JAKE RIGHT THERE!”


Brian had finally got enough nerve to kiss her and quickly found out what soft lips she had and although she was inexperienced she was not that bad a kisser. His arm moved across her to pull her closer which caused his forearm to press into her massive tits. He froze and they opened their eyes.

“You…you can touch them want,” she whispered.

His smile told her how much he wanted to touch those puppies. His whole hand tried to cup her left breast but did a bad job. He felt the hard tip pressing into his palm and aimed his index finger and thumb to rub over it.

“Ohh Brian.”

Gina peeked down to watch as the fingers caressed her and the pulled her blouse open enough for them to reach down under her bra. But it was too tight. She sat upward and pulled her blouse up and off and then reached behind her to release the triple clasp bra. She knew the boys in the school liked looking at them so when her cups pulled away she was not that surprised when he gasped.

“Oh my God.”

“Do you like them?” Gina giggled already knowing his answer. She expected him to touch them again but all he did was just keep looking at them. She smiled, closed her eyes and leaned back against the sofa. About twenty seconds later she felt a touch on her nipple and figured it was his fingers but she realized it was damp.

Brian locked his lips around one large nipple and cupped her other breast. As he suckled back and forth she pulled off his shirt and then pushed him back to release the snap on his jeans.

“Gina…you don’t have to do this,” he whispered remembering Jake’s words about her being a virgin. She pulled down his fly and then grabbed his jeans and underwear.

“But I want to,” she giggled when his hard pink cock popped out at her. “I’ve thought about this moment for a long time.”

Brian smiled and then helped her to remove her skirt and then her silky black panties. When she was naked he was surprised that she really didn’t look fat. Her body was big but well proportioned. “God you are so beautiful.”

“You don’t have to say that,” she blushed seeing his eyes raping her hot flesh.

“I’m serious,” he grinned. He gently pushed her onto her back and then moved onto the sofa next to her. For the next ten minutes they touched and explored until she whispered. “I’m ready.”

Brian had discovered she was indeed a virgin and was very moist between her swollen lips. “I uh…didn’t bring protection.”

“It’s a good time for me,” she whispered. Her fingers found his hard-on and guided him to her virginity. “Make me a woman.”

It was then they heard Sarah’s scream. “OH YES JAKE RIGHT THERE!”

“OHHH!” Gina moaned while Brian’s hard cock broke through her gate and slowly went where nothing had gone before. After a few minutes of getting used to him and feeling the pressure go away Gina said, “Ok……go slow.”

Brian went slow enjoying the mounds under his chest and the tender thighs wrapped around his hips. Their lips rediscovered themselves and they worked together as one.

“Oh God I never knew,” Gina giggled. “It is so……so..”

Brian was close to cuming. “Are you close?”

“Close?” Gina bahis şirketleri repeated.

He grinned. “Are you ready to cum?”

“Yes,” she whispered as she grabbed onto his hips and pulled him tight and then let him go when he pulled out. Again and again he did it until she screamed. “AHHHHHHH!”


Jake too was pumping in and out of his love when they heard Gina’s scream. “Sounds like Brian did a good job.” Seconds later they heard him scream.

“It must be mutual,” Sarah giggled.

“Are you ready?” Jake asked. He was doing his best to control it.

“No…I want you to fuck me all night.”

Their lips met and they slowed down until he was not moving anymore. They stayed locked as one for almost ten minutes until she squeezed her inner muscles.

“Hey that’s not fair,” he moaned.

She giggled and pushed him over onto his back and started rising and falling. “Now I get to fuck you.”

“Oh Shit,” he groaned knowing he was close. Not knowing if she was ready his hand moved under her stomach and played with her enlarged clitty.

“Jake……….Jake………JAKE!” She cried out when her body exploded. Seconds later she felt his hot juices filling up her tight and very filled hole.

Sarah collapsed onto him and nibbled on his ear. “It’s not fair that we sleep in separate bedrooms right next to each other.”

“I know but we can’t mess this up.”

Jake fell asleep and didn’t know that Gina was in the room until he heard whispering and giggling. He cracked his eyes open and thought he was dreaming seeing the two biggest tits he had ever imagined.

“You better get back to Brian before Jake wakes up,” Sarah whispered. “If he sees those I don’t know what he will do.” Sarah moved back onto the bed and pressed her softness into his arm.

“Too late I saw them,” Jake chuckled keeping his eyes closed.

Sarah smacked his bicep. “Don’t get any ideas.”

“I won’t,” he smiled and leaned over to lick her pink nipple. “You have just enough for me.”

An hour later they all dressed and said goodbye. Brian kissed Gina at the door for ten minutes before Jake had to pull him away. Once they got outside Jake said, “I didn’t hear you say football.”

“God she is amazing,” Brian smiled. “We have a date this weekend.”


Jake found his mother alone in the kitchen later that evening and gave her a big hug. “Thanks Ma for paying for the test.”

“It turned out alright but you two still need to control yourself. Promise me you won’t do anything stupid in this house.”

“I promise but does that mean I can do stupid things outside of this house?” He laughed and ducked.

That night the four of them went to the movies and Jim noticed their kids holding hands. He was getting used to the idea.


“God he looks quick,” Brian whispered to Jake as they watched Alfonso Jackson warming up before their game. “Are you going to be able to catch him?”

“Not if he gets by me,” Jake said nervously. He knew the outcome of the game was riding on his shoulders.

The Hoover coach did run 80% of their plays by Jackson and had scouted Kennedy’s first game to know their linebackers were small but quick. What he didn’t know was that Jake was going to be the rover linebacker. After winning the coin toss Jackson grabbed the kickoff and ran forty yards to the Kennedy 40 yard line.

“Shit, let’s stop him,” Coach John said to his defense.

Jake had never been a rover and had never had the freedom to line up wherever he wanted. For the first down he was in the middle of the field and saw Jackson fake left and then turn sharply back to the right. The regular middle linebacker was blocked but Jake flew by him and saw Jackson turning the corner. He knew the only way to touch him was to dive.

Jackson saw nothing but daylight around the end and smiled in anticipation of getting the first touchdown. But suddenly his left foot was smacked and he fell headfirst. The hard ground made him cough up the ball. He scrambled on his knees trying to recover the fumble but was hit by a hard body that pushed him away.

Jake saw the rolling ball and his fast instincts smacked into Jackson. He felt someone jump on top of him and then the whistle. He stood and held up the football. The Kennedy stands were going wild.

“Great job Jake,” Coach John said smacking his helmet hard. “Now let’s go and score.”


“Who the fuck didn’t block the middle linebacker?” The Hoover Coach asked his offensive line.

“Coach I blocked the middle linebacker. They must have had two of them.” A large 300 pound guard answered.

Kennedy drove the ball to the Hoover 15 where they were stopped on third down and had 1 yard to go for a first down.

“Coach put me in,” Jake begged.

“No I need your energy on defense. Field goal.”

Brian wanted to go for it however he knew the coach was right. He held the snap and Kennedy was up 3-0.

Again Jackson took the kickoff and again he gained big yardage. The ball was now on the Kennedy 35 yard line first down.

Jake knew the other team was going to be looking for him in the middle so he ran from end to end. As he faked a rush the tight end on Hoover jumped. “OFF SIDES,” the line judge yelled.

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