Surprise Lover

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Happy to finally be off of work, Steven gets into his car and starts the engine.

Looking up, he notices something stuck under his windshield wiper. Getting out, he realizes it’s a rose. “Who left this?” he wonders to himself as he gets back in his car.

Opening the card, he reads,

“Meet me at the Cumberland Motel, room 118 at 7:00pm tonight”

The card was void of any type of signature, but he could plainly see that it was a woman’s handwriting.

Glancing at his watch he realizes he only has two hours until seven o’clock.

Pulling out from the parking lot, he heads home to take a shower and grab a bite to eat, his mind reeling, trying to figure out who could be waiting for him at the motel room. He smiles as he thinks of a few women that he wouldn’t mind it being.

Meanwhile, Chelsea nervously paces the floor of room 118.

“Oh, what if he doesn’t show?” she thinks out loud. “He’ll show, he’ll show, ” she tries convincing herself.

Sitting on the bed she grabs a bag and pulls out the sexy new outfit she had purchased just hours before. Holding up the tiny black lace g-string and the matching scrap of material that was supposed to be a bra, she begins to have her doubts.

“Maybe I should have chosen something a little less revealing, oh well, too late now, ” she thought as she got up and started emptying the contents of the remaining bags. Candles, champagne, rose petals, strawberries and bubble bath were just some of the items.

After putting the champagne on ice, she set about getting the rest of the room ready.

Turning down the blankets on the bed, she grabs kartal escort her perfume and sprays it liberally over the white cotton sheets before spreading the rose petals haphazardly about.

After placing the strawberries and lotions on the nightstand next to the bed, she begins scattering candles throughout the room, every available spot was now occupied by them.

Peeking at the clock, she realizes she only has an hour left. Hurriedly, she goes into the bathroom and carefully applies her make-up and fixes her hair, thankful that she had decided to take her shower after first getting into the room.

With that complete, she strips off her robe and slips into the tiny bra and panties. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she smiles,

“All of those aerobics classes have really paid off, I look good!” she thinks to herself.

With twenty five minutes to go, she starts putting the finishing touches on the room. . .

Nervously, Steven drives around the block, after several trips around he finally gets up the courage to pull into the parking lot, finding the room number, he maneuvers his car into a spot in front of the door and shuts the engine off. Moments later, after several deep breaths, he is knocking at the door. “Chelsea!” Steven gasps with surprise when she opens the door. “Steven, come in, ” she invites, “let me explain. “

Steven walked in enough to close the door, then just stood there in awe of the beautiful woman standing before him. He could feel his cock hardening, straining against his pants as Chelsea stood there fumbling for words.

He heard nothing as maltepe escort bayan his eyes moved down her slender body. Her full, round breasts, barely contained by the black fabric of her bra, her nipples formed perfect little rosebud peaks beneath the sheer lace.

“She is gorgeous, ” he thought, “from the thick auburn hair that cascades down her back, all the way to her well manicured toes. “

He never thought for a second that it would be her, he had often caught her looking at him when he would have to go into the office for various duties, but she would always look away shyly when she realized he was looking.

Looking around the room, he sees the effort that she has put into this and is very pleased, becoming even more aroused at the thought of what’s still to come.

Reaching his arms out, he grabs her and pulls her to him, crushing her into his chest, he brings his head down and kisses her firmly on the lips, his mouth heated with desire as his tongue searches for hers.

Automatically, her arms wrap around his neck, running her fingers through his thick, blonde hair, she presses herself closer to him, his hardened manhood juts into her stomach as his hands glide down her back, resting momentarily on her nicely shaped buttocks.

Slipping his fingers beneath the elastic band of her panties, he starts easing them over her hips.

Breaking their kiss, “No, wait, not yet, ” Chelsea breathlessly mumbles.

Stepping back slightly, she clumsily unfastens the buttons of his shirt, while he helps by kicking off his shoes and undoing his pants, letting them fall to the escort pendik floor, he easily steps out of them.

Chelsea admires his body as he stands there in front of her, his penis rock hard, begging for affection. Running her hands over his chest, she lightly tweaks his nipples before continuing her journey downward. She looks him deep in the eyes as she squeezes his shaft in her hand.

Steven moans loudly as Chelsea drops to her knees and takes his balls into her mouth, fondling each one between her lips before sliding her tongue up the length of his cock.

“Oh, Chelsea, suck it, ” he begs of her, “suck my cock!”

Wrapping her lips around his engorged head, she grasps his hips and pulls him deep inside her throat. Her pussy is on fire, her clit aching to be touched as she makes love to him with her mouth.

Slipping one hand down between her thighs, she moves the scrap of lace to the side and gently caresses her swollen nub. Inserting two fingers into her dripping hole, she easily finds her g-spot and begins to massage it.

She moans softly, her hips thrusting from the pleasure she is giving herself while she slides her luscious mouth up and down Steven’s cock.

“Suck it harder!” He cries out, grabbing the back of her head and forcing himself deeper into her throat. Chelsea eagerly sucks harder as she feels his rod begin to pulsate.

Moving her fingers frantically over her cunt, she reaches climax just as his body stiffens and his warm cum hits the back of her throat.

Graciously swallowing, she leans back on the floor. Joining her, Steven leans over and kisses her.

“That was amazing!” he tells her, his breathing finally returning to normal.

“Yes, it was. ” Chelsea agrees, before getting up and heading towards the bathroom, “I’m going to take a bubble bath. “

Looking back, she asks, “Care to join me when it’s ready?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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