Temptations Ch. 02

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Hello everyone. I tried to hurry up and write this follow up to Temptation due to the fact of the large number of requests asking me to do so. I didn’t hurry in writing it….so much as stop some other projects for a bit. I hope you like this chapter of the story, and I hope to hear from everyone again about this new addition. I do plan on another follow up as soon as I can, so please bare with me. I hope you all enjoy the story…

* * * * *

When Kenny pulled Nicks car into the driveway it was getting quite late at night, Kenny saw that Nick had already arrived at their house, and he assumed with his teacher Mrs. Linda Harold in tow. Kenny looked over at his still sleeping wife and smiled. What a day it had been, for all of them, he thought. He hated to wake his sleeping wife, but knew she would sleep better inside. Kenny also thought how pissed she would be if he allowed her to stay asleep in the car all night. So he leaned forward and started to lick his tongue around her ear and then down her neck. He soon started to hear soft moans and purrs from Ginger, and shortly he noticed her eyes flutter open and she sat up in the car.

“Uhh …where are we?” Ginger said, feeling very disorientated and still groggy from the alcohol and sleep. She looked over at her husband who was smiling at her, and she smiled back. “What are you looking at?” Ginger asked him, knowing he was looking at her, but wondering why he was smiling like a shit eating monkey.

“Just you, and how beautiful you looked while sleeping.” Kenny said as his hands played across her breasts, making her nipples hard. She was growing excited again, but was still wondering where they were at. Moments before she asked again where they were, her foggy brain finally figured out they were home.

“How long have we been gone Kenny…what time is it?” Ginger asked as she looked over at her husband. Kenny slowed his hands and just gently massaged her breasts.

“It’s almost eleven at night. I didn’t want to wake you too soon so I drove around for awhile, enjoying the evening out. I kinda figured you might be tired, you had a busy day.” Kenny said as he grinned ear to ear at his wife. Ginger finally remembering the events of the past evening and day fully, blushed very red and gasped aloud.

“Oh my God! Did everything I remember happen….it seems a dream. Did we go to that club then…?” Ginger asked her husband and Kenny shook his head yes. Ginger gasped again, remembering fully what she had said to him in the car after they had left the club. “Kenny, oh my God…forgive me for what I said…I didn’t mean it, I was drunk.” Ginger said as she continued to blush, and couldn’t look at her husband. Kenny used his hands to raise her head face and looked directly into her eyes.

“Ginger, there’s nothing to be ashamed about. You only said what you felt, and to be honest it was a huge turn on for me to have you say it. I asked you the questions remember…you just answered them. You still wouldn’t fuck your son if you could get at that big cock?” Kenny asked her point blank, and Ginger just bit her lip and stared at him. She felt her excitement rise at the memory of Nicks cock and the thought of her actually feeling it inside her…Ginger shivered.

“I’m…I’m not sure Kenny. I’m scared….its wrong Kenny to want something like that.” Ginger said looking at her husband. Kenny just smiled at her and kissed her on the lips.

“Listen, we can talk about this later, we both need sleep. Let’s go inside and climb into bed….and if we can’t sleep….well I think we can find other things to do.” Kenny said with a grin as his hand cupped her pussy through her short dress. Ginger gasped again and smiled at him as she leaned over and kissed him again, deeply and for a long time. Kenny moved her dress out of the way and felt her panties and the in the middle of them. He quickly felt her wet pussy and slid a finger down the slit of it, starting to enter into her. Ginger moaned aloud, but grabbed his arm and pulled his hand away from her.

“Stop…lets go inside…” Ginger gasped out as her breathing was quite quick and her heart was beating even faster. Kenny grinned at her as gave her one last kiss and turned to open the car door. Ginger quickly got out of the vehicle and walked around the car, almost running to the front door. Kenny came jogging up behind her and grabbed her from behind as she faced the door. He laughed as he put his hands around her and ran his fingers up her thighs, causing her dress to ride up and soon his fingers were cupping her pussy mound. Ginger was panting heavily and pushing her ass back on his obviously hard cock.

“Mmm I really like this Ken…but we need….aahhh god…” Ginger muttered as her husbands fingers again slid between her pussy lips and began entering her. “Kennnnny…we need to get inside. We’re going to get caught out here.” Ginger said as she threw her head back and found his mouth and began to kiss him as his fingers explored her wet tuzla escort slit. But as if to demonstrate her point, they saw the lights from a approaching car at the end of the road. Kenny chuckled to himself.

“Well I guess we better get inside before they call the cops on us huh.” Kenny said as he still held her with one hand and fished the keys from his pocket with the other. He handed the keys to Ginger just as the car pulled even with them, and Kenny could tell they saw them, because he heard the car slow down. He grinned as he stepped to one side and held Gingers dress up, exposing her near naked ass. As the car continued slowly down the road, the driver honked the horn and Kenny turned and started laughing, waving at them. Just then Ginger hurriedly opened the door and ran inside, leaving Kenny to slowly walk into his house. Ginger walked a few more feet into the house and turned and gave her husband grim grin and a dark look.

“I suppose you thought that was funny…exposing your wife’s ass to the neighbors.” Ginger said as crossed her arms over her chest. Her heart was beating a mile a minute with excitement, part apprehension, part sexual. Kenny grinned at her.

“No I didn’t think it was funny…I thought it was exciting and sexy as hell…showing off my horny, wet, and beautiful wife.” Kenny said as he approached her and put his arms on her shoulders. Ginger gave him a dirty look, but was smiling at him, as she fought back her laughter.

“What if they knew us? That would be some bit of gossip for the next block party you know.” Ginger said looking at him, but still smiling.

“Well you don’t have anything to worry about…all the neighbors know you have a wonderful ass. Hell, most have seen you in a bikini the times we go to the Johnson’s pool parties. It’s not like you haven’t given most of them boners, when they checked you out.” Kenny said to her, grinning hugely as he started to cup her breasts through her dress. Gingers chest was raising high with each breath, at the thought that the local men were ogling her body and that her husband had driven her totally insane the whole day. Ginger felt like her body would burst from all the sexual tension from today and his latest comments just lit a fire under the brush of her emotions. She threw herself onto him, almost knocking him off his feet, as she kissed him.

“Oh god Kenny…I need to be fucked so badly. I’m so worked up…I need you inside me…NOW!” Ginger said as she turned him and pulled him so that she was against the wall. Kenny chuckled at her excitement.

“You want it here in the living room? Against the wall?” Kenny said as he grinned at her. Ginger reached under her dress and pulled her soaked crotchless panties off and kicked them into the corner of the room. She then grabbed his pants and pulled him to her.

“What do you think honey?” Ginger said as she quickly unbuckled his pants and pushed them hastily down to the floor and did the same with his briefs. Kenny grinned at her exuberance, as she uncovered his very hard cock. It popped up and down like a cork in water, and Ginger grabbed it in one of her hands and began stroking it. Kenny groaned at her actions and knew she was very serious. “Umm…just what I was looking for…now Kenny…FUCK ME…fuck me hard!” Ginger said as she leaned back and guided his hard member to her hot, wet pussy lips. Kenny felt the wetness and heat on the tip of his cock, and pushed forward hard into her.

“HHAAAA…..oohhh god yesss! Fuck me Kenny…quick!” Ginger gasped out as she felt his quick, deep penetration. Ginger threw her arms around him as he started touse deep hammer strokes as he fucked his cock into her. Ginger was so wet and hot that Kenny quickly felt her juices running down to his balls as they slapped her ass as he slid in and out of her. “Uhhh…yes…yes…that’s it…oohh that’s it….oohh…ohh…ohhh Kenny…I’m there…..aaaAAAHHHHHH!” Ginger screamed out as her pussy began to contract around his hard cock.

“Uhhh…that’s it bitch. You like me …uuhh…hammering your pussy huh?” Kenny asked her as she continued to squeeze his cock with her cunt. Kenny reached around and brought one leg then the other over his shoulders, causing her to be totally stretched and open to his invading member.

“Oh god yes…fuck me like a slut! Cum in me Kenny…hurry, I need it bad.” Ginger uttered as she felt like all her weight was resting on his cock, which was pressed deep inside of her. But Kenny had her resting on his shoulders and had her completely open and he knew it. He grinned and using one hand, he started to press two fingers into her asshole, which was wet from her leaking juices. Kenny saw her eyes go wide as he filled her rear-end up as he slammed his cock home deep into her.

“Ugghh god Kenny…I’m so fucking full. Ahhh baby…cream me…I cant…uuuhhh…cant take this much longer!” Ginger groaned as she rested her head on her pushed up knee. Kenny grinned even more as he slid his fingers tuzla escort bayan to the hilt into her ass and pushed deep again inside her pussy. “Arrrgghhhhh….aahhh GOOOOOODDDD!” Ginger screamed yet again as another orgasm tore through her pussy and body. But her pussy was contracting so hard, it pushed Kenny over the edge and he thrust as deep as he could into her as he lost control and he felt his cum boil out of his cock.

“Ah shit Ging….URGGGHHH!” Kenny groaned as he lowered his mouth and bit softly into his wife shoulder, trying to stop from crying out too loudly. Kenny felt his cock flex as Gingers spasming slit worked his come from his balls. He could feel their combined juices shoot from her pussy and run down his balls, dropping to the floor. Ginger brought her hand up and gripped his hair as she pushed his head into her shoulder. She felt him biting her, but it only drove her to cum even harder. She also brought her mouth to his shoulder and proceed to his shoulder to do the same as the last dregs of her orgasm played out through her body. Soon though both of them felt their feeling spent and were feeling quite tired now.

“Oh shit….Ken…that was intense…need to catch…my breath.” Ginger said between gasps of air as she tried to lower her breathing. Kenny pulled his mouth off of her and noticed the huge hicky he had left for her.

“Ah shit Ginger…your going to have a good one in the morning…sorry bout that.” Kenny said as he grinned at her as she raised her head and tried to look, but couldn’t do to the angle.

“You shit…Ill get you back if it’s bad. Is it?” Ginger asked as she raised her hand to her shoulder and pulled back with a small smear of blood on it. She looked at her husband in amazement. “God dammit Kenny, you made me bleed, you fucking vampire. I should take a chunk out of you and see if you like it.” Ginger said with a smile, not being serious. Just then Kenny’s cock grew soft enough to fall out of her pussy, which was followed by a deluge of their combine cum. They both stopped talking as they heard the splat of it hitting the floor and started laughing. Ginger moved her legs off of his shoulders as she looked down at the mess on the hardwood floor.

“Jesus…I guess we came a lot huh?” Ginger said as she turned very red, with embarrassment. She grinned at her husband as she blushed. Kenny looked down at his now soft member, which was very slick from being inside her, and grinned.

“Hey you said you wanted to bite me…well how about just a good sucking.” Kenny said jokingly looking down at his dripping cock. Ginger put her hands on her hips in a mocking gesture and gave him a frown, then grinned at him.

“Only if you clean my pussy afterward.” Ginger said as a dare, not expecting him to do it. Kenny smiled at her and grabbed her hand and started to pull her after him as he walked off. “Hey what’s up?” Ginger said mystified at why he was pulling her.

“I figured if we were going to sixty-nine…I would rather be in our bed then on a hard floor. Wouldn’t you Ginger?” Kenny asked back at her, a huge grin on his face. Ginger gasped aloud, not having expecting her husband to seriously offer to clean her up after he had cum inside her, something he had rarely done in the past. Ginger knew he didn’t really like the taste of his own come and had only been playing when she had said what she did. But she felt a rush of lust run through her knowing he was going to tonight. She grinned back at him as she hurried up and he no longer had to tug at her.

“Let’s hurry…its running down my legs like crazy.” Ginger said lustily as they entered their bedroom and closed the door, and Kenny climbed into bed as Ginger watched. He lay down and smiled at her.

“Come here…sit on my face Ginger.” Kenny said as he smiled to her. He felt his cock start to stir anew and watched as she moved slowly around to the side of the bed.

“Oh my god this is hot…” Ginger said as she climbed into bed and straddled his head. As she lowered her pussy to his mouth, she felt more of the trapped juices flood out of her and bath her husbands face. She quickly looked under her body and looked at his face. She saw him smiling, as he licked his lips. Ginger was overtaken by passion, and slammed her pussy down on his mouth, feeling his tongue enter her. She moaned as she leaned forward, taking his still slimy cock it her mouth, feeling it grow as it slid into her lips. She could taste the erotic mixture on it and she suckled hard to get his cock clean.

“Oh god Ginger…you’re leaking so much…I think it’s only you now, it has a different taste.” Kenny said as he sucked her pussy lips, then centered his mouth over her clit and began flicking his tongue quickly across it. Ginger moaned around his cock and started bobbing her head faster on his member. Kenny brought both hands up and used his thumbs to massage both sides of her pussy as he licked and nibbled on her clit. Ginger started having to gasp in deep breaths escort tuzla around his cock as she couldn’t breathe fast enough in her excitement. She started humping her body back onto her husbands tongue and thumbs and she knew she was close to cumming again. As she felt her body reach the edge of her orgasm, she pulled off of his cock to take a deep breath, as she was not getting air fast enough. Just then Kenny nibbled on her clit, while licking the tip of it, causing her to grunt as her orgasm struck her.

“Uhhhhhaaaahhhhh!” She expelled as she grasped the sheets in her hands and laid her head down with her cheek pressed into his cock as the waves of her orgasm ran through her. She smashed her hips down on her husbands face, grinding into him. Kenny continued to lick her as long as he could, till out of breath he used his hands to lift her slightly so he could breath. Ginger continued to pump her legs together as her pussy still spasmed, as her orgasm began to fade, leaving her drained and tired. She smiled as she lay there and kissed Kenny’s cock, as she was still lying against it. And even though Kenny hadn’t come a second time, and his cock was still erect he was tired and satisfied enough, he felt, as he lay there panting.

“Umm, that was delicious…and interesting. What drove you to want to…well…suck your own cum out of me?” Ginger asked, still lying against his cock and rubbing her cheek softly against it. Kenny grinned as he nibbled on her inner thighs, causing her to giggle.

“You have to ask? You being so hot tonight, telling me about what you might have done with Nick, what he DID do with his foot, oh and lets not forget the most erotic one…you coating your dress AND Nicks pants with your pussy juice….but that’s all.” Kenny said lightly as he grinned. Ginger reached up and grabbed his cock and squeezed it…hard. Hard enough to feel serious pressure, but not enough to hurt….she thought.

“Yeeooww! Hey what was that for? You asked for the truth, and I told it.” Kenny said as he jerked up, but not getting far as she was still on top of him and didn’t move off of him. In fact she tried to position herself now so he couldn’t get up.

“Oh just for being such an ass…and a pervert. And wanting me to have sex with my own son for god’s sake. For setting things up so I…and Nick get embarrassed. And worse of all…god damn you bastard…for actually making me wonder if I WANT to have sex with Nick. Dammit Kenny…..no mother should WANT to fuck her son! And to top it off…I don’t know if I’m mad at you, or if I should thank you. You’ve confused the shit out of me and…damn I don’t know what I want.” Ginger said as she rolled off of her husband and lay looking at the ceiling. Kenny rubbed his sore member and moved so that his face was even with hers, as he lay next to her and looked at her.

“Listen, I’m sorry if I am a pervert, but I can’t help having these feelings. We have talked many times about possibly including another man when we had sex….and I don’t know…when I saw Nicks cock, it just jump started that thrill. That thrill of seeing you get wildly fucked by another man, weather I joined in or just watched. In my mind…it just makes more sense to be Nick, because we know him, and he’s…well…very accessible.” Kenny said with a smile. Ginger slowly moved her head to look over at his face.

“Easy that it’s him? He’s our son Kenny…that’s not easy for me. I…I must say…it does excite me…him having…you know…being rather large, but he’s still my son. I’m not sure I could ever…get over that. Maybe we can use it as a fantasy, that might be fun…but I’m very uncomfortable seriously thinking about Nick that way.” Ginger said smiling ever so slightly at her husband. He felt her hand touch, then softly start to rub over the skin of his still hard cock. Kenny thought about what she had said, and decided not to push things. But one thing she said made him grin hugely….she was ok with fantasizing about Nick now, and Kenny knew that was a huge step toward his goal.

“So you’re ok if I try and make you picture Nicks monstrous cock sliding in and out of your wet, hot, dripping pussy, while we fuck.” Kenny said as he moved his hand down and rubbed her pussy mound. Ginger bit her lip, in what Kenny figured was indecision. Then Ginger smiled, as if her decision was made.

“Um huh…if you want to talk about Nick fucking me…even make me beg you as Nick to fuck me…you can. Ummm speaking of which….oh god….hurry up and fuck me again.” Ginger said as she rolled to her back and spread her legs for his fingers. Kenny grinned at her sexual energy and rubbed his fingers lightly over her pussy lips, teasing her. He leaned over her and lightly ran his tongue around her nipples as she moaned. After a few minutes she tried to buck her hips up at his fingers.

‘Uhh Kenny…for gods sake, at least fill me with your fingers. I need something inside my pussy now!” ginger moaned aloud as he continued to tease her body with light motions.

“Oh you want to be filled huh? Want me to go get Nick to come fill you?” Kenny said softly in her ear. Gingers head shot off the bed and she whipped her head around to face him.

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