That Life Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

“Good morning honey. I’m going over to play tennis with Tress now.”

“Make sure there’s a lot of love in the game.”

“Ha, very punny.”

Tress is one of Nancy’s closest girlfriend’s. Nancy left, which gave me an hour plus to do the dirty. I waited until her car was out the driveway. I was going into her office and ready to get some info, like tracking down a criminal..

Just weird. That’s right, with a capital w, but I had to understand what was going on.

It didn’t take long to install my custom remote access program to run on her computer. It sits in the background and unless you know what to look for someone would be hard pressed to find it. I tested it going back and forth between my room and her office. Which I really didn’t need to do, but I felt the need to be super cautious, I double checked that her screen didn’t wake while I was using her computer. I was done in ten minutes. Nancy’s office was very organized with her desk, chair, desktop computer, work papers, art folder, couch, lingerie/swimwear neatly laid out, and tasteful contemporary art work nicely displayed.

I decided to get some breakfast and not tip her on to my illegal intrusions.

Simply I didn’t have time to go to court to get authorization. Ha.

If she was up to something, most likely I’d find it on her computer.

There were all the standard work files, photos of sexy women in various semi clad client wear, studs in speedo type client wear and hundred’s of websites saved to her bookmark folders. The only thing that caught my eye was a website called Literotica, which I was surprised to find in her Health bookmark and that she even had it at all. Also as I dug deeper Nancy had 60-70 some odd files in her word program under a heading labeled Sexy which I almost skipped thinking it was for work. This folder was a key piece of information that gave me hours of insight and more play to the deeper meaning to her. Had I been been missing the cues?

Nancy is a sex starved women. Duh. These files are a testament to that. These are lustful, intertwined, XXX rated fantasies that could give any man or woman a sexually creative and expressive experience. I started from the earliest entry, four years ago, my sophomore year at school.

It started with a story about a young 20 something year old Todd and a late 30 something year old Ramona. Ramona hadn’t paid attention to her sexual needs for many years after working as a nanny taking care of Todd. Sound familiar yet. Todd was in Florida, in his third year for an engineering degree. Ramona moved to the area two years latter working as producer for an AV company. Ramona wasn’t stalking him. It just happened to be the work and environment she was looking for; it just appeared she was stalking him..

Todd heard from a friend of his back home that Ramona had relocated to the area and he reached out to say hello.

“Hi Ramona, how are you,” he asked on his cell?

“Great. Estoy muy emocionado (I’m so excited) to be in Miami. What an amazing international city, the work is what I expected and you?”

Todd didn’t remember her interchanging spanish and english together before?

“I’m finished next week after my exams and have an internship lined up in Ft Lauderdale for the summer. Do you want to catch up?”

“Absolutamente, muy bueno (excellent). How’s a week from Saturday at South Beach for a swim and bursa escort lunch?”

“Fantastico. Ramona you know I’m not fluent in Spanish,” wondering what she’s up to?

“Si, but you know a lot.”

Todd and Ramona greeted each other a warm hug and headed for the beach. They talked about everything and anything as time stood still for an hour.

“Let’s go in the water,” Ramona stated.


They both started to take off their tee-shirts and shorts. Ramona at 5’7″ with deep black hair, an hour glass figure, sporting a matching fire engine red two piece. Nancy was essentially describing herself in Ramona’s physical description. Todd was a muscular 6′ 1″ with dark brown hair, sporting a speedo that showed off his nice package. That’s me?!

They admired each other for about twenty seconds; laughed and took each others hand running into the water. Both were nervous as all get out, but suppressed their feelings from each other. After twenty five minutes of fun in the ocean, they had enough. Ramona was sporting hard nipples as the cool breeze felt nice. Todd did his best not to stare, while having stomach flips simultaneously.

“How about coming over to my place for lunch. I’ll whip up some shrimp tacos with jalapeño sauce. It’s five minutes from here.” Ramona said with a sly smile.

“Wonderful,” knowing full well she has ulterior motives.

When they got to her place, she started making lunch and they kept the conversation going.

“Ramona these tacos are delightful,” Todd gushed.

“Thanks. Do you want to light one up after lunch,” she asked?

“Sure,” however the weed offer was another unexpected twist.

Todd was interested was he hardly smoked, the affect was powerful. After three minutes it kicked in. This stuff was mind blowing.

“Do you think this suit is complimentary,” Ramona asked while taking off her tee shirt?

“Be careful, I’m a guy,” Todd was starting to sport a hard on and some paranoia was kicking in from the weed.

“OK then, what do you think about the entire piece,” taking off her shorts?

“I think my ensemble is up to the task,” Todd smirked while taking off his top and shorts as well. In for a penny, in for a pound he thought.

Todd wanted to grind his straining cock into Ramona’s tush.

“A penny for your thoughts,” Ramona asked?

“Ramona, I’m high, have rigid boner and don’t know what to make of this situation,” the weed had loosened him up?

“Muy bueno,” she gasped? “I feel the same way without the boner,” we laughed so hard it hurt.

Todd made the first move turning her around to face him, giving her a kiss on the cheek, nibbling at the corner of her mouth and finally giving her one on the mouth. Ramona’s breathing was labored.

“Dios mío (oh my),” she exclaimed, “I’m weak in the knee’s and need to sit.”

They sat on the couch, kept kissing and then he licked her wet lips with his tongue. Ramona reciprocated. The tongues intertwined for minutes doing a beautiful tango. She started to insert her tongue in Todd’s ear.

“If you keep this up I’ll want to go all the way,” Todd said with excitement.

“Acuerdo (agreed).”

This is an excellent way to improve my Spanish, Todd thought to himself.

After kissing more, Todd carefully moved the coffee table away from the couch and got on his knee’s between her legs. He started by massaging bursa escort bayan her inner thighs and she responded with soft moans. He then advanced to kissing her inner thighs. Todd noticed a wet spot on her bikini bottoms. He kept licking and lightly pummeling the same area as the wet spot expanded. The weed weighted the effect.

Now he moved to take off her bottoms, Todd lovingly gazed on an alluring beaver with thick, slick and vey wet pubic hair. Todd’s heart skipped several beats viewing such a wide yet well maintained snatch. Todd felt fully or mostly shaved pussy’s missed the boat.

He kept gazing and smelling Ramona’s full beaver. He expertly licked the length of her inside labia covering both sides. They were in heaven with sex and weed helping to fan the fun. After a while it was time to play with the entire length of her clit. Ramona had louder moans and juice was trickling down her anus. Her breasts were heaving, nipples poking through the top and Todd’s boner was stretching the fabric boundaries of the speedo.

Ramona’s clit was rising to the occasion. She furiously pushed his head into her cunt. Todd’s human anatomy and sexuality course was a huge benefit, as this was only his third time eating pussy.

He started on the apex of her clit with figure eights, circles, left/right and up/down motions. Her clit was rigid as was his boner. The juice kept flowing and as he put his tongue slightly in her hole he started to notice a pulse inside. Todd slightly inserted his middle finger, then a bit further and all the way in his finger was covered in cum with a quicker vibration. He pulled his finger out to feed Ramona her own cunt juice. Greedily she lapped it up.

“Jodar (fuck),” she moaned.

Now Todd’s tongue was intermittently in her cunt and the length/ tip of her clit. The intensity was…well intense.

“De nalgas,” Ramona kept saying. I didn’t know what that meant.

“De nalgas,” I asked?

“De nalgas. My ass, play with my fucking ass too,” she implored.

“No problemo.”

I was close to exploding, as my boner hurt while reading this.

Figuratively speaking, Todd went all in.

Todd was now licking her clit and hole, while inserting his middle finger in her cunt and his coated pinky circling her but hole. Ramona was bouncing like a bronco and her pussy was vibrating in a faster rhythm.

“De nalgas, de nalgas de nalgas…”

Todd inserted his pinky in the chocolate avenue and that’s when it happened. Ramona’s pussy had even more juice, quicker pulsing of both her twat and butt, more labored breathing and her girls heaving. She had an orgasm, if not several. She pushed his head away.

“Enough eating for now.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

My cock was straining as well. Then I heard the door close. Oh shit. I had to get out of the program and make sure the time stamp was put back in place. I needed a release. I changed to loose fitting shorts. I almost came in my shorts.

“How was tennis?”

Nancy played tennis only a few minuted from here. She was soaked in sweat and her nipples sparkled like I was witnessing a wet tee shirt contest.

“I’m going to try and peel these saturated things off, take a quick shower and put on a bathing suit for a swim. Would you like to join me?”

“Sure,” thank god I hadn’t smoked weed.

“Do escort bursa you mind if I put on a bikini?”

“Nancy you’re a smart, talented, beautiful and very sexy woman. I’m adjusted here,” not really.

She had a cheshire grin from ear to ear.

Nancy came out in the same fucking sexy outfit I was just reading about in her story with Todd and Ramona. Either Nancy and I are soul mates or she knew I was poking around her computer. I’ll go with the first.

“Jodar,” I muttered.

“What did you say,” she inquired?

“You know va, va voom,” we laughed.

“Adam, can I tell you something?”

“Sure Nancy, anything.”

“You’re a smart, talented, handsome and a very sexy man.”

“Thanks,” I was really confused and excited.

“And I’m hot for you,” she said triumphantly.

“I kinda got that from the past few days back here. Why me? Why now?”

“The heart wants what the heart wants.”

“How long have you felt like this?”

“Probably the last year and a half. I was definitely ambivalent about bringing it up, but when you told me you were moving back here three months ago I gave it a lot of thought, talking it out with a friend.”

“Who? Please fill me in.”

“Her name is Kitty. We communicate with an online platform for creatives. And I don’t think of you like my step-son, rather a fantastic friend.”

“How long have you felt this way about me? How long have you and Kitty been friends?”

“Ha. Probably started when you were a sophomore in high school and comforted me when Kevin came on to me. I’ve been friends with her about a year and a half.”

“That afternoon?”

“No. Yes. I mean I started thinking about you differently then. All the men I’ve dated just don’t do it for me. You and I talk about things.”

“We’ve a wonderful relationship, You’re very special to me as well,” I chimed in.

Uh oh. The tears started streaming down her face. I’m glad we’re having this talk without makeup. I came over and hugged her. Fortunately my hard on was taking a siesta. The tears were all over on my tee shirt.

“Is this weird for you?” she asked.

“No. Yes.” We laughed.

“I knew something was different when I was home the past few times. I just couldn’t put a finger on it until this time.”

“I hope you don’t mind this?”

“Mind what?”

She took my head in her hands pulling me to her face and started kissing me. I was certainly prepared and responded back; it’s making my balls ache that much more. Nancy slowly worked her tongue into my mouth. However unlike the fantasy, this time I was actually here in the role. After Nancy had an orgasm from my pussy eating, just like Todd eating out Ramona, I gave Nancy my swollen cock to eat. Really the only major differences were we didn’t smoke pot and she didn’t ask for my pinky up her butt hole.

It was very difficult getting my short’s off, but I managed.

Nancy licked the tip of my hard on with exquisite taste. Her head bobbed, sucked, slurped and spit all over my woody. At this point I had no control what so ever.


There was so much cum she couldn’t contain it all in her mouth. Some dribbled down her chin and bit came out her nose. She wiped off the chin cum, putting it back in her mouth.

She immediately started to suck again and less than a minute later I was coming in her mouth again like a race horse.

“My balls thank you.” We laughed with cum dripping on her bikini top and again she scooped it up to put it back in her mouth.

Nancy and I went to her room for a nap, spooning each other afterwards.

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