The Co-Worker

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Lisa and I worked together. Initially we flirted and left it at that. Let me tell you more about Lisa. She’s about 5’4″, married with two boys, 120lbs, green eyes, blond hair that is always perfect. She has a fantastic body. 34 bust, 26 waist and 36 hips and she’s a great dresser who knows how to show off her body. She told me that she worked out frequently at Curves. You could see that in her toned legs.

Sometimes we met for lunch, talked about our lives, people we knew and flirted. We eventually IMed each other. We flirted, nothing really more then that.

One time, Lisa told me she only wore one-piece bathing suits at her community pool because she was modest. She did admit that she did go on a trampoline one time. She had on a loose top and when she came down, her top flew up and her breasts were flashed. She actually didn’t know it at the time, her girlfriend told her after and she was so embarrassed.

Sometimes I had fantasies about Lisa…

She’s on the phone with a client. Everyone is gone in the office. Her feet are up, resting on a desk. The lights in the office are on but dim. I’m in another part of the building. I hear her talking to someone. I open the door and see her! We smile at each other. She remains talking on the phone, trying hard to be serious.

I pull up a chair and reach for her legs. Slowly I run a hand along them upwards. My hand goes up her thighs! Up to her panties! I tease her poking her thru silk panties. While her skirt is bunched up, I slowly pull her panties down leaving them hanging on her high heels.

I slowly start to unbutton her blouse. Her blouse opens. Seeing her inviting breasts yenibosna escort barely covered, I reach to unclasp her bra. My hands cup her breasts as they fall free and her nipples tighten up and get hard at my touch. I lower my head and tongue. Gently biting her nipples! Lisa is getting dizzy and tells the company rep that she’s talking to that she has to go! My hands are on her hips, then cupping her ass and pulling her forward!

Lisa raises a little as I remove her skirt, letting it fall to the floor along with her panties. She gasps as I stand up and remove my clothes. Her heart races as she sees my erect cock. I kneel in front of her still spread legs. I trace up her inner thighs with kisses till I come to her glistening pussy. Lisa lets out a whimper as my tongue licks her. I then introduce a finger to probe and stroke her. Lisa says, in a strained voice “Please Don’t stop! Ohhh God! Please fuck me!”

We change positions as she sits in my lap, facing me. Our bodies barely touch. One can feel the heat between us. Grabbing my cock, stroking slowly as pre-cum appears. Lisa slowly guided

Me into her pussy going as deep as she thinks she can. We fall into a rhythm and I fell her tighten around me. I pull her closer and go deeper and harder! We both move faster! She tells me she feels like she’s tumbling in space. “Don’t stop! Oh God! Don’t stop!” she says.

I later learn that she and her husband hardly have sex anymore.

I feel a tightening and say “I’m Cumming!” I explode into her, held by her velvet walls. I thrust one more time as Lisa cums too. I pull her closer and zeytinburnu escort we touch her knees moved up, she grabbed my cock and guided it in. I held it there for a second and I slowly went in deeper… I then withdrew and then thrust in enjoying every second. Just as I thought we were going to seriously fuck faster, her legs went around me & she tightened up. My cock was in a velvet-lined vice. We fit like a glove. Lisa whispered that she wanted to hold onto that moment. After a few minutes, her legs spread again. She raised herself up using her arms. Her breasts bounced as we fucked. Our bodies were covered in sweat. Lisa asked me if I thought her breasts were as beautiful as other women?

Still hard, I didn’t reply. I then pulled out and told her to turn over. She quickly got the message and went on all fours as her ass went up… She smiled as I slide in again and we found our rhythm. I was thrusting deeper. My balls hitting her ass, her breasts swung.

I pulled her hair back and she loved it. Having sex without the use of a toy.

Screaming for ” my cock to go deeper! Harder! Ohhh god! Deeper!” The bed frame shook as we fucked… Her juices were spilling out as she came again! I grabbed her ass, pumped some more and then I said I was about to cum. She didn’t tell me to pull out. I spurted a short stream of cum, followed by another. She moaned as my hot cum filled her. I reached under to hold her breasts as I got softer and pulled out of her. The last drops falling onto her ass. We both collapsed onto the bed covered with cum but happy. The expression on her face was acıbadem escort pure satisfaction as we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, we awoke early. We were told our car was ready. Lisa went into the shower first. I was shaving in the mirror over the sink when she asked me if I could scrub her back. “I need someone to wash my back for me. Come join me. “

My towel dropped as I stepped in and gently did her back. I said “Raise your arms, ” as I did under her arms and her sides and the sides of her breasts with a gel. I then started on her ass. Lisa moaned and turned around and gently soaped my cock, which took no time to get erect, and my testicals. My hands went to her breasts as she arched her back.

Moaning ” Ohhh God I need you now! Please fuck me now! I need you!”

.”Again? Right here? In the shower?” I asked.

“YES! Right now! Your Hot Mom needs you. Just stop talking and let’s fuck! I need to feel your hard cock in me! “

I instructed her to turn around. In that position, I could get in her deeper. She placed her hands against the wall, spread her legs, and leaned forward. I stroked myself and then guided myself into her! “Ohhhh yes! You feel so good in me. Better then my husband!” as she thrust back.

I told her that I didn’t think I could last much longer…

“Neither can I! Don’t stop! Ohhh my god, I’m cuming!” as I felt her begin to spasm… Just as I was about to lose control, I pulled out and turned her around. I held onto my cock, aimed it up and spurted cum on her chest.

“That was amazing! I always fantasized about doing that!” she said. We showered each other off using the hand spray. We toweled ourselves dry and eventually got dressed.

We had breakfast, checked out and were on the road.

Mmmmmmm tonight in another hotel???? Should be interesting.

We carried on an affair for about five years. Lisa also told me later that her husband always thought that with the IMing that we did along with the trips that one-day

We might have sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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