The Deal Ch. 31

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The Deal’s Who’s Who:

Diana Hughes – mother of Matthew Hughes, widow of the late David Hughes, started the Deal

Matthew Hughes- Diana’s son, boyfriend of Cindy Morgan

Cindy Morgan – Matt’s girlfriend, lives with the Hughes

Craig Lynn – Matt’s best friend, son of Jeff and Susan Lynn, brother to Cindy Lynn

Susan Lynn – Diana’s best friend, wife of Jeff and mother of Craig and Cindy Lynn

Jeff Lynn – Husband of Susan and father of Craig and Cindy Lynn

Chip Hamilton – close friend to Matt and Craig

Kim Hamilton – close friend of Diana’s, wife of Adam, mother of Chip

Adam Hamilton – husband of Kim and father of Craig

Lacey Brock – neighbor and former old friend of Diana, Susan and Kim.

Jenny Clark – friend of Craig Lynn, going to same college as Craig

Steven DeForest – Former Biology teacher for Matt, Craig and Chip, interested in Diana Hughes

Gwen Hollister – brunette haired sister to Stephanie, new neighbors of the Hughes and owners of Dreamland adult store

Stephanie Hollister – blonde haired sister to Gwen, new neighbors of the Hughes and owners of Dreamland adult store.

All characters engaged in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Cindy stood in the hall outside of the bathroom listening. It dawned on her fuzzy head that what she was hearing was soft singing coming from the kitchen. The naked young girl padded down the short hall to the opening to the kitchen.

A nude Diana swirled around the kitchen making coffee and toast while she sang “A Groovy Kind of Love.”

In the middle of a swirl Diana stopped both moving and singing to stare at the young woman staring at her in the hallway.

Diana burst into giggles at the sight of Cindy’s frizzy bed-hair and squinting eyes.

Cindy pointed a finger at the laughing woman, “I have never heard you sing.”

Diana just smiled and came over to tousle Cindy’s hair fondly. She leaned forward and kissed Cindy.

Cindy returned the kiss before speaking, “Mmmmmm, I taste coffee.”

Diana laughed again, “I’ll make you a cup.”

She watched Cindy gingerly sit with a groan, “I’ll make that a very big cup. Rough night last night, sweetie?”

Bleary eyed, Cindy looked up at Di. “Kim taught me how to be air tight.”

“oh,” Diana said.

“OH!” she said again after a pause with her eyes growing wider.

“So were Matt, Chip and Adam the three?”


“Errr, was Matt in the back?”

“No, Adam.”

“OH!” Diana gasped.

While she stirred cream into the steaming cup she looked again at Cindy.

“So how was it?”

A slow smile spread across Cindy’s face, “Freaking fantastic.”

Diana laughed as she handed the cup to the young woman.

Cindy groaned as she drank deeply.

“Toast?” Diana asked.

“Please,” Cindy responded before returning the cup to her lips.

Drinking, Cindy watched as Diana returned to the counter and placed bread into the toaster.

“You’re singing again,” Cindy said.

Diana stopped and looked over her shoulder at the young woman, “Don’t you like my singing?”

Cindy shook her head which brought forth another groan before answering, “Your singing is fine, kind of cute actually, but why now? You are up to something.”

Diana turned to face Cindy, her elbows reaching back to lean against the counter, “I have a date tonight.”

Cindy fully woke up at the news, “That’s right, you went out last night with the Hollisters. I guess you smoothed things over with Mr. Deforest.”

Diana smiled, “Actually…hey…wait a minute, how do you know about Steve?”

Cindy blushed, “Steve, huh? I happened to stop in at Dreamland to buy a, uh, surprise for Matt, and Stephanie was there. She asked me if I thought it was okay that they were setting you up with him.”

Diana laughed, “What did you tell them?”

Cindy returned the laugh, “I made no promises. But enough about that, so… Steve?”

Diana blushed, “Actually, Gwen.”

“Huh?” Cindy shook her head to clear apparent cobwebs. “Gwen, Dreamland Gwen Hollister?”

Diana smiled and nodded her head.

Diana came over and sat next to Cindy putting her hand on Cindy’s leg.

“Get this Cindy, the whole set up was a dismal failure,” Diana told her. “He ended up having more in common with Stephanie while Gwen and I completely hit it off. He spent the last hour with Stephanie while I got to know Gwen better. In the end Steve is taking Stephanie for a romantic skiing trip this weekend in upstate New York while I have a dinner date with Gwen tonight at Mackenzie’s.”

“Mackenzie’s? Wow, you two are serious,” Cindy giggled.

Diana just beamed.

Cindy rubbed Diana’s hand, “So, is this love love?”

Diana kept beaming, “I think so. I don’t know yet, but I really want to give it a try and find out.”

“Gwen. Wow. But just look at you, you are so happy,” Cindy stood and leaned over to hug Diana.

“Hey mom, Cindy, uh what’s up?” Matt asked from the hall doorway.

In canlı bahis a singsong voice Cindy answered, “Somebody has a date tonight.”

“What? With Mr. Deforest? No way!” Matt gasped stepping into the room.

Diana looked back and forth between Cindy and Matt, “Oh come on. Not you too. Did everybody but me know about Steve being there last night?”

Matt just smirked as Cindy ducked her head, “Of course I’m going to tell Matt something juicy like that.”

Cindy looked up at Matt, “Wait until you hear this, Matt. Tell you what, mom. I’m really awake now. You can sit there and tell both of us all about last night while I make breakfast.”

Amongst the clatter of dishes and the popping of toast there were a lot of gasps and giggles.

And hugs.

Soon a still naked, but more awake, Cindy kissed both Diana and Matt off to work and school before heading back to bed for a few more hours before she needed to get ready for the night shift at Tony’s.

Diana couldn’t remember when was the last time the day seemed to drag on for so long. While not normally a lead foot Diana did get home fairly quickly after her shift ended. She was more than ready to start her weekend.

As Diana bounced into the house she could hear music playing from Matt’s room. Smiling, she walked down the hall her fingers slipping open the buttons on her blouse which she shrugged off as she knocked on Matt’s door.

Clad in her bra and pants Di opened the door and walked in to find Matt as expected at his computer. Diana walked over and gave her son a kiss before sitting on his bed.

Matt spun around to watch Diana reach around her back to unclasp her bra which she dropped on the bed next to her.

Smirking, Di leaned up to shimmy her pants and underwear down her long legs to puddle on the floor at her feet.

“I have a date tonight so, boom! Here I am all naked.” Diana laughed at her smiling son.

“You definitely would be sending a message if you went out like that,” Matt grinned.

“Ha, I don’t want to come across too easy on a first date,” Diana giggled.

“First date, wow. So Gwen Hollister huh?” Mat asked.

Diana stopped smiling, “Are you okay with that?”

Matt brought a finger under his chin and struck a mock pose,”Hhhmmmm, let me think about that – my mom so happy she can’t stop singing and dancing – I don’t know if I can be ‘okay’ with that.”

“No, seriously Matt. I might be starting a serious relationship with another woman,” Diana looked at her son.

“Actually the real question is are you okay with that?” Matt returned.

Diana nodded her head, “She really makes me feel good. I really like her. She makes me laugh; we can talk and talk for hours.”

“So why do you ask me if I have a problem with that, mom?” Matt asked. “Of course I’m thrilled for you. Why do you think that would bug me? Because she’s a woman?”

Diana ducked her head, “It seems so surreal and weird to me on one hand, but on the other hand it feels just like it was with your Dad and now you and that is such a wonderful feeling.”

“I really can’t see where the problem is then.” Matt told her.

Matt pushed his chair over and placed his hands on his mother’s bare legs.

“Can I tell you something?” Matt asked.

Diana silently nodded her head.

“Do you know what I’ve learned since you were naked in the kitchen making breakfast all those months ago and since the day I came home to find you and Cindy crying at the kitchen table?”


“There is absolutely nothing as wonderful as being completely in love with someone who loves you back as much. Everything great is even better because you and Cindy are there with me. Whenever something really sucks it’s not really that bad because you and Cindy are there with me.”

Drawing out each word distinctly Matt finished “There…is…absolutely…nothing…better…or…more…important…than…that.”

“If Gwen Hollister makes you feel like that and feels the same back, and you don’t do anything about that then you, my dear mother, have a lot to learn.”

Diana smiled as tears pooled in her eyes, “How did you get so smart?”

Matt laughed, “Well, you taking off all your clothes certainly helped open my eyes.”

The two laughed and hugged until Diana got up to change for her date, but not before receiving a swat on her bare ass as she walked past Matt.

Soon a very nervous Diana was knocking on the Hollister front door after walking the block to their house. It was a pleasant night so Diana had a light jacket on over her white blouse.

Stephanie opened the door and smiled wide at the sight of Diana at the doorstep.

“Come in, Gwen is almost ready.” She said as she held the door open. The house opened right to the living room which had a long bookcase on one wall and a large sectional leather couch facing a large TV screen hanging from the other wall. Diana noticed several duffle bags and a pair of skis leaning against the wall by the door.

Diana looked at Stephanie, “Ready for your trip?”

Stephanie nodded, bahis siteleri “I leave in about a half hour; it’s only about a five to six hour drive. We’re staying in a nice hotel in Lake Placid which we should get to about midnight. Can we talk a minute?”

Diana nodded and watched as Stephanie looked toward a hall in the left corner before turning back.

“I love my sister very much. Other than with me, she has only been in two other relationships, and they both ended badly. I don’t ever want to see her hurt again. I’m sorry to ask but are you really serious and sure about this?”

Diana smiled, “I really like your sister. Yes I am sure that I want to give this a try. I can’t stop thinking about her and feel so happy when I do.”

Stephanie nodded, “I have to tell you that she already has fallen hard for you.”

Diana smiled, “I get a very nice tingly feeling when you tell me that. If you don’t mind my asking, are you serious about Steve, or could I be getting in between you two?”

Stephanie shook her head, “Gwen and I? We ran our course months and months ago maybe even years. We’re much better as very loving sisters than a serious couple. We’re too different just like you and Steve.”

“What about you and Steve?” Gwen asked as she walked out from the left corner hall.

Diana beamed, “Steve who?”

Gwen had put on some make up and was wearing a bright yellow skirt with a blue oxford shirt tucked into the waist.

Gwen smiled and walked over to Diana embracing her hard as the two kissed deeply.

With an audible pop the two pulled apart but kept their arms around each other. Gwen looked at her sister, “Please tell me that you didn’t just give Diana the over protective big sister act?”

Stephanie raised her hands palm up, “Hey, what can I say, I am the over protective big sister.”

Gwen looked back at Diana, “I hope the grilling wasn’t too tough.”

Diana laughed “Actually it was very sweet and not tough at all. I liked what she had to say.”

Gwen mock gasped, “I’m shocked, what exactly did she tell you?”

Diana smiled shyly, “Only that someone has fallen hard for me. I really liked hearing that because I seem to have fallen hard myself.”

Gwen blushed. “Oh.”

The two looked at each other for a long moment before they kissed again.

Stephanie laughed, pushing the two women toward the door, “Go, go before you end up not going at all. Remember I expect you, Mrs. Hughes, to bring my little sister home at a decent hour.”

Gwen laughed, “And how will you know, Miss about to start her own romantic weekend?”

Stephanie pointed a finger at her sister, “Remember, over protective big sisters know all and see all.”

Diana leaned forward to give Stephanie a kiss on her cheek, “Thank you. I hope you have a great weekend.”

Stephanie laughed, “Hey, if the skiing is great or the sex is great, it’ll be great.”

Gwen hugged her sister before taking Diana’s hand as the two walked out toward the driveway and Gwen’s car.

Matt turned and smiled as his girlfriend came into his bedroom to crush him in a tight hug.

“How was work?” Matt asked into the ear pressed against the side of his face.

“Fine except for that pain in the ass Mrs. Wilson. Why do rich people have to be so mean?”

“Got me,” Matt answered. “you’d think with all that money they would be happy.”

Cindy looked at the game displayed on Matt’s computer screen. “Am I interrupting?”

She smiled when he answered, “I’d rather be with you over any game any time.”

“Oh, let me go get undressed,” Cindy responded before kissing Matt again.

Matt turned to shut down the game as Cindy went to the bedroom next door.

Shortly Matt turned his head at the sound of “Meow.”

He got up from his chair and stepped into the hall hearing another “Meow” coming from Cindy’s room. Matt walked the couple steps and turned into Cindy’s doorway.

“HOLY FUCK,” he gasped.

On her hands and knees on the bed, a nude Cindy had her back to Matt. A soft furry reddish brown tail with white on the tip stuck out from her backside. On a closer look two dark brown fuzzy triangular ears stuck up from the sides of her head.

Matt just stood there with his mouth open wide.

Cindy meowed again and wiggled her ass causing the tail to swish back and forth.

Cindy looked over her shoulder at the gaping youth. “What, cat got your tongue? Don’t you like your little kitty?”

Matt pointed at the swishing tail, “Isn’t that a foxtail making you a fox?”

Cindy swiveled around to face Matt, “I’ll be anything you want me to be. I can be a vixen if you desire.”

Cindy climbed off the bed and sauntered over to her boyfriend. As she took a couple of steps, she stopped and burst into a fit of giggles.

“The butt plug part feels so weird when I walk.”

When she reached Matt she turned and ground her tail into his crotch.

Matt groaned causing Cindy to smile. She walked away from him over to the nightstand by her bed picking something up before returning bahis şirketleri to Matt. She handed him an open collar and leash.

“Fox, cat, I’ll be anything you want. I’ll be your little pet.” Cindy purred.

“Oh fuck,” Mat answered growing harder in his sweatpants.

Cindy gasped at the sight of the tent growing in Matt’s pants. “Oohhh, you like that idea, don’t you, you kinky little boy.”

Cindy rubbed her palm against his bulge.

A smile grew on Matt’s face, “Kinky? Just how kinky do you want to be?”

Cindy grinned, “With you, I’ll gladly do anything you can think up.”

Matt smirked, “I’ve done A LOT of ah research with porn videos. I can be very, very kinky.”

“Prove it, surprise your little pet.”

Matt shook his head, “Okay, but look. I think you want to have a lot of fun and I agree, but Cindy, I love you. I don’t want you upset and caught in something you don’t like.”

Cindy smiled brightly, “God, I love you so much.” She smushed her body against him kissing him hard, her hands running through his hair, pulling his head closer into her lips.

She stuck her neck out and waited, “Go ahead, put your collar on your pet and shock me with how kinky you can be. I wasn’t kidding, I’ll do anything for you. Don’t forget, last night I had three men fuck me at the same time while someone else watched.”

Matt’s grin and cock grew bigger, he could feel its stiffness as a weight. He wrapped the collar around Cindy’s neck and synched it comfortably pulling her hair out from the back of it. He clipped the leash on the d ring.

Cindy put her hands on her bare hips, “Well, your pet is waiting for your every desire.”

Matt stared at his gorgeous nude girlfriend. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was. He shook his head. “Now listen. I’m really going to push things.”

“Good,” she interrupted.

“Seriously, you back out the minute you don’t like something or feel uncomfortable. Just say…aahh…’Deforest’ and I’ll stop instantly – no question – no problem.

“Deforest?” Cindy giggled.

Matt laughed, “You’re not going to say that by accident nor forget it.”

Matt stepped back to look at the nude, grinning girl. The ears jutted up from her hair looking very cute. The black collar and leash in his hands stood out against her pale white skin. Her nipples pebbled and looked very dark against her flush, full breasts. The soft black triangle of hair between her legs glistened in the light from the hall.

“Well, master?”

“Oh, fuck.”

Matt shook his head and grinned. He took two steps and tugged lightly on the leash, “Let’s go for walkies.”

Cindy grinned and purred. He pulled her out the door, down the hall into the kitchen.

She gasped as he led her towards the back door in the corner of the kitchen. She didn’t say anything as she watched him open the door and then the screen door out into the dark fenced back yard.

He stood before the door and turned to look at her.


She grinned again, “Not shocked yet, master.”

Matt laughed, “I’ll take that as a dare.”

“Oh please do.”

Matt stepped out into the backyard softly pulling on the leash.

Naked except for the foxtail and collar Cindy followed him out into the dark backyard. Cindy looked up at the night sky and all the twinkling stars. Then she looked down at all her pale skin lit by the glow of the moon except for the black dots of her nipples and the black thatch of hair between her thighs. She shook with a rush of feeling. Her most intimate parts seemed exposed more than ever by the moonlight glowing off her pale skin by contrast.

“Cold, sweetheart?” Matt asked concerned.

Cindy shook her head hard, “No, just very, very turned on.”

Cindy let her boyfriend lead her by the leash to the center of the backyard. The grass felt so soft and wet on her bare feet.

Matt let the leash take some slack and took a couple of steps away from Cindy and looked at her.

Cindy looked at Matt and then around the yard and up at the sky. She let her eyes trace around the three sides of the fence encircling the entire yard. She never felt so exposed in her entire life. Another tremble of excitement washed over her body. The butt plug seated securely in her ass gave her a pleasant hard feeling that added to the excitement.

“Well, my pet, here we are,” Matt paused for a moment watching Cindy carefully.

After a moment he spoke again, “Okay, since you’re my pet on walkies, pee for me.”

Cindy’s mouth dropped open.

“You’re serious, oh fuck,” she gasped.

Matt laughed, “Kinky enough for you? Remember, what’s my biology teacher’s name?”

Cindy just grinned, took a deep breath and tried to calm her body that threatened to orgasm at any moment. After another breath she squatted slightly in front of Matt spreading her legs wide at the knees. The butt plug in back wiggled a bit, making it difficult for her to focus on Matt’s command.

Matt beamed wider as a clear slight stream of liquid came out from between Cindy’s spread legs, her sex splayed open before him in the darkness. They both watched as the stream grew stronger as it came out from the open slit between her legs. Soon her water was splashing back up from the ground it was hitting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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