The Dinner Date

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The soft light caused Karen’s emerald earrings to gleam, her green eyes to sparkle, and her fine well tended hair to shine silver. The cutlery and the white table cloth, the crystal and the crockery all appeared unearthly, caught in that warm intimate light, and she, her tanned skin glowing, her risqué dress sparkling, and her elegant hands and fingers fiddling was the most beautiful of all. She certainly was a vision, thought David, Karen’s son, as he picked at his entree with a small fork, unable to keep his eyes off his 60 year old mother, sitting across from him.

David caught himself staring at his mother and stopped himself, ready to start the conversation again, before the persistent waiter came back. They had already awkwardly discussed his work schedule and then they had talked about his new apartment, conveniently located just minutes away from the restaurant.

“He knows about this, you know,” Karen stated, abruptly changing the subject, putting David on the spot.

“You mean…”

“Your father, he knows.”

“You mean about our dinner,” David said, sitting up, his heart beginning to race.

“Yes, our dinner date, don’t you mean David; I mean this is what it is, isn’t it David, a date?”

“Well yes,” David replied after an awkward moment, his heart still racing. “I mean, well I mean, ummm yes, yes it is.”

Karen smiled at her son’s awkwardness and red face and then absent-mindedly sipped her champagne, leaving more lipstick stained on the glass. Finally she continued.

“Anyway, I should say he suspects David. He’s never sure of anything. He saw how I was dressed and he knows it’s you I am meeting for dinner, so he must have his suspicions. He won’t do anything, of course, he never does anything except fume and complain impotently. Your father is a completely spineless man.”

David unconsciously puffed his chest out and Karen laughed at him. David enjoyed it when his mother put his father down and Karen knew it.

“I’m glad you finally accepted and came,” David said gently, reaching out to take his mother’s hand in his.

“Yes,” Karen began honestly, dropping all her usual pretence and signs of strength. “I was very close to knocking you back again David. This still feels a bit weird and wrong to me, but I know that you won’t give up and I have to say I am flattered by the attention and I admire your courage. Believe it or not most men are intimidated by me, or else they hate me, or they’re spineless, like your father.”

“I’m so glad you accepted mother, I really am,” David said earnestly, squeezing his mother’s hand.

“Yes, I can see David. Tell me, what are you expecting to happen after this dinner, hmmm?”

“Well, I was hoping we could take a walk through the park or we could stroll along the shoreline.”

“And then?”

“Well, we could get some coffee or a glass of champagne,” David spluttered, growing red faced again.

“And then?’

“Mother, I…”

“Do you think we’re going to end up in bed together? How do you think this so called date is going to end?” Karen asked her son pointedly.

David realised his mother was looking at him for honesty and courage.

“Yes,” he said simply. “Yes, that’s what’s going to happen.”

Karen broke out into laughter; motioning to the passing waiter for more champagne.

“Do you really think I’m going to do something like that David, with you of all people?”

David pondered for a moment, lost in his mother’s beauty again. Karen leant forward, the tops of her breasts exposed to his gaze. She picked at her entree. He was about to say something, but then the waiter rushed up, ready to serve them.

Karen had to give her son some points for effort. He had spent all of his available money on this date by obtaining reservations at a superb restaurant. And he had dressed well and groomed himself. He had acted like a gentleman and been entirely honest with her. Karen knew she was a touch sex starved and sexually frustrated, having rendered her husband impotent with her constant criticism, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to go down this road with David, no matter how good the dinner or his behaviour was.

Of course, she should have had affairs, she reasoned. She had done that in the past, she could have even divorced David’s father, but she seemed to be in some sort of rut, she figured and really couldn’t be bothered getting out of it at the moment.

She had to hand it to David though – he was a pervert and a sex addict, no doubt, but at least he was interesting. Karen became aware of his growing desire for his mommy a few years ago when one night a drunken David had told Karen that he loved her. The admission had caused Karen to laugh and laugh. But then, having blurted it out, David had followed it up with flowers, longing looks, an attentive ear and endless support canlı bahis over the next few years. Karen knew it – her son really did love her and her, surely one of the biggest bitches in the country. She was flattered and deep down she felt something for him, something others would have regarded as dark and unthinkable.

Meanwhile back at dinner David and Karen’s conversation became more formal as they ate. They spoke of her social engagements and his friends and future career aspirations. It almost felt like they were at her home, discussing the more mundane aspects of their lives. But then Karen picked up her spoon and gently ran the tip of her tongue along the edge, while looking at David and he gasped, grew red faced, his penis getting even harder. It had worked, the routine conversation was broken and David was lost in his mothers eyes again, struggling to sound intelligent and attractive.

“Are you alright David, you look all flustered,” she said, mockingly.

“Stirrer,” he returned, grinning. “That spoon has surely entered heaven.”

“You fool,” she replied, breaking into laughter, but pleased by the stupid comment.

The mood had changed. Karen leant forward, her attention on her son. David noted it and sat forward as well. His mother was grinning at him, her eyes inviting.

“Keep playing your cards right David and maybe I will go to bed with you.”

David was on the verge of reaching for his mother, ready to kiss her, but Karen sat back. She smiled.

“I’m ready to go for our walk now David.”

For a mad exhilarating moment Karen was tempted to just prick tease her son and teach him a lesson. She had done that sort of thing with desperate younger men before. Karen would flirt mercilessly, make all kinds of crude suggestions and promises and then leave them high and dry, alone with a large unsatisfied penis. She had also made a few guys cum in their pants with her antics. Karen couldn’t help it – she was born to torment some males. But then a second later she felt like running for her life, screaming out that she wouldn’t commit incest with David, if he were the last man on earth. Finally, she looked her son in the eye again and felt her heart melt.

They were strolling through the park, 30 minutes later, walking hand in hand, along a lane, when Karen turned to him.

“You must think I’m such a bitch, some times. I haven’t been very kind to you and I’ve made so much fun of you.”

“No, I could never think of you as a bitch mom.”

“Oh god, don’t call me that. Call me Karen please.”

“Okay Karen.”

“David, what are we going to do? This is such a crazy idea. Do you really want me to…?” Karen rushed out, stopping and letting go of her son’s hand.

“I know that’s what everybody says, that it’s crazy and wrong, but I…need you and I…”

“God, what would your father say, if he knew?”

“I don’t care what he thinks Karen.”

David took his mother’s hand in his and they walked on. David’s apartment was a short walk away, at the end of the park. His goal felt close, tangible, growing more real by the moment. David needed his mother, he needed to take her clothes off and get inside her. Karen could sense his need and she was feeling the need to touch him growing within her as well. They turned down the last narrow lane before the park opened out into lawn and ended at a long line of road. A few couples strolled by in the dark, oblivious, looking strange as they passed under the lamplights.

David turned to Karen, wanting to kiss her then and there. His mother stopped and faced him.

“I don’t think you know what you’re doing David,” she said, stroking his face with her hand.

“We don’t have to worry what others will think mother,” he replied, taking Karen into his arms.

“I think you would lead me to ruin David, the way you carry on, Karen said, looking into his eyes, a startled expression on her face, “are you going to kiss me?”

“Yes mother,” David said, leaning in.

“David,” Karen whispered, holding him off momentarily, her palms flat against his chest, staring at him.

“Please don’t resist anymore Karen,” he said, pleasantly shocking his mother by the way he was talking to her, “C’mon.”

“But David, you’re my…,” Karen managed to get out before David pulled her closer and kissed his mother on the lips, drowning out her mild objections.

She was caught in his spell and soon the two of them walked again, picking up their pace, crossing the park and then running across the road separating the park and David’s apartment building.

They were in the lift, breathless, flushed, looking at each other. David took his mother in his arms again and their lips met in a fierce open mouthed kiss. Their lips and tongues rolled and their hands and fingers searched for edges, pulling impatiently at bahis siteleri clothing. And then the lift door was open and David was pulling Karen to his door. And then they were inside and the door was locked behind them.

Karen had rarely had a man strip her so swiftly. She screeched with surprise at David’s desire. The man’s fingers unbuttoned, tore and unfastened and the beautiful dress slipped to the floor. And then the underwear went. Karen meanwhile was busy trying to get her sons clothes off. His pants went first and then his underwear. She grabbed David’s penis.

“There you bastard, I’ve got control…” Karen said before her son sealed her mouth with another kiss.

Karen had gotten all his clothes off, and then David picked his mother up and carried her to the bedroom.

He lay his mother back on his bed and climbed on. Karen wriggled and squirmed as her son parted her thighs with his hands.

“You bastard David, what no foreplay,” Karen hissed, grabbing her son’s rock hard penis and positioning him as he mounted her.

“No mom, no foreplay, I have to get inside you,” David whined, pressing the tip of his dripping penis against Karen’s pussy.

“Such a pervert, I love it.”

David bore down and he felt his mother’s body resist momentarily and then open and accept the large penis. She closed her eyes and groaned at him, her hands running up his sides as he impaled her, hitting rock bottom, inside his mother as deeply as he could be. David was so psychologically charged up that he almost lost control and ejaculated on the spot. After a deep sigh of satisfaction he focused and calmed down however.

“Don’t you dare David, don’t be an asshole like your father, please,” Karen hissed, not pleased at the idea that her son would blow it so soon after spending so long pursuing her.

“Awww Karen, it’s good.”

“Let me get on top darling.”

Karen placed her hands on his shoulders and forced him to get on his back, his head at the bottom of the bed. She climbed over him, David’s penis still buried inside her body and began to wriggle back and forth and side to side, while making noises that sounded like absurd squeaks.

“Awww gawd, you little bastard, awww gawd I can’t believe I’m doing this, awww.”

David held his mother’s hips, helping her to bounce up and down crudely, rising and crashing down on the big penis, driving it in up to the balls only to have it re-appear all shiny with Karen’s fluid on it. Karen was groaning, hysterical, dropping all her pretentions, self-composure, her well aimed malice and looking like a mad and grinning fool as she bounced up and down, almost as she was stuck on her son’s big penis and was unable to get off. David loved the way his mother looked. He loved staring at her tanned skin – her short silver hair, her blue eyes, her tiny mouth, and her breasts.

“Don’t you laugh at me you bastard,” Karen exclaimed, her face aglow, almost laughing herself.

David let out a soft moan and reached up and cupped his mother’s breasts in his hands, rubbing his palms against the tips. Then he abruptly sat up, taking his mother into his arms, holding her tight, running his fingers through her hair, rolling his powerful hips to rub his penis inside her.

“Okay, this was a good idea David,” Karen said, catching her breath, her face against his chest.

Then he laid his mother on her back swiftly, while she shrieked, all ready to dominate the sex and her. Strangely, Karen didn’t aim one of her well worded arrows at her son or raise a complaint.

Karen opened her legs wide and placed her hands on his shoulders and grew more intense. And David lifted himself up, the weight of his upper body supported on his out stretched arms. He looked down at his mother triumphantly while she grinned at him.

“Yes, that’s the way darling,” Karen hissed up at him a few minutes later, encouraging her son to fuck her harder.

“Ohhhhh mother,” David enthused, thrusting his sensational feeling penis inside her again and again, maintaining a rhythm that emulated the workings of a piston, “I love fucking you, I love fucking you so much, ohhhhh mother.”

“Fuck me then son, fuck me,” Karen said, ready to talk dirty as well.

“I wish I could fuck you forever mother and never stop, never ever stop – awwww.”

“Yes, forever David, never stop fucking me.”

It was a beautiful scene for the voyeur and one couple caught the sound of it as it floated through the open window of David’s apartment and out into the street below – an aristocratic 60 year old woman lay naked, her silver hair, patrician well lined features and her beautiful tanned body caught in the glow from the streetlight outside. She was cumming and letting her young lover know in her familiar raspy and whining voice, the words still more or less perfectly formed and pronounced bahis şirketleri even though she was shaking with orgasm.

And her 35 year old lover, big bodied and usually under such a high degree of self-control was on top of her, his arms under her narrow shoulders, his face inches from hers moaning at her, kissing her mouth deeply, pushing his tongue inside. His broad hips rising and falling, rocking and rolling causing the older woman to gasp at the urgency and power of his body.

David quickly picked his mother up and held her again, the two sitting up, her in his lap, the bloated oozing penis deep inside, ready to shoot.

“Oh David, you’re such a man.” Karen said, exhausted.

“Mother, please look at me,” David said, his orgasm fast approaching.

And that was how he came. Karen looked her son square in the eye, silent, her hand on his shoulder, refusing to break eye contact as he roared at her, bucking his hips and causing her breasts to shake, her body to rise and fall. He was shooting his semen inside his mother and they continued staring at each other.

It was two weeks later and Karen was lying on her son’s bed, the scene of so much recent incestuous sex between them. She was lying between his open legs, her fingers parting and vainly trying to smooth down his kinky pubic hair.

“You’re bad for me David, I do things with you that I shouldn’t.”

“We haven’t done that much mother.”

“Ha, you know that’s not true,” Karen said, looking down at her son’s saliva covered cock, “It’s been a long time since I’ve sucked a man’s penis as much as I’ve sucked yours.”

“I wish you could suck it every second of everyday.”

“Shocking statement, that’s what I mean David,” Karen said, breaking into laughter.

“Please Karen, please.”

Karen looked at her son’s penis, then she took it in her hand and dropped her head and David sighed as she flicked at the underside of his knob with her tongue and then kissed the tip with a parted mouth.

“Awww mother.”

Karen smiled and then her head dropped and dropped. The knob disappeared and then a large portion of the shaft ended up in her mouth as well, rubbing against her tongue, the knob pressing at the back of her throat, seeking to get in even further. Then Karen started sucking him with sweet sounding strokes, her head bobbing and her lips tight.

David lay back on his bed, enjoying it. He loved the feeling of his sensitive dick in Karen’s soft and warm mouth, her tongue playing havoc with the tingling head, the motion and twist of her head as she worked the upper part of his penis, while stroking the base with her slimy fist, before driving down again taking it in deep.

“David, where is this going,” Karen asked, suddenly stopping, “I mean I don’t know about us?”

“I am in love with you Karen, you know that. I want you to move in with me.”

“Really,” she said brightly, pleased at the idea, stroking his penis by hand.

“Yes, of course,” David said, sighing with pleasure.

Karen’s head dropped again. She was sucking him vigorously, tickling his balls with her fingernails.

“Ha, what a scandal it would cause – divorcing your father and collecting a fortune to go running off with you,” Karen continued saying a few moments later, “of course nobody could ever know we were lovers.”

“Just do it, I can’t handle not having you here all the time Karen.”

“Yes, yes indeed David, let me talk with our lawyer,” Karen schemed, and then looking down at her son’s raging edged cock asked “and now what should we do with this?”

“I need to get back inside you mother.”

“My word,” I never met a man more perverted, desperate and with less self-control,” Karen said cheerfully, lying back on the bed and opening her legs for David to get access.

David was so worked up. His mother had been sucking him for hours, punctuating the time with long periods where she let him rest and talked about all manner of things. By the time Karen lay back on the bed David’s cock was fiery red, the knob almost purple, and his balls heavy and aching. The penis felt like a blunt instrument. Karen barely noticed the effect she had had on him.

He quickly placed the tip against his mother’s vagina and with Karen’s urging bore down and the overly sensitive dick sank into the soft and warm heat. He looked down at her, his jaw dropping and his eyes wild and together they built an urgent rhythm.

“Awwwww muuttthhhhaaaaa,” he groaned, the pleasure radiating along his skin and coursing through his prick.

Karen held him tight, aware of how stirred up he was. It turned her on and she felt the pleasure grow. It was hopeless though, David had exhausted all his self-control. He was there, long before Karen would reach orgasm.

“Awwww! Awwww! Awwww!”

Six months later Karen had moved in with David, creating the illusion of a socially acceptable relationship by maintaining a bedroom where she was supposed to sleep, but really sleeping with her son in his bedroom. Everything had turned out alright.

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