The Dream Job Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

Chapter 2: A Long Weekend

George was having one of those dreams again; he’s been experiencing them more and more often and with growing detail since he took the job full time. Working as a male escort for one of the most exclusive escort clubs in the world paid extremely well and, of course, meant that pounding the living-bejesus out of lonely and horny older women was an almost daily norm. However, the job had its downsides, too. Aside from being unable to have a normal relationship with any one woman, George was also constantly subjected to extremely vivid sexual dreams (if this can even be called a downside). Whereas most people might have erotic dreams about one partner (maybe two), the young man, having ploughed so many women to so many orgasms, dreamt of many partners simultaneously.

He was laying in bed, feeling a warm, wet mouth sucking his cockhead hungrily while nimble hands worked his shaft like twin pumps, slick with spit snaking down from the stretched lips above. The lubricant mix of saliva and precum flowed down to his balls to meet the tongue-bath he was getting by two hot mouths. He reached down and his hands encountered a hot body; he suddenly saw her, on her hands and knees above him, her soaking pussy hanging just an inch above his mouth. George took a long, slow lick just outside her pussy lips, then, pausing to gently exhale on her quivering slit, drew his tongue up the other side. He heard her moaning in protest, wanting to feel his tongue on her most sensitive parts already. He extended his tongue towards her hole and just as the tip penetrated the tight entry, the scene changed as it often does in dreams.

He was suddenly standing next to a bed, a petite redhead with huge, yet perfectly perky tits with little diamond nipples holding her legs open for him. He was lining up his mushroom head with her pink slit and feeling the hot lips spread around his monster tool, reveling in the sensation of sinking into that tight sheath. At the same time, he felt the same hungry mouth from the beginning, diving deeper and deeper. He looked down and the redhead was now making out with a black beauty that George remembered as Melanie. He also remembered that Melanie preferred to spend most of their time together with his cock lodged as deeply in her ass as he could get it: and with her seemingly bottomless ass and enough Astroglide, he could jackhammer his entire cock into her juicy üsküdar escort double-bubble, slapping her clit with his heavy balls. He was holding onto that ass now as it shuttled up and down, his foot-long disappearing into her tight asshole. Melanie was moaning her impending orgasm into the other girl’s mouth, who was also fairly close to exploding all over George’s cock, still plunging into her as it was.

Just as Ebony looking at two of the hottest teen sluts he’d ever encountered, fucking each other with a double-headed, two-sided pink dildo. Their two bottom holes stuffed with pulsating and vibrating plastic cocks, the two girlfriends filled their mouths with each other’s beautiful breasts, biting hard nipples and sucking each other’s fingers. The pace suddenly accelerated and he knew what was coming; their moans grew louder and faster and, pulling the dildo out, both pussies erupted in a gush of girl-cum as their expert fingers worked each other’s clits.

As the torrent of pussy-juice washed over his face and cascaded into his mouth, he knew he was close, beginning to feel all those partners truly in unison. It seemed there were multiples of himself: reaching down again, he grasped a ponytail and, pulling down, felt his cockhead break through the final resistance and plunge deep into the girl’s throat as her lips sealed around the base and her nose pressed into his hard abs. Pulling on the ponytail again, it was now farther away from him and a big, perfectly round ass slapped down into his crotch with every pull, leaving his cock shiny with pussy-cum. He wasn’t sure if he was fucking her ass or her pussy: it felt as though he was in both at the same time. He was standing up, holding onto the sides of a girl’s head and pumping into her mouth with long, sure strokes; he was kneeling at the bedside, his face buried between two shapely thighs, plunging three fingers into a sopping slit, about to receive his reward; he was laying in bed, having his face literally fucked by two greedy pussies till their cum ran down his chin; he felt her throat swallowing around his shaft, her tongue swirling around his overfilled balls, her cunt massaging his entire length and her ass squeezing him like a hot, wet vice.

Feeling multiple hands on him, sharp fingernails dragging across his hot, sweaty skin, George picked up the pace. He held the back of her head pressed şerfali escort into his crotch as he pounded his entire length into her throat, feeling her nails on his ass as she pulled him towards her hungrily; he also felt her ankles on his shoulders as he bent her over double and literally dribbled her pussy off the bed; laying under her, he wrapped one arm around her neck and pulled her close to him as he flung her little body up and down his shaft, her soaked snatch sending little rivulets of cum snaking down his balls; he was laying behind her, sideways, holding one of her legs up in the air and cupping a breast in the other while he pounded her tight asshole to the rhythm of her moaning. As each of those scenes intensified, he felt himself in every one of those positions, in every one of those sweet, tight holes, and ready to explode in every one of them.

George woke up during his orgasm, but didn’t realize it till it subsided a bit and he was able to catch his breath. As he came back to earth, he became aware of movement and soft sounds coming from his crotch. Lifting his head to look downwards, he saw Amber’s head between his legs, slowly sucking on his deflating cockhead. There was a small pool of cum beside his cock, right under her mouth where it had leaked out. The hand she had wrapped around his softening shaft was likewise glistening, as was her chin, mouth, one side of her nose and a cheek; there was also a faint white line tracing the curve of her throat.

“Good morning, beautiful” said George at the cum-smeared sexpot; she smiled back without taking the cock out of her mouth, causing some more cum to ooze out past her lips. She popped out his cockhead and licked up an errant drop of cum from the corner of her mouth; “I couldn’t wait,” she said shyly. “You were sleeping so soundly, but your cock woke up long before you did, so I figured why waste the opportunity?”

“Good call,” agreed George, “but I’m surprised you only blew me: how come you didn’t hop on?”

Her look of confusion gave him his answer before she even spoke: “But I did ride you… for at least twenty minutes! I even came, and didn’t hold back! How did you not wake up?!”

He started chuckling and said “you know, I might not have woken up, but the dream you caused me to have was pretty fucking good.”

She started laughing too, saying “you know, we should do that more often: if you slept through that, I wonder what else you’d sleep through, too…?” she smiled coyly, “maybe one day, you’ll wake up and there’ll be more than one girl trying to fuck you while you sleep.”

And with that, she hopped off the bed, grabbed a towel and ran off for a shower, yelling behind her “I’ve got class in half an hour, come fuck me later?”

“Sure, sure…” said George, more to himself than to her, as he heard the showerhead turn on. “As though I haven’t got other people to do…” saying that, he pulled out his phone and looked at his calendar. “Oh shit…” he thought, as he looked at the highlighted day with 8PM in red. “I completely forgot about tonight…” An old friend of his was coming to town to visit family and had insisted on going out tonight. This has been a routine of theirs, ever since they fucked for the first time several years prior, right before she left for Australia. Coming back two or three times a year, she always made sure to arrange a date with him and he always sent her back well-filled, satisfied, and nowhere near as tight as she was at the start of the weekend.

And that wasn’t it, either; tomorrow night was another friend’s birthday, and this was a party he simply couldn’t, and wouldn’t miss out on. This was the kind of party where the guys dressed up in nice suits while the girls all put on their most slutty outfits; the last such party he had gone to, he ended up in a large shower stall with a petite Asian with big tits and flexibility of a gymnast and a tall brown girl with a black sister’s booty and a bottomless throat. And last but not least, he had been asked by a friend if he’d help her move into her new apartment on Sunday. She promised beer as payment, but knowing their past history, he was fairly certain they were going to be christening the new apartment before they finished moving the last bits of furniture. George knew it was a bit of a stretch, but not beyond the realm of possibility that she chose against a moving company not just to save the money, but also to get him to help her, and then offer her body as thanks.

“Jesus!” thought George; so many girls, all wanting a piece! “really, I can’t complain, though. And I can’t blame them either,” he thought with a smile, looking down at his flaccid 8 inches. Remembering the hot little blond currently in the shower, probably washing his cum off of various places in and on her body, he felt his cock twitch with returning life. As he started walking towards the shower looking for one more round, he thought “but she said she’s got to go to class.” Grinning mischievously and slowly pumping his growing shaft, he pushed the door open; “Oh well, guess she’s going to be late…”

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