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 Finally, after prolonged negotiations, the Union of Eros has approved `restricted continuation” of the story of the House of Stirling, notably nine-year-old Daniil and his father, Bruce. With a two-year hiatus since the last chapter was published on Nifty, readers are advised to review previous chapters to familiarize themselves.



The Eros Union  

 Book VI: Serving Selflessly

By Ganymede


Note to German/Austrian readers: Obviously, you speak and read English if you are reading this. Please consider the accenting of speech as artistic license, and do not take offense. Similarly, for authenticity and artistic license, mention is made of various ethnic and religious issues, from theology to certain practices. No disparagement or offense is intended.

Note to all readers: Daniil”s Principal is identified by the name, Hasan. In the tradition of the Eros Union, and for obvious reasons, all EU principals are known only by nicknames. Hasan is the nickname of a certain well-known Saudi prince, Hasan being al-Ḥasan ibn Hānī al-Ḥakamī, the greatest poet in Islam (AD 756-814), writing under the nickname Abū Nuwās.


Rothenburg ob der Tauber


Prince Johannes chose a forest outside Augsburg for their picnic lunch. He pulled off the main highway, onto a narrow road that disappeared among tall pine trees. A few minutes later, he stopped beside a sunlit clearing. It was a pretty place to say a fond farewell to Christoph, both of them gloomy even if it was only for a week. While they whispered and hugged, Claire, Mr. Ed, and Daniil laid out smoked salmon, Quarkspeise (fresh cheese and fruit), Spaetzle salad, and crusty Bauernbrot (Farmer”s Bread). With pine-scented air, and sips of a sweet German Riesling, even Daniil cheered up…

“Delicious deserves to be savored. Fruity and luscious,” Mr. Ed admired, his gaze fixed on Daniil.

Sunlight made red-gold highlights in Daniil”s curls. He flirted, batting eyelids like a fifth-grade girl, before he poked out his tongue. Mostly teasing Christoph, out of action with his circumcised penis still wrapped in gauze.

“I rather thought… delicate, the merest hint of creamy,” Claire teased, aware of coquetry at work.

“The taste is always sweet, my dear; even spicy at times. Nothing compares to the sweetness of youth…” Mr. Ed inhaled dreamily. “Mmm… I toast the gods for however long prepubescent may last.”

“Perhaps forever,” she murmured, keeping the rest to herself as she savored Rheingau”s finest Riesling.

“Creamy plus sweetness is a feminine bouquet; still, a lively wine,” Prince Johannes agreed.

Christoph thumped his side.  “Next, you vill say Daniil”s gorgeous, Papa.”

“He is; however, I love you, my precious catamite.” He grabbed his son”s hand. “I need to leave soon. Unless you want dessert… I can”t be late for my meeting, Kit Kat.”

“I vill eat strudel in ze car, Papa.”

Prince Johannes stood, hauling up his son, proud besotted father as he brushed out curls.

“As healthy as our picnic lunch was, we all need a hike after eating that much,” Claire insisted.

Daniil rolled his eyes, although a nature-break sounded good. They”d spent the last three days trekking through quaint market towns, looking at historical relics, and soaking up Bavarian culture, whatever it took to stop Christoph from brooding�being circumcised wasn”t that big of a deal, in his mind.

They were following a trail beside a small stream when Christoph and his father disappeared among spindly tall trees. Vivid sun-streaks on mossy logs and fungi turned to murky shadow.

“One of them is dressed for undressing,” Edwin remarked, his gaze on Christoph”s rear, firm buttocks like little melons under quick-to-yank-down fleecy sweat pants.

“Remember what I said about taking it easy,” Claire called after them.

“Hey, Kit Kat! Claire has goose grease. You”ll need it after three days,” Daniil shouted.

Claire nudged Edwin, exchanging a knowing look, both of them glancing at Daniil, his own sacrifice looming closer with every day, and he was still unaware.

“All in due course, my dear. We”ll wait here; give them some privacy for as long as they need it,” Edwin said meaningfully.

He was of the mind there couldn”t be a more romantic spot to `take” Daniil, just the two of them. It was also spooky, in a Teutonic way; gloomy shadows hiding changelings and dwarfs, an enchanted glade where beautiful gay boys became horny pixies, not fanciful fairies.

She glanced at Daniil, still mopey about his father”s absence. “I expect they”ll just say goodbye.”

Daniil looked up, shaking his head in mocking disbelief. “Ya think?”

Exaggerated enough to be funny, he groaned, grunted, and gasped, pushing back his bottom before shifting to a mincing waddle, much to Edwin”s amusement.

“Daniel James Stirling; you”re envious!” she rebuked in fun. “He”s a sweet innocent boy, an angel compared to you!”

“That why his halo is so huge?” Daniil snickered.

`Halo” was yet another allusion to a catamite”s dilated opening. He”d been there a dozen times or more when Christoph begged for his father”s ejaculation, not that he was any different. His anus was stretched, too. Not as big as Christoph”s; although his rim was darker, as expected for a recent recruit into the Union of Eros.

“Wanna bet, right now Prince Johannes is making it even bigger? Do it, Daddy. Squirt in me!” he taunted, mostly to annoy Claire.

She had told him, not once but several times, it was normal for a catamite to want semen spurting into his rectum. And afterward, with his stopper in place, she had to be blind not to realize he enjoyed carrying his father”s seed safe inside him.

“Here it comes, Kitty Kat.” Edwin played along, aware that Daniil was going through separation anxiety. “Can you feel my spunk in your pussy?”

Daniil played his part from experience. “Ooooh! You feel so nice. I”m all spunky inside, Daddy. Steamy hot!”

“They better not be fucking! If something gets torn…”

Worrying about Christoph”s recent circumcision becoming infected, or worse, was Claire”s current burden.

When Johannes and Christoph returned, Daniil was skipping stones in the slow-moving creek, jealousy growing with every throw. Like lovers, hand in hand, Christoph smirked at his American friend, as much as saying it was worth going without dessert.

“You worked on your halo, boyfriend?” Daniil called, just a little bit snippy to go with tipsy.

Edwin smiled, a meaningful two-finger signal to Prince Johannes.

“Only a half hour late,” Prince Johannes remarked, his mood much improved.

He hugged his young lover from behind, ignoring grouchy Claire with her usual raised-eyebrow.

“I hope you were careful.”

Short for a sermon, yet she was clearly of the mind that any sex play was ill-advised, if not outright unwise until Christoph was completely healed. When she finally turned away, Daniil was bothered by how she looked at him, as if her admonition to be careful was somehow intended for him.

“I”m glad mine”s already snipped,” he muttered under his breath.

With Prince Johannes heading to a meeting in Munich, they continued on in the Range Rover. An arm”s reach separated Daniil and Christoph in the back seat, yet they communicated by text message, an alternating stream between `Skippy” and a mopey `KitKat”.

Skippy : I hated saying goodbye to my dad. Really hard huh???

KitKat : Always!!! Worse today.

Skippy : You need a towel?

KitKat : I got rimmed + fingerfucked so no mess

Daniil reached across and patted his friend”s knee, sympathy replacing envy. Only a few hours earlier, he”d cried when saying goodbye to his own father. It was surely the most painful thing he”d ever done�almost a whole week without him. At least, he had Mr. Ed for company.

KitKat : I wanted him in me so much

Skippy : Last night my dad watched mr ed rim me. I sucked him until he nutted

Skippy : I wanted him to do me hard and fast! I was so pissed

KitKat  : Sag es auf Deutsch

Daniil labored alone, bored, typing and retyping, finally sending a text after looking up eight words online. Using a translate app was `verbotten”.

Skippy : Er lutscht nachts an meiner Nuss, w�hrend mein Vater meinen Arsch mit dem Finger beobachtet

It was Claire”s idea to help them learn the other”s language, switching back and forth while talking about what catamites did as much as possible.

Christoph snickered as he read it; sent it back translated, errors and all.

KitKat : He sucks my nut at night while my father watches my ass with his finger

Daniil giggled. Being blatant about sex was easy; it was the rest he stumbled over, absurd pronunciation, dumb capitals all over the place, contorted grammar structure…

Skippy : This morning my dad did me for an hour before he left. Really deep.

KitKat :  Ich w�rde mich �ber zehn Minuten freuen.

KitKat  : I would be happy with ten minutes. I love fast + deep

Skippy : Kitty cats love schwengel, admit it!

“Ve fuck for fun,” Christoph snickered, releasing an hour of pent-up emotion with, “I need him zis much.”

He grabbed at Daniil”s groin, soon realizing he was wearing his lambskin pouch. It was impossible to determine what was what, so he settled for massaging; then, squeezing as Daniil”s penis stiffened. He leaned closer, gestured at the front seats, and whispered…

“Now Little Skippy stand up, you vant me to suck on him?”

Daniil grinned and twisted around, searching until he found his fuzzy new robe. A parting gift from Helene; she”d knitted especially for him using alpaca wool. The Fair-Isle pattern was unique, dusty-blue merging into pale pink, amid snow-white variegation. How was he to know it presaged transgender when she”d added the House of Stirling crest on the breast, with `Daniil” in flowery script on the back?

He spread it over them as Christoph cuddled closer, a small hand already tugging at his Versace pants. Daniil sucked in his tummy, unfastened the cord, and lifted his butt off the seat.

“All ze way down,” Christoph murmured.

Grinning even more, Daniil shoved black and gold sweat pants past his knees and leaned back, providing ample space for Christoph”s head on his sleek bare thigh. Cool little fingers already exploring, pouch removed, poking at his crinkled scrotum, avoiding his erect penis, bobbing anxiously. He encouraged his friend by caressing his hair, ears, and neck.

A moist adoring kiss on his unprotected glans became hotter and wetter, a delicious pressure as lips gripped the rim, a prehensile tongue slathering warm saliva. Fingers tugged on tiny testicles, stretching skin. Licking along the shaft to make it slimy and utterly rigid brought forth soprano giggles, sharing precious moments before Christoph slowly descended.

Daniil sighed, tousling blond curls. Only catamites truly knew how to please.

With most of Daniil”s boyhood contained in his maw, Christoph”s deft fingers guided immature gonads between his lips. Everything slurped inside before the recipient gasped. They waited, focusing on sensations that made boys come alive, postponing the inevitable rush with bated breath, eyes mere slits. Concentrating like that took immense effort.

Soon, saliva leaked through the oral seal, slicking Daniil”s supple pubis and smooth perineum, a solitary now-slippery finger probing his anus, adroitly piercing the inner muscle.

“Suck it, KitKat,” he whispered, loins tensed, resisting his natural impulse to thrust.

Simultaneous suction and penetration, pressure receding every time Christoph inhaled. In, out, throbbing from perpetual teasing, instinct driven by frequent practice. No stranger to oral sex with men or boys, he delayed again and again, tantalizing his friend”s stubby stiffness. Such a fat little dick, taut and sensitive, as hard can be; smooching, playfully mashing the spongy glans, nothing like Daniil”s indulgent father, even if he was a Master in the Union of Eros.

“What”s going on back there?” Claire demanded, looking behind her seat.

A moment too late, Christoph yanked back the robe, covering his head and Daniil”s bare middle.

“Halo Boy was sucking my dick,” Daniil snickered. “Now, he”s sucking my nuts… Ooooh, Mum. (English version of Ma”am) He just licked my hinny hole.”

“Two catamites having sex on the back seat; I”m shocked,” Edwin chided.

There was no mistaking the teasing look on Daniil”s face. Of course, Edwin adjusted the overhead mirror downward, his tousle-headed boy smirking every time Christoph slurped noisily, his head jerking under the robe. Not just two gay boys having fun; for EU catamites, life was all about giving pleasure to men and boys.

“Helene”s robe is a bit much, even for him,” she added quietly, attuned to giggles.

“You should”ve seen Daniil wearing it this morning,” Edwin confided. “Mincing around like a Soho pansy, he was.”

“He needs to be told; sooner, not later,” Claire rebuked, her voice low and chilly.

“That seed has already been planted, my dear… They”re quiet all of a sudden.”

“Daniil, you”re not to touch his penis,” she warned.

“I know, Mum. Is it okay if I rim him?”

She turned back, mouthing `rim” to Edwin before hiding her smirk behind her hand.

Edwin nodded approvingly. “Practice makes perfect. What is haram (forbidden) to the Principal is halal (permissible) when a pretty catamite uses his tongue,” he whispered.

Daniil overheard. “Dad said I should practice French rimming, like you did to me last night.”

“La jante fran�aise; lucky Christoph,” she teased; yet the mere thought aroused her.

“Boys pleasing each other is the best training of all,” Edwin confided, a peek in the mirror.

“Whatever it takes to please their Principals. The sooner they start, the better, then.” Claire raised her voice. “No playing with Christoph”s penis! And both seatbelts stay on,” she added.

Their seat belts adjusted, the boys assumed the position, Daniil”s slim thigh cushioning Christoph”s neck. With his partner”s leg crooked, and his other leg hooked over the seat back, Daniil leaned in. Not unfettered access, yet close enough to the target to start licking. Soon, Christoph”s buttocks were spread wide apart, Daniil”s tongue wriggling, probing for entry.

“Remember what we talked about last night,” Edwin interrupted. “La jante fran�aise begins with le l�cher fran�ais.”

Daniil”s head lifted, intoxicated from his first attempt to `French rim” someone other than his father, breathless, lips tingling, mumbling through saliva. It was bizarre, not nearly as nice as being anally penetrated, yet somehow it was actually more exciting.

“For la jante fran�aise, the tongue goes inside,” Claire instructed. “For le l�cher fran�ais, the tongue licks outside.”

Tingling all over, Daniil wiped spit from his lips and chin. “U-m try-ing for deeper.” A deep breath, shivering as he swallowed saliva.

“It is good, Skippy?”

He shrugged, pretending nonchalance as he licked his lips. No taste that he could identify, and the smell was familiar, vaguely yeasty like fresh bread, warm and boyish. Tongue-tip poised where the pucker would be; instead, a depressed cone like his, with tantalizing tenderness. Something glowed deep inside him, reassuring, even though doing it was… bizarre!

“Mum… You said most people find it icky; so why does my dad love doing it?” Daniil asked.

“Because he loves his parastatheis,” Claire said, mirth barely constrained. “Being a cute little House-tart with a perfect butt also has a lot to do with it.”

Edwin resumed his master role. “La jante fran�aise bonds man and boy in a sacred ritual. There is also extraordinary satisfaction in doing something so special.”

“Your skill and enjoyment increase if you practice,” Claire added. “When you do it properly, there is boundless joy.”

Daniil craned his neck, again flicking his tongue into Christoph”s crevice as he added more saliva, His cheeks flushed, not embarrassment, sybaritic delight, making smooth boy-flesh very slippery.

In teacherly mode, Edwin glanced repeatedly at the overhead mirror. Progress was necessarily slow when boys learned by experience; easier and faster to point out deficiencies; far more fun was teasing and challenging them.

“What did else I tell you about la jante fran�aise, my little l�cher?”

Daniil gulped, befuddled from his nose burrowing in, nearly smothered in slippery buttocks, nine-year-old heart fluttering. `L�cher” was fun. Suddenly, he realized he”d be watched throughout; afraid he”d fall short of their high expectations, embarrass the House of Stirling.

“Master Edwin, you said to lick until the hole was open. I”m trying, only I can”t breathe sometimes.”

“Anilingus will be easier on your nose if Christoph is spreadeagled and face-down. Your cute little pug nose will fit nicely in his gluteal divide.”

“But there”s not enough room on the seat, Master.”

Edwin harrumphed like a feudal baron. “You”re a catamite! Devise a way!”

Christoph poked his finger into Daniil”s rear, easily getting through the now-slackened sphincter. Sinking deeper, with so much spittle it took almost no effort, his index finger crooked up to initiate prostatic pleasure. Not aware that morning”s tenderness still lingered, he began cork-screwing as much his skinny wrist allowed, arousing trembles and muted groans. Daniil strained top and bottom, pushing back as his tongue tip extended, flicking tender nerves. Helene said it was an essential skill.

Christoph trembled. Daniil did, too; finding it natural to pleasure another boy”s small smooth rump; however, doing it to his father, or another man, that took some getting used to. Or did it?

“To get a boy ready to penetrate, your tongue tickles, provokes, and primes,” Edwin droned on.

Abject failure looming, panicking because he wanted to excel at whatever he did. No wonder his godfather was irritated; still, he could learn, and hopefully improve.

“Yes Master,” Daniil muttered. “How should I do it with a man?”

Not for the first time, he entertained the possibility of reciprocating with the man who loved him.

“Silly Skippy; the same way of course,” Claire chided. “Probably not in the Aston, though.”

“But if we did, how should we do it in a sportscar?”

“With a man being bigger, you will always take turns, wherever you are,” Edwin replied. “With a boy like your adorable KitKat, the access is better if he”s kneeling on the seat, or laying over the armrest. Your breathing will also be easier, and your wriggly tongue reaches further.”

“But you said we should please each other…”

Edwin ignored the interruption. “With him in a more exposed position, the sensation is more intense. A House tart should know that.”

“Yes, Master. “

Christoph snickered, “My papa rim me like zat. Always expose ze hole is best, Skippy.”

Edwin winked at Claire. “Last night, Daniil, did I curl you up into some kind of side-on soixante neuf?”

“I was on my back with my legs lifted up, Master; the same as when Dad fucks me…” Daniil smiled dreamily. “… when he loves me.”

“Exactly! With the adored like that, the adorer”s tongue probes deeply while the nose affords pleasure to the perineum and, by upward nudges, to the testicles. Try it, with your legs splayed wide.”

Daniel repositioned Christoph underneath him, each pretty face between the other boy”s thighs. He leaned in, instinct in control as he inhaled.

“With your nose close ankara escort to your mouth, odor and taste combine… Now, as you nuzzle, try to get your nose to dip inside. Without thinking, your focus must be entirely on his pleasure,” Edwin coached, stealing peeks in the mirror.

Daniil nodded as best he could. Overpowering excitement rose up within him, intense sensations as his lips planted wet kisses, his tongue dipping into the succulent soft cone, touching, tingling all over as Christoph”s fingers penetrated deeper, following his lead. Slippery with saliva, he stretched a vital inch to press his nose into the opening. He shuddered from sensory overload, replacing his tongue with added vigor.

“It stirs mutual desire even as your saliva dribbles down to coax the opening,” Edwin went on. “The hotter and wetter the better.”

Daniil could see a trickle between Christoph”s buttocks, wet and spitty, the opening red-rimmed, not purple-brown like his. Certain it was already bigger, he tried again with his nose. Overwhelmed by intimacy, he giggled so much he had to stop.

“Now, use your tongue to make glancing flicks on his rim,” Edwin directed. “Teasing it encourages everything else to relax.”

“But my tongue still can”t reach far enough, not to go inside at the same time.”

“You can if you”re limber, which is why Eros” boys learn to suck their own cocks.”

“All it takes is the desire, exercise, and lots of practice,” Claire added.

Daniil giggled. “I”m game; just don”t tell my dad. I want to surprise him.”

Edwin winked at Claire, a two-finger gesture to leave them alone and let them discover.

“Daniil”s been with his father too long,” she confided.

“Then, being lonely is good for him. He”s more likely to respond to other men in Venice.”

“He doesn”t know he”ll be Giton. I”m depending on you and Master Gerhardt to complete his training before I tell him.”

His voice low, Edwin divulged, “The Council expects great things from him, just not in bed.”

Giggles from the backseat didn”t mean the boys weren”t trying to tune into the muted discussion in the front seats of Claire”s Range Rover. For some reason, Edwin suddenly held forth on Eros traditions, citing an 8th-century passage from the pederast”s compendium, Hominum et Puerorum, before adding…

“… Ego autem sum puer participes ex aequo principalem ad fruendum.”

Suddenly, sensory delight faded, along with desire, and the pressing need to merge one”s mouth with the mouth behind. Only spoken of in Latin, Hominum et Puerorum had a quelling effect on catamites. For their men, it was the source of all knowledge pertaining to pederasty. It defined the path to ethereal love, and established a higher calling.

Still lacking in Latin, Daniil kept his head down. Like Christoph, he appeared engrossed even as he gestured for translation.

“He say, `I vill share this boy I have enjoyed vith him equally,” Christoph whispered. “Him mean your papa.”

Sharing was the sine qua non of the Union of Eros, a duty ingrained enough for Daniil to wipe spit from his face as he took one deep breath after another. His vows as parastatheis allowed sharing, although not `equally.” Now, he lived to serve Eros…

“Edwin said `principalem,”” he whispered, his mind galloping ahead. “Principal… I”ll get one the same as you and Simon. What”s the big deal?”

“… Semper amabo illum,” Edwin continued, still not quiet enough.

Christoph translated, a mere murmur from the rear seat. “I will always love him…”

“Daniil et spado? For some Masters, it goes beyond sharing,” Claire posed, her tone obsequious.

Christoph panicked at `spado.” The rumor was true, not the end of the world, but bad enough.

Aspects and intricacies of the Eros tradition of `sharing” were often debated. To some masters, `sharing” was a catamite”s raison d”�tre; to others, la recompense for men past their prime. By training, she took the contrarian role.

“There”s a lot to be said for catamites who share in principle, not principal, Master Edwin.”

“To the first, sharing brings significance to bonding, Claire. Without it, no older man will know the ultimate joy.”

She took her time, her contention to provoke him. “I appreciate the reason for sharing is to bring men and boys together.”

“Our community enables their bonding for good reason; however, joy comes from knowing… in the Biblical sense.”

“The principle remains vital, not the principal,” she countered. “True love begins with carnal love and ends with ethereal love. Pecuniary love has no place in the Union of Eros.”

Edwin regarded her, critical, not dismissive. He”d insisted she become Daniil”s trainer for a reason; no one else came close to her appreciation of pederasty; however, her woman”s perspective brought other problems, and deficient logic.

“The tradition of sharing with the principal is as crucial as the gain to be had, Claire. That said, the consequences of sharing must justify the sacrifice.”

“And if the sacrifice has undue consequences?”

“I”m not disputing. For his House, and being the only child, the degree of consequence is an issue. However, better with and without, than without and whole, I say.”

“He”s hardly deprived. For the same reason, I”m not sure why Simon sua ursi.” She glanced behind, to make sure the boys were still busy.

With Daniil and Christoph hidden under the robe, how was she to know they were listening.

Christoph whispered, “`Simon has his bear.” She means Rasputin.”

“As principal, he requires consortia, some sadistic role-playing, not possessorship,” she continued. “It”s not as if the House of Hadley needs financial aid.”

“This goes beyond a single house,” Edwin interposed. “His connections are essential to the Union. Besides, the Right of Possession remains with the pater. His Principal”s requirement means greater compensation is in order.”

“That his loss is for the benefit of all changes nothing. It must be his choice, or not at all.”

“Edwin hesitated, glancing into the overhead mirror. “In Daniil”s case, the only question is whether the compensation is adequate for the sacrifice.”

Hearing mutters, Claire also glanced behind, a fond smile at the boys in the backseat. Daniil was sitting up, smiling as he stroked Christoph”s blond curls as he continued to nuzzle.

“Adequate would depend on who you ask,” she said, her tone like ice. “Heri ter eum pater suus.” (Yesterday, his father had him three times.)

Christoph abruptly sat up, wiped his lips on the robe and leaned forward to look at the GPS screen.

“Excuse me, Master Edwin. Vhy ve go zis vay, and not ze A-7?”

Edwin looked down his nose, suspecting they”d been overheard.

“We”re meeting Master Gerhart and Kiril at the N�rdlingen railway museum. This way, Daniil will get to know them before tonight”s ceremony.”

Knowing how catamites could be forgetful, Claire said firmly., “Your training plug should be back in, Daniil,”

“With Venice so close, it would be a shame to waste any opportunity,” Edwin confirmed.

“What about Rothenburg?” Claire interrupted.

“Have you told him about his impending baptism, because I haven”t?”

“It”s always been Master Gerhart”s job.”

Edwin resumed his usual voice. “You can reinsert, too, Christoph. Your father expects maintenance, if not progress.”


Rolling hills, pastures, white-washed farmhouses with brown-tile or slate roofs, severe steepled churches; each little village had a crossroads, often another change of direction on the less-travelled route to Rothenburg.

An hour passed with Daniil and Christoph snoozing side by side, waking up and restoring their sweat pants only when Claire pulled into a small parking lot. Gerhart Hoegner waited patiently, the boy next to him waving energetically, eager to be introduced to the newest member of the Union of Eros. He was bouncing beside the Range Rover when Daniil got out.

“I am very pleased to meet you, Daniil, parastatheis of the Master of the House of Stirling.”

Daniil managed not to laugh. “Um, hi.”

Like a rambunctious puppy, the little boy beamed enthusiasm, effervescent with anticipation, and boundless eagerness.

“I am Kiril, Master Gerhart”s catamite in training. I already do anal sex on all fours, and laying on top.”

He was much too young, and far too small for Forbearance or Goodness, in fact any position of the Nine Virtues. However, the little Bulgarian boy was so cute and excited that Daniil kept his opinion to himself.

No special handshake for junior catamites; hidden behind the Range Rover, the three boys hugged and kissed, their fronts pressed tightly together as they switched back and forth. Much to Edwin”s amusement, Kiril reached between them, carefully cupping Christoph, and then deliberately squeezing Daniil”s small pouch.

“We are the same, now that KitKat is circumcised,” Kiril announced, standing obediently by his master.

Christoph smirked, a sly glance at Daniil. “Wanna bet whose cock is the tightest?”

“No peep shows until I say so,” Claire instructed. “Master Gerhart, may I present Daniil, of the House of Stirling.”

Shyly, Daniil stepped forward, his erection obvious in his sweat pants, especially constrained in his bulging pouch.

“Hello Daniil.” Gerhart reached out, two fingers stroking Daniil”s soft cheek.

“It”s my pleasure to meet you, Master Gerhart.” Daniil smiled, a peek at Kiril. “Claire said Kiril”s really cute; and he is.”

“Thanks to her, I”ve also heard a great deal about you.”

Only then, Master Gerhart ceased stroking and looked him up and down; no fault, no flaw, nothing lacking. Of the mind, beauty without imperfection was too much for his Stoic taste, he sighed aloud.

“Of course, I shouldn”t be surprised. Pretty is expected for a parastatheis,” he added.

“Undeserved acclaim, on the other hand, only serves ego,” Claire interjected.

“Too true, my dear. Such a gorgeous gamin will always be prone to breaking men”s hearts.”

He pawed Daniil”s hair to the point of embarrassment. Daniil returned a mincing leer at Claire, earning a pat on the rump from Master Edwin.

“The question to you, Master Edwin, is will he serve Eros with distinction?”

“My godson has been trained far better than I”d hoped. He”s loves to sit on cock.”

“He dilates to twenty quite easily… Thirty”s a stretch, which is good,” Claire added.

“He”s that elastic, already?” Gerhart queried.

Beside him, little Kiril giggled, whispering to Christoph. “I can do fifteen with my trainer plug.”

“And he”s already colonized,” Claire appended proudly. “Well ahead of schedule, I might add.”

“I heard his father and Prince Johannes shared the turning. Was it difficult, dear boy?” Gerhart inquired.

“It itched for a while,” Daniil admitted, a bashful look at Mr. Ed.

“You said your hole hurt worse zan a hornet sting, ze next day,” Christoph butted it.

“With two men and one boy, it was thorough.” Claire sighed.

With her eyes uplifted, no further explanation was forthcoming, especially with three boys listening in.

“Why don”t you boys buy us tickets,” Edwin suggested, handing his credit card to Daniil.

Claire waited until they were out of hearing. “I expected more restraint from Prince Johannes. At times, it was more brute force than finesse.”

“Rounding the bend needed to happen, Claire. He enjoyed it, though, I hope?” Gerhart pressed.

“A double mounting, with too much friction at his culus (anus). Still, it went better than I expected.”

“As small as Daniil is, it”s better to go around the bend than stop halfway in,” Edwin said, looking to her, not for confirmation, a proposal.

“I”m thinking I”ll step up his plug a size. Of course, Helene”s keen on anything that increases the pressure on his prostate. The more orgasmic the better. Prince Johannes suggested shifting him to der W�hler.” (a wriggler)

Edwin gave a meaningful glance in Daniil”s direction, a slight nod to signal interest, not necessarily agreement.

“A `wriggler”, Edwin? From a traditional stalwart like you; it”s unusual, to say the least,” Gerhart said.

“I”m not a fan, as you know. However, there are certain advantages if a man”s well-endowed.”

“True. The more a boy squirms, the deeper it goes.”

 Twelve inches of thin flexible silicone tube easily bypassed the prostate gland. A ball on one end displaced and exercised deeper organs. Still, it was flared at the other end for safety.

She curbed her response. “The colonic muscles must be exercised many times before accepting a man”s phallus.”

“It”s as desirable for a man, as it is for Daniil,” Edwin relented. “For Daniil, I prefer it be done gently… very gently.”

“Now that he”s enjoyed deeper pleasures, there”s no excuse for abuse. The urge should be kindled as soon and as often as possible,” Master Gerhardt muttered.

“Loose and induce,” Claire agreed.

“I keep a spare der W�hler in the glovebox. Even partly in, it”s good for breaking in little boys. You can borrow it, if you want.”

“He”s so used to being plugged, we could insert it now. That way, we can start his preparation tonight,” Claire said, beckoning to Daniil, now waiting at the ticket window.

Daniil shrugged and handed the credit card to Christoph. Shortly, he stood next to Master Edwin, a little perturbed. Master Gerhardt held a long thin pale-blue tube, a ball on one end and flared at the other; no secret where it went.

“You”re ready to move to the next stage,” Claire said. “Your rectum has conformed for pedication, meaning the muscle is elastic, it dilates readily, and it”s been lengthened sufficiently.”

“At the end of your rectum is another set of muscles, much like your sphincter,” Edwin explained, a glance at Claire to continue.

“When your dear father, and Prince Johannes turned the corner into your colon, they passed through those muscles.”

Daniil nodded, the memory still strong. At the time, it had been overwhelming, even lifechanging.

“The reason why it felt so good for your father was your muscles spasmed around the head of his cock,” Edwin went on. “Trust me when I say it produced the most intense orgasm he”s ever had. I”ve often had it done to me, and done it to other boys numerous times. Each time is remarkable, incredible really.”

“However, if a boy is to want his inner sphincter breached, he must first be accustomed. I do Kiril with this,” Gerhardt said, holding up the flexible tube. “After a week, you”ll beg for deeper penetration.

Before Daniil could answer, Christoph and Kiril returned, handing over maps, souvenir lapel badges and wrist bands, and credit card.

A quick peek at Edwin, and Daniil decided. “I”m game.”

Christoph twitched, gaped at the tube. “Mein Gott! I only just start vith mine.”

Edwin patted Kiril”s small shoulder. “If you don”t mind, Kiril, we”re putting your spare der W�hler up Daniil”s butt.”

Kiril shrugged, smirking at Daniil. “You feel like jelly inside. Everything is looser. Everything.”

“It vibrate fast, up to 40,000 per minute,” Christoph added, almost gleeful.

“Consider yourself warned. It”ll be intense, Daniil. Very intense,” Edwin cautioned, withholding further judgement.

Daniil leaned over the front fender with Claire standing behind him. The others gathered around, pretending to look at a map of the train yards. A casual look around, she grabbed a handful of Versace sweat pants. A quick yank down to expose Daniil”s small suntanned bottom, she plucked out L” Entra�neur. It sucked on exit, loud enough that he erupted in giggles. Gerhardt handed her the borrowed der W�hler, now lubricated.

“If this works as it should, we”ll start his transition tonight,” Claire affirmed.

A smear of lubricant on Daniil”s anus and she deftly inserted the ball, sliding in the long blue tube. Then, quietly massaging Daniil”s rump to take his mind off it as Edwin fiddled with his cellphone, setting up a wireless connection and adjusting the vibration to a disorienting `10″ (10,000 cycles per minute) to start.

Master Gerhardt regarded the three boys, like the three musketeers with little Kiril ensconced in the middle.

“We will meet back here at four o”clock. You may wander until then; however, always stay together.”

The boys headed off, two catamites and a junior. Other than showy attire, they appeared no different than schoolboys on a fieldtrip, having fun in the afternoon sun.



Rothenburg ob der Tauber was a red-hued fortified town on a plateau overlooking the River Tauber, now a tourist destination on the Romantic Road, with bars, restaurants, hotels, and shops lining the streets. With its medieval walls still intact, it was almost too much authenticity for Daniil James Stirling. His bowel thoroughly emptied, and no longer disturbed by constant quivering deep within him, he lingered every few yards, his iPhone camera in constant use until the sunlight disappeared; a few studious shots with Claire for his mother, funny photos for Simon, any number of sexy selfies for his father… For once, he was glad Christoph and Edwin were elsewhere, a secret mission that involved him.

Like every tourist, they lingered in the Pl�nlein (marketplace), glimpsed down narrow cobblestone alleys to the Kobolzeller Steige and Spitalgasse gates. Spring flowers filled spot-lighted window boxes, festooned walls. People strolled, peering at dinner menus, windows of souvenir shops…

“Culture shock for a boy from Connecticut, even if he owns a castle in Scotland,” Claire teased.

She touched his smooth cheek and fluffed the silver-fox-fur collar on his much-cherished jacket.

“Mr. Ed”s especially happy after seeing you wear his gift,” she confided. “You”re gorgeous in it.”

“They”re looking at me,” Daniil mumbled.

In the safety of a jeweler”s window, an elderly man beamed, clearly fixated. Across the alley, two men, likely college students on Spring break, stared and whispered. She winked at them knowingly, always conscious, yet jealous of his admirers.

“Get used to it.” So close to perfection, it was impossible not to sound grumpy. “You”re a very beautiful boy.”

Stovepipe black jeans, white silk shirt, magenta blended to burgundy on lambskin leather, ornate scrollwork culminating in a `D” on the breast, shiny gold-plated zippers�his attire shrieked `aristocracy.”

“Where to now, Skippy?”

“We could walk the walls at night, only it”s getting cold.”

Claire took his arm, continental style, heading away from the evening sightseers.

“We could get intentionally lost?” he suggested brightly.

“We really should buy a host-gift for Master Gerhardt before we go back. Wine or cordial? Plus Marten; you haven”t met him yet… Prince Johannes did say he”s big into sex toys. And the House of Stirling should bring something extravagant for little Kiril, too… That”ll be your job.”

“Claire, I still feel it way up there,” Daniil whispered, anxiously looking around. “I can”t stop twitching.”

“I noticed… Rapid, uncoordinated jerking movements; rather sounds like St. Vitus” dance. Like Master Edwin said, it”s intense. Enough vibration loosens things inside.”

Daniil gulped; her description apt, if not accurate. “What if something comes out?”

“Your organs, hardly. Still, I think you”ve had enough high-speed for now.”

She retrieved her cellphone from her purse, dialed down the speed, from 30,000 to a comfortable 5,000. Daniil adjusted by tightening and relaxing his buttocks as she checked shopping possibilities, what ankara genç escort was within walking distance on her map app.

“Your little bottom is still flexing,” she snickered.

“I can”t help it!”

“What are you going to buy for Kiril?”

“Over there!” Daniil stopped, pointing across the alley at a toy store.

“He”s too old for a teddy bear,” she said to his back as he darted across.

Dozens of bears filled the window. His mind was made up within seconds. She came up beside him at the counter, ahemed at his selection, vintage German Steiff, creamy mohair, movable arms and legs.


“You really don”t understand what it”s like for a boy, do you?” Daniil whispered back. “He needs something to hold on to in bed. When Dad and I do it, after it happens, even though his cum is still inside me, I feel so empty. He calls it my `vulnerable feeling”.”

“That”s why you insert L” Entra�neur afterwards.”

“I still need something to hold onto. Kiril”s the same, only I”m older so I have to make do with a pillow.”  

With the bear in a bag, and a shocking �200 credit card receipt, Daniil and Claire headed to the nearest wine store. They got as far as the corner before Daniil yanked on her hand, dragging her back to a cuckoo-clock shop, pointing at a creepy clock in the far corner of the window display.

“That one! It”s perfect for Christoph.”

“I can see why it”s on sale.”

He shook his head mockingly, and bolted inside. Claire followed, pausing to examine an unseasonal display of nutcrackers. With the `cuckoo clock” in front of him, Daniil peered closely. No cuckoos, excluding two perched on the `roof”; instead, grape vines encircled a human head with yellow-blond curls, a gaping mouth, and two crazy eyes, one of them green, the other an old gold pocket watch. He waited, hopeful, as the store assistant adjusted the time to six o”clock, before going to assist another customer.

“Sixty euros! You can”t be serious?”

Daniil looked heavenward, sighing. An abrupt painful screech, and a crimson red tongue darted out. The ogling eye spun erratically, screeching as the tongue slurped six times, and disappeared.

He cackled, “We”ll take it!”

“It”s… it”s… it”s disgusting!”

“It”s Christoph! You haven”t been on the receiving end.” He lowered his voice. “That boy rims butt like you wouldn”t believe. Now, Mr. Ed….”

Claire watched him scan the displays, ignoring the traditional birdhouse, collectible or vintage, every last one was boring. Back to the `sale” display, he studied them one by one until he whooped.

“He”ll get it!” Grinning at Claire, he added, “No on else will; not even my dad.”

Claire just frowned, unable to see what in particular enthralled him�it was uglier, nothing like a cuckoo clock, even if the sale price was reasonable, �38. Atop a faux marble base was a paper m�ch� bust adorned with a collection of junk, twisted Meccano plates resembling armor, two curious brass lamps, a helmet plumed with bird feathers, a leather bandolier, endless odds and ends, none of them individually beautiful. In combination, a creative mind saw something else. Imagination took over.

Finally… “You can”t be serious? For Master Edwin?”

“When I was little, like six, he told me about a Roman emperor, Hadrian; who built the wall in Scotland.” He lowered his voice. “The most powerful man in the world fell in love with a beautiful boy, Antinous.”

“Okay…” she ventured.

“We talked about them a lot, and pretended. Anyway, Hadrian took Antinous to his palace outside Rome. It was incredibly eclectic, kinda like this.”

She couldn”t help but smile. “The two of you played Hadrian and Antinous?”

“Whenever we had time; only it”s not how you think.” Daniil smiled, remembering. “I was dressed up as Antinous, using all kinds of stuff, that”s when Mr. Ed told my dad I had a special skill.”

“He told your father you were gay?”

“No! It”s how I think, Mum. I bounce around. Most people think in a straight line. I go all over the place.”

“I”ve noticed.”

“Anyway, Mr. Ed said it wasn”t just okay for me to think differently to other kids; he had to nurture it. That”s why Dad and Mom started arguing. She didn”t want me to be like that. Dad says she can”t think outside the box. Her whole life is a box.”

His tone troubled her; torn between his mother and father, he”d followed his natural inclination. One thing was clear, innate creativity and instinct drew Daniil to certain men, none of them remotely like his imminent principal.

“It”s time we started back. You need a good flush before dinner. After will be too hectic.”

“Even after emptying at the trains?” The frantic rush to find a restroom was still fresh in his mind.

She regarded him until he gave in and nodded, more agreeable than submissive.

“That”s better. We can shop again tomorrow now Christoph”s feeling better.”


They dined at Rothenburg”s Restaurant Burggarten, famous for German gastronomy. No gourmet dinner for Daniil�Claire insisted he eat vegetarian, only small portions. However, she did allow Schneebals for a special dessert, deep fried shortbread pastry with chocolate flakes and caramel drizzle. Christoph and Daniil demolished a small one between them.

Not the least bit tired after snoozing in the car, they walked side by side, play-burping, teasing each other, letting off steam on the trek back. Finally, Hotel Freches B�rschchen was just across the cobblestoned square, five stories festooned with flowers.  Thirteenth century, the heart of Gothicism, though plainly mercantile; its entrance identified by two cheeky devils sculpted in the lintel…

They lingered at an ancient stone fountain for Daniil to read the inscription, something about “Freches B�rschchen” celebrating an unnamed summer-solstice tradition in that very spot. With Christoph assisting him, Claire took a video, strains of a violin, water gurgling, two beautiful boys grinning at each other. She dispatched the video to both besotted fathers�it was the least she could do.

“KitKat, Skippy… Let”s go, my `cheeky devils”!” Edwin beckoned, resuming his Master role.

Inside the hotel, the `mischievous boy” theme continued; medieval gargoyles, statues from an English garden folly, a mosaic from a long-demolished temple, framed pages of a bestiary manuscript, all featuring boys, all cavorting, many nude, a few aroused…

Gerhart Hoegner was waiting by the reception desk, his once-catamite-now-spouse, Marten, by his side. He resembled a much younger version of his master, lanky and good looking. Their adopted son, Kiril, was radiant, like a resplendent little `bellboy” in a vintage double-breasted black jodhpuri-style jacket, gold fleur-de-lis and corded braid ornamenting collar, breast, and forearm.

“The Loco Sodomiticum is in the wine cellar,” Marten confided, winking at Christoph. “Down the stairs… it used to be a church crypt.”

Christoph nudged Daniil, translating Latin on the fly. “The Place of Sodomy.” It sounded like `zo-doe-me”. “Vhere cock goes up boy” butt and change him forever.”

“I know vhat sod-o-my is,” Daniil mimicked.

“I vas initiated on my birthday. You von”t be the same afterwards.”

All enchanting, and cause for curiosity, yet Daniil couldn”t take his eyes off Kiril. There was something mesmerizing about his tailored uniform. `No `bellboy” with those stretchy-tight trousers, flared midway down his thighs. The pompous jacket was militaristic without being aggressive, noble, exclusive, and strangely exciting.

“It”s where our predecessors celebrated The Sacred Rite of Debauchery,” Master Gerhart continued.

“Think Church of Rome, Skippy; eight century to eleven,” Christoph added, almost gleefully.

“”Thou shalt keep long-haired pretty boys in thy midst”, to quote Bishop Barnabas. Their catamites were `spiritual sons.” Three centuries for the Catholic Church, golden years like Ancient Greece,” Marten said.

Master Gerhardt stroked Kiril”s locks. “Sadly, public pederasty ended with Saint Peter Damien, 1049 AD. Of course, the love between men and boys will never go away. `Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6.”

Daniil just nodded. Like Mr. Ed, he was utterly engrossed in Kiril”s uniform. The jacket parted in front, an inverted `V” emphasizing the `v” of his crotch. Impossibly, he could make out a plump small scrotum, the fabric even revealing a tiny bell-shaped helmet, circumcised, of course.

Edwin suddenly came back to life. “Saint Peter Damien”s Liber Gomorrhianus, the Book of Gomorrah, forever changed attitudes on the debauching of boys.”

“Debauching is vhat Saint Peter Damien call `boy fucking”.”

“He was a Benedictine, Christoph.” Marten smirked. “As far as the cardinals and bishops knew, debauchery ended with Papal edicts on the abuse of the Sacraments of Holy Orders and Penance.”

Gerhart followed his once-acolyte. “Those who survived the purges celebrated their sexuality in secret societies. The Sacred Rite of Debauchery was performed right next door.”

Christoph hugged Kiril. “Soon, you vill be debauched like me. Maybe you, too, Skippy?”

“I”m up for it!” Daniil declared.

Marten warmed to the cute American boy, tousling his curly head.

Claire shook her head. “You won”t be so blas� once your butt”s stretched.”


Carved-stone spiral stairs descended into musty gloom, glimpses of wooden racks of dusty wine bottles and stacks of wooden boxes, a stone-flagged floor disappearing into a vaulted corridor. Daniil released his godfather”s hand when the stairs ended, following Christoph into the corridor.

“Why”s Kiril wearing a uniform?” he whispered.

Christoph glanced behind, his voice low. “He is Wanderjunge.”

Daniil frowned. “Junge is boy, so something boy, right?”

“Vas Bohemian branch of the Wandervogel, from before Hitler. Wandervogel mean `vandering bird, They vere nature boys, very free. Heathy, lots of hiking.”

“So Wandering boy…” Daniil mused, his eyes glued to Kiril”s back.

There was an inverted `V” in the rear of his soldierly jacket, his pants articulating a perfect small posterior.

“Lots of fucking in Wanderjunge, very secret,” Christoph snickered. “Like Eros Union, vith boy.”

Unable to restrain himself, Daniil blurted, “What happened when they initiated you?”

Christoph stopped, ahead was a rugged wood door with huge bronze hinges. Master Gerhardt fumbled with a clunky combination padlock.

“I vas debauched,” he murmured wistfully. “Being corrupted, it vas gut, unglaublich.”

Daniil was pondering `amazing” when Edwin caught up.

“Imagine, Skippy, what it takes to be corrupted. You indulge in sensual pleasures until you can”t stop.”

It struck him that `unglaublich” was one of those words with multiple meanings, not the least being `incredible” and `outrageous”.

“Will Dad mind if he”s not there?”

Edwin chuckled. “He expects me to do what he would do… Your father will forever be grateful I lusted after you. Your mother, on the other hand, will cut off my balls with a carving knife if she ever finds out.”

“Zipped lips!” Daniil made the gesture he”d learned in third grade.

The door swung open on well-oiled hinges. Within, a candlelit church crypt; Early Romanesque style, vaulted ceilings, semi-circular arches, chunky round columns…

His “Wow… Carolingian!” was as much instinctive appreciation of architecture emulating ancient Rome as knowledge surfacing.

Worn stone steps led down to a square marble-tiled basin, knee-deep water surrounding a circular plinth in the center, dozens of candles along a pockmarked stone wall. Above a glittering gilded mosaic of naked boys bending over the very same wall, an altar.

“I claim what is thine with mine. Before Eros, lust hath no restraint, my spiritual son,” Edwin avowed, left hand firmly grasping Daniil”s shoulder. “I am honored to stand as your witness.”

His vow mixed with another, resounded off glimmering marble walls, echoed through the triple-arched hall ahead, faint glimpses of antechambers hiding in the shadows. At the far end, torchiers illuminated an unsettling throne, two dark bronze sphinxes sharing a lion”s body, with obsidian steps leading up.

Daniil”s eyes flashed as Edwin”s right hand cupped his bottom, not calming, claiming, another man asserting a right to his body before witnesses. Instantly uncertain, his face heated, flushing quickly. Then, he noticed Kiril, between his adopted parents, each with hand on his shoulders, their other hands on his bottom, claiming.

“Baptism of Desire is the ritual of admission to Union with Eros. Debauchery begins with the end of innocence; corruption ignites craving,” Master Gerhardt called. “Who will purge Daniil, catamite of the House of Stirling?”

“No man or boy may perform as servum corpus (body servant),” Edwin whispered to Daniil.

“I, Claire, daughter and paedagogus of the House of Handley will be his servum corpus.”

Claire stepped from behind the columns, not in her usual haute couture. Attired Valkyrie, a flowing white-muslin gown, curls not tied in a bun, unfettered below a winged golden helmet. She reached out to Daniil, lifting her arms to the shimmering vault. The gown parted, revealing, dropping to the floor.

Daniil stared at his first naked woman, his first pudenda. It was shaved, a dusky slit between pudgy ivory labia. Not disgusted, disinterested, he inhaled, both bored and incredulous that other boys found female parts arousing.

Suddenly, he was aware that she was undressing him; only it wasn”t just another time among dozens; it was different�it was in front of Mr. Ed. There was no time when his penis hadn”t been erect when Mr. Ed saw him with his pants off. He didn”t like it at all.

She patted his now bare bottom, a slight push to get him moving. Naked, he descended the first step, lukewarm water to ankle depth. The second step, the third step, yet another step. Claire matched each step with her own until she stood before the Altare Corruptionis (Altar of Corruption) with him, knee-deep in the pool. She positioned him, boosting him up until he lay with his abdomen atop the marble ledge, legs dangling, feet just touching the water. With his arms outstretched, his head extended over the opposite side of the marble ledge.

Hands parted his buttocks, thumbs inserting into the elasticized rim, widening the now-oval-shaped opening, applying a gooey unguent.

“For this purging, you must close your eyes and relax. Think of your father going inside you,” she murmured in his ear.

Perhaps a minute passed before a hot squishy tube pressed between his buttocks, seeking entry. It was vaguely reminiscent of his blunt-tipped douche, only thicker, much thicker. With a firm persistent push, it slid into his anus, well beyond his sphincter before it stopped. Within moments, fluid flowed. Daniil could feel it filling him up, neither hot nor cold, body temperature. Far more fluid than she normally used for his enema, a distinctly pungent smell lingered after the tube withdrew. Again, it wasn”t like withdrawing the enema tube; it slithered out; this suctioned like a flexible ball pulling free.

Instinctively, he clenched, drawing in, preventing any excess escaping. Yet, his hole felt so loose, almost spongy when the tube withdrew. Dilated like that, it would be impossible to prevent drainage. In fact, he felt so full that with just the slightest pressure inside, he”d explode…

Edwin”s voice was close; it came from behind him, intoning into his consciousness. He resisted opening his eyes, the enema already seeping through his bowel, beginning its purgative pressure.

“… Who will purge Kiril, catamite of the House of Hoegner?”

“I, Helene, adopted eunuch and praeceptor of the House of Browne will be his servum corpus.”

Although she”d been at the hotel when they arrived, Helene”s voice still took Daniil by surprise. However, he kept his eyes closed. He heard splashes, Kiril”s muted giggle coming closer, taking his place on the altar next to him. He inched his hand across marble, encountered Kiril”s small warm fingers, interlocking together.

Kiril groaned softly. Daniil lifted his head, turned slightly, eyes open. There, almost within reach, Kiril was face down on the altar as naked as he was, slender legs dangling, a pale little bottom not suntanned like his, plump cheeks pulled wide apart. Marten stepped closer, stopping behind his adopted son, fitting his `properly” circumcised glans into the flared opening, sliding beyond the muscle… purging innocence as he emptied his bladder, not ejaculating his semen, urinating.

Realizing that no douche had been inside him�it was simply too thick, Daniil gritted his teeth and tightened within, stunned at the implication. His godfather”s urine had flowed through his rectum, into his colon; it was almost like drinking it, the kind of thrill he”d never experienced. Suddenly, the pressure intensified. He grasped the marble ledge, simultaneously squeezing Kiril”s hand as he resisted a spasm, the excretory impulse building rapidly.

“Release and purge thine self, my spiritual son!” Edwin”s voice echoed through the crypt.

Flushed before dinner, Daniil voided again, squirting a yellow stream into an antique brass bowl decorated with filagree-silver, all but filling it to the brim with pungent brine. Still prone on the altar, all he could think of was Mr. Ed”s urine scouring his bowel, seeping into his intestines, being absorbed. He knew right away they would do it again, their own private ceremony of corruption.

Claire dipped a sponge into the brass bowl and commenced to bathe him. First, swabbing his head, neck, and shoulders. Now, the odor consumed him, made him dizzy even as he shivered.

“Innocence ends. Corruption begins,” she crooned, busy with his purification.

Even as careful as she was, his eyes still stung, enough that he worried what was happening inside him.

Christoph, having himself recently pledged as spirituali filio (Spiritual Son), translated the original Latin manuscript from Ravenna, Sacri Sodomiticum (The Sacred Practice of Sodomy). Not reading the German translation, but the English, honoring his best friend and fellow catamite. Luckily, he had his father”s handwritten notes to help him…

“”Verily, the Grand Libertine vietor, Aperus Cuparius, decreed… from thine outer musculus, through thine inner one, must open as passage to the Greatest Passion, the place known as rectum iri.””

Claire splashed from the bowl as if it was holy water, trickling rivulets down Daniil”s spine before her sponge advanced, sweeping back and forth, yet never beyond his slender hips.

Christoph carefully turned a page of vellum parchment, exchanging gold-leaf ornamentation for an illumination depicting Pious Pope Stephen VI (896 to 897), immortalized in the act of debauching a little boy–he was famous for exhuming his predecessor, Pope Formosus, and putting the corpse on trial.

He read on, enunciating carefully…

 “”It having been purged, thou dark passage must dilate to afford no resistance. Thence, thou servant shalt apply a balm of red palm oil, suffice to enable travel from Alpha to Omega, to the Sancta Santorum and beyond.

Still no erection when Daniil slid off the altar and stood up straight for Claire to wash his front. Her soggy sponge skirted boyhood, descending down his thighs. Christoph lifted the page, smirking at the next illustration. Quite remarkable, really, an illustration of what antalya escort needed to happen, and with great anatomical accuracy.

“”The insertion of collatis clavibus (keys of appropriate size and shape) is hallowed by tradition to unlock desire and the promise of divine bliss; and render thee forever conquered by luxuria sed implemini (debauchery).

`Debauchery” resounded; there, on the page before him was the implement of his corruption, the ultimate puer clavem (boy key); he”d hated it at first sight. Knobs all over the `shank” had turned within him, relentlessly churning, not only opening his inner sanctum, displacing his innards, conquering any remaining resistance. It went on and on, no matter that he”d been writhing uncontrollably.

Another page turned without a single mistake, yet Christoph panicked. Not at the sight of Claire cleansing Daniil”s small rump, even daring to insert her vaginal finger (index finger); not at the illumination, a hooded monk bearing an uncanny resemblance to a fish, sodomizing a boy before 12 curious nuns… at the very possibility Daniil might still make fun of him.

However, he continued with aplomb…

“”Purged vithin and vithout, suppliant thou be, shalt proceed into the Temple. Accept and anticipate vith joy, unbridled thine ascent from innocent concern to the infinite delights of corruption.”

Christoph paused, expecting at least a giggle. However, Claire had stifled Daniil”s giggles by grasping a limp penis and scrotum, a deft downward pull to retain his attention. Only then, she swabbed his lower belly and below with the last of the urine.

“”Enter thee to the realm of debauchery, catamite, to the highest of divine pleasures for vhich thou art chosen, devotion to the service of Eros and union vith all vho belong.””

After Kiril”s purging, the boys took turns standing upon the plinth, one as ceremonial center while the other poured water over him. Still dripping, they ascended the opposite stairs. Wearing open-front robes, they proceeded into the Hall of Debauchery, the Sphinx Throne beckoning.

Candlelight revealed brilliant mosaics in the chambers, each one depicting a variant of sodomy, not men penetrating boys, using collatis clavibus.

Trying to hide his growing consternation, Daniil snickered to Christoph. “That vas it, right? I”m corrupted, now.”

Christoph looked heavenward, shook his head in mocking disgust, and gestured ahead.

“The Sphinx Throne is vhere Aperus Cuparius debauch his spiritual son in 818AD.”

“My mom would be so pissed. She”s Catholic, which makes this Devil worship.”

Lust replaced Christoph”s melodic voice, a crude smirk amid boyish glee.

“No devil. Just your debauching happen on it, Skippy.”

“Meaning what, exactly?”

“”Luxuria sed implemini”; it means the feeling you get `filled to excess,” as vell as `debauchery”. That is vhy you vear der W�hler today, to get your passage big enough. Vith puer clavem, your butt hole vill be like rubber band. Easy into sanctum, easy out. Any man can bugger you.”

A pyramid of platforms, vaguely resembling an Egyptian mastaba, surrounded the sphinx-throne, not Egyptian or Grecian, a sphinx from time immemorial.

“Each step signifies a `level” of `luxuria”,” Master Gerhardt explained. “Each step requires an act of debauchery, performed with puer clavem inside you. Do not begin until you are certain you are ready. There is no turning back.”

Claire took Daniil”s small hand, drawing him apart, and into an adjoining chamber. Stark naked, her engorged clitoris tingled with excitement to match the slipperiness oozing from her vagina. She removed his robe, letting it fall to the floor. Barely constraining her urge to embrace the equally naked boy, she looked down. No sign of arousal, yet she dipped her fingers into a bowl and reached, fingers enclosing boyhood, squeezing gently. He gulped. He sensed lubricity, not unlike goose grease. Skillful fingers stroked, spreading slipperiness, hardly unfamiliar, yet he still didn”t like her doing it.

“So sleek without extra skin. Now it”s tight, I can feel every bump,” she whispered.

“Do you wish mine was like Simon”s, or his was like mine?”

She blushed, not about to say what she thought as she pinched his now-slimy glans between her thumb and first finger, squishing the sensitive little helmet. Still spongy, no engorgement at all; it was obvious he had no interest in females. Grateful, she dipped in the bowl, applying unguent between his buttocks, a slick forefinger sliding in to the last knuckle.

“Your Sancta Sanctorum will need this,” she crooned, withdrawing, adding more on a second finger.

Twisting, like turning a key inside his rectum, readying him for puer clavem. He inhaled, tried to hold a breath inside him even as his body responded, a hot shivery thrill.

“This is where I must leave you. Don”t be ashamed of what Helene tells you to do. Listen to what she says. Remember what I said during dinner.”

Daniil quivered, sensing far more from her tone. She wouldn”t meet his eyes, instead, she fiddled with his fingers.

“Always think carefully. Always bow before talking. Always remember what you”ve leaned. The next time I see you… you will know the joy of corruption.”

“If Simon and Christoph can do it, I can.”

Still holding his hand, his fingers twitching, she touched his smooth cheek, a fingertip tracing his lips.

“You”re a beautiful boy, Daniil Stirling. However, you deserve debauching far more than Simon.”

“Are you saying Simon didn”t need this… or he couldn”t do it…”

“You”ll be beautiful and brazen after. A different boy, entirely”

He glanced around, wishing his father was there, if only for moral support. Never more aware of what she lacked; Claire offered a faint smile to signify `good luck” before she released him. She backed a step, paused, then another step, willing him success as she backed all the way to the place of Daniil”s purging.

“You do have small balls, don”t you?” Helene remarked from the shadows.

Daniil wondered how long she”d been there, watching, waiting her turn. He answered with a meek shrug to match his penis, shriveled, not from cold, utter disinterest.

“Your pretty pricklet will always give others pleasure; however, really you don”t need these,” she whispered, fingering his little scrotum.

“Thank you again for the robe. It”s really…nice.” He almost said pretty.

“You”re so, so precious,” she sighed, tugging gently on his testicles. “Boys think their balls are precious, but really, they aren”t. Such tiny little things; you won”t miss them if they aren”t there.”

When he glanced up, she smiled inanely, almost as if what he”d just heard was his imagination. Then, she took his hand, leading him through the Hall. Ahead, the throne was disconcerting, dark somber. Candles flickered, just enough light to see glowing eyes embedded in the sphinx” bronze heads, more unnerving than menacing.

Mr. Edwin was naked but for a tasseled cord around his waist. Beside him, Gerhardt and Kiril were also naked, the younger boy as nervous as he was.

“Gaudium offensionis… The Sphinx awaits Daniil, Catamite of the House of Stirling” Master Gerhardt announced impatiently.

“The word `sphinx”, like `sphincter”, comes from Greek, Σφίγξ, the verb σφίγγω, meaning `to squeeze”,” Edwin whispered. “Whatever you do, don”t tighten up. Relax completely and your joyful time will be far more intense.”

“I can”t help it. My sphincter does that sometimes,” Daniil murmured.

He was never so aware of his inner muscle. No delicious ache wrought by his father”s erection; it was twitching, tightening, burning inside. Worrying that something in Mr. Ed”s urine was doing it, or the unguent Claire applied; it made him increasingly lightheaded.

Edwin lowered his voice. “Remember when I told you about the sphinx that guarded the entrance to Thebes?”

“People had to answer a riddle about the ages of man to be allowed passage. If you got it wrong, the sphinx strangulated you…”

“You must pass each test to gain a higher level of luxuria. Exceed expectations and you”ll be rewarded. Remember the Principal above all others.”

Master Gerhardt ahemed.

“The Union of Eros has selected Master Edwin to corrupt Daniil, catamite of the House of Stirling,” he proclaimed.

Edwin discreetly patted Daniil”s bare rump. He turned, ascended the steps, and bowed before sitting, ritually accepting his role upon the Sphinx Thone.

“Let the supplicant prostrate himself,” echoed through the chamber.

Daniil, head bowed, prostrated before the Sphinx Thone.

“Let him accept the first puer clavem,” echoed.

When he looked up, Edwin beckoned him, indicating Daniil should kneel before him as he extended his right foot.

A celebrant approached, a chubby man who Daniil had never seen. His long linen robe was untied in front, offering a glimpse of a short pale penis, a pink tip poking through a foreskin. His heart quickened as the man showed the first `key” to the supplicant. It was surely familiar to the young initiate, a remarkable likeness to his own father”s erect penis.

“Qui aperiendus. That which must be opened, shall be opened.”

Master Edwin reached, cupping Daniil”s head, directing his gaze down. Confronted by his first debauchery, more indulgence than depravity, his confidence soared. He had kissed Edwin”s toes before, playing `Dare To.”

As the chant, Qui aperiendus, sounded, he opened his mouth, extending his tongue. Before he could inhale, the pressure increased behind him, his little buttocks wantonly wriggling, pushing back onto a resolute ivory dome. A sudden jab caught him unprepared, yet he resisted his initial response to tighten.

The key penetrated easily, his little sphincter relaxing, accepting unyielding ivory as he concentrated on the filling sensation. Distantly, he heard Master Edwin instructing. Sinking deeper and deeper as he licked instep, heel, and sole, flicking his tongue into toe gaps, even sucking. Then, he paid solemn homage to Mr. Ed”s other foot as the first puer clavem moved in and out, twisted, jabbed, and jerked.

His “reward” for achieving the first level of debauchery? Master Edwin placed a tiny metal clamp on each delicate nipple.

“Let him accept the second puer clavem,” echoed.

“One down, six to go,” Edwin whispered. “You did great, by the way.”

His foot pulled from Daniil”s mouth as another celebrant approached from the side. Had Daniil seen him before? He tried to remember, yet everything was blurry and his head seemed wobbly. And that feeling inside him, no longer itchy, ever-present reminder of what went inside him.

“Vadat gladium Spartae. That which sheathes, must hold the sword of Sparta.”

As puer clavem went, the second `key” was definitely different. No `sword”, it was perfectly phallic, thicker, not longer, yet visibly larger than his father”s erect penis. Not ivory, dark and leathery, and human. Even wrinkles of soft skin surrounded the polished purple helmet

Now, kneeling on the first platform, between Master Edwin”s spread thighs, there was no escaping where and how homage was to be paid. Daniil again bowed his head, peeking through nearly closed eyelids at the penis he”d lusted over for as long as he could remember.

“It”s a great honor for both of us, my Skippy. Take Leonidas inside you with pride. Just be careful not to bite mine off,” Master Edwin whispered.

Barely heard over chanting `Vadat gladium Spartae,” he extended his hands drawing Daniil hands to his thighs, sliding small hands ever closer to adult sex organs. No question this was Daniil”s chance to show what Hellene had taught him. He opened his mouth, teeth well apart, tongue extended, using saliva to slick the way. About then, he realized he was partially impaled.

However, this time, he struggled. The key was dry, and not nearly as stiff as it needed to be. There was no choice but to move with it; yet even a smidgen of goose grease would make a huge difference. Concentrating on opening up seemed to assist, yet it affected his own performance.

Nearly halfway within, the muscle clasped firmly. He tried to wriggle onto it, glancing down at the shriveled boyhood plopped on his bald bold pubis. Unable to resist a peek behind, the celebrant was familiar, the same swarthy man who had attended Christoph”s circumcision. His robe was opened wide, revealing powerful thighs, a thick dark penis amid abundant hair, a purple very-exposed glans, and balls, surely larger than any he”d ever seen.

Only then, his curious ability emerged, one that set him apart from other catamites; indeed, from all boys. Wriggling became sensuous writhing, from head to toe, a sinuous motion more snake than boy. Every thought given over to making his slender boy-body coil and twist. As Edwin”s penis delved into his throat, so too, did the human sword impale his behind.

It ended abruptly when Master Edwin pushed his head away, saliva dripping from catamite lips, pink tongue with nothing to do except scour for slick preseminal emission.

“Let him embrace the third puer clavem,” echoed.

Edwin lifted his chin, kissed his finger and touched Daniil”s red lips.

“Any longer, my beautiful little cocksucker, my seed would cover your face.”

“What was that…” Daniil was hoarse like never before. “… gladium Spartae?”

“Supposedly, it came from Leonidas, taken by Xerxes after The Battle of Thermopylae.”

With a horsehair cord already looped, he smiled, of the mind the reward was far more important than the actual test.

“Don”t panic when I tighten the cord. You”ll feel itchy there for a while. Then, you”ll forget your tiny little balls were even there.”


Now ascended to the second platform, Daniil employed his innate skill, the one thing that would always separate him from his mother, and convey him ever closer to his father. At the same time as it made him not want to follow rules, he found other ways of doing things, experimenting and inventing without even realizing, unfortunately with a natural tendency to make a mess, all the things she despised in her son…

By the sixth puer clavem, not even Tuwile had stretched him so much. Daniil dared not feel behind, certain he was gaping enough to insert his whole hand. Whether horn or bone, or manmade instrument, his body had fully embraced each key, yet he scarcely remembered them, or the powerful orgasms they procured. And as for debauchery, was there anything depraved or shameless that he hadn”t done with Mr. Ed?

“Let him embrace the seventh puer clavem.”

No echo. Instead, the high priest, whose role until then had been to call the order of puer clavem, would personally oversee the grand finale of Daniil”s sacred corruption on the Sphinx Throne.

All twelve naked disciples of Sacri Sodomiticum (The Sacred Practice of Sodomy, in case you forgot), Daniil”s six celebrants, and Kiril”s six, too, gathered to view their boys” final, formal Opening. Suddenly, they began chanting, again and again.

“Omnes enim qui in caelum affectat.” (All for One who Aspires to Heaven).

Daniil exchanged knowing smiles with Kiril, both readied and waiting, on tenterhooks with their enhanced nipples, slender torsos now seeming indelibly decorated with esoteric Byzantine symbols of pederasty, boy-penises secured in the upright position, symbolic eunuchs with their little scrota so tightly bound they had no feeling…

The final officiant removed his robe to reveal a majestic implement. He pointed to Daniil, and beckoned. Before witnesses, Daniil knelt to anoint what he believed was his next and final puer clavem. Priestly hands grasped his upper arms, pressing him onto the engorged member. Expecting it would soon be lodged deeply within his rectum, he conveyed copious saliva to the head and shaft.

Unknown only to Daniil, it was an entirely symbolic act. No sooner than the high priest”s erection pressed between Daniil”s lips, Master Edwin came from behind him. With one arm, his Chosen One lifted his Daniil by his middle, bottom up. Already gaping wide, he penetrated deeply into his godson, from Alpha to Omega in a single thrust, bottoming out in his Sancta Santorum, and quite possibly beyond.

Thrust after powerful thrust jolted Daniil, slamming his mouth onto the high priest”s erection. Almost immediately, or so it seemed to the young, now-debauched catamite, semen spurted into his gullet. He gulped frantically, gasping for air until another penis replaced it. Then, another, and another, and another, and the last one, dark and hairy with enormous balls.

Six for one, and a half dozen for the other, with a seemingly endless chant…

“Omnes enim qui in caelum affectat.” (All for One who Aspires to Heaven)

Aching within, his acquiescence affirmed, and no longer squeamish, Daniil humbly, and tiredly retraced his steps where Claire mothered him, gently washing away the signs of debauchery.


The reception was in a private room overlooking the square. Nearby, the swarthy celebrant whispered with the elderly Master Antonio�Conte Morosini was godfather and sponsor of Prince Christoph.

“Such a splendid boy, my Daniil, Antonio.”

“I”m told he”s inspiring to those who”ve had the pleasure.”

“My own son shall have his khitan done the same way.”

The uncaring accent of British aristocracy was like frost on the grass.

Dark-haired and tawny, coal-black eyes followed Daniil and Master Edwin as soon as they had entered the room.

“He is different in a far more important way, Hasan… Truly special, yet sadly, what you desire will set him apart. As I said at Christoph”s so-called bris, some members find it highly objectionable.”

“And I said then, be glad his principal is not the Nigerian. Your catamite would have nothing to show, just a scar where his scrotum had been.”

“The Union would never tolerate that.”

Hasan looked over a defined nasal dorsum, a hump without exaggeration.

“Yet it tolerates boy-holes as big as a pomegranate?”

“The stretching is carefully done, and it tightens. Only the memory remains.”

“With the Nigerian, Daniil”s hole on the Throne would be permanent. To me, he is blessed by Allah.”

Master Antonio gave a slight nod to acknowledge Master Edwin. Already an admirer of Daniil, he regarded the Saudi prince, both oil sheik and billionaire businessman. The opportunity was simply too good to pass up.

“There are other ways of achieving a youthful appearance, Hasan.”

Hasan rolled his hand. “As you know, the Law of Allah allows hairless boys.”

“The Union of Eros would agree to injections to stop his hormonal development. In fact, several catamites have inserts under their skin to preserve boyhood.”

“That his testicles remain is not my goal. Remember, his every wish, any desire whatsoever will be my greatest pleasure to fulfill,” Hasan whispered.

“It is the Principal”s duty to give, and his right to take,” Master Antonio intoned.

“Your Eros presumes a sacrifice as part of serving me, am I correct?”

Master Antonio gave an aside nod at Christoph seated on the window seat with Kiril.

“As you know, my godson gifted his prepuce for his principal.”

“His father agreed after he saw the advantage of financial wherewithal. The same is true of Bruce Stirling, only the need for capital is dire.”

“Prince Johannes agreed reluctantly. Christoph”s small loss is a Jew”s great joy.”

“It”s true, Daniil”s loss is bigger than an inch of skin. My joy will be greater because of it.”

Master Antonio turned to gesture at Daniil. “His sacrifice is more consequential than two small cuts.”

“Your Helene is of a different mind. Daniil”s loss is arguable in importance, perhaps even warranted.”

“To you and her, perhaps. His father won”t allow it.”

“Have you asked him? Or his son? What is perfect, is prolonged. Where is the harm in that?”

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