The Seduction Exposure

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Not even sure how to begin here. It happened over time, easy for me to look back on it now but as it unfolded it seemed to be shrouded in mist. Things happen in your life are like scattered jigsaw puzzle pieces as they happen, only to snap into place after looking them over in detail. I was dating a girl, Susie, and things were going great. So good in fact we had moved in together and that’s kinda of how all this happened. Let me explain.

Susie was a godsend for me after I had a string of at least three very powerful love affairs with some very beautiful women. I had been divorced a number of years and these three love affairs all had remarkably similar progressions; intense romantic attraction, white hot love affair only to explode into flames and crash down to earth into an emotional pile of ashes. Every one of them, the same pattern. Of course, I was pretty screwed up too and if you are whack then attraction between equally screwed up people is pretty common. Then my dad died and psychologically I slipped a bit unknowingly.

Up to this point I wasn’t any more into drink and drugs than the next guy, but it took a heavy turn for the worse. After the love affairs and the emotional carnage in its wake something else popped up, my sexuality. I guess I had always been a closet bisexual and would have a bi encounter with a guy every few years. I did it before my first marriage to Carrie and a few times during that marriage while it lasted. Then I went like ten years from the end of the marriage with Carrie through the three explosive love affairs with no homosexual encounters.

After my dad died and the love affairs had left me a wreck, I went on a substance abuse fueled behavior pattern that was strictly homosexual. My state was very destructive, dozens of anonymous gay encounters and tons of drugs and alcohol. None of the sexual encounters were even remotely satisfying and I was spiraling lower and lower.

Then something snapped. What fortitude I had left inside salvaged me after a bleary hungover confrontation with my boss. My dad was an alcoholic, I did not want to be one. I got help. I got better. After a period of time where I was clean, clearer thinking and a better person I met Susie. She was beautiful in a very simple mid-western gal kind of way and very even keeled, not at all screwed up like my past loves and how whack I was before cleaning up. Thanks for bearing with me letting me set where the story starts.

Susie and I dated for over a year before moving in together. Moving in was my idea, she was pretty hesitant about it but up to that point in dating things had gone very well for our relationship. She was from a very conservative mid-west family; my upbringing was much less strict but also chaotic with moving around a lot and the alcoholism in the family. With Susie I cherished the stability and lack of drama; between the two of us opposites attracted unlike two psyche jobs attracting each other in my previous romantic relationships. Our moving in together was something we hid from Susie’s parents.

I had moved into her condo and when her parents came to visit then I stayed in a motel a time or two. Her parents lived about 2 hours away in rural part of the state. At some point I ran into a friend Ronnie who I had known in my drinking days. He knew Susie and when I told him of the arrangement of me vacating when Susie’s folks were in town, he told me I could stay with him those one or two nights the folks were around. And so, the next time I needed to vacate because of Susie’s folks, I called Ronnie.

Looking back some parts of my stay over at Ronnie’s are hazy remembering the time sequences, other parts are as clear as the day they happened. One of my stays over at Ronnie’s apartment I contacted Deb, really the one true love of my failed love affairs. We both still loved each other but we knew too much time had passed and too much water under the bridge. Still, with my relationship with Susie deepening I needed to know with Deb if things were indeed over. It was good to see her, she was a stunning, skinny, small breasted “heavy metal” blond always with dark eye shadow with whom sex was always phenomenal, but with too much chaos, drama and dysfunction it prevented a stable relationship. Don’t remember much of that night, of course I wanted to screw her but just remember feeling up her lovely little titties through her top as we kissed, that was all, no sex. Was the time I saw or heard from her.

Ronnie was very nice to put me up and I must admit I have always been a very horny guy. Being at his place while he was at work, I rummaged around to see if he had any girlie magazines, doesn’t every guy? Back in those days, yes. Sure enough, I found a couple of Playboy mags and beat off. What I also remember staying over at Ronnie’s was one morning he was in his bedroom, it was a tiny one-bedroom flat, and I was out under the covers on the couch where I had slept. We were both up and can’t remember exactly how it started but we began a deep, lengthy, esoteric conversation.

He was in his bed in the one bedroom and I was istanbul travesti nude under a sheet out on the couch, I always slept nude. We were actually very good friends from years before and had always hit it off on an intellectual level. Our conversation was a connection between us talking and laughing from our separate rooms and beds. Again, I don’t remember why or how but as I was talking with Ronnie I was getting very turned on and had a massive hard on by this point. We weren’t talking sex, maybe about women, but just talking and connecting as friends do.

Ronnie got up to use the bathroom and went to the fridge walking by me on the couch and offered me some juice, which I declined. He had a tee shirt and boxers on. When he walked back to his bedroom for some reason, I had pulled the sheet half off, one leg under the sheet but one leg and my big hard on and naked chest exposed. He had to have seen my hard on. He was soon back in his room and our conversation picked right back up. No way he would not have seen my hard cock. For me it was scintillating to expose myself so nonchalantly to Ronnie, once you have an erection sometimes the penis does the thinking.

After about another twenty minutes or so of conversation Ronnie got up to fix some coffee. I was still hard and very aroused, not really sure what I was doing or where this might lead. From all the many homosexual encounters I had before I was with Susie, I loved being naked for another guy, it just felt so arousing and natural. Ronnie walked by me and I had pulled more of the sheet off and was nearly totally exposed and fully hard as he walked by.

We talked as Ronnie made coffee and as it was brewing, he stood at the end of the counter talking to me as I lay there nearly fully exposed, hard cock and all, as if it was no big deal. He talked with me till coffee was ready looking right at me, my big hard cock as plain as day. From there I guess I chickened out. It’s easy to have a gay encounter with an anonymous guy, quite different with someone who is a straight friend and knows I live with a girl, that being the reason I was even sleeping at his place. So, nothing happened. Still in the back of my mind Ronnie always struck me as someone it might be natural to have a male/male encounter with but it just wasn’t right for me to force the issue.

Ronnie and I didn’t hang out a lot, I worked a great deal and was deeply involved with Susie. Still, we kept in touch and Susie and I were more than a little surprised when Ronnie was engaged to a girl named Sandra after dating her only a matter of months. We couldn’t say anything, but we saw all the earmarks of trouble. Sure enough, in less than a year, Ronnie went from engaged, to married, to divorced. Ronnie took it in stride joking about being blown up by “Sandra bin Laden”. By that time Ronnie had moved to a small house in another part of town.

He was an aspiring artist and actually quite good, I know because there are a number of talented artists in my family. Susie worked Mondays through Fridays, I worked Tuesdays through Saturdays. Ronnie had flexible schedule and was generally off on Mondays too. Sometimes I would stop by his house on my day off and we’d chit chat and he’d show me his works; landscapes, animals of all sorts like buffaloes, horses, birds, even a few nudes. I think I was married to Susie by this time and still I always wondered “what if” about that morning I let him see me naked and when I exposed to him my hard cock. I had gone over to Ronnie’s a few times to hang out over a period of months and it was always in the back of my mind if he remembered like I did about that morning.

One Monday at his place when looking at some of his paintings, there was a nude painting of a woman. I can’t even really remember how I got the nerve up but awkwardly I blurted I would be glad to pose like that for him if he ever needed a model. We kind of chuckled about it but nothing more than that. Inside I was a little embarrassed that I had even said that, kinda of opening myself and showing my feelings, putting myself on the spot. When I got home, Susie was at work. Even though I was mad at myself for making that statement about posing for Ronnie, it really turned me on.

The thought about exposing myself and being nude for him again made me so hard I masturbated to an intense climax in my hyper sexual fantasy world. Honestly, I was a little hesitant about going over to his place for quite a while so as he wouldn’t think I was too whack, so I just let things alone and tried to get it out of my mind. It was more than a few weeks later I ran into Ronnie coming out of the supermarket as I was going in. As we greeted, he said:

“Long time no see stranger, where you been hiding?”

“Oh, just busy, didn’t want to bug you,” I sheepishly said.

“That’s good. As long as you’re not avoiding me,” Ronnie said jokingly.

“Like the plague,” I joked back. We looked at each other, one of those looks where we both knew something was up.

“You sure? You’re acting funny,” we looked at each other with uncertainty istanbul travestileri again.

“Thought I might have freaked you out,” I blurted out.

“What? Why?” Ronnie went on.

“Nothing, forget it,” I said uncomfortably. We both looked at each other again, then stared blankly at each as Ronnie tried to process and recollect why were at this stumbling point in the conversation. After another long pause he asked:

“About posing? Was that it?”

“Yeah, kinda,” rather sheepishly I offered. “It freaked me out that I said it. Hope you’re not mad.” I should have left it alone and not said this, here I was making a big deal out of it in my mind.

“Mad? Nonsense, I’m not mad at you,” Ronnie went on. “I thought you were just kidding. Guessing you took it more seriously than I thought. You didn’t need to avoid me over that. I’m fine with it if you are. Come on over Monday if you aren’t too shy about it. I’m always up for a challenge, for a new painting” Ronnie said in his easy-going jovial manner.

“Sure?” I ashamedly blurted softly.

“I’m sure. You’re my friend, no need to be a stranger. Daytime lighting is good for painting,” he said as he gave me a big hug. “I won’t bite. Really, is that why you’ve not been around? You should have said something. We can make it a work of art.”

He was much more of a “hugger” than I was, maybe that’s why I initially thought he might be cool with things. Back when I was moving in with Susie and I remember giving him this nice glass coffee table that Susie would not have wanted at her place. Ronnie just seemed overly excited and appreciative about getting it and hugged me and just seemed overly affectionate about something I thought was no big deal.

As I got to thinking about actually posing for him and it did freak me out a little to go through with it. Yeah, I made a big deal about it in my mind and he thought nothing of it and forgot about it. So here I’m fantasizing about posing nude and wanting him to see me naked for sexual reasons and he is thinking about a ‘work of art’.

It was Thursday when we stumbled into each other at the supermarket and Monday did not seem that far off when I was going to go over to Ronnie’s to pose nude for him. When Susie was in bed asleep that night I could not help but think about it while down on the couch. I immediately took off my clothes and masturbated to a mind-numbing ejaculation just thinking about disrobing for Ronnie.

Was not sure it was going to lead to anything but the thought of being nude for him again and him acknowledging me being nude for him by posing was thrilling beyond belief. From that day it took forever till Monday rolled around when I would be going over to pose for Ronnie. I had a hard on every time I thought about it. Sex with Susie during that weekend was incredible too, she had no idea that the reason I was so aroused was because I was so very excited about posing naked for Ronnie.

It was a little awkward when I got over to Ronnie’s but he had a back drop set up and gave me a few pointers before we got started, he was much more at ease than I was. I told him that would be honored for him to do a painting of me but under no circumstances could he ever tell Susie about it or show it to anyone that knows me. Ronnie said okay, just on his part I could not see the painting until it was finished, that it would take 3 or 4 sittings to do the painting. I’m tall and slender with little body hair and still rather boyish for my age.

Ronnie was taller, beefier, with reddish hair a moustache and glasses. I was nervous and excited; my biggest fear was that I would take my clothes off for him sporting a huge woody. As much as it thrilled me to be nude for him again, I did not want it to be too obvious. Luckily my nervousness helped keep my penis flaccid as I struck the reclining pose on the draped backdrop. Plus, laying there stationary for over an hour is pretty boring and un-stimulating.

It was almost clinical in our interaction with each other and I got dressed and went home like it was no big deal with him. For me when I got home that day, it was a big deal. I was soon naked, beating off to a lovely climax just from the thrill of being naked again for Ronnie. Showing him my naked body brought back a rush of the same feelings and excitement I had the from when I exposed myself to Ronnie in his apartment. And sex with Susie the climaxes were incredible just at the naughty thought of being naked for Ronnie. Same thing after the second session, a superb masturbation once I got home and still a wonderful hard on every time just thinking about when I was naked for him.

Ronnie indicated that he’d probably be done after the third sitting; I could not wait see the painting. And I must admit that after the second session I was more than half hard and kinda played with myself nonchalantly as I got dressed as we talked. Having him see me naked and see me play with my cock made me tingle inside but I knew it was all just in my mind.

The third session seemed to drag on forever but he had to be getting travesti istanbul close to finishing the painting. Knowing that, involuntarily my cock got very hard laying there naked in front of him. Reclining nude with massive hard on. I was smitten with arousal and fucking loved being nude for him and letting him observe my erection. When he looked away from me and back at the canvas, I would rub my cock to keep it hard then take my hand away before he looked back. I know he had to see my nice hard cock because he kept looking over at me. My erection slowly subsided somewhat but was still mostly hard and after an eternity Ronnie finally told me to come look at the painting.

Not even bothering to get dressed I walked naked over to the easel and peeked. Ronnie was sitting down smiling as I gathered in the painting. Neither of us said a word as we both gazed at it. Wow, it was good. Simple, but good. Reclining nude, can’t get much more basic than that. Still, seeing a painting of yourself is a life experience not to be discounted.

We had not spoken a word other than me saying “Wow I love it”. Inadvertently in my nakedness, I leaned my body into Ronnie with my elbow casually resting on his shoulder. My cock was more than half hard. As we continued to look at the painting his arm went around my naked waist. It was all very natural and casual that I was leaning on him, even being naked next to him and with his arm around my waist. Quite involuntarily, my cock was now fully erect. It was something that was unmistakable. Bold and plain as day my erection stood out proudly in the quiet of the afternoon. We looked softly into each other’s eyes. It was so obvious my cock was that hard and erect, throbbing and twitching, poking out.

The fact it was sticking out as it was, there was no way to avoid the truth of it being hard like that. In my nakedness leaning into Ronnie there was just no way to avoid the fact that I had a massive erection sticking out so stiff. A clear drop of pre cum glistened on the tip. I wanted so bad for Ronnie to touch it. Really from the first time I showed him my hard cock so long ago I wanted him to touch it. We held the gaze for an eternity when he at last lifted his hand to touch my penis. Inside I shuddered as Ronnie gently stroked my penis.

All the buildup of times I let Ronnie see me naked were now manifest with his hand pulling on my penis. It was a quiet, gentle, sensual, quite natural homosexual moment. A naked guy standing next to his seated, clothed male friend whose gentle loving touch on his friend’s stiff penis was producing an unimaginable wave of sexual desire.

I hummed softly as his other hand casually moved from around my waist to caressing my naked buns. In a slow-motion daze, we stood there the sexual energy pulsating about us. My fully hard cock was stiff as steel as he touched it, with Ronnie simultaneously playing with my butt and pulling on my cock. I had hoped this day would come but kept my hopes under wraps if it did not. Standing there naked as he played with my massively hard cock while he was sitting there clothed, it was surprising I didn’t pee cum all over him.

We didn’t speak, we just enjoyed the moment. A flood of feelings was going through me as I remembered back to when I first revealed my nakedness and my hard cock to Ronnie. With me being nude for him again as he was clothed with his hand tugging on my hard penis might have been one of the most arousing, most stimulating moments of my life.

I didn’t want it to stop; I just wanted to be nude for him and have him admire my nakedness, admire my throbbing hard cock and continue fondling it with my arm around his shoulder. We looked at each other in a silent fog of desire, even today I always get hard as stone thinking about that moment. Just remembering standing there naked with Ronnie pulling on the stiffest erection I had ever had still burns into my memory.

After another eternity I slid onto his lap sitting on him with my arms around him. In a flash we were kissing. As his masculine face and tongue pressed into mine our hungry passionate kissing released the torrent of my homosexual desires. I’m guessing I have always been homosexual; kissing another man was always incredibly stimulating for me, let alone presenting myself naked to a man.

Our hungry obsessive kissing, nuzzling and moaning broke the quiet of the afternoon. Like an eager loving puppy, I tongued his ear in a huff of desire. His manly hands played with my hard-naked nipples like I was nubile young prize. In the heat of our passion this led me to slide off Ronnie’s lap and fumble opening his pants. As I finally was able to free it from the confines of his pants his cock was very hard as my mouth found it, kissing it, licking it, sniffing it, finally engulfing it in my mouth, finally sucking his cock. In a mad frenzy I lathered his penis with my adoration finally releasing my long pent up desire to have sex with my friend. Oblivious to everything but pleasuring his penis, Ronnie shook me from my sex crazed state pulling on my elbow saying “come on, silly” as he pulled me up, leading me to his bedroom. I helped him disrobe as we then melted naked together into bed kissing hungrily, nuzzling, moaning, pulling on each other’s cocks, frotting and humping and grinding both of our nice-looking cocks into each other’s.

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