Was It Just A Dream?

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First off, I like to thank everyone that has voted for The Class Reunion to Remember stories. I am very happy with the results and more to follow later. But I thought I would try a different type of Erotic Story. Once again, feedback is welcome. And the story is once again 100% fantasy.

* * * * *

I woke up in bed totally naked and the bottom sheet had a big wet spot on it. I thought I had pissed to bed and then in my sleep clouded mind I remembered where the wet spot had came from.

I was staying at my Grandparents house for the night and had came in from parting with my friends pretty late. When I pulled into the driveway I had noticed my Aunt’s car in the drive and my dick was slowly cumming to life. Although it was just a fantasy, I had wanted my Aunt for years. As far back as I can remember I had jacked off thinking of her naked body next to mine.

Let me tell ya a little bit about my Aunt. She is about 5’6′ tall and has blond hair and blue eyes. She has a excellent body. Very nice tits. Not to big, not to small and one of the nicest sahabet güvenilirmi asses I have ever seen.

Any how, I went in to bed. I was pretty horned up from the thoughts I was having about my Aunt sucking my dick. So I stripped naked and climbed into bed. I was laying there trying to get to sleep and my mind kept thinking about what I wanted to do to my Aunt so I started to slowly stroke my 9 inch rock hard cock. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get any sleep until I shot a load so I was laying there stroking my dick with my eyes close trying to fall asleep. I had a mental picture of my Aunt slowly riding my rock hard cock when I suddenly felt something wet close over the head of my dick.

I opened my eyes and there before me was my Aunt sucking the head of my dick. She looked up at me and smiled and continued sucking my hard cock. She could only get about half of into her mouth but I was happy with that. She kept sucking until she felt my cock start to throb from the need to cum. She then slowly kissed her way up my body and sahabet yeni giriş positioned her wet naked pussy over my hard cock and slammed her self down onto it. Taking all 9 inches all at once.

She then started to ride my cock fast and hard. I looked up in the dimly room and saw her staring at me. I smiled and she smiled back then all of a sudden she closed her eyes and threw her head back and I could tell by the way her muscles were clamping my dick and he breathe starting to quicken that she was gonna come. the all of a sudden she put her hand up to her mouth and she started to shake all over me. I then felt the wetness from her pussy as she orgasmed. When she was starting to come down from her orgasm I quickly rolled her over onto her back and started to suck her clit real softly causing her to have yet another orgasm. For a second I thought she was pissing in my face as liquid was cumming out of her in great abundance, but it didn’t smell like piss nor taste like it. I then realized that she must be what all the guys in school call sahabet giriş a squirter.

I then rolled her over to her stomach once again, and started to slide my rock hard cock into her tight wet pussy. As I was slowly building up speed and the length of my strokes I could once again feel her building to another orgasm. So I started to go even faster, wanting to cum with her. I reached around and began to play with her clit and lightly tease her nipples. then just as her orgasm was peaking I slammed my cock into her as far as I could go and let loose with my cum. Not knowing whether there was any kinda birth control, I pulled out and sprayed my load onto her back. She reached behind herself and started to rub my cum into her back. I laid next to her and then I fell asleep.

Then as I said I woke up in a wet spot, then I just had to smile as the wet spot was from my sexual interlude with my Aunt. I began to think about how I tasted her soft wet shaved pussy and how she rode my cock and came all over my balls. I then realized that it was no dream and that it was reality and smiled to myself, trying to figure out how I could get her to do this once again. I still haven’t tried her up the ass and that will be a must. As I was laying there my dick once again started to grow. Just then the door opened and in walked my…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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