Watching Clueless Ch. 02

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As with the previous story, all parties are over 18.

You don’t have to read Part 1 to enjoy this piece, but it might make the overall read even more enjoyable. Please forgive any and all errors you may find in this piece. I tried to catch them all. If you are going to cuss me out, cuss me out over something else…

~Incestuous Kiss.


“You slut.”

I grasped as I heard her voice. I looked up from my spot on the chair and saw my mother standing in the doorway, watching us as my daddy laid between my wet, cum-soaked thighs.

“You fucking whoring slut. Look at you, sitting there exposed with cum down your thighs. You did it again didn’t you? You lured your father in with your whorish ways?”

I sat up and pushed daddy from between my thighs. I took the ends of my dress and closed them together. I hid my face in shame from the dominating woman standing in front of me.

“You used him. You used him for you own sick pleasure, knowing how weak he is, using his weakness against him.” She said as she walked into the room. Her voice was mean and cruel.

“Well now you are about to learn what it’s like to be used.” I looked up into her hard brown eyes and saw the beginnings of something wicked coming my way.

“Come here.” She ordered. I slowly began to rise from my seat. By this time father had gained more control and was sitting by the foot of the chair, causally watching. He sat with one leg bend upward and his arms rising on the risen knee. His cock sat there – fat and lazy, still moist with my juices. I saw it twitch as it began to come to life once again.

I walked to my mother, holding my top closed against my naked breasts. I stood there looking in her eyes with defiance. Even though I didn’t feel it, I wanted to project the image of strength, but it was a lie.

“Get on your knees, slutty girl. That where girls like you belong.”

I hesitated, but only for a second. I felt the familiar stirrings of lust in my well-fucked pussy — a carry over from my father’s cock along with this new feeling inspired by my mother’s dominance.

I slid to the ground on my knees. My mother had a beautiful body. My figure was very similar to hers. Looking at her was like looking at myself in the next 20 years.

A gentle hand found the top of my head and stroked the soft strands. Her voice changed. It was no longer cruel, but loving and nurturing.

“Find my pussy.’ She ordered quietly. My hands rose up and found the hem of her shirt. I slowly lifted the fabric, exposing more of her thick juicy thighs. I lifted the skirt to her waist and exposed the lacey, silk Victoria’s Secret panties she wore beneath.

“Jack? Come here.” She ordered. My father rose from his position and walked over to where we were. “Hold my skirt while our daughter eats my pussy.”

My father’s hands replaced mine and I reached down and caught the end of the thin strands of my mother’s panties. I pulled them down exposing the fluffy bush that lay beneath. The sweet smell of her moist pussy drifted across my face. She spread her thighs, stretching the fabric of her panties, preventing me from lowering them further. I leaned forward and buried my face in her musky, wet, pussy curls and inhaled her scent. She smelled so good. My tongue lashed out and glided against the raspy hair. I moved my tongue in deeper and found the outer edged of her pussy lips. I licked and licked, curling my tongue upward, forcing my way inside her juicy folds to find the pussy juice that was leaking from her huge, slick, cunt hole. I reached out and gripped her hips. Pulling her closer, I worked my mouth onto her cunt, sucking, searching for the salty pussy juice she was dipping from inside her body.

She lifted up her left leg and slid her thigh over my shoulder, exposing herself more to my feasting. I groaned in delight and she just laughed gebze escort as her fingers entwined in my hair. I ducked down and licked my tongue against the outside of the silky panties and pushed the fabric against her hard clit. I proceeded to suck her clit through the fabric, using the roughness of the material to grind against her sensitive lil organ. Fucking my mother’s pussy with my tongue. I massaged her clit then release it and dipped down lower to her gushing hole to suck the pussy juice right from her body. The crotch of the panties got in my way and wrapped around my tongue as moved around it, sucking and sucking more of her pussy, burying myself in her, eating as much of her as I possibly could. She laughed at my eagerness, and then pushed my head away.

“Jack?” she said, almost breathless with pleasure. “Go get my fucking tool from the draw.” Just then my father left and my mothers skirt fell, covering her body. I lay there at her feet, wet and horny as I looked up at her with lust and fear. I wanted more of that cunt. I had to have her. I had to eat her. But I knew her well enough to know to wait. When I obeyed the pleasure was greater.

“Show me. Show my your slutty pussy, lil girl.”

I leaned back then, rising on my elbows as I spread my thighs for my mother. My skirt fell to my hips and my wet, red, well-used pussy exposed itself to her. She just watched as my father’s cum dipped from my curious, hungry hole, sliding slowly down my wet thighs.

“Hmmm.” She said thoughtfully as we waited for my father’s returned. A minute later my father came in with a strap on black dildo and proceeded to fasten it against my mother’s hips. When he finished, her skirt fell around the protruding rubber extension.

“Come slutty girl. You like cock so much. You can suck mine.”

Sensation rolled through my body at the thought. I turned and got on my knees and crawled on all fours to my mother’s hard extending dick and opened my mouth wide. I slowly sucked the black dick deep in my mouth. Enjoying the tastes of it, the feel of it in my mouth, I began to suck against the hard dick, whirling my tongue against it, getting it sloppy wet in the process. I loved the feeling of eating my mother’s cock. Her hands wrapped in my hair against as she began thrusting her hips against my face —face fucking me.

“That’s right. Suck my cock, slut. Suck it. Suck it hard. If you are good I’m going to fuck you, you lil hoe. Hoes need good fuckings to keep them in their place.”

I groaned at the thought of my mother inside of me, fucking my pussy with her hard fake cock, making me cum with ach thrust of her hips as she rammed it inside of me over and over. Oh yes. ‘Fuck me mother, fuck me.’ I thought as I sucked her harder. I held on to the based of the cock so I could control the power of her thrust so I could eat her dick at my pace.

And through it all, there was my father, watching. He stood there and watched his wife, my mother, fuck my face with her cock. He watched as her ass clenched with each thrust. He watched and he stroked his own hard cock, still wet from our juices and until finally he walked to me and thrust his hard dick on my face. I reached out and grabbed it. I released mommy’s dick and then pulled daddy’s dick in my mouth and sucked on his hard, yet soft flesh. I took turns sucking both my cocks, one then the other, groaning with each swap. They tasted so good. They felt so good. My pussy was on fire. I didn’t know which cock I wanted first. As I sucked one cock, I pumped the other, looking for more juice. I needed more cock juice from both cocks. Daddy’s cock was more generous than mommy’s.

I sucked and sucked and sucked until my jaw felt numb. That is when mother changed her mind.

“Very good, lil slut. You got my cock nice and wet. Now it’s time for gebze escort bayan momma to fuck you. Would you like that? Would my cock hungry slut want mommy’s dick in her pussy?”

I nodded eagerly. I was so horny, so ready. I didn’t care what I had in me. My pussy just wanted something hard thrusting inside of me. She nudged me back and I fell on to my back with my thighs spread.

‘Give me your tits, bitch. I wanna suck those fat nipples as I fuck you.”

I obeyed. I reached in and pulled out my heavy breasts, swollen and ready as I spread my thighs wider. My mother felt between my thighs and leaned forward. The soft curtain of her long hair brushed up against my thighs, hiding her face as her tongue lashed out and swiped the wet pussy juice and cum from my pussy. I heard and felt the vibration of her moan as she sucked the dipping cum out of my pussy. Then she began to kiss her way over my body, releasing buttons, until my dress was completely opened exposing my body to her glaze. She licked and kissed her way up my body until she found a nipple and began to pull the tight bud in her mouth. Then she gripped the other breast and held them both together, sucking on each nipple. She lay down over my body, rubbing her cock against my pussy, humping against my wet folds as she sucked and bit my nipples. She ate each nipple like she was starving and only my tits could give her nourishment. Then suddenly, she released my breasts and reached down and grabbed my thighs. She raised them up higher and wrapped them around her waist. Reaching between our sweat soaked bodies, she took her cock and pushed it the hole of my pussy. Then, pausing to look into my eyes, she leaned over and kissed me for the first time. Our tongues wrapped around each other in passion as I tried to pull her deeper and deeper in my mouth.

And with one forceful thrust her hard cock pushed into my pussy and she slowly started to fuck me. He hips slid against mine, gently, lovingly, as she filled my pussy with her ridged unyielding cock. Back and forth she rocked, fucking my pussy, kissing me with her passion and love. Her hair surrounded my face and fell against mine on the carpet floor. I reached for her hips and slid my hands against her rounded curves as I helped her move, helped her fuck me. Her hips and mine met repetitively as she pounded in me, soft then hard, hard then harder. I began to moan as she pounding my pussy. She kissed her way down my face, burying her face in my neck as I screamed out my pleasure.

“Mommy? Mommy? Fuck me some more please mommy. Fuck me some more.” I begged as I reached up. My palms found her breasts and I began squeezing them, milking them, feeling their softness. I needed them I needed to suck them. I pushed against her until could lean forward and take her nipple in my mouth. I sucked on my mommy’s tit as she continued to fuck my pussy with her hard plastic cock. She tilted her head back and moaned. Her hair cascaded down her back. Her arms were strained as she held herself up, thrusting her hips back and forth, fucking my pussy.

Suddenly, I couldn’t do it any more. It became too much. I released her nipples and lifted my legs in the air, opening myself wider for the thrusting cock. Knowing I was ready. My mother leaned forward, covering my body with hers and began rocking her hips faster, fucking my pussy deeper and stronger than before.

“Come on slut. Fucking cum. Cum you little, fucking, teasing slut. You want cock? Take mine. Takes mommy’s cock. Let mommy fuck that bad hungry pussy with her big… black… cock. Cum baby cum!” And with those words my body lost control and my pussy constricted. I came. I nutted, yeah that’s right nutted. I pussy-fucked my mother’s cock and came on one big wave of pleasure as she rode me, rode me, rode me to the end. She rode me until escort gebze I couldn’t cum anymore.

Finally, she released me. She pulled out of me and sat back. She watched me, lost in my sensations. She was breathing just as hard as I was sweating even harder as she watched me recover. She looked up at my father.

“Eat her cunt. Make her ready. We’ll fuck her together.” My father fell to his knees and began to eat my pussy. His soft lapping tongue was smoothing to my achy hole, and with time my pussy began to respond.

“Yes. Yes. That’s it. Oh daddy oh daddy you are so good.”

As my daddy kissed my pussy, my mother reached around me and grabbed my tits playing with them, stroking them as she leaned in and kissed. We shared the ultimate lover’s kiss. I loved her kisses. They stirred my soul. She pulled me closer and whispered. “Ride me. I want you to ride me.”

She got on her back and I moved over her. I kissed her again as I climbed on top of her. It was my hair that curtained her, this time. I rose up and looked down at her beautiful body and her hard beautiful cock. Yes. Yes. That is what I want. I took position and slid my pussy against the shiny black cock. I rocked against her. Sliding up and down. She reached over and stroked my breasts, watching me through half closed eyes as I fucked her cock. She was drooling from the pressure of my weight against her cock as it rubbed against her clit, allowing her to experience the most deviant of pleasures. She loved it and I continued to fuck her cock to the beat of her rhythmic moans of pleasure.

“Yes. Fuck me, slut. Fuck your momma with that slut pussy. Give mommy those slut tits. I’m hungry. Feed me.” She sat up and greedily ate my nipples. That is when I felt it. Him.


Daddy had moved behind me. His cock slid back and forth against my humping ass.

“Daddy?” I asked in quiet fear. I stopped moving. Mommy sat up more and pulled my face to hers.

“It’s okay, slut. It’s okay. Let daddy fuck you. It’s ok.” I felt wet liquid slid down the crack of my ass. Mommy grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down with her. She kissed me as daddy parted my ass cheeks. I groaned in despair as his hard cock pushed against my tight asshole. Back and forth he rocked, rocking lubricate against my asshole, fucking me slowly until he entered my ass inch by inch. I never felt more filled in my life, until finally, he was deep inside me.

There I was on top of my mother while she kissed me with such love, such passion. I had her cock in my puss and my daddy behind me with his cock in my ass and together they began to move. Mommy held my hips in place and began to rock her hips beneath me, moving in while daddy moved out. And as Daddy moved in, mommy slid out.

“Oh honey,” he groaned. “I can feel you cock against mine as you slide away. It’s like you are fucking me too.”

I was filled to the max; fucking each cock over and over and …. I was overwhelmed by the sensation from my pussy and my ass. They were fucking me so good, I wanted to cry. There was more sensation, more pleasure then I knew what to do with. I began to wail. I began to cry. I began to fight, to curse, to yell as they fucked me over and over with their cocks, one then the other.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I yelled over and over as they raped my poor over used holes and I fucking loved it! Daddy reached around and gripped my nipples and began to twist and pull them as he bit into the side of my neck. I screamed at the pain and suddenly, without warning, my body seized up and exploded in a whirlpool of sensation that had me screaming throughout the room. Tears and pussy juice poured from my body like a fountain. I passed over to the realm of unconscious and my limp body fell; fell into the cushion of my mother’s body. Darkness surrounded me and the last memory that I had was the feeling of my parents, working together, fucking me into unconsciousness until finally they too followed me over, each nutting at their own accord. Each of their screams of pleasure flooded the room.

And when the noise died down, in the background, I could hear the voice of Alicia Silverstone calling out… “AS IF!”

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