Welcomed Guests Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Henry awoke and quickly headed downstairs after using the bathroom. Again he saw that his sister was awake before him. He grinned at her, and she smiled up at him as he came down the stairs. The baby was in her arms, but not feeding and he figured she was just watching or looking at her.

“I see you beat me down again.” He told her, as he got to the bottom and walked toward the kitchen.

“Yeah, but only by a little bit, I came down just before Penny left for work; I think she may have awoken Jenna. So I haven’t had time to fix breakfast for you.” She told him. He chuckled as he entered the kitchen.

“Well yesterday was nice, but you certainly don’t have to make breakfast all of the time, and considering you have a baby, you shouldn’t be. I’ll fix it for both of us today.” He told her and pulled a pan out for eggs. He made it simple, just eggs with butter and jelly toast. She placed her sleeping baby on the blanket on the floor and sat at the table when he sat the food down. They ate quietly and quickly, each glancing at the other from time to time and trying not too. Henry in particular seemed to blush every time he found his sister looking back at him as he looked at her. She saw his predicament and after leaving the table she commented on it in a way.

“So did you two get a good start last night?” She asked him as she took a seat on the couch. He followed, figuring on doing dishes later. He gave her a confused look as he sat in the chair.

“What do you mean?” Not knowing what she meant.

“On you guys having a baby Hank, Penny seemed quite anxious to start trying for one.” Amanda said, teasing him badly, He turned red, and covered his eyes with his hand as he gave her an embarrassed grin. He nodded after he took his hand down seconds later. She was having a good laugh.

“Well, you know me…I drive the ladies wild.” He said in mock bravado, playing it light with his flushed face. Her laughing calmed to a broad smile as she looked at him.

“I bet, though I do remember you being a bit in demand in high school, the varsity quarter back and all. And smarts on top of that…I think Penny did good catching you bro.” She told him in all seriousness, still smiling, though now it was an endearing one. He blushed again at what she said, causing her to laugh again. “And there you go again, blushing.” She told him as she chuckled. His shoulders shook in soft laughter, and he nodded, then took a deep breath and relaxed.

“You always could embarrass me faster then anyone else, but I think that’s because you were always more frank then most other girls, being my sister and all.” He said casually in way of explanation.

“I guess, though for someone that has had as much experience as yourself, I would think you would be harder to embarrass.” She said. He shrugged.

“I don’t know, it’s just the way I am I guess.” He muttered with a small grin. He then looked at her and saw a small wet spot on her shirt and looked at it. He then pointed it out to her. “Did you spill something on yourself?” he pointed at her shirt and she looked down, pulling the shirt out to look.

“Aw dammit!” She muttered out as she stood up and walked to the diaper bag and pulled out a small device he had never seen before. “I’m leaking…I’ll have to pump or I’ll be dripping all over the place.” She told him in way of explanation.

“You’re leaking? Like from your breasts?” He asked her, curious about what she was doing. She nodded.

“Yeah, Jenna must not have suckled enough out and now they are too full and I have to relieve them or they’ll keep right on leaking. It’s messy when it does. I’d feed her again, but she’s asleep and probably wouldn’t feed again this soon after laying down. So I have to use this pump to get the milk out.” She told him, holding the device up for him to see it. She then flipped her shirt up and exposed her breasts. She glanced at him as he looked at her, giving him a small smile. “Sorry about this.” She told him with some embarrassment, as she placed the pump at her nipple and squeezed the handle.

“It’s no problem.” He told her casually as he looked on at what she was doing, finding it interesting about the pump. She looked up at him, her face still flushed as she grinned at his attentive stare.

“Enjoying the show?” she asked playfully, causing him to blush and grin. But he shook his head.

“Naw, this is cool, I never knew they had that. Makes sense I guess.” He told her as he looked at her face and smiled at her. She laughed slightly.

“Well, I’m glad you’re enjoying this, because it’s a pain to do. It takes forever to do and my hands start cramping after awhile, having to squeeze this damn thing. I couldn’t afford an electric one, so I had to get this piece of junk.” She told him as she continued to pump. Henry shrugged, not knowing what to say, but he tried to not ogle so much, though it was interesting to him. He tried to watch TV for a few minutes as she worked the pump. He heard her start to fuss and noticed her flexing her hands as she switched from one onwin giriş to the other. After another minute she stopped, frustrated. “Dammit I hate this thing!” she muttered out.

“You done?” He asked in curiosity, but she shook her head.

“No only about half way to where I’d like to get it. I hate doing this.” She said again. Henry was silent for a minute, but he wanted to help. He hesitated, but then he spoke up.

“Well, can I help?” He asked her, and she looked at him her brows raised, giving him a curious look.

“How so?” She asked him.

“I can squeeze the pump while you hold it in place, if your hands are tired.” He offered to her and she looked at him for a few seconds, and then shrugged.

“I guess that would help, yeah…that should be ok.” She told him and he noticed how she was very sheepish in her talk.

“I hope this won’t embarrass you?” he asked as he stood and walked toward her. He walked slightly crab legged; he had been erect since she started pumping herself and it was very obvious that he was erect. Amanda couldn’t help but notice as he came near her.

“I already am, but I need to pump them or they hurt as well as leaking everywhere. Here you go.” She said as she placed the pump at her breast and held it so that he could pump it. She looked at him in embarrassment, seeing his flushed face as he stepped in close to her. She glanced down at his tented pants, it being easy as it was at eye level with her. He felt him touch the pump and felt it start as he squeezed. After a few seconds he saw what she had meant about being a pain.

“Yeah, I can see how you would get tired of this after awhile.” He told her sympathetically. She nodded and looked up at his face.

“And it’s harder for me because I have to pump away from my body, not toward it, like you are doing now.” She told him, her face cooling off slightly, as she got used to him doing this. She then glanced at his pants, and felt her face heat up again.

“Well I can do this again if you want me too…if it helps you?” he offered as he pumped. She looked up at him as her breathing increased. She nodded slightly.

“Oh ok…that’ll be good.” She said, weakly, feeling drained. She continued to look from his face as he concentrated on looking at the pump…and her breasts, and his tented pants. It was easy to guess his size as his erection hung down his pants legs, and she guessed he was very sizable. She felt suddenly hot, and then cold and she felt a strong contraction run through her crotch as she considered what was just a foot or so in front of her. She shivered and then gasped out softly as she felt a wave shoot through her body. She closed her eyes with dizziness and after a few seconds she felt Henry’s hand on her shoulder, shaking her softly.

“Are you ok, you look pale?” He asked her in concern, having seen her shivering and having what looked like a small seizure. She looked up at him.

“Yeah I’m fine. I think that’s enough, look it’s almost five ounces, and I was only shooting for four, so that’s good.” She said as she pushed the pump away and then pulled her shirt down. He looked at her in concern. “I’m fine, just tired is all. Let me see if I can pick up Jenna and I’m gonna try and take a nap.” She told him, feeling weird at the moment.

“What about this?” he asked, holding up the pump.

“Just put the whole thing in the fridge and I’ll deal with it later.” She told him as she picked up the baby, who luckily, stayed asleep. She stood up and started for the stairs, and then hesitating. She turned to look at him, and his confused look. “I’m ok, Hank, just need more rest. And thank you…for the help.” She told him quickly then rushed up the stairs. Placing the baby in the crib she didn’t even strip, but just lay down in the bed and covered up. She shivered in excitement and remembrance. She honestly felt tired now, but more so after thinking she had just had an intense orgasm…like she had just had downstairs. She couldn’t believe that she had one, but she couldn’t deny it to herself…she had come while he pumped her breast and she had mentally ogled his package. She shivered again, both in excitement and fear at what she felt. But she closed her eyes to rest and soon slept yet again.

She awoke to someone softly shaking her shoulder, and opening her eyes she saw it was her brother. “Hey.” She muttered out, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

“I got lunch ready if you’re hungry…the baby is still asleep.” He whispered to her and she glanced at the crib and saw that he was right; she pulled back the covers and saw that her brother’s eyes wide grew wide for a split second, before he noticed she was dressed. She grinned, knowing what he had thought. She followed him out as he left the room, quietly closing the door behind her. She turned on the baby monitor she had placed downstairs and then she took a seat at the table. He placed a plate with a turkey club and chips in front of her. “I usually keep it simple, easier to clean up.” He told her in way of apology for the lack onwin yeni giriş luster meal. She shrugged.

“Free food is awesome, it looks fine Hank.” Was all she said, not worried about the meal, only that he had taken the trouble to make it. He grinned at her as he took a seat with his own plate. He started eating, and she could see something was on his mind. She ate and decided if he wanted too, he would talk. They had almost finished when he did just that.

“You know, I meant what I said earlier, about me not minding helping out…if you needed me too.” He told her, his face flushed. She looked up at him and gave him a big grin.

“I know Hank, and I don’t mind…I said I appreciated the help and I did. When I have to pump, if I need help, I’ll ask.” She told him, her skin burning much like his, though she figured his offer was motivated by a brotherly need to help and not his hormones, at least for the most part. He looked at her and nodded, smiling then.

“Well I know it was embarrassing too you but I didn’t mind doing it…and it was embarrassing to me as well, but you’re my sister and I don’t want you having problems like that. So if I can help any other ways, just ask me.” He told her, and she gave him a smile but also a funny look.

“Like what other ways?” She asked him, her smile becoming a smirk. He looked at her and blush deep red, half guessing her thoughts.

“Huh, no…just that if you need help in any ways, with the baby or pumping again…whatever.” He told her, his shoulders shrugging, looking cowed at her question. She chuckled softly, but nodded.

“Ok, I’m sorry if I thought otherwise.” She told him, then frowned seeing his hurt expression. “Listen I’m sorry Hank…I’m kind of used to dealing with assholes that usually want something from me is all, and I know you aren’t one, but I’m just used to thinking that people have ulterior motives. I apologize.” She told him, her turn now to be on the defensive. He nodded and gave her a cocked smile.

“It’s ok, I know you are, but if I want something from you, I’ll tell you not try and weasel it out of you…I meant what I said, just figuring you will need a hand from time to time.” He told her as he slowly walked over to her and placed his hand on her shoulders as she sat. She looked up at him.

“I know, and I’m sure I’ll need it, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Thanks Hank.” She mumbled out. They then heard crying over the monitor and knew the baby was awake. Amanda sighed as she pushed the chair back to get up. “I better get her.” She grinned as she stood. He nodded and then walked over to clean up the kitchen.

The rest of the afternoon flew by unexcitedly; the baby followed the same routine of eating and napping, with short periods of watching and playing with her mother’s fingers and toys. Henry followed his usual pattern as well each time his sister fed. He did honestly try not to look but he felt drawn to her large assets and each time his pants filled out. Then Amanda would start glancing over at him, glancing from time to time at his crotch or at the odd time they caught each other peeking at the other, then they would both blush and pretend that nothing was happening, except flashing embarrassed smiles.

After Penny came home, they cooled off slightly, feeling a slightly increased need to resist what they had been doing earlier. But penny could almost smell the tension in air after she had been home just a few minutes. She held the baby, giving Amanda a break, chastising her husband for not doing more of the same. He was busy cooking in the kitchen fixing supper, beef stew. After it was ready, they sat at the table and ate. Amanda had to feed the baby soon after they had finished, though Henry changed the diaper before hand…without being asked to. Penny said she was proud of him…unlike last time, it wasn’t just pee. She then washed the dishes, but would glance back from time to time to look at the others. She kept seeing her husband ogling his sister, but Penny also caught her friend glancing at him. Even from here Penny could see that he was very excited. She shook her head and grinned as she finished the dishes. She wiped her hands dry and walked into the living room, and noticed both of the others faces were obviously flushed.

“She almost asleep?” She asked her friend as she sat down next to her as she feed her child. Amanda looked up at her and nodded.

“Yeah, she’s drifting back to sleep…and I think I’ll join her when she does and go to bed early. I’m tired.” Amanda said, and then yawned almost to illustrate the point. Penny reached up and stroked her hair, glancing at her husband as he hurriedly looked another direction. Penny grinned, knowing where his eyes had been. She glanced at Amanda, half expecting her eyes to be on her husband’s crotch, but her friend had her eyes closed. She also noticed the baby was now asleep, and that she had pulled off Amanda’s nipple. A few seconds later, she reached over and softly rubbed her friends face, waking her.

“Why don’t you go to onwin güvenilirmi bed honey, you’re falling asleep right now.” Penny told her and Amanda nodded, not even bothering to pull her shirt down as she stood up, carrying the baby and went up the stairs, mumbling ‘night’ to both of them as she left the room. Penny looked at her husband and gave him a grin, he grinned back but he was still incredible flushed. When Penny heard Amanda’s door close, she stood up and walked to stand next to him. “You are so busted mister!” She told him quietly as she reached down and grabbed his cock through his jeans. He laughed in surprise at what she did. “Could you be more obvious looking at your sister’s boobs that way?” She asked him as she gave his hard-on a squeeze through his pants. He continued to chuckle as he leaned back to enjoy her hand.

“Hey, I can’t help it…I guess I could leave the room, but if I’m here I have to look, it’s just too big a draw is all.” He told her lamely, beginning to thrust his hips up toward her hand. She laughed at him and removed her hand.

“You’re enjoying yourself too much with that. You probably shouldn’t ogle your sister so much though, it’ll give you wicked thoughts.” She told him playfully and he wasn’t sure if she was actually chastising him. He looked at her as she sat on the couch, watching him.

“Hey she doesn’t seem to mind, she even told me to not cover myself up yesterday when I covered my erection with a pillow.” He informed her, and Penny’s eyes grew wide.

“Say what?” she asked him in disbelief. He nodded to her.

“Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either…I was trying to cover up so I wouldn’t embarrass her if she saw it.” He said.

“Hank, it’s kinda hard to miss…you’re not small down there, it’s very obvious when you get an erection. So was she checking it out?” She asked him, her voice sounding curiously husky as she did. He could tell she was extremely turned on. He nodded.

“I caught her looking a lot, and as it doesn’t seem to bother her, I haven’t tried to hide it, or my looking, which she doesn’t seem to mind that either.” He told her and she grinned, but shook her head.

“Henry Tunnel, you are a certifiable perv…doing that to your little sister like that, you should be ashamed!” She scolded him, a huge smile covering her face. He laughed.

“It turns you on does it?” He asked her, already knowing the answer. She nodded vigorously, laughing as well.

“God yes, I know I shouldn’t be but this is a huge turn on.” She said, looking at him. “So what has been doing it for you, the huge knockers, or is it the fact that she’s milking the kid…you know, lactating?” She asked, wondering if it was her friend’s milk filled breasts. Penny was almost envisioning him sucking milk from her own breast once she had her own child, and it caused tingles to run through her body.

“Well, we both know I love breasts, but I have to say thinking about her milking the baby is a turn on, I just can’t say how much I’d like the taste is all.” He told her, and Penny smiled, glad to hear his words, partly fearful that he wouldn’t like drinking her milk later on. Then a sudden thought hit her as she remembered what she had seen earlier after coming home.

“Maybe there is…you know there is breast milk in the fridge?” She asked him, a devious grin on her face. He nodded to her question.

“Yeah, I put it there after I helped her pump it.” He told her and again her eyes grew wide.

“What do you mean you helped her?” She asked him, and he blushed at her.

“Well yeah…she was pumping this morning and her hands tired and I offered to help use the pump…I didn’t touch her Penny!” He told her, wondering if she was upset. She chuckled.

“And she let you? I can’t believe she let you…anyway, you could try a bit of that and see if you like it?” She suggested to him and it was his turn for his eyes to grow wide.

“Penny, that’s Amanda’s milk for her baby, I don’t know if I can drink my own sister’s breast milk. That’s kind of…weird.” He told her but she shrugged, lost in her own excitement and curiosity.

“It will be the same milk that would come out of me, and it’s not like you’re getting it from the tap Hank! I don’t have a problem with it.” She told him, getting up and walking into the kitchen. He followed her, watching as she pulled the closed bottle out and set it on the counter top. He came to stand near her and looked from the bottle to her.

“I just don’t know Penny…it’s my sister’s…Amanda’s you know.” He explained to her, but she only grinned at him.

“Hank, it’s fine…I’m your wife and she’s my best friend, if I don’t have a problem with you trying it, why should you?” She said, then seeing him still hesitate, she looked at the bottle on the counter and lifted it in her hand before him. “Listen, I’ll show you it’s ok, I’ll taste a little bit first ok?” She suggested, and he nodded slowly, wondering if she would really do it. She took of the top and raising it above her face, she started squeezing the nipple of the bottle close to her mouth till about half a dozen drops coated her tongue, She then closed her mouth and tasted. She smiled at him. “It’s actually pretty good, a bit sweeter then cows milk.” She told him, and then offered the bottle to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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