A Little Job Offer Pt. 01

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Themes of Femdom, male humiliation, and foot fetish will run through this series. If you’re not into it, close the story now.


“Will you just call her?” Kate asked.

“Dude, i like my job.” I replied.

“Ok, first of all, you hate your job. Second of all, it’s 20 years after college, you should drop the dude speak. Besides, Ennie runs one of the most successful media companies in the valley. She’s got a team of 20 brilliant women with her, and you’d fit in perfectly.”

While the idea of working with 21 women would excite most normal men, I thought it would be a near death sentence. “Ohh, yeah, just what I need is 21 women to abuse me day in and day out like you have since we met.”

Kate giggled and gave me a fake push away as she did. She started to say something. but then was instantly lost in reflection. See, Kate and I met day one of our first year of college. She had dropped whatever she was carrying up to the dorm room, and I gallantly swooped in and helped her get things picked up, and carried up.

We became instant friends. And literally, just friends. I never tried to kiss her, she never expressed interest in me. Twenty-five years later, we were still best friends. We knew everything about each other, good and bad, and I wouldn’t change a thing. She’s definitely my bestie, despite being a woman.

Oh, we both have plenty of friends of our own gender. Me from my Fraternity days, her from her sorority days. As a matter of fact, that’s where she knows Ennie from, they were Sorority Sisters, and that brings us back to this job thing.

“I don’t think Ennie, or her team, would abuse you as well as I do Shrimpy,” Kate finally said, smiling broadly, her eyes twinkling as she peered through my skull into my soul. “I mean, maybe we could ask them to, but I would think they’re just intent on doing their jobs, not abusing their little friend.”

As Kate said the words little friend, she raised her hand, and moved her thumb and index together, slowly, making the universal Tiny Dick sign. She smiled ear to ear as her fingers slowly made the gap between them smaller, emphasizing each incremental shrinking of her size comparison.

“Oh, fuck you. Really. You pull this shit on me when you’re trying to convince me to work for your friend? How is that going to play out? ‘Ennie, this is Scott. He’s my best friend, but I once saw him without his pants and ever since then, I’ve never let him live down that mistake. Oh, i mean, i didn’t see much … couldn’t see much .. doesn’t .. have much.’ Sort of how you introduced me to that bartender you wanted me to take out once? That was a piss riot Kate. I think she choked on her drink when you did that shit. I was fucking mortified.”

“Listen Champ,” Kate shot back. “No one told you to confess every little kink you had to me over the past quarter of a century.” Her eyes widened a little when she said little, and the corners of her mouth turned up into a devious smile. “Besides, that bartender was a toxic bitch and i needed her to lose interest in my bestie, and FAST. Did the trick, didn’t it?” she said.

“I never told anyone besides that one person who wanted to meet my hot friend. It was hysterical. Come on, you can’t tell me you haven’t wanked off to that moment once or twice.”

“KATE WHAT THE FUCK?” I screamed. “Dude, not cool. You know I would never do that with you in mind. EVER.”

“Relex stud, I didn’t mean bop your baloney to ME.. but her! I am positive you saw her look down at your crotch the second i said that, and i can’t imagine it didn’t make you tingle right down to your baby berries. Besides, when did you become all guarded with me? Jesus, you have never been shy around me before. What’s up?”

I looked down and eeked out an apology. “Sorry, I guess i’m a little on edge. Truth is this project at work is killing me, and you pressuring me about calling your friend for a job has been weighing on me. And if anyone knows how to bust my balls about something, it’s you.”

“Oh Scott, I couldn’t bust what you don’t have.” she giggled.

I guess I should explain. Kate and I have been best friends forever, like I mentioned. We’ve been there through the good times, and the bad. I’ve held her hair while hatay escort she puked after a party, or cried after a breakup. She’s gotten me over every bad girlfriend I ever had, which was pretty much all of them. We’ve gone to weddings and funerals together, helped each other move a few dozen times, and to be honest, I would take a bullet for her. She’s my platonic soul mate, and I’m hers.

That said, through the course of our friendship, we’ve discussed everything. And one drunk night, Kate told me a few of her turn ons. It was in the context of this guy she was dating, and how she would get wet just looking at his hands. As she described it “He has these big, rough, working man’s hands. Not little soft hands like you.” She told me a few other things, and then stopped.

“What about you?” she asked. “What trips your trigger Scotty?”

I dont know what the fuck made me just unleash every skeleton in my closet, but it was like the graveyard exploded. I started with the less freaky ones. “I love feet.” I squeaked.

“No duh, you rub mine any chance you get.” she quipped. “Come on. SPILL!”

“Fine, I love femdom, dominant women. One of my ex’s used to put her tired bare soles on my face and say shit like “does my little slave love being smothered under my dirty feet?” It pushed me every time. And, uhh, fuck it, yeah I love a little pain. not really spankings, but being kicked in the balls makes me insanely horny. And…” I trailed off. I noticed Kate was staring intently at me, wanting to know it all.

“Nevermind” I stammered, and took a swig of my beer. I had already said too much.

“Oh hell no, I told you that i gush like Niagara falls when Mike’s big hand maul my tits during sex, and you’re not going to finish? You don’t get to “AND” and stop buddy boy. CONFESS.” Kate demanded.

Deep breath. Fuck it. Tell her. She will forget in the morning when she sobers up.

“Fine. Peggy, the same one who used to smother me with her feet. Well… she sorta got me into a … oh GOD what the fuck.” I took another swig of beer. Kate was as excited as a kid on Christmas. She was nearly breathless. SHE WANTED THIS SECRET. “She got me into being humiliated.”

“That… THAT’S IT? Scotty boy, everyone likes a little dirty talk now and then. Mike calls me his cum dumpster when he’s making me swallow his pole and I just go nuts.. whatever dude.” Kate said.

I was a little taken aback. Did she just shrug off my darkest secret. Like it didn’t exist. I almost was offended. Like how dare she not think my kink was kinky enough. “Uhh, it’s a little more than that my friend.” I softly said.

“Whatever man, get me more wine, I think confession time just fizzled out.” Kate said as she pushed her glass towards me.

I slowly got up, and walked to the kitchen. I had never told anyone about Peggy. Kate now knew Peggy made me her little foot bitch and didn’t think much of it. And I did tell her about the humiliation. But she treated it like I told her I prefer vanilla to chocolate. Maybe I hid my kink for so long, it became worse in my mind than it really was.

I poured the wine and walked back to Kate. She was scrolling on her phone and didn’t even look up when I put the wine in front of her. She was really done with the topic. However, I wasn’t. Part of me wanted .. NEEDED to confess to her. First, she was safe, she was my best friend. Second, I couldn’t imagine her being upset after what I just heard and saw.

“So, Peggy got me into Hum…” i started.

“Yeah, i know, you told me, thanks for the wine. OMG, look how cute this puppy is.” she shoved her phone in my face.

“Kate.. i didn’t tell you. Can I?” I asked

Kate looked up at me, a little quizzically. “Wait, you’re asking permission? Scotty, i’m not Dominatrix Peggy, you don’t need to ask my permission to speak. Do you?” she asked.

“no, I don’t need any permission. Well, I mean, I donno, maybe I do. You shrugged it off, and closed it down so maybe I want a chance to tell you now.”

“You want my permission, don’t you?” She said, that broad smile forming. “You want me to give you permission to confess your dirty secret. Do you need to tell someone? Have you been busting to tell someone, escort hatay and i took that from you? Huh Scotty.” Kate teased.

“OMG, forget it” I roared, and went to leave. Kate grabbed my belt as I got up, and literally yanked me down to the couch again.

“Ask permission Scott.” is all Kate said.

“May I please tell you the rest of my … things, Kate” I softly asked.

“You may… confess little one.” she said, in a very flat tone.

The little one had more weight than she knew. And she was about to find out. I took a deep breath,

“When Peggy and I first slept together, it was over in like 10 minutes. And 7 of those were me licking her to two orgasms,” I started. “When I shucked off my boxers, we were already under the covers. She was soaking wet, and I got between her legs, and slowly started to slide into her. As I pushed all the way in, i leaned down to kiss her and she whispered “Stop making me wait, put it in baby, fuck me.”

I pushed back and looked at Peggy. A mixture of pain and confusion on my face and said “I.. Peggy I’m in you. All the way in you baby.”

She giggled and told me to stop teasing her and to fuck her good. I again told her I was in, and pushed the covers back, leaning backwards, to show my pelvis touching hers. Peggy, always the dominant one, said “oh, the little fella is in me, huh. Sorry baby, i figured he’d stretch me out given how big and strong you are. It’s ok. fuck me baby, fuck me with your little soldier.’

Kate, I dunno what came over me, but the mixture of her words and the shame coupled with how horny I was, I started to pump furiously.” I took a breath.

Kate snapped in with “three pump chump?” and took another swig of wine.

“Oh, well, 3 minute man, yeah, Though, 2 of those 3 minutes were me convincing her I was in. Anyway, yeah, I came almost instantly. Peggy pushed me over, and began to crawl on top of me. She straddled me, kissed me deep, said “Oh baby, that was .. disappointing. Make me cum again with your mouth.” and she started to turn around to 69.

I protested, saying I couldn’t lick her after I came in her, and in a flash her soft hand grabbed my nuts in a vice-like grip “Little man, you’re going to learn to please Me, and since your tiny dong obviously isn’t doing it , that talented tongue WILL. LICK BITCH” and her pussy descended on my face.” I paused my confession to Kate, and took a swig of my beer.

Kate was transfixed on me. She was listening to every word. She hadn’t moved. She wanted the rest of the story.

“So, I licked. A lot. I became, as Peggy put it, ‘the best little pussy licker west of the Rocky Mountains.’ Kate, I ate her 2-3 times a day. She was insatiable. And her dominance grew daily. By the end of our first six months together, I don’t know if I was ever allowed to do anything but rub her feet, lick her pussy, and be humiliated by her as she … “

And I hesitated. I knew if i said any more there was no going back.

Kate sat unblinking for about 20 seconds and then leaned in and almost yelled “FINISH THE FUCKING STORY SCOTTY.” I realized I had no choice. I asked for this, literally. Kate demanded results.

“As she sat on my face and made fun of the size of my dick.” and I took another swig of beer.

Kate smiled. She finally smiled, getting the story she wanted. “tell me the rest, Scotty” was all she said.

And I did. I explained how Kate began to condition me to want nothing more than servicing her. My rewards for rubbing her feet was a kick in the balls. That’s where THAT one came from. I explained how Peggy literally had me begging her to let me rub her feet for the kicks, anything to feel her body touch mine. She would always say the same thing as she kicked too ‘These little balls of yours sure are easy to miss. Makes me kick them a few times to ensure I actually got them.” I would rub her feet for an hour to earn my kicks. And she would make me beg for it, even after earning the kicks anyway.

Kate stuck her hand out, her glass empty. She had nearly polished off the wine, but I knew a command when I saw one. I filled the glass and brought it back to her. I was on my sixth beer, and feeling no pain myself.

“Finish the story” she hatay escort bayan said. “well, ok. So anyway, the other thing she conditioned me to do is not be able to cum unless she was making fun of me, and smothering me.” I said. Kate nearly choked on her wine, but smiled when she recovered.

“How’s that Scotty?” she asked.

“Well, it started with her not letting me cum for days. And when I did get it cum, it was while she stroked me. She would barely touch me, but never stopped talking. The first time I think it took about 15 minutes, but she got that down to under 3 by the time we broke up. She would say things like “I think your tiny pecker likes my hand more than my pussy, look at how stiff it is.” or “Look how excited this little guy is. It’s almost like a real cock, just baby sized.”

Then, one day, she was stroking and talking and looked me in the eye and told her she wanted to do something new. The woman had me by the balls, literally, so I just quietly said “anything dear.” She told me to lay down on the bed, and I did. Peggy pushed off her panties, and told me that I was about to meet my new best friend. And she straddled me, facing my feet. I thought this was just a new angle to lick her pussy, but instead, her ass engulfed my face. She wiggled left, then right, and made it so my face nose was right up against her rosebud. I couldn’t breathe well, but she didn’t care.

“You’re going to wanna start stroking your thimble dick soon, or you’ll pass out before you cum.” was all she said. I grabbed the little guy, dry as could be, and started to rub.

“My slave’s big hand completely hides his little dick. it’s so adorable. It’s like a grown man holding a baby carrot” was how she started. I am sure she said more, and worse, but I was really having a hard time breathing, and fisting my cock was making me pant harder, and I got light headed, and I suddenly came harder than I ever did in my life. Peggy kept talking for a bit, then rolled off me, and told me I did well. She said she was proud I didn’t pass out, and surprised my little blue berries had that much spunk in them.”

Kate’s glass was empty. My beer was empty. She was enthralled with my words. I was actually sort of aroused admitting all of that, even to my near-sister. I gave her a little more insight, that Peggy would call me pet names in public like “TicTak or Little One”. I told her that Peggy would make me throb just by asking if her baby dicked boyfriend needed her ass. I told her that Peggy used to walk barefoot and get her soles dusty, then make me lay on the floor, resting them on my face, and saying “You only get dirty soles from now on. You don’t measure up to the rest of me … so rub that tiny nub right now.”

Kate told me to open another bottle of wine, and without saying a word, I stood and walked to the kitchen.

“She taught you to obey well, little Scotty” Kate bellowed. “I may use that against you.”

I came back with the wine and handed it to her. I had a new beer and sat down.”You’ll do no such thing. We’re friends, dont fuck it up.”

“Oh Scotty” she said, taking a big sip of wine from the glass. “You cant put the genie back in the bottle. I promise you’ll never eat me, or suffocate under my ass, but there’s no way in hell i’m going to just forget you told me that this woman trained you to get a stiffy when she made fun of the size of your dick.”

We polished off our drinks in near silence. Kate asked a few more questions, “What’s the hardest she ever kicked your nuts?” and “Did she ever make you pass out under her ass?” and “Did anyone ever ask about your pet names when she used them?”

I answered them all, and we were both pretty exhausted.

Getting up, Kate said “I got your bed, couch for you killer.” and she walked away. I was asleep before I heard the door close, and I’m sure she was too.

“WHAT IN THE FUCK SCOTTY”, Kate shrilled.

Rolling off the couch, banging my head on the wood coffee table, I woke out of a dead sleep. I stood up, and in an instant knew why Kate was screaming. I was naked as a newborn baby.

“WHAT IN THE FUCK SCOTTY,” Kate yelled again. “COVER UP JEEZ” and I dove for the tiny blanket on the couch.

“Sorry, Kate, so sorry, i musta got undressed as I was sleeping. Shit, I’m so sorry.”

“I’ll say. Sorry little fucker you are. And I’ll tell you another thing,” she spat like a machine gun “Peggy was generous calling you TicTac” and she stomped back into my room and slammed the door. (…To be continued?)

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