A Weekend With Renata: Saturday Night

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Authors Note:

“A Weekend With Renata-Saturday” is the 2nd part of the trilogy sequel to my story “Renata Gets A Ride”. I had intended for “Renata Gets A Ride” to be a stand alone story, but because of the number of readers it accumulated I’ve decided to do sequels because “hey I never know when to leave a good thing alone…” [chuckle] [chuckle]

“A Weekend With Renata” will be a trilogy of stories, “Friday”, “Saturday” and “Sunday”. Only now because of it’s length I the “Saturday” as 2 parts. I’ve split the “Saturday” story into “Saturday Morning” and “Saturday Nite” to keep the length of them short enough to read quickly.

I won’t be spending much if any time referring back to the first Renata story, so if you haven’t read it you should do so now, just to help maintain continuity while reading the Weekend Trilogy. And if you’re reading this third story of the “Weekend trilogy” then I assume you’ve read the first couple.

~~Thanks, Lestat2k02

Saturday Afternoon

Rolling through the main room of the cottage I was trying to decide between transferring to the recliner or the sofa, so far the entire weekend had been spent in the recliner so I chose the sofa. I picked one of the ends to sit at and settled in and waited for Renata to emerge from the bedroom. Renata and I hadn’t napped that long before she suggested that I get cleaned up and wait for her in the other room. So here I was, waiting for lovely young Renata to appear and wondering what she had in mind for us. Her school uniform and the little girl in the Barbie Princess nightie had both been really sexy and quite enjoyable. It didn’t make any difference I could have wondered for days and never thought of what I was about to see, I suppose that just knowing Renata was going to appear was the important thing, that might be wearing just about anything or totally nothing or anything in between was just a bonus.

Knowing that Renata might be wearing anything still didn’t prepare me for what happened next. I heard the door to the bedroom open then I heard the skipping steps of my lovely young companion’s shoes hitting the floor. I turned to look and see what I was in for and knew immediately that I was right earlier when I thought that I wouldn’t be prepared for what I saw. Green socks almost up to the knee, a green skirt, a green vest, a white shirt, shiny black shoes from her school uniform, flopping pigtails and a green beret. In my mind I could hear myself screaming, ‘a Girl Scout uniform, holy freak’in cow, a Girl Scout uniform…’ Renata certainly knew how to put together a fantasy weekend and I was glad to be only half way through my weekend of fantasies. Renata was 18 and a half, but she had so far spent the weekend trying to look younger, actually dangerously younger and this was the best yet. This was better than her school uniform and maybe even better than the Barbie Princess nightie, god almighty I thought to myself, a Girl Scout. Renata was a small girl, that’s for sure, but where did she get things like a Girl Scout uniform, but then he remembered that there was a girl in his youngest daughters class that had been 5′ 7″ when she 10 years old so at five foot zero Renata probably just had to look around to find a uniform that would fit her. Without a doubt Renata had surpassed all her previous efforts at looking young with this outfit, dressed like a Girl Scout she looked seductively childlike, this was going to be a fun game, that’s for freak’in sure.

Renata skipped over to the end of the sofa where I was seated. She leaned on and over the arm at the end of the sofa, her sunshine smiling face was just inches from me.

“Hi Mr. Mason, would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies.” Renata had a huge smile on her face and I could tell that she was really pleased with herself and with the effect her outfit was having on me.

“Ange says you really like the thin mints.” Renata turned and sat on the arm of the sofa, she was looking down at me grinning and waiting for my answer.

“Well Mr. Mason, is that your favorite flavor of Girl Scout”, there was a notable pause before she continued, “cookie?”

Renata spun around, she was still sitting up on the arm of the sofa, but she stretched her legs out past me so her feet were on the cushion next to me. “Well Mr. Mason would you like my cookies? To buy my cookies I mean.” she said, her voice taking on just a hint of seductiveness and her face still sporting her brilliant smile.

I laid my hand on Renata’s leg, way down by her ankle and started massaging her through the fabric of her green Girl Scout knee socks.

“Mr. Mason, our scout leader says we should never let grown ups touch us. So you should move your hand” Renata said.

“Really”, I said while I continued to massage her ankle with my hand, “I’ll by cookies if you let me touch you”.

“It’s wrong for grown ups to touch young girls Mr. Mason, you know that. It’s naughty, you’re being naughty and your trying to get me to be naughty; good girls, especially Girl Scouts aren’t naughty”

“Well what if I don’t buy any cookies unless you let me touch you?” As she and I were talking I noticed that Renata’s troop casino siteleri number or group number or whatever was “69”. Boy she sure had a knack for details, how long had she been planning this weekend I thought to myself.

“Well Mr. Mason, that wouldn’t be very nice, actually your being really naughty you know that”, there was a pause before she continued, “but, if you promise to buy my cookies then you can touch me just like you are, but no place else.” The longer Renata talked the more coy her voice became and she finished with, “Just where your hand is now, okay. No further up than that Mr. Mason”

“Oh, so I couldn’t so this”, I said as I wrapped my hand around the back of Renata’s leg and massaged her calf almost up to the top of her pretty green Girl Scout knee sock.

“MR. MASON!!!, now stop that, you stop being naughty, grown ups shouldn’t touch good little Girl Scouts like that. You shouldn’t be touching me at all Mr. Mason, so just stop it, stop being so naughty.” Renata’s voice was filled with mock seriousness.

“I’ll buy more cookies”, I said as I moved my hand to the front of Renata’s leg and started moving it in small circles on her bare knee.

“Just because I let you touch my knee Mr. Mason? You would buy my cookies just for that Mr. Mason”, Renata’s voice was dripping with mock innocence and shyness.

“Well maybe some other places too Renata. I mean I like to touch your knee Renata, I really do, your skin is so nice and soft, but you have other things that are a lot more fun to touch”, I said as I let my hand wander higher up Renata’s leg. I was enjoying the feeling of my hand touching the soft smooth skin of her leg when Renata’s hands clamped down on to the hem of her skirt and held it tight against her legs so my hand couldn’t slip under it.

Holding her legs tight together also Renata said, “Not up there Mr. Mason”. She was still trying to sound innocent, but more and more Renata’s voice took on a teasing quality. “Our scout leader said especially not between the legs Mr. Mason. She said never, ever let a grown up touch you between the legs. Yup that’s what she said Mr. Mason, so you just keep your naughty hands away from there.”

“But that’s where I want to touch you the most Renata”, I said, “I’ve never touched a little Girl Scout between her legs and I really want to”. Renata was playing the Girl Scout different than her other games. She wasn’t trying to be as in control with this character as she had been all the other times. She was letting me set the course of events, but she was playing hard to get, the innocent reluctant little Girl Scout, not the confident seductress she usually portrayed.

“I don’t know Mr. Mason”, Renata said, her shy act running hot and heavy now. “I get all funny when I get touched there”.

I lifted my hand from the top of Renata’s leg and moved it to the front of her dazzling white shirt and ran my hand lightly over her chest. “Wait a minute”, I said as my fingers grazed over the front of Renata’s shirt and realized that my cute little Girl Scout was braless. “How do you know that Renata, how do you know you get all funny down there? Who’s been touching you between your legs Renata?” I asked as my fingers grazed over Renata’s unprotected and stiffening nipples.

The sensation of having her nipples touched, even through her clothes caused Renata to whimper a little as she said, “That’s naughty too Mr. Mason, my scout leader says I’m not supposed to let grown ups touch my chest either, that makes me feel funny between my legs too, but not as funny as when I actually get touched between my legs.”

Renata hadn’t answered my question about who had touched her between her legs, but she involuntarily admitted again that she had been touched there. I gently pressed one of Renata’s nipples between my fingers and her clothes as I said, “And touching your chest makes you feel funny between your legs?”

“Mmmm…” Renata moaned demurely, “Not as funny I said, but still funny and that’s why it’s naughty. Grown ups aren’t supposed to make good little Girl Scouts feel naughty Mr. Mason. And you’re naughty to make me feel naughty”.

“Are you feeling naughty now Renata?” I asked as I continued to play with her nipple through her shirt.

Renata’s eyes were closed as she quietly said, “Mmmm… uh huh Mr. Mason I feel naughty.” Renata seemed to suddenly realize that she was letting herself go and said in a louder and clearer tone, “Stop it Mr. Mason, you’re making me be naughty.”

I pressed harder with the palm of my hand all over her chest and felt Renata’s small but firm breast roll under my touch and her nipple harden even more and poke against my palm. Then I pressed harder verbally by saying, “I think you like being naughty Renata and that you like it when I touch you”.

“No Mr. Mason, you’re naughty and I want to be a good little girl, I want to be a good Girl Scout”.

Renata’s Girl Scout shirt was a pullover so I had to un-tuck the bottom of it from her skirt so I could get my hand under it. When I did get my hand under the shirt of my sweet young Renata I found my hand touching a thin tee she was wearing underneath her shirt canlı casino so I had to reach back down to get my hand under it so I could finally cup the small supple orb of flesh that was Renata’s breast.

Once again my touch caused my beautiful young Renata to let out a long moan. I marveled at my ability to cause her to respond like this, that she responded to my touch like this was exciting, it made me feel marvelous, my only regret was that no matter how exciting it was it didn’t cause the physical response in me that it did in Renata. And let me tell you the feeling of cupping my hand around the spectacular little breast of this impossibly pretty young girl should have aroused a dead man.

“Are you a good girl Renata, are you a good Girl Scout?”

“Yessssssss” Renata hissed as my fingers clasped her sensitive nipple and gave it a soft twist.

“No Renata, you’re naughty and you like to be naughty. Now how do you know you get all funny down there, who did you let touch you there Renata?” I kept my voice quiet but firm as I spoke. When I fingered Renata’s nipple harder I made my voice harder and when I softened my voice I softened the pressure on her pretty pink nib that had hardened involuntarily at my touch.

“No Mr. Mason, I’m good, you’re naughty and you’d be in big trouble if my leader saw you touching me like this”. Renata’s hands pulled my arm from under her shirt and she continued, “You make me be naughty Mr. Mason and I DON’T LIKE IT” she announced with mock, but very convincing sincerity.

“If you don’t like it then why did you let somebody touch you between your legs?”

Renata let my hand drop and I placed it innocently on her hip. Pretending to be embarrassed Renata said quietly, “we zip two sleeping bags together and share them when we go on our campouts”. Renata paused, the apprehension in her voice was quite good, she really was a good little actor. She spoke slowly and quietly saying, “and the other girl I slept with talked me into letting her touch me between my legs”.

“Really, another girl huh?” I said stretching out the word really.

“Uh huh”, Renata looked away pretending embarrassment. “But I didn’t mean it” she blurted out.

“Didn’t mean it”, I laughed, “Whaddya mean you didn’t mean it?”

“Well we were teasing each other and tickling and before I knew what was happening her hand was in my panties and her fingers were… Well you know…”

“She put her fingers inside you?”

“Uh huh”, Renata nodded, “and then all the sudden I started feeling funny, dizzy like I was going to fall even though I was laying down.”

The thought of the beautiful young Renata with another girl was unbelievably provocative even though I was pretty sure she was still just acting and making up the story. “And then?” I prodded.

“Then I had a hard time breathing and I was shaking, my whole body, I couldn’t stop it, I was shaking all over.”

As we were talking I had slipped my hand back up the front of Renata’s shirt. I don’t know if she was distracted by telling her orgasm story or what, but she let me do it. I pressed my thumb to her nipple and rolled it against her chest and was rewarded with another of Renata’s adorable little groans. “Ahhhhh Mr. Mason, you’re being naughty again already”

Renata moaned “oooh Mr. Mason, grown ups shouldn’t touch young girls like that.”, but she moved closer to me as my hand continued its exploration under her shirt. Whimpering Renata said, “I want to be good but you make it so hard Mr. Mason.”

My fingers played with one nipple and then another, my hand cupped and caressed one breast and then another. The soft strains of Renata’s whimpers and moans drifted through the air as I fondled her small but magnificent breasts. I wrapped my other arm around Renata’s back and pulled her off the arm of the sofa so she was closer to me. This time Renata did let herself go because there was no protestation as I pushed up the front of her shirt up all the way to her chin and took one of her hard pink buds into my mouth. I kissed it with my lips; it was pink and hard and stood erect from the soft mound of her breast. I surrounded her stiff little projection with my mouth batted it playfully with my tongue Then I pulled it between my lips nibbled on it lightly with my teeth. Each of these touches brought a longer louder moan from my enraptured young beauty. Renata seemed to have given up the game, she was surrendering to the pleasure I was able to giver her. I held a nipple firmly between my teeth and flicked the tip with my tongue which caused my beautiful young partner to call out, “OH GOD!!! Mr. Mason”.

I moved my lips away from Renata’s chest and up to her ear. I cupped Renata’s head in my one hand as the other continued to fondle her soft breast and tweak her hard nipple. I guided Renata’s ear close to my lips and whispered, “Imagine how many cookies I’ll buy if you let me put my hand between your legs”.

“Urrrrgaaaaah…. I can’t Mr. Mason, I can’t”, Renata groaned, “You’ve only touched my chest and I’m already funny down there”.

“What do you mean funny Renata, what’s funny?” I squeezed her nipple a little tighter as I finished kaçak casino my question.

“aaaahhhooooow, Mr. Mason… I can’t let you touch me there, it’s too embarrassing.”

I softened my whisper and brought my lips even closer to Renata’s ears so she could feel the breath of my words and said, “Embarrassing, funny, I don’t understand Renata”, I cupped her breast and stroked her nipple with a mild touch of my thumb as I spoke. “Are you wet Renata?”

“Oooooh Yesssss… I’m all wet down there Mr. Mason, I wet my panties cause you were touching me, now your hand will get all yucky if you touch me there”.

My lip’s kissed the young Renata’s fragilely beautiful ear and let my tongue dart out to jab and play with her sexy little ear lobe. “It’s okay Renata, you let that other girl touch you between your legs, now let me”

“Nooo Ohhh Ohhh”, Deplored Renata, “Please Mr. Mason”

I continued to caress and cup Renata’s heavenly breast with my hand, the feeling of the soft round globe against my hand sent shivers of pleasure up my arm. I stopped kissing Renata’s delicious neck long enough to murmur, “Please what Renata?”

“Please I want something else”, Renata gasped.

“What?”, the one word was both a question and a statement of surprise.

Still catching her breath from her last gasp Renata said, “Have you ever licked a Girl Scout between her legs Mr. Mason?”

I still held Renata’s head in my hand, I turned her to face me and looking her in beautifully soft eyes just shook my head no.

“Do you want to lick a Girl Scout between the legs Mr. Mason? Would you like to lick a Girl Scout between the legs Mr. Mason? Would you like to lick me between my legs Mr. Mason?”

This time while still looking into the sweet young Renata’s eyes I nodded my head yes.

“You will Mr. Mason, you’ll lick me between my legs, really you will?”

I whispered yes this time in addition to nodding. Renata pushed herself back up on to the arm of the sofa and at the same time she did that she slid her panties down her beautiful legs, and flipped them off on to the floor. They were white cotton today. I thought to myself, I hope I get to keep that pair too. Renata pulled the short green Girl Scout skirt up in back so her bare ass was sitting on the arm of the sofa, then she put a leg up on the back of the sofa behind my head so her crotch would be open to me. It was an awkward position and she had to hold on just to keep from falling off. The front of her skirt fell to cover what I had been longing to touch so Renata just said softly to me, “lift my skirt, lift my skirt and lick me Mr. Mason, lick me like you said you would.”

Except for the tone this was more like the Renata I knew, telling me what to do, telling me what she wanted, only now the tone was pleading instead of demanding. I lifted the front of Renata’s green Girl Scout skirt then I had to slouch lower in my seat so I was even with the object of my desire. I leaned forward to bring my tongue closer to the wet fragrant lips of her pussy. As I got closer I could see the thick milk of Renata’s arousal dripping from between the puffy aroused lips of her sweet young pussy. I touched the tip of my tongue to the bottom of the oozing slit formed by those puffy soft pussy lips and licked up. The taste sensation was strong and caught me off guard, chocolate-mint I thought unbelievingly to myself, she tasted like chocolate-mint.

Renata assumed that my stopping after one lick up her pussy was my way of asking what was going on so she said, “body powder, Mr. Mason, chocolate-mint body powder” Renata giggled as she spoke, “just think of me as your own little thin mint.” another giggle and then, “But don’t stop now Mr. Mason, when I said lick me I didn’t mean just one lick, I want more” she added with another cute little giggle.

I licked again, sucking more of the thick warm juice from between the lips of Renata’s divine pussy. I licked her juicy lip’s, I nibbled on them and sucked on them all the while enjoying their chocolate-mint flavor. I kissed Renata between her legs, on the inside of her milky white thigh’s, on her beautifully bare mound, where ever my lips touched her skin I tasted my own personal Girl Scout thin mint. I licked and licked Renata all over between her sensational legs until the flavor was fading away. I used my tongue to lap at Renata’s crotch like I was a dog at a water trough, desperate to quench its thirst.

When my treat was finished, I used the tip of my tongue to fold away the peddles of skin from Renata’s aroused little clit and then I sucked it into my mouth, pulling it between my lips and pushing her orgasmic pearl around with the tip of my tongue. This nudged Renata quickly past the boundaries of control as she exploded in blissful rapture and I spend the next few minutes literally sucking the orgasm out of her. When the storm of my sweet young Renata’s ecstasy subsided she slide down into my lap and wiggled her fanny aggressively into my lap as if to suggest that she wished there was something there that she could use, or that I could use on her. Unfortunately there wasn’t and I just enveloped the gasping young Renata in my arms and held her to my chest. Renata ended her expectant wiggling and after we showered each other with compliments and kisses we lounged on the sofa for a while until it was time to get ready to leave for dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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