Ah Bombay Ch. 03

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It was another hot and blustering Bombay afternoon. Geeta had just finished putting the baby to sleep. She didn’t have any responsibilities until later on in the evening where she had to cook a small meal for herself. All the food was already prepped so she was ready to get going when the time came. The events of the past few days involving Sunny and Priya were on Geeta’s mind all day. It was a welcoming surprise in Geeta’s mind since she had not had sex since her Husband had left for work. She really needed it. Geeta had always been a sexual person by nature. In her earlier years, she would purposely dress provocatively to attract the attention of the neighbourhood. She was hoping that either of the two would show up but they hadn’t. But Geeta wasn’t disheartened. She was always understanding of people’s situation. That’s what people loved about her so much. She was a kind hearted soul that was always understanding of the human situation. And people loved her for it.

This day, Geeta was wearing a green sari top with the usual low cut neckline. Aside from feeling sexy, Geeta preferred the low cut neck because more of her skin was exposed so she could cool down more when she sweat. This particular sari top she was wearing was special. It had sequence and embroidery work done around the neckline. It was a top of a long time friend of hers named Soni that had given it to her during their college days. It had grown a bit small since Geeta had grown in height. The top finished to just underneath her bust. But otherwise it fit perfectly. Also, she wore a typical baby blue sari bottom.

After dying her hands from washing the dishes, Geeta moved to the sitting room. She came in and stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips. Every time she came into the room, her eyes would automatically look at the empty corner in the room. Every other corner of the room was occupied except for that one. She had left it empty long ago because she didn’t have anything to put there. Over the years, the corner remained empty. Geeta walked over to the empty corner, her breasts bouncing ever so slightly with each step. When she got there, she turned around and stood in the empty corner overlooking the rest of the room with her hands on her hips, Geeta began giving some thought as to what she could put there, as she hadn’t given it thought in quite some time. As she overlooked the room, she spotted the chair where her and Sunny’s sexual encounter began. She had moved it there so she could watch TV while breast-feeding the little one. A naughty smile came to Geeta’s face. She crossed her arms causing her breasts to swell and bit her lip as memories of that day came to her. Slowly, her right hand began to travel down her body, over her curves and down over her stomach to her vagina. She caressed it through the silk of her outfit. She slowly took a few steps back and leaned back up against the corner wall and squatted down onto the floor.

Memories filled Geeta’s mind; memories of her pussy being sucked intensely by Sunny, having her milk filled breasts massaged, his hot sweaty body rubbing up against hers. Geeta closed her eyes and caressed her arms and sides with her hands. It was not long after that, that Geeta’s naughty memories began getting her horny. She spread her legs apart and slowly began rubbing her pussy through her sari. Since she was wearing no panties (she rarely ever did) the softness of the silk against bursa escort her fruit gave her a pleasant sensation. Soon, her hands were exploring her entire body. Her nipples became erect as she cupped her hands over her bust, slowly massaging them. She teased her nipples through her sari top, using her fingers to play with them. Her hand then travelled down to her pussy where she teased it with the silk.

Feeling that her sari bottom was getting in the way, she slowly slipped it off and threw it to the side. She squatted back down and spread her legs. Her right hand continued working her clit as her left hand massaged her thighs. She loved teasing her pussy. It gave her an excitement that she rarely ever felt. Her pussy lips began to swell as the pleasure encapsulated her. Her thoughts rushed back to Priya’s encounter of when they had intense lesbian sex. Geeta pictured Priya’s breast rub up against hers, burring her nipples into Geeta’s flesh. The thought of Priya’s sweaty tits molesting Geeta’s breasts drove her wild, instinctively forcing Geeta to move one hand back to her tit where she squeezed her right breast against the left.

It wasn’t long after that Geeta had started to breathe loud and heavy. There was a constant but not yet strong wave of pleasure travelling inside her body. But it was too much for her. Geeta couldn’t tease her pussy any longer. She slowly inserted her middle finger into her fruit. Her head went back and she let out a small moan. Geeta tried to look back down at her pussy but her view was blocked by her breasts which were swelled massively, confined by her sari top. Geeta could feel the heat building up inside her bra and around where the straps where covering her body. She developed perspiration around where her bra was. Not being able to cope with the heat, she reached back and unzipped her Sari top. She then unhooked her bra from behind and threw it onto the bed not far from her. A cool breeze hit her sweating tits and forced her nipples to become more erect. Geeta felt much better with the slight breeze hitting her naked sweaty body. She looked down at her glistening pussy. She smiled ever so slightly. She dabbed her finger against her pussy causing some of her juice to stick. She brought her wet finger over to her breast and slowly spread her juice over her nipple. Another wave of pleasure hit and she tilted her head back and moaned. Adjusting her squatting position, she got comfortable again and got a more stable position against the wall.

Geeta began flirting with her breasts again. She took both her hands and lifted her breasts up and squeezed them together, admiring the beautiful shape they had formed. She squeezed her nipples ever so slightly causing a bit of milk to squirt out. Geeta loved the feeling of milk coming out of her while she was sexually aroused. She continued teasing her nipples with her fingers, making circles around them as her other hand squeeze and manipulated her bust. Playing with her milk filled tits only heightened her state of sexual arousal. She could feel her pussy throbbing underneath her, begging for attention. When Geeta could not continue resisting her yearning pussy, she moved her hand back down and began rubbing her clit. Another intense wave of pleasure overwhelmed her body. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back and brought it down again, opening her eyes and taking a peak through her slightly separated bursa escort cleavage.

The more Geeta teased her pussy and the more she thought about Sunny and Priya, the more her body began to sweat. Her breath had become hot and her moans where quickly turning to short but high pitched yelps. Geeta couldn’t help but picture Priya’s long sensual legs wrapped around her body as they made out passionately together. The thought of her young supple body made Geeta shiver with sexual electricity. Parts of Geeta’s hair began to come undone and came across onto her forhead and eyes. Some strands of hair stuck to her forehead from the sweat. It wasn’t long before beads of sweat began to develop under her brow. The more vigorously she rubbed her pussy, the more intensely she began to breath and the more intense her moaning and yelping began to get.

In an act of self teasing, Geeta abruptly stopped her rigorous pussy massage. She grinded her teeth in pure sexual frustration, opened her eyes and looked down at her pussy. It was as wet as it could get. She spanked her pussy, sending another strong pulse of sexual energy through her horny body. She moved her attention back to her breasts. Adjusting her balance against the wall, she got comfortable once again and closed her eyes and leaned her head back. After moving some of her sweat-drenched hair from her eyes, she put both her hands on her tits and began massaging them once again. Kneeing and rubbing them against each other, thoughts of Priya’s breasts once more filled her mind. She teased her nipples with her index and forefingers, squeezing them ever so slightly. To cope with the sexual energy in Geeta’s body, she open and closed her legs as she played with her breasts, as a futile attempt to gain control of her horniness. Opening and closing her legs only spread her pussy juice around her inner thighs all the while squeezing more juice out of her. The cool air only heightened her sexual arousal.

Geeta couldn’t take it anymore. She finally let go of her tits and reached down and teased her clit. Then with a loud yelp, she inserted her middle finger into her wet pussy. She kept it in there for a few seconds while she got used to the feel of it. She also had to catch her breath as the shear pleasure of her finger inside of her left her slightly winded. After a few seconds of recovery, she began to move her finger in and out. With slow moans emanating out of her, her perspiration began to increase. It wasn’t long before the beads of sweat were starting to fall onto her flesh and on to the ground, one by one. As Geeta finger banged herself, her thumb worked to pleasure her clit. Her other hand worked between her breasts and her thighs. One thing Geeta loved was slapping her thighs with her free hand. And that’s exactly what she did. After teasing her breasts, she moved her hand down to her side and under her leg and gave her thigh a nice spank and a squeeze. This always intensified her arousal and made her feel all the more sexy. While her hand was down in that area, her finger wiped some pussy juice off the inner most part of her thigh and brought it to her mouth where she tasted herself. “Mmmmmmm…” she moaned as the flavours of her pussy invaded her mouth.

As her sexual frustration began to grow, so did the vigorous actions of her finger. Harder and harder she banged herself. And harder and harder she began to breath. bursa eskort At first Geeta tried to contain her moans but the pleasure was too much. Soon she was moaning and yelping loud. Her massive milk filled tits giggled violently with every motion. With her one hand busy working her pussy, Geeta’s other free hand was now freely exploring her entire body, moving from her thighs, to her breasts, up to her lips and everywhere else in between. The room was now filled with loud pleasurable moans and gasps of air. Her bangs fell back down over her eyes. Her entire body was now sweating profusely; beads even dripping onto the floor at times. Her body moved and shifted restlessly as the intensity of her pleasure increased. Her entire hand was wet with pussy juice. Geeta could feel her orgasm emerging.

Geeta banged herself harder now, more vigorous than before; so much so that she could feel the lactic acid build up in the muscles of her arm. Her teeth were grinding against each other as she shifted between moans and grunts. Her tits shook violently. Geeta knew that she was going to come any second now. She took her free hand and squeezed both of her breasts together and pinched her nipple. And that did it. Geeta came to a violent orgasm. Every inch of her body erupted. She let out a loud grunt as the first few waves of orgasm overtook her body. She tightly gripped her right breast which barely fit into her hand. Wave after wave of orgasm hit her like a thunderbolt. Her orgasm was so intense that she lost her balance as her foot slipped, illustrating how hard she was coming. But she managed to regain some of her balance and leaned back against the wall. Her hand was now completely drenched with her sex. Moans, yelps and grunts could be heard from every corner of the house. Geeta’s heart beat raced as it tried to aid her body with her climax. As her orgasm began to subside slowly, she used her free arm to squeeze her tits together, causing them to swell into a massive size. She then massaged her breasts, squeezing them with her hand hard. Geeta took her finger out of her pussy and rubbed her entire upper body with her cum. The floor just underneath her pussy was puddling with fluid. She slapped her wet pussy at least four times which sent electric shocks of pleasure through her pussy, causing her to yelp once more. As the final wave of orgasm came, she got on her knees and knelt down with her hands rubbing her inner thigh, bringing her hands back up her body, squeezing her tits together as tightly as she could sending another wave of pleasure through her body, letting out a loud moan which then completed her orgasm.

Geeta grabbed a nearby pillow that was lying on the floor and held it between her legs, squeezing her legs around it while she sat back against the wall. After she caught her breath and recovered from the thunderous orgasm she had just experienced, she got up and put her sari bottom on as well as her top, without her bra. She felt good. Geeta hadn’t masturbated like that in such a long while. She walked over to the pile of laundry that was lying on a side bed in the open area, her milk filled tits bouncing with every step. Her nipples stuck out of her sari top as the cool wind hit her sweaty body. She found a towel from the pile and walked back to the room where she had just finished pleasuring herself. She got on her knees and cleaned her cum that was on the floor. Her tits swayed and jiggled with every move. After cleaning, she put the towel in the dirty pile of clothes and sat down on a nearby stool. She sat with her legs spread and her arms in front of her causing her breasts to swell. She wasn’t totally satisfied…she was still horny. She needed more…

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