Amy’s Watersport Adventure

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I’ve always been a very experimental girl. Anytime my husband asks to try something new, I always give it a whirl. It excites me when he comes up with new ideas but when my husband asked me to pee on him; I was a little put off and apprehensive. I wasn’t sure what the appeal was but Justin always tried new things for me so I thought I would see how it felt. I did a little research to understand his interest and to find out what might turn him on the most. I discovered there was a whole bunch of things we could do. I wanted to try them all with him. Go for the gusto, right? I began getting comfortable with the idea by asking my husband questions. Over breakfast we talked about different positions, flooding the cave, to drink or not to drink. The more we talked the more interested I became. Justin explained his engrossment with pee play began when he made me squirt for the first time. The hot gush of fluid all over his chest and face made him extremely aroused and he wondered what it would feel like to get his face soaked with hot piss instead.

One Saturday while my husband was working overtime, I decided to prepare a special welcome home for him. I went to the hardware store and picked up a large sheet of clear plastic and two knee high step stools. I figured that it would be easier to use Justin as a toilet if I could set something up that was similar to using the bathroom. I scooted our bed to the farthest corner of our bedroom and laid the plastic out on the floor. The stools were arranged parallel to each other, just far enough apart to fit his head between them. Last, I prepared myself by drinking two liter bottles of spring water. By the time Justin walked through the door, I was ready to burst.

I could hear our front door slam shut.

He called bursa eskort bayan to me. “Amy?”

I was startled when I heard his voice, my heart jumped into my throat.

“In the bedroom babe!” I yelled back.

When he opened our bedroom door, Justin saw me standing in the center of the room. I was wearing nothing but a pair of white knee high socks, a matching lace bra and panties. His eyes widened, he stood, mouth gaping for a moment.

“Well, what’s going on here?” Justin said curiously with blushed cheeks.

“I’ve decided to give the pee thing a try. Why don’t you…uh, let me get you out of that nice suit so it doesn’t get ruined.” I said this in an awkward sort of manner.

Typically I feel very confident when it comes to intimacy with my husband but I felt so unsure about this particular activity that I stumbled when speaking. I took a few steps forward and reached my arms towards Justin to loosen his tie. He stood frozen, letting me take complete control. Justin’s mouth shifted from a shy grin to a mischievous smirk as the initial shock of the situation began to wear off. I unbuttoned his dress shirt and untucked it from his pants.

“Come with me.” I beckoned with one finger and batting eyelashes.

I grabbed Justin by the waistband and tugged him towards me as I knelt down on the carpet and unzipped his pants. For a moment I gently tickled his already semi hard cock though his cotton boxer shorts. I looked up at him sweetly and in a rather cheek way asked if he would like me to put it in my mouth. He looked at me and let out a soft “uh huh”. I licked my lips and pulled out his now fully erect dick to kiss the tip softly before shoving the whole thing to the back of my throat full force. Justin’s head bursa otele gelen eskort bayan fell backwards and a guttural moan escaped him as I continued to slide his cock in and out my watering mouth.

Only a minute or so past before I came up for air. I had been waiting so long and couldn’t hold my urine any longer. I asked Justin to finish removing his clothes while I stood up and moved toward the stools. As I turned my back to Justin and slowly pulled down my panties, I slide my hands down the front of both legs, exposing my ass and bare pussy lips from the back. Justin always commented about how much he loved to see me in that position and I wanted to tease him into a frenzied state. I straddled the stools so my body was squared in the center between them. My slit was spread wide open, revealing my tight, pink fuck hole which was already dripping wet for Justin’s engorged member. I could feel a slight chill from the moisture between my legs touching the open air.

“Put your head underneath me.” I urged.

Justin walked across the plastic sheet and laid face up with his head positioned under my eager, shaved snatch. I felt his warm tongue flick rapidly, up and down and across my now firm clit. Justin rubbed his cock. It seemed to grow larger, firmer and more florid than before. He grunted as I began to howl with pleasure. I felt myself losing control. Piss erupted from me and drenched nearly all of Justin’s head, face and upper torso. The pace of his tug surged as his tightly gripped hand continued to stroke his dick. I cut off my pee mid stream, now highly excited and like my usual confident self, I continued to entice Justin.

“I want to piss all over your dick before I ride it. bursa eve gelen escort Is that okay with you, big boy? I said flirtatiously.

“Please!” He shouted, panting heavily.

I removed myself from the makeshift throne and planted one foot on either side of Justin’s pelvis. For a few seconds I stood, examining him from above. My hands drifted down to spread my puffy, slick lips apart.

“Is this what you want?” I continued to tempt.

“Yes, please!” pleaded Justin.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. For a brief moment, I tried to imagine a waterfall, a babbling brook and a running faucet. In no time at all, I felt myself letting go all over Justin’s throbbing phallus in a messy stream that ran down my inner thighs. Once completely drained, I squatted down to guide Justin’s thick member into me. My entire lower half was sopping wet with warm piss. As I steadied myself firmly on Justin’s cock, I grasped on to two short handfuls of Justin’s coarse chest hair. He grunted in mild discomfort but I couldn’t let go. In one swift jerking motion, Justin clamped his rugged hands onto my fleshy hips and pounded his rock hard dick into my greedy cunt. Each thrust took my breath away.

“Yee…ee…ee…ee…ss…sssss!” I cried as he drilled into me.

Justin’s breathing became erratic. His lower extremities tightened stiffly and started to shake beneath me. I clenched him tightly with my thighs to selfishly secure ever last drop of his thick load inside me. Seeing him cum so hard made me feel ravenous for him. Without even thinking, I knelt down between his legs and began to mouth his softening dick. I frantically massaged my slippery nub with two fingers, whimpering as I came with a full body spasm. In the afterglow of my orgasm, still sitting in a crumpled ball, I looked up at Justin. He pushed himself up with his elbows and into an upright sitting position.

“Come here.” He said softly, pulling me towards his chest.

He brushed the hair from my eyes and tenderly kissed me on the forehead.

“That’s a good girl.”, he said, “That’s a good girl.”

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