Ashley’s Revenge Ch. 03

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The next thing that I remember was being woken up from a deep sleep by the sound of the phone ringing on the nightstand. I opened my eyes and realized that it was now morning. I grabbed the handset and looked at the caller-id display, it was my wife calling.

I took a deep breath and looked over next to me at Ashley. She was still asleep, half-covered by the comforter and still wearing my wife’s black lace babydoll. She looked like an angel in the morning light. I guess last night wasn’t a dream after all.

I pressed the talk button and said, “Hello.” My voice groggy, telegraphing the fact that I’d just woken up. Ashley’s hot, young body started to stir as my wife’s voice drifted in over the phone.

“What, did I wake you up?” she asked, leaving me no time to answer. “Since when do you sleep past nine?”

“Is it that late already,” I yawned, “I guess I just sleep more soundly when you’re not in bed tossing and turning.” Ashley looked up at me with her amazing blue eyes and smiled.

“Yeah, right,” my wife answered.

“How’s Caroline?” I asked, knowing my wife’s sister never seems to go a full day without a new crisis invading her life.

“She’s ok, we stayed in last night and made Margaritas and she told me all about how she was sure that Mike was going to come running back to her any day now.”

“Not if he’s smart, she’s crazy,” I said as Ashley reached over and let her red manicured fingernails slowly trace their way up and down the skin of my arm, sending little shockwaves through my body. “But, it sounds like you two had fun.”

“Yeah, we had loads of fun. How was your night? Did you do anything interesting?”

“I just watched the game, so no, nothing exciting,” I said as my eyes glanced down at the floor where a pair of black lack panties laid crumpled up in a ball. Ashley shook her head and giggled into the pillow before she sat up and arched her back, stretching her long, slender body. Even just waking up with her hair a total mess she looked like a supermodel. She rolled over next to me and used her warm, red lips to softly kiss my neck. It took all that I had to not make a sound as my wife continued talking.

“Who won?”

“I’m not sure, I guess I fell asleep.”

“You’re getting old,” my wife laughed.

“I know, what can I say?” I replied as Ashley softly nibbled on my neck, occasionally letting her soft, warm tongue trace my skin. I took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on the phone conversation and not on the beautiful blonde with me in my wife’s bed.

“Well, Caroline wants me to help her pick out a new couch this afternoon so I probably won’t be home until about 4 or 5. Is that ok?”

Ashley’s nibbled on my earlobe and whispered in my ear, “Tell her to stay away another night or two so I can have you all to myself.”

“Yeah, that’s fine, I was just going to do some reading or watch a movie or something. I don’t even feel like getting out of bed.” I wasn’t lying.

“You’re a lazy bum!” my wife laughed as Ashley slid her way down to my chest, using her soft, warm lips to tease my body as she looked up at me with her sparkling blue eyes. Each little teasing kiss moved her further down my torso by about an inch or two.

“I know, it’s not every day I get this big bed all to myself,” I chuckled.

Ashley kicked the comforter to the floor as she moved her body further down the bed. I watched her as she guided her lips precariously close to my hardening cock.

“Yeah, well at least nobody had to hear you snore last night,” my wife countered.

“I don’t snore, you’re full of crap.”

Ashley looked up at me, her eyes wide in disbelief as she mouthed the words, “You do too snore.”

“We’ll just have to agree to disagree,” my wife said as Ashley’s soft, wet tongue darted out of her mouth and playfully twirled around the head of my cock.

I started to moan and covered it by faking a yawn. I looked down at Ashley, wondering if I could really keep a normal tone of voice if she started really working my cock with that amazing mouth of hers.

“Wake up already,” my wife chided me as Ashley grinned and slid her amazing lips slowly up and down my hardening shaft. I fought back a moan as I tried to reach down and stop her. Ashley slapped my hand away as she looked up at me with her blue eyes, biting her lip and shaking her head slowly from side-to-side to tell me she was in control of the situation and not me.

“I will, just as soon as we hang up,” I said unconvincingly, distracted from the conversation by Ashley who was twirling her soft tongue around my balls while she slowly jerked my cock with her soft hands.

“Do you want me to pick up dinner on my way home tonight?” my wife asked, as Ashley wrapped her lips around my cockhead and slid each and every inch of my rock hard cock deep into her mouth. The sensation was setting my body on fire and it was all I could do to not acknowledge it.

“Yeah, sure, whatever you want,” I said as Ashley sucked on the tip of my cock playfully. Her soft lips escort bayan moving up and down my manhood as I continued to fight my way through the conversation with my wife.

“Oh, and I forgot to tell you yesterday,” my wife said, “Julie invited us over for some big 4th of July barbeque they’re having next weekend.”

“Really? They’re having a party on the 4th? What did you say?”

Julie just so happened to be Ashley’s mom. Ashley looked up at me, no doubt figuring out exactly the party I was talking about and smiled wide before sliding her soft red lips back down onto my throbbing flesh. She gripped my pulsating prick tightly between her soft lips and she bobbed her blonde head up and down, turning her face left and right as she twirled her tongue in the opposite direction.

“What could I say?” my wife answered as I fought back yet another moan, “I said we’d be there. But, with the looks that Ashley has been giving me since I told her mom about her being a drunken pot-head I’m guessing it’ll be a bit uncomfortable. I’m sure she won’t be happy to see us there.”

“Hey, don’t lump me in with you, I didn’t narc on the poor girl,” I laughed, “I’m pretty sure she still likes me.”

Ashley looked up from sucking my cock and nodded her pretty blonde head in agreement. She grasped my cock at the base like she was holding an ice-cream cone and she flicked at the big throbbing head with her hot, wet tongue. Her blue eyes were looking up at me and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Oh I forgot, since she’s tall, blonde and hot that makes me the bad guy here,” my wife said, still annoyed that I didn’t agree with her telling Ashley’s parents about the beer and weed in the first place.

“No, you’re the bad guy because you didn’t have to tell her parents about it. I remember you doing worse things than having a few beers and smoking a joint at Ashley’s age.”

Ashley’s eyes widened again as her deliciously soft lips engulfed my cock and slid slowly up and down my shaft. Her red manicured nails traced the skin of my thighs as her tongue swirled around my cock.

For a moment there was silence on the other end of the phone.

“That was a different time. Plus, Julie is my friend. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t tell her something like that about her daughter?”

“Look, I don’t want to argue with you. I just think Ashley is a good kid who was having some fun with her friends.”

Ashley looked up at me and I could see the mischievousness in her angelic blue eyes. She quickly removed her lips from my hard cock and looked at me, shaking her head slowly from side to side as her hand continued to slowly jerk my cock off.

I saw her lips starting to move so I quickly reached up and covered the phone with my hand.

“A kid? You think I’m a kid?” she whispered.

Before I could answer her, she had her lips back around my hard throbbing cock and she was going down on me with a newfound urgency. While the blowjob she had been giving me was first rate, it was now as if her life depended on her giving me the best blowjob of my life and she was doing a damned good job of it.

Fuck, my wife was still talking on the phone.

“You can think what you want, but I still think I did the right thing. If that means that precious little princess Ashley is going to give me the stink-eye for a while then so be it!”

“Whatever you say dear,” I said, my breathing now a bit labored as young Ashley was devouring my big, hard cock with absolute abandon. Her lips were gripping me tightly and sliding up and down, up and down, faster and harder, her tongue occasionally flicking my throbbing head in a way that made me want to explode.

“Whatever I say? It would be nice if you ever backed me up on something,” my wife snapped, perturbed.

I gripped the soft sheets with my free hand and bit my lip, trying to find the right words to answer my wife. Ashley slid her nails up my chest as her mouth gave my cock the first-class treatment. I watched as it disappeared into her mouth and I felt the electricity as her tongue twirled around my flesh like it was a candy cane as she slid her red lips back off of it.

“I just mean I’m sure everyone will get over it,” I somehow said in a fairly normal tone of voice.

“There is nothing for me to get over. It’s Ashley that needs to learn her place,” my wife said as Ashley dug her fingernails into my chest and slowly dragged them down my skin. She sucked my cock with everything she had. Her soft blonde hair was flying every which way. Her head was moving up and down as she milked my cock with her soft, red lips. Her tongue circled my cockhead quickly then she sucked me deep into her throat. I closed my eyes and clenched my lips shut, somehow staying silent as my cock exploded sending what seemed like liters of my hot, sticky cum straight down Ashley’s throat.

“You’re right, honey,” I said in a soft groan, “Ashley needs to learn her place.”

Ashley glanced up at me, smiling. Her fingernails sliding ever so softly over görükle escort my skin as her tongue was slowly cleaning every drop of my jizz from my cock.

“We can talk about it when I get home,” my wife said.

“Ok, have fun picking out furniture.”

“I love you,” my wife said.

I looked down at Ashley, her eyes no longer annoyed. If anything she now looked more content than I’d ever seen her look before.

“I love you too,” I said as I looked deep into Ashley’s eyes before hanging up the phone.

“Aww, how sweet,” Ashley grinned, kissing my cock.

“You think? Fuck!” I moaned, finally able to let one out.

“Mmhmm, I do.”

“That wasn’t very nice, you know,” I groaned.

“What?” the innocent little girl voice responded.

“Doing that when I was on the phone, I am not sure how I was able to keep it together.”

“You had incentive,” she giggled.

I took a deep breath as I looked down at Ashley; she was lying between my legs with my semi-erect cock in her hand. Every now and then she’d use that soft, sweet, little girl tongue to flick the head of my cock, just to tease me.

“You know I don’t see you as a kid, don’t you?”

“I don’t know,” she said as she moved back up onto the bed next to me. “I guess I forget that you watched me grow up.”

“And you have grown up nicely, Ashley,” I said as I put my arm around her and pulled her body closer to mine.

“I just don’t want you to see me as some stupid kid,” she said softly.

“I don’t. Not at all.” I looked into her eyes and said, “A kid wouldn’t be able to look as absolutely scorching hot as you do in that babydoll.”

“True, very true,” she smiled. “And, the more I think about it I guess it might be ok for you to call me a ‘kid’ when talking to your bitch of a wife,” Ashley giggled as she snuggled up in my arms.

“Why is that?”

“Because, if she thinks I’m just a kid she won’t see me as a threat.”

I kissed her neck as we laid there on the big bed with the sun now coming full force through the blinds. I let my fingertips trace the contours of her body and enjoyed just being in that moment with her.

“So your wife thinks I need to learn my place, huh?” Ashley moaned as she pressed her body up against mine.

“Mmhmm, she does.”

“Too bad the stupid bitch doesn’t know my ‘place’ is riding her husband’s cock,” Ashley said with a wicked little grin. I pulled her body close to mine and I kissed her softly. My hands slid down her back to her ass where I gave her a playful squeeze.

“There are worse places to be,” I whispered looking into her eyes.

The moment was broken by the chorus of Pink’s “Slut Like You,” which came blaring from Ashley’s iPhone. She jumped up and scampered off the bed and grabbed the phone off of the dresser.

“Hey Linds! What’s up, slut?” Ashley giggled as she listened to her friend on the other side of the phone.

I sat up on the bed, looking around the room and thinking about the improbable night that I had the night before. How did a quite night alone watching the ballgame turn into me fucking the hot blonde goddess standing in front of me?

“Ok, I’ll shower and head home in a few,” Ashley said as she noticed my eyes upon her and she smiled. She twirled around slowly to give me one last look of her in that black lace babydoll that would soon be back safely in the dresser drawer. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” she giggled as she hung up the phone.

“Wouldn’t you like to know what?” I asked, standing up.

“Linds wanted to know where I was, who I was with and if I’d gotten fucked like the ‘dirty little slut’ that I am.”

“Well, did you?” I grinned.

“I’ll never tell!” Ashley giggled as she looked up at me. “Want to help me get undressed?”

I walked over to her, wearing nothing but a smile myself, and slid the babydoll up over her head. Upon seeing her hot, young naked body in front of me my cock sprung fully back to life, Ashley took notice and shook her head.

“Aren’t you old guys supposed to need, you know, reloading time?” she smirked.

“Very funny, little girl,” I smiled, a bit surprised myself at how quickly I was ready to go again. “I guess the guys that need Viagra don’t have sexy teenage blonde girls to fuck.”

“You’re probably right,” she smiled. “That was Lindsey on the phone, as you’ve probably guessed. My mom was already calling over there looking for me this morning so Linds told her I was in the shower.”

“Well then, we’d better get you nice and clean so we can send you home.”

“Not until after we’ve taken care of this,” Ashley said as she reached down and grabbed my hard cock. I loved that she seemed to be getting bolder with each minute that passed.

“We can take care of both in the shower,” I grinned as I took Ashley by the hand and led her into the spacious master bath. I opened the door to the large tiled shower and turned the water on. She looked up at me with her blue eyes, smiling as I wrapped my bursa elit escort arms around her thin waist and pulled her warm body to mine. My hard throbbing cock rubbing up against her body as our lips met for a long, deep kiss.

I stepped into the hot shower and pulled her inside with me. The water was hot enough that the shower was already filling up with steam. The multiple jets streamed the soothing hot liquid onto just about every inch of our naked bodies and it felt amazing.

Our kisses grew more passionate by the moment, my hands were exploring her body and my cock was throbbing like it was going to explode. I spun her body around so she was facing away from me and I wrapped my arms around her once more as I leaned in to kiss her neck.

My big, strong hands slid slowly up and down her teen body, memorizing every spectacular inch. I cupped her firm breasts in my hands and softly squeezed her hard nipples between my fingertips as the hot water cascaded down her body.

“Fuck,” she moaned, leaning her head back towards me as I playfully bit her neck. She could feel my raging cock up against her backside as I slid my left hand down her torso until it came to rest between her legs. As the hot water rolled down our bodies I used my fingertips to find her clit. I traced her little button softly and her body jumped at my touch. I bit down on her neck harder as my fingertips made soft little circles around her clit, causing her to moan loudly.

“You like that, baby?” I whispered softly in her ear.

“Yes,” she gasped, breathing heavily.

I curled my index finger and slowly slid it inside of Ashley’s waiting pussy. I guided it slowly in and out while I softly kissed and nibbled upon the soft skin of her neck. My other hand slid from breast to breast and squeezed her hard nipples. She was having trouble staying on her feet as my finger slid in and out of her steaming wet furnace of a pussy, which I swear was hotter than the water coming from the showerheads.

I pushed her sexy body forward until she came in contact with the cool tiled wall. She moaned as her firm breasts pressed up against the tiles and I continued to finger fuck her tight little teenage pussy with my index finger. In and out my finger slid as she let out soft little yelps of pleasure. I added my middle finger to the mix and the yelps became screams.

With my right hand I reached up and I gathered a handful of Ashley’s wet blonde hair. I gripped it tightly and pulled her hair back as my fingers slid in and out of her dripping wet pussy.

“Fuck yes,” she moaned.

I tugged her hair back harder and pounded her little pussy with my fingers. I rubbed her clit faster using the base of my thumb to make quick little circles around her hot button.

“Oh my God, yes!” she screamed.

I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Cum for me, you little slut.”

Ashley let out a long moan and her body started shaking. I could feel her tight little pussy gripping down on my fingers as they slid in and out of her faster and faster. I tugged her soft blonde hair back and nibbled on her neck as she exploded.

“Holy fuck!” she screamed out as her knees started to buckle. I pressed her harder against the wall in order to hold her up as my fingers continued their assault on her tight pussy. I tugged her hair back hard and continued kissing and nibbling on her neck until her orgasm subsided.

Ashley gasped and took a deep breath as I slid my fingers from her tight wet pussy. Her young body collapsed into the wall as she moaned and tried to catch her breath. I released her hair and wrapped my arms around her body as the hot water continued to flow over us.

“Wow,” she groaned.

“Yeah, I am pretty good,” I grinned. My hard cock still raging and pressing up against Ashley’s body as we stood in the hot shower.

“I thought we came in here to take care of you,” she said softly.

“We did. We’re far from done, my dear.”

“Oh?” she groaned as I let my fingertips find their way back between her legs. “I don’t know if I can,” she said as I slid my finger back inside her tiny little pussy causing her to let out a high pitched moan.

“Oh yes, you can,” I growled out as I slid my finger slowly in and out a few times before I slipped it free and moved my hands to her hips. My cock was throbbing as the hot water pelted us from all directions. I guided my cockhead to her pink pussy lips and teased her by sliding it in just an inch before pulling it right back out again.

“Fuck,” she moaned as I repeated the little teasing fuckstrokes, slipping just the head of my prick in and out of her tiny little pussy.

“You like that?” I groaned, holding firmly onto her hips.

“Mmhmm, I do,” she whimpered.

“Good girl,” I said as I slid my raging cock inside of her again, this time about two inches deep before I pulled it back out of her. I wanted to fuck her so hard but I was having so much fun teasing this young little slut.

It only took another few strokes before she looked back over her shoulder at me through the steam and I could see the lust in her blue eyes. “Fuck me,” she begged.

“But you need to go home, mommy is waiting,” I smiled.

“Please fuck me,” she moaned.

“What a dirty little slut, begging for married cock,” I groaned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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