Aunt Cathy Pt. 17

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{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

I can see how people get into the limousine life, kicking back, gorgeous women, room to stretch out, a bar, movies. Not a bad way to travel. We didn’t use the bar, (on the way there at least), that big bottle of bubbly, (tell me Bing Crosby would have not nailed that as a song title) was still being dispensed right up until we got to the club. Whatever Dad had planned, pulling right up to the club doors wasn’t part of it.

“I didn’t plan this.”

He didn’t know it, but the door man/bouncer/owner was a buddy of his from when he used to do freelance construction in the lower parts of the States. He’d seen the seating arrangement and had pinpointed pops name. Inside we heard soft taps on the window, so mom lowered it. “You all the Whities?” My parents knew the voice immediately, me and Cathy got a little wide eyed.

Carl was big, black and loving every minute of dad’s shock. Being a friend to my old man, we got the star treatment. Door’s opened, the ladies were helped out with a white gloved hand, dad fumbled a bit on the way out and Carl gave him the rib. ‘old man knees there pop?’ ‘right Into your balls if you don’t shut it jack.’ Lots of bro hugs, mom let out a squeal when Carl lifted her by the waist. We almost got escorted past the line inside before I heard,

“How much your family paying the help razz?”

Doug Dawson (not making that up) of the ‘City Wolves’, and his arm candy, were glaring at us from in line. He hated me, and I hated him, here’s why. We were both the itching powder for our respective teams. My problem with him was I knew it was just part of my game, he carried it around twenty-four seven. When our lines matched it was never pretty, that high-stick tooth gap was a direct result of his hot head. (Light bulb) Shit, I might actually owe that asshole a thank you.

Whatever. His family had the bucks, so there was never a second when I thought he was fooled into thinking we owned the limo. But his look when he saw all of us dressed in our finery was priceless. Cathy leaned over as we walked, “Isn’t that one of the snoots from the restaurant?” Almost broke my jaw smiling, “It was.”

When we got in the door dad handed me one hundred dollars in Tens and Fives. “For tips. Keep two tens for the hat check girl, one when she takes your coats, one when you leave. Tip the waitress a ten, the fives to the bathroom attendant, not every time you see them though.” Dad was in an element I didn’t know he was so in control of, I was impressed. My old man, a high roller.

(Contextual. My family fought for everything that ended up on the table or in our lives. Hundred bucks might not seem like much; I don’t know anyone that would turn down two tens or a couple of fives though.)

We weren’t really at a club; tonight’s festivities were being held in a building used for everything from huge weddings to rodeos. Basically, it was a sound and light enhanced rink with tiers replacing stands. Carl tokat escort had really done it up tonight. A full band stand, cigarette girls, high backed booths, It was rat pack era Las Vegas the largest city in Nevada, with all the glitz, glamour and sex appeal it had in the day.

Cathy gave me a deep strong buzz on my toy. Fair enough here’s one for you too.

MY DAMN PHONE! She put her arm through mine, it only took one look at her to know I’d been had, she was gloat grinning unabashedly. Mom was leading us to our booth with a strange glint in her eye. After this morning I wasn’t so sure she wasn’t in on this. That thought became worse when as we sat down, she stumbled landing her hand right on the hard on Cathy had caused. That club was not cold, yet moms’ nipples were rock hard.

The phone, my phone, was at home on the bathroom counter. The counter Cathy had me up against as she did all she could do to make forget about what she was actually doing to make me forget what she was actually doing. (that makes sense actually. Dropping the actual’s, sorry) With everyone around I had no way to give the death, dagger look she deserved.

Sob was never a quiet kind of guy, so when he saw me, the whole place knew he was here. “YO RAZZER!” I guess he’d won tickets off the radio and brought his mom. He looked good in his suit; his mom was incredible.

On the ice you need to have ways to talk without speaking, sob was checking out my mom, he knew I was checking out his, so we both flared are nostrils, a version of ‘damn bro’. His mom did not look like a hard drinking, lonely divorcee tonight. She was a brunette version of Veronica Lake with a Jessica Rabbit styled dress, gloves, and fur wrap, and oh man she had the body to make it all work. A Fifty’s censor’s nightmare. Sobs mom was a E.m.t, talk about women in uniform.

Dad asked where they were sitting, when he found out they were in the rafters, that got nixed and they moved in with us. Cathy and mom had picked seats that let us see everything, but also left an open an aisle to the dance floor, it also made sure, now us three men, had to hand hold them as they stepped down to dance. When the band started Moon Light Serenade, sob’s mom made sighed a wistful comment.

“The most romantic slow dance ever conceived.”

Off the ice, but in a rink of sorts, dad proved he fit right in with me and sob’s line.

“Well, we should dance.” He took Cathy’s hand.

I said, “Sounds right to me.” and took sobs mom’s hand.

Leading our partners to the floor I heard sob, very gallantly say to my mom, “Not often they screw up so bad I win by default.” Mom was still rosy stepping on the dance floor. Where the fuck was, he getting this stuff from, practice for Bonnie?

“He’s changed huh?” Sob’s mom was talking to me, but not looking my way.

“Yeah, he’s definitely breaking his shell for red.” Shit, not smart, sobs mom didn’t know about Bonnie, how was I going to explain red?

“Relax tokat escort bayan razz, I know about Bonnie. Busty redhead, works at the license, totally fuck hot, a bit kinky. Got a friend in the po-po, he ran the number on the note for me.”

“Oh. She really does like’s him mam. I know she’s older…” I got cut off.

“First off, my names mary, not mam, second, you don’t have to sell me, I’d do her myself given half the chance. Sobs changing for the better, he needs to…get more than just me in his life.” Those last eight words dripped in double entendre; I kept my mouth zipped. “Your mom sure looks hot tonight; didn’t realize she was built so nice.”

“Seems to be a lot of that ‘hot mom’ thing happening tonight”

“Mmmmm, do tell razz.” Mary had a smile on her face and a glint in her eye, I wasn’t about to take that away.

“Yes. You look smoking hot too mary, just hope I don’t pinch your ass. That’s the problem with zippers, they open to damn easy.

After I’d stupidly spilled the beans about the pinching incident, complete with the Cathy part, mary had one eyebrow raised checking over my aunt. “Oh really? Tell me razz what do you boy’s talk about when your together? Sports? Cars?” She let out the next one with a ‘so how much do you know’ chill. “Sex? Who’s doing who?”

Somehow my sleeve went off in a preset pulse of patterns not even I could have designed to be more devastatingly inducing to my cock. Two seconds tops and I was jade hard. Where the fuck do hide a phone in a dress like that anyway, (I’ll tell you where, in the elastic at the top of a thigh high) Cathy had that wicked smile on when I looked over at her.

You couldn’t have rehearsed what happened next.

Behind me, and simultaneously behind mary, two couples lost their footing, me and sobs mom got mashed together tighter than a bear trap. What’s the problem you ask? Gut reactions. My hands went up in front of me, mary’s went down like she was about to hit the floor, in other words, I had those awesome hangers in my mitts, while she had my throbbing member pushed into her hands.

Course it just got worse from there. Through a bra, and a dress, I felt her nipples poking into my palms, yeah, they were that fucking hard, and I got that much harder for it. For the second time today, hot breath scorched my ear, “My fucking hell, you got a really nice cock.” Annnd just like that were pulled apart amid a cacophonous sea of apologies and good-natured laughter heading back to the booth.

The booth turned out to be a bad scene for mary, everyone, including her son had a stupid ass smirk on their face. They’d all seen what happened, but instead of being adults, they had to snicker like a bunch of pubescent children. Mary quietly excused herself to the ladies’ room, I didn’t want to be a downer but that pissed me off, so they got a piece, “Nice going guys, all your parents know you kids are out? Cathy muttered shit before going off to find mary.

She found escort tokat her, or rather heard her first, quiet sob’s drifted from the last toilet stall. “Hey girl? It’s Cathy, razz’s aunt. Please come out, I’m SOOO sorry.” My aunt has the ability to people whisperer when she needs to. Wasn’t really a need for that, mary was a grown ass woman and didn’t play wounded debutante. When the stall opened Cathy whispered, “Oh god, your makeup, come over here.”

Even though it was Cathy and the others that had caused the streaked eyeliner, sobs mom still apologized. “Sorry, it doesn’t take much wine to turn me into a blubbering idiot.”

“Tell me about it. Wine and champagne, I’ll gush like Niagara Falls over a broken pretzel stick. Maybelline should pay me for field testing their waterproof mascara.” That got a laugh from mary. “We shouldn’t of thought it was funny, but you should of see the look on razz’s face. He’s going to be having wet dreams about those titanium tipped titties of yours for months.”

“My what?! Oh my god did you just say titanium tipped titties? That’s the funniest shit I’ve heard in months.” That broke, crushed and melted the ice between them. Mary blushed “Unfortunately he has another sensation to think about, I got a good handful of that rocket between his legs.” Mary’s mind replayed her whisper. “Oh my shit, I told him he had a really nice cock.”

Like I said my aunt has a talent for feeling folks out, her feeling for mary was she needed a confident, and she was trustworthy. “You should see it out of his pants and throbbing, can’t keep your mouth off it.” Mary could only blink her eyes trying to find a response, twenty-tons of bullshit had the potential to be erased from her shoulders.

“You and your nephew? Have sex? Together?”

Cathy giggled,

“Kind of hard to do it apart, well in a really satisfying way I mean. We haven’t done the deed yet,” The finger with the ring on it came up. “Waiting on that, and it isn’t easy.” The tears started to fall from sob’s mom again.

“Oh shit, your make up job.”

“Hey you, field tester, remember? Talk to me.”

Two years of metal anguish blurted out, “Me and my son have been having sex for years I love it and god I cum so hard sometimes my eyes roll I’m not messed up he just we just fuck love so good.” Mary gave her head a shake, ” What the shit did I just say? I don’t even know you.”

“You know a lot more about me than most people. I think what you said was the sound of a personal dam breaking.” Cathy poked mary on the boob. “I hope you don’t live in a condo, bet it gets noisy.” A mental enema, a new friend, and mary was radiating a long, lost lust for life.

“Yeah, a Metal bedframe. You have your Maybelline; I have a preferred customer card with w.d. forty.” Cathy’s turn to bust a gut.

Make up done and satisfied the pokie queen wasn’t going to melt again, Cathy looked in the mirror to touch herself up. Mary sat on the counter digging in her purse. “I know about Bonnie by the way.”

“Ok. And how’s that sit with you?”

“I told sob if he didn’t do her I would.” My aunt smiled getting a little wet with the thought. “Do you smoke, not tobacco I mean. There’s so much cigarette smoke nobody will smell anything.” Cathy moved between mary’s legs.

“Shotgun me.”

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