Beth and Rich Ch. 06

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It was nearing noon on Sunday morning when Beth awoke to find Rich lying next to her on his back still sleeping soundly. Both were naked, but that was how they routinely slept, at least in the years since they had moved to Palo Alto.

The room was warm from sun that had been streaming in the windows for several hours. She tossed the sheet aside, thinking, oh my it’s late. I wonder what time it is? She raised her head just enough to see the clock and felt a brief moment of panic. It can’t be noon, she thought. I’m way late for work. . . Wait! It’s Sunday. I don’t have work. And we were out late last night. It’s okay to sleep in. She sank back into the pillow with a sigh of relief.

Yes, very late, she thought as she remembered the dinner party she and Rich attended the night before. “Hmm, that was really quite the evening,” she told herself as she stretched her long, lithe body. “Oh my. I’m sore.” She suppressed a chuckle so as to not wake up Rich as she thought of how she got that way. She smiled and told herself, “We were very naughty last night . . . and it was delightful.” She felt a tingle in her overworked pussy as her mind replayed scenes from their evening with Harvey and Genevieve.

Beth sat up and swung her long legs to the side so that she was sitting as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and pushed her tangled hair back from her face. She worked her toes in the soft rug of their bedroom letting the events of the prior night run through her head. There had been a lot of fucking, but that had been what she and Rich had expected, or at least hoped for, when invited to an evening with Harvey and Genevieve.

Genevieve was the managing partner of Madrone Partners, a Sand Hill Road venture capital firm Beth had recently joined as an administrative assistant. Her husband Harvey was a lawyer, apparently retired to take up the role of Genevieve’s boy toy. They had first met the couple several weeks before Beth joined the firm, in a sleazy Mission Street X-rated video theater where the two couples had watched each other engage in lurid public sex—Genevieve fucking furiously with a young man she had barely met while Harvey used his cell phone to video them, and later, Rich fucking Beth as she bent over the back of a theater seat while Genevieve watched and Harvey recorded a video using Rich’s phone. When the two women met during Beth’s first week of work they had immediately recognized each other. Neither was embarrassed, and Genevieve had invited Beth and her husband to join Harvey and her for dinner, implying there would be more of the lewd conduct the two couples had so enjoyed on their first meeting.

Beth pushed her long red hair back behind her shoulders and walked naked across the soft rug to their bathroom, her large breasts swinging softly before her. The bedroom windows were open, but she was confident that no one could see in, and her comfort with her naked body had reached a point where she didn’t really care that much. A number of people had seen her naked on several recent occasions, and every time it happened she came to enjoy it more.

Actually, she thought, it’s not that I don’t care if people see me naked. I do care. I enjoy it—when I want it to happen. It’s that I no longer feel like I’m committing a sin when I flash someone. There is still emotion in exposing myself to strangers, either naked or just dressed in a trashy sort of way for the situation, but the emotion, instead of guilt, is a rush from doing something a lot of people would disapprove of. I’m getting away with something. My, how my outlook on life has changed since Rich and I left Ohio.

Beth and Rich had both received a strict religious upbringing in Ohio, taught that sex was something to be engaged in as infrequently as possible and only for the purpose of procreation in a monogamous marriage. About the time they had moved to California, Beth had decided that there had to be some major improvements to their sex life. She and Rich rejected the preaching of their childhood minister and the strict upbringing received from their parents. Their life had changed since they moved to California. Few of the sexual constraints they were raised with applied now, with the possible exception of monogamy. “We kind of blew past that one last night,” she said to herself with a smile.

Beth stood in the shower letting the warm water cascade over her, replaying in her mind their decision to accept Genevieve’s invitation to what would almost certainly be an evening of spouse swapping debauchery:

* * * * *

Beth had accepted the invitation a week or so earlier, confident that she would have no difficulty convincing her over-sexed spouse to join in. When she initially told her husband of the invitation, he grinned lewdly saying, “Oh that could be interesting. Very interesting.” But he hadn’t really responded yes or no. He simply swept her into her arms and carried her off to bed for the evening’s second round of sex.

Later, after they had made love and were laying naked in a spoon bahis siteleri position, Beth had asked him point blank, “Rich, I told Genevieve we would join them for dinner next Saturday. Are you okay with that?” She was repeating herself, but he hadn’t really responded before.

“Sure. Why not?”

“You do realize that Harvey will want to seduce me? He will want to fuck me.” She was being as blunt as she could be to make sure Rich understood where they were headed.

“So you want to let him seduce you,” he asked. “You want to fuck him?” he said, returning her bluntness.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Actually, I want to seduce him.”

“That shouldn’t be too hard. Do I get to watch?” he responded. “Honestly, it was pretty hot watching him feeling you up that night in the bar.” Before they found Harvey and Genevieve in the X-rated theater, Harvey had tried to pick up Beth in a bar at the top of the St. Francis Hotel. Rich had watched from across the bar without intervening.

“Oh, so you liked that did you? I thought that big bulge in your pants was just from that buxom little waitress flashing her tits at you?”

“Well that too,” Rich admitted. “But honestly, there was something so hot about watching you and Harvey, not knowing how far you would let him go in such a public place.”

“So how far did you think I would have let him go, if Genevieve hadn’t arrived and intervened?”

Rich laughed. “That was almost as entertaining as watching his effort to seduce you. She was pissed. He was supposed to meet her in the lobby and instead she found him in the bar trying to seduce you.”

“So you liked watching another man seducing your wife?”

“Yes,” he growled as he reached around her and began to fondle one of her breasts.

“Mmmm. That feels good. Are we going to try for a third round tonight?”

“Maybe,” he said. They lay in silence a Rich fondled one and then the other of Beth’s tits, their conversation briefly forgotten or at least suspended.

“So you also liked it when you watched me fucking Cynthia’s husband, Jameson, the last night we were at the nudist camp?” Beth asked, returning to the topic. Recently Rich and Beth had learned to their shock that their respective parents were long time swingers who had hidden their hedonistic lifestyle from their children until a year and a half ago when they had taken the young couple with them to an “adults only” nudist camp.

“Yes, I told you I did. I know I was fucking his wife at the same time, but the whole thing was the most erotic experience I’ve ever had and watching you was a major part of the experience.”

Beth laughed. “It was pretty hot,” she acknowledged. “I only asked because when we were in the airport the next day we both wondered if we had gone too far.”

“That’s true,” he shrugged. “But I think it may be time to try it again with another couple and see if it works as well as it did before.” Rich paused and then said, “Uhm . . . “does this mean I get to fuck Genevieve?”

“Rich you are such a dirty boy. Yes, you can fuck Genevieve, but I want to watch. You just want to get behind her and fuck that big round ass of hers like that kid did in the theater,” Beth said. As she spoke she could feel Rich shifting his position, his suddenly recovered prick sliding between her legs. Beth adjusted herself so its head was poised between her lips on the verge of penetrating her for the third time that night.

“Of course you can watch. In fact I want you to. It will make it hotter that way,” he said.

“Just so we’re clear on this, we are going to Harvey and Genevieve’s on Saturday and if they want to have sex, we are both okay with the idea?”

“Yes,” Rich hissed in response as he slid his cock deep into her hot wet pussy.

“Ooh!” she gasped. “Then I guess I know what we will be doing next Saturday night. Oh that’s nice.”

“And you?” Rich asked, seeking assurance one more time. “Are you okay with a swap with Harvey and Genevieve? With me fucking Genevieve?”

Beth flexed her cunt muscles surrounding Rich’s prick in a silent response.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Rich said as he began stroking his cock in and out of her. No one said much of anything coherent for the next ten minutes.

* * * * * *

Beth finished toweling herself off following her Sunday morning shower and then walked quietly back across their bedroom. Rich was still sleeping soundly. The sheet had slid completely off the bed when Beth had arisen so Rich was sleeping in the nude on his back. Beth stood looking down at him thinking how beautiful he was and how much she loved him. Yes, she had sex with both Harvey and Genevieve the night before, but it was Rich that she loved. The others were just for her amusement.

She noticed that though still sleeping, Rich’s prick was about half erect, laying like a log alongside one of his thighs. Oh you nasty boy, she thought. What are you dreaming. Are you dreaming about watching me seduce and fuck Harvey last canlı bahis siteleri night; or about Genevieve and I in the sixty-nine; or are you dreaming about fucking me while those two watched us? Or maybe you are dreaming about fucking Genevieve, holding her nice, broad ass with both hands while you rammed your iron cock into her cunt? Or maybe you are remembering our clothing optional dinner last night when we told them about our hedonistic parents and the adults only nudist colony our parents took us too; and they told us about how Genevieve worked as a stripper in a bar near the Oakland airport while she was getting her MBA at Berkeley and Harvey worked as a male stripper in Florida while he was in law school. God those two had some lewd stories.

Beth sat softly on the bed and then rolled to her stomach resting her upper body on her elbows. She leaned forward and picked up Rich’s swollen prick with one hand and then slurped it into her warm, wet mouth. Beth had always wanted to awaken Rich in this fashion.

Rick stirred and then raised his head looking down to see Beth, her wet dark red hair hanging down beside her head onto his thighs, and her mouth wrapped tightly around his rapidly growing prick. Her green eyes smiled as she returned his stare.

“What? . . . Oh wow! Are we still at Harvey and Genevieve’s?” His groggy head was slowly clearing as Beth worked on his prick. She pulled back and caressed the now swollen head with her tongue. He gasped in response.

Beth raised her head for a moment to respond to his question but she kept a hand busy jacking his dick while her other hand fondled his balls. “No silly boy,” she answered. “We’ve been home for hours it’s almost 1:00 o’clock.”

“Really. How can it be this bright?” He gasped again as she sucked his cock back into her mouth.

She sucked hard as she slowly pulled back, letting his question hang for a long moment. His now fully erect cock popped from her mouth, making a lewd sound. “1:00 o’clock in the afternoon.” She said. She immediately inhaled his cock again.

“Oh yeah, right. We got home late last night, didn’t we?”

She ignored his question as she continued to suck on him until she was sure his prick was hard enough for what she really wanted.

“Yes, about 3:00 a.m.” Beth said when she finally released his prick. As she spoke she arose and threw a leg over Rich’s body, straddling his hips between her thighs. Beth moved back and forth letting his hard cock stroke between her lips and brush her swelling clit. Then she rose up on her knees, leaning forward with her big breasts hanging down over Rich’s chest, the tips just grazing him as she moved back and forth. Rich watched, his attention focused on her lovely breasts.

Beth reached back and grabbed his erect prick, lined it up with her cunt, and then sat back impaling herself on it. She moved slowly, groaning as she let the cock slowly slide past the tight, sore muscles guarding her entrance. As Rich penetrated her, Beth leaned back, her long red hair still wet from her shower hanging down her back and her breasts standing out from her chest. Rich was nearly all the way into her now and she felt deliciously full.

Rich flexed his hips increasing the pressure on her abused pussy and she groaned, “Oh fuck. I’m sore from last night.” She carefully pushed back until Rich was fully imbedded in her hot wet cunt. “Hmm. Yes. That’s good. So good. I’ve always wanted to wake you up this way.” Rich started to instinctively raise and lower his hips to stroke his dick in and out, and Beth pushed on his chest saying, “Oh wait, wait. I’m not ready yet. Just hold still and keep me filled up.” She sat back holding her chest out and Rich’s penetration deepened.

“Yes, that’s just right.” She was silent for a long time enjoying the feeling of a fully stuffed pussy before asking, “So did you have fun last night?”

“Fuck yes.” Rich was fully awake now. “And you?”

“What do you think? You were watching me. Didn’t I look like I was having fun?”


Beth was silent as she thought about the prior evening. She had walked in determined to be a slut and by the time the evening was done she had certainly met that goal:

* * * * *

Genevieve had said little to Beth during the week prior to the night scheduled for the dinner beyond simply confirming that the young couple would join her and her husband, Harvey. As a result, even though Beth and Rich were assuming the evening would likely involve more of the lewd conduct the two couples had engaged in up in the City a few weeks before, they were both uncertain as to how to dress. After debating the issue, and engaging in some silly, but not serious, experimentation with various indecent outfits for each, they wore more or less what they usually wore to work each day. For Rich that meant dockers, loafers and a nicely ironed open collar shirt. For Beth it was a flouncy A-line skirt, albeit one a good deal shorter than those she wore to work (it stopped at canlı bahis mid-thigh), and a sweater that molded itself around her large breasts with a broad scooped neck that exposed a good deal of cleavage, again quite a bit more than she would show at work. She also chose a bra that provided minimal support for her breasts allowing them to swing and bounce sensually as she walked. She called it her “jiggle bra.” At the last minute she decided to dispense with her panties. No one would know unless she wanted them to. The lack of panties made her feel positively nasty as they drove over to their hosts’ home in Woodside.

When they pulled into the entrance to the private drive leading to the home, Rich paused the car and looked at Beth. “Are you ready for this?

She reached over and stroked Rich’s swollen but not quite fully erect cock. “Absolutely” she said, ” And it feels like you are.” Then she took his right hand and guided it up under her skirt until his fingers reached her naked slit. He could feel dampness seeping from it.

“Hmm,” he said. “I can see that you’re ready. But I have a question. What if you are wrong and they just want to have dinner?”

Beth laughed. “Are you talking about the same Harvey and Genevieve that we watched fucking in the theater? Don’t worry silly boy. You are going to get laid tonight, and not just by me.” She gave his dick another squeeze through his dockers. “But before we go any farther, I want to make sure you are prepared to watch me have sex with another man or woman tonight? We need to be clear on that.”

“That’s not a problem babe. You just be a slutty as you want tonight. I will enjoy it.”

Beth laughed. “It’s funny you put it that way. I spoke to my mother earlier today and after I told her of our plans for tonight she said, ‘Go and just be as slutty as possible. You will love it. Enjoy yourself.'”

Rich laughed. “Yeah, that sounds like your mother—and mine too for that matter.” He put the car in gear and started up the drive.

Rich’s concerns about Harvey and Genevieve were dispatched when the door opened in response to their ring and Genevieve and Harvey stepped out to greet them. Both were dressed more casually than Rich and Beth.

Harvey was wearing a golf shirt and a pair of light weight, blue running shorts that did a poor job of concealing the size of the “package” hidden beneath them. Harvey was about the same height as Rich. Beth and Rich both noticed his lean muscular body, poorly concealed by his dress. Clearly, he was a man who spent a good deal of time in the gym.

Genevieve was a bit shorter than Rich remembered her being, maybe 5 and a half feet. She appeared to be in early forties, probably ten years older than Harvey. She was wearing a brightly colored silk robe closed with a sash around her narrow waist. It fit her beautifully, the loose material draped over her breasts, accentuating more than concealing. A good deal of cleavage was visible and her bulging nipples showed plainly through the thin material. Her big breasts swung lustfully from side to side as she stepped forward. The sash around accentuated her narrow waist and then draped sensuously over her broad hips to a finishing point well short of mid-thigh. Like Harvey she was barefoot.

Beth whispered to Rich before they stepped from the car, “We’re overdressed, but my mother always told me that it’s better to be a bit overdressed.”

“Is that so?” Rich quipped. “I thought her mantra was, ‘it’s better to be un-dressed.'”

Beth giggled as she slid her long legs from the car deliberately letting her skirt slide nearly to the top. “Rich remember, Genevieve’s my boss. Rich, I want you to be nice to her.”

“Oh, I intend to be very nice to her.”

“Good,” Beth said, matching his sarcastic tone.

Harvey stepped up to Beth and wrapped his arms around her. He bussed her on the cheek while he smashed her poorly constrained boobs against his chest. Then he pushed her hair aside with his head and whispered in her ear, “So nice to feel you again.” He let one hand slide down her back and then gently over her backside until he reached the bottom of her ass. He cupped his fingers inward and gently massaged her as he let his fingers slide between the tops of her legs pushing her thin dress before them. Beth responded by sliding a hand between them and gently stroking his partially engorged penis. She turned and looked towards Rich who was watching them. Her wink told him, “Not to worry, we were not invited just for dinner.”

Rich smiled in response.

Genevieve stepped up to Rich, her hand extended for a business-like handshake, and said, “I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Genevieve Kester.” Genevieve’s formal greeting surprised Rich a bit. It was not what he expected given her casual dress, especially after watching Harvey grope his wife. But, as soon as Rich took her hand she pulled him close, so her big boobs were mashed against his chest and, standing on her toes, whispered in his ear, “I believe we were recently in the same sleazy theater in San Francisco.” She rubbed her boobs against his chest as she let her hands sink to his ass and then pull him tight to her. Rich’s near fully erect cock pressed against her soft belly.

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