Chris’ Adventures Ch. 05

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A couple of weeks passed before Chris and Christy were able to get together with Patty and Rob after that first night when Rob caught Chris dressing up and then Patty and Christy caught their husbands together that same night. Since then Christy had come to accept Chris’ fetish for lingerie and his desire for cock. Christy had discovered that she too had a desire for women after Patty had come on to her. After that first night they all agreed they needed to get together at some point for some more fun.

Unfortunately that time hadn’t come until this weekend. All four of them had been busy with work and other things so they didn’t have a chance to get together and play or talk, but Chris and Christy made up for it by fucking almost every night in the new lingerie they had bought for each other and making good use of their toys. They even shared a few pics of themselves or each other with Rob and Patty, just to keep things interesting. Chris was also pleased that Christy had worked with him to perfect his makeup game so he looked more convincing. A couple of days she had come home from work to find Chris all dolled up in the maid’s outfit, complete with makeup, cleaning the house. The sight turned her on so much the two of them fucked right there in the dining room and kitchen where she had caught him cleaning.

Saturday rolled around and they were getting ready to head next door to Patty and Rob’s for dinner and some hot tub time. They had both been looking forward to it all week and couldn’t wait to head over after running errands all day. Christy hopped in the shower as Chris tended to everything they had bought. She stood under the hot water and let it cascade over her body, relaxing her taught muscles. As she reached for the soap she heard Chris come into the bathroom and he poked his head in.

“Mind if I join you?” He asked.

Before she could answer he pulled back the shower curtain and hopped in with her.

She smiled at him and his naked body. “Looks like you were planning on getting in even if I said no.”

“Well yeah.” He pulled her to him and kissed her, holding their warm wet bodies together as he sucked and kissed her full lips. “It’s always fun with tow in the shower.” He picked up the bath sponge and soap and began to lather it up. Then he proceeded to soap up Christy’s body, paying special attention to her breasts and pussy. She moaned as he cupped her full mound and soaped it up.

“Don’t you get any ideas.” She moaned. We’ve got to the over to Patty and Rob’s house. Besides, I’m sure we’ll all end up naked at some point tonight and getting some.”

“Oh, you think so?” He leaned in and kissed Christy on the forehead. She hugged him close and kissed his nipples sending a shiver up his spine. “Have you and Patty been conspiring?”

“No. But I’m sure we’re all wanting it.” She reached lower and stroked his stiff cock. “I know I am. It’s just a question of who’s going to give it to me.” She looked up at him with a huge grin.

A low moan escaped Chris’ lips. He wanted to see Christy get it from Rob again while he fucked Patty. “You want Rob again don’t you? You sure you still like my cock over his huge monster?” He pouted mockingly as he looked at her.

“Of course I do.” She said as her hands squeezed his cock. “And no, I don’t prefer it over yours. I get yours all the time and you’re so good with it.” She let go of his cock and started to wash up under the falling water.

“But something big to really fill me up is nice once in a while. Besides, I think Patty wants to take you for a ride, she told me so that first night.” She turned off the water and grabbed a towel. The cool air rushing into the shower stall made her nipples harden. She toweled off and tossed a towel to Chris.

He dried off in the stall and looked at Christy “So you’re ok with me fucking Patty?” He knew they had talked about this and she said yes, but Christy had a tendency to have a jealous streak in her. Chris was surprised that the situation they were in now was even possible due to that.

“I’ll have to admit I’m on the fence about it. You know how I get. Patty and I talked it over and I said yes, but we were in the heat of the moment that first night. Now I don’t know.” She pulled out a sundress from the closet and slipped it over her head.

Out of the corner of his eye Chris noticed that she neglected to put on a bra and panties. “Aren’t you forgetting something there?” He motioned to the open underwear drawer that he was now pulling a pair of satin boy shorts out of for himself.

“Not at all. Just because you want to wear them doesn’t mean I have to.” She grinned. “Besides I doubt we’ll be in clothes very long. We’ll all end up in the hot tub and why bother with swimsuits.” She tugged on a pair of sandals for the short walk next door. It was a cool fall evening but they wouldn’t be outside so it was no big deal.

Chris chuckled as he tucked himself into the boy shorts. “True. I’m sure we will. I slip them bursa escort on because I don’t want my cock rubbing the zipper in my shorts or jeans. I don’t think you, Rob, or Patty would want that. No fun for any of us.” He mock pouted as he eyeballed Christy.

Christy sauntered over to him and rubbed his panty clad cock. It was stiffening at her touch through the silky fabric. “Mmmm. So what are you thinking about that’s got you all hard? Are you envisioning fucking Patty?” She gripped his cock harder through the panties.

Chris nodded as his wife gripped his cock. “What do you think? I think sliding my cock between those tits of hers while you sit on Rob would be hot.” He reached around Christy and squeezed her ass and she moaned.

“Oh? Is that all you want to do? My breasts too small for you to tit fuck?” She sighed. Her breasts were smaller than Patty’s and she knew that she couldn’t get hers together like Patty to let Chris tit fuck her. They’d tried a few times and it just didn’t work. She had come to accept it and now that Chris had an opportunity to do it to someone she was wondering how she would react. But the thought of seeing it while impaled on Rob’s cock made the thought even better. Her pussy began to moisten while she thought of Chris sliding his cock between Patty’s large breasts while she had her pussy stuffed. She was broken from her thoughts when Chris reached up and cupped her pert breasts.

“Of course it’s not all I want to do.” He massaged her breasts, eliciting a moan from her full lips. “And you know that I love your breasts. I go straight for them every chance I get in bed don’t I?” He felt her push forward into his hands.

“Yes you do.” She gasped. Her nipples were beginning to harden at his touch. She loved how he could work magic with his hands and mouth on her breasts and nipples. She leaned in and kissed him, her warm lips touching his and her wet tongue sliding into his mouth, tasting him. She broke from his embrace and smiled. “But right now we should get next door. We’ve got a dinner date to make.” She walked to the backdoor and looked over her shoulder, “Maybe if you behave you’ll get to have me tonight too.”

Chris grinned and followed her out the back door, around the hedges that parted their yard with Patty’s and Rob’s and knocked on the back door. The back door was actually the entrance to their four season sun room they had installed a few years ago. To make it look more inviting they planted rose bushes around the perimeter and laid a small patio just off the door. The grill on the patio was going and they could smell the steaks cooking.

Patty answered the door in a knit cover up with a two piece bikini that left little to the imagination. Chris and Christy could see the outline of the red bikini under the white knit top. “Well hello there you two.” Patty chirped as she hugged Christy and gave her a kiss. Christy returned the kiss with enthusiasm as Chris slipped by them and patted her firm ass. She wiggled her ass in return and followed Chris and Christy back into the sun room. “Kick off your shoes. We’ve got a heated floor out here so it’s much nicer to walk around in bare feet or socks, along with doing other things on the floor.” She giggled and looked coyly at the two of them.

“Where’s Rob?” Chris asked as he looked around the room, unlacing his old running shoes and tossing them into the corner. Christy had already removed hers and was holding them. There was a hot tub in one corner of the room near the house on the far side from the door. Opposite that corner was a flat screen TV and stereo system surrounded by wicker furniture. Just inside the door was a wrought iron, bar height, patio table with four chairs, next to that were a couple of chaise lounges and a mini fridge. “I like what you’ve done with the room.” He hadn’t seen it since they’re decorated it a few months ago.

“Thanks.” Patty replied. “We love it out here now that our redecorating is finished.” She walked back into the sunroom holding Christy’s hand and shut the door to the cool fall air outside. “Oh, and Rob’s inside putting the finishing touches on dinner. I’m sure he could use some help.” Patty led Christy towards the hot tub as Chris headed inside.

Walking into the kitchen Chris called out, “Hey there. Need any help?” He sidled over to Rob at the island, taking in his lean legs and tight upper body under those jean shorts and tank top. He popped a sliced carrot into his mouth as he grinned at Rob. Rob smiled back.

“I think I’ve got it under control here. Much like Christy’s got you under control from what I’ve seen.” His eyes twinkled as he looked Chris up and down.

Chris blushed a bit and walked around the island next to Rob. “Yes she does.” He reached down and squeezed Rob’s ass. Rob pushed back into Chris’ hand “But tonight I hope it turns into a free for all.”

“Oh really? So just what shall we do tonight?” Rob dropped the veggies he was cutting and rubbed the bursa escort bayan front of Chris’ jeans, feeling his hardening cock. “Are we just going to sit around and talk all night?” Though he knew damn well that wasn’t going to happen.

Chris moaned. “I think Christy wants to mount you again. And I wouldn’t mind trying out Patty.”

“Oh I think that sounds like fun.” Rob moaned. “I hope we can enjoy each other a little bit though. I’ve been dreaming of that cock for a couple of weeks. Especially with the show you two put on or us after you and I got caught.”

“I think the girls can handle things themselves for a bit while we satisfy those urges.” Chris intoned. “We’ll have to see where the night leads.”

“Well let’s get this dinner going then.” Rob retorted. “The steaks and potatoes should be done. Grab the veggies and dip, I’ll get the drinks and head out to the sun room.”

Chris grabbed the tray of vegies and dip and headed out to the sunroom as Rob fished around in the liquor cabinet for some bottles. As he entered the sun room music could be heard from the stereo and Patty and Christy were standing close to each other in the far corner of the room in their bare feet, looking though the music collection and lowering the shades. He set the tray down quietly and walked up behind the two of them. They were engrossed in conversation and they didn’t hear him. He reached down and put his arms around both of them, pulling them close. “So what are you two planning over here?” He kissed both Christy and Patty in turn and then looked up to see that the shades, when pulled down, completely blocked the view from outside.

Patty craned her neck towards Chris’ face and kissed him back, sliding her tongue into his mouth before she broke her lip lock on him. She heard Christy draw in her breath as she kissed her husband. “Oh nothing. Just giving the four of us some privacy.” She turned and gave Christy a kiss. Patty felt Christy push against her and slipped her tongue deep into her mouth. She pulled away and smiled. “Both of you are good kissers. Hopefully I get to sample more of both of you later.”

Christy sighed. “Oh I’m sure we’ll end up sampling each other later.” She grinned. “I’m pretty sure that’s what we’re all waiting for anyway.” they all chuckled as they headed to the table and sat down as Rob was dishing up dinner for everyone.

“So just what have the two of you been up to since we first got together?” Patty asked as she climbed into the bar chair and sipped her drink.

Christy didn’t hesitate. “We’ve been doing all sorts of things. You saw what we did the day after I caught our husbands together.” Christy grinned and looked from Rob to Chris. They both blushed even though it was all out in the open now. She took a bite of food as they chatted

“I keep him in panties all the time now. It’s pretty damn sexy.”

“I took your suggestion about that Christy. Rob does the same thing now.” Patty reached over and gave Rob a kiss, and stole some food from his plate.

“Oh I’d like to see that. I mean, I’ve seen the pics you’ve sent me but I’d love to see it up close.”

“Me too.” Chris put in as he swallowed a piece of steak.

Patty and Christy giggled. “Well, you’ve seen it already.” Christy stated.

“Up close and personal.” Patty finished.

“Well it doesn’t hurt to want to see it again.” Rob chimed in. They all chuckled. Rob squirmed in his seat, his cock throbbing, and couldn’t wait to strip down tonight to have some fun. “She’s also been talking about wanting to sleep with you again Christy. And she wants to try out Chris tonight.”

Christy squeezed her thighs thinking about sleeping with Patty. That first night was so exquisite and she would love to do it again. “I think we could arrange that some time. Maybe when Chris is out of town.” She took a drink from the glass of wine that was on the table.

“You don’t have to wait that long baby.” Chris interrupted, squeezing her thigh under the table. “You could spend the night with Patty, she can send Rob over to our house for a night. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind.” He shot a look at Rob and smiled. “We could recreate that first night the two of us got together.”

“Oh that would be fun.” Patty squealed. “Minus the two of us catching you right?” She took a large gulp from her beer and sighed.

“Well yeah.” Chris and Christy said in unison.

“You wanted to know what else we’ve been up to.” Chris continued, “She’s got me in panties all day like you heard and we bought myself some lingerie pieces, both of us some toys, AND she even agreed to get me some dresses. So I could explore dressing up all the way.”

Both Rob’s and Patty’s eyes grew wide at that revelation.

Christy swallowed hard when Chris said that. “Um, yeah. I’m still not too sure about that one yet.” She took another sip of her wine. “But I told him we could get a couple of dresses and see how it goes at home, bursa escort kız and then maybe take him out on the town.”

Rob couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This sounded so hot. He looked over at his wife, “WE should try that. It sounds like fun.” Rob reached under the table and adjusted himself in his shorts and panties.

“I think we can arrange that. “Patty gave her husband a look that exuded lust. “And if Christy likes it we can all go out sometime. I’m up for taking you out myself like that.”

Chris swallowed his steak. “Man she came around on that quick.” He glanced over at Christy and thought maybe Patty could convince her to let him do that same.

“Well,” Christy paused, “I have had Chris cleaning up the house in a maid’s outfit. And to be honest it’s pretty sexy. I can’t keep my hands off him when he’s in it. Maybe a dress isn’t too far out there.”

Chris grinned. “Maybe I could come over and clean your house sometime.” He looked at Rob and Patty. “I can provide extra services too.” He laughed.

“And those extra services are excellent.” Christy replied.

“Mmmm. I may have to take you up on that offer.” Patty replied. “But now how about we finish up and get to dessert? If you know what I mean” She dug into the rest of her plate and smiled at the other three.

“Sounds good to me. I’m looking forward to dessert.” Chris exclaimed, looking at Patty and Christy.

They all finished up dinner and quickly took the plates into the kitchen. “Leave them for later.” Rob said. “Maybe maid Chris can come over tomorrow and take care of them.” He grinned at Chris and swatted his ass as he headed back out to the sunroom. The girls giggled.

Chris yelped as Rob swatted his ass. “Maybe I’ll come over and give you two some extra attention when I clean.” Patty and Christy had headed outside as Rob and Chris put away the food so it wouldn’t spoil. When they got back out to the sunroom Christy had doffed her sundress already and was climbing into the hot tub and Patty was close behind. She had already tossed her top onto the floor and was climbing in with Christy and she stood there, back to Chris and Rob. The guys watched as Christy snaked her hands up Patty’s legs, took hold of the laces of her string bikini bottom and untied them. The thin strip of fabric fell away into Christy’s hands revealing Patty’s nice round, taught ass to the two of them and they heard Christy gasp.

“Ohhh my.” Christy cooed. “That’s different.” She sat there eye taking in what was before her.

“You like it?” Patty asked.

Chris was wondering what was going on and looked at Rob, “Like what?”

Before Rob could answer Christy looked around Patty’s smooth hips and smiled at the two of them. “Oh, we didn’t hear you guys come out. Patty has a little surprise for me.” She took Patty by the hips and turned her around.

Patty’s long hair was damp form the steam coming off the hot tub and it clung to her chest accentuating her ample breasts and she stood there, hands holding onto Christy’s at her hips. “You like?”

Rob grinned. He knew exactly what Christy was shocked about. Chris looked Patty over starting at her head. As he reached her groin a smile grew on his face. Her pussy was completely bald. She had shaved herself totally smooth. “VERY nice.” Chris gushed. “I can’t wait to get a closer look at that.”

Christy poked her head out from behind Patty. “The view looks good form here. But don’t get any ideas Chris.” She said reproachfully. “I’m not shaving it all off just to please you. Now Patty, maybe.” She giggled, pulled Patty down into the water on top of her and planted a kiss on her neck as Chris and Rob started to disrobe.

“Ah, ah, Ah” Patty admonished them as she craned her neck to allow Christy to kiss her. “Why don’t you undress each other? We want to watch.”

Christy reached behind her and took the stereo remote from a small table that was sitting next to the hot tub and turned on some music. The sounds of the 90’s band Enigma began to fill the sun room. Patty sighed. “Oh, one of my favorites. This should definitely set the mood.” She let her hands drop to her sides and caressed Christy’s thighs in the water as Christy’s hand roamed over her stomach and chest.

Chris watched as his wife kissed and stroked Patty, oh how he wanted to be doing that to her. Then he looked over at Rob who was taking a step closer to him and reaching for his jeans. Chris took a step towards Rob to close the distance faster, he wanted to get in on the hot tub action soon. When they met, Chris grabbed the hem of Rob’s tank top and pulled it over his head, tossing it to the floor next to the back door. He caressed the smooth, hard chest presented to him and leaned over the kiss his shoulders, eliciting a moan from Rob. They both swayed to the music as he felt Rob’s hands undoing his belt and working the snap and zipper. Chris wiggled his hips to help Rob tug the jeans off him. It was some work to get his jeans down to below his knees without breaking his embrace with Rob, he didn’t want to, but they accomplished it. He shed them the rest of the way by standing on each leg in turn and pulling the other out.

“Oh I like those boy shorts he has on.” Patty commented, turning her head to give Christy a quick kiss.

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