Cuckolding My Father

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This story contains cuckolding, interracial sex, unrealistic cock size and sperm load; also minor pregnancy, anal play and public sex stuff. If any of that offends you, please read no further.

Also, English is not my native language, so please forgive any grammatical errors that may have made it into the story.


As John awoke, he immediately heard them. Their walls were thin and his mind primed to absorb the humiliation.

“Yes, fuck your slut”, she moaned. John imagined that he would stick his big cock into her willing pussy. Them James would grab her voluptuous tits and squeeze them.

“You love my big dick, Mommy, don’t you?” Even through the wall he heard them kissing, wet sloppy sounds filling his mind and making his tiny dick harden.

John got of the little bed that James had allowed him to sleep in and silently went across the hallway. He poked his head though the bedroom door.

The bed rocked back and forth as James thrust his almost ten inches of thick fuckmeat into his wife’s delicate pussy. After their fuck sessions she was always sore for a few hours, but there was no doubt she actually loved the rawness of her sons fucking. It reminded her so much of his father … well, his real father.

James was not John’s child. How could he be? John was starting to bald even at only 38 years old, chubby and had a dick so small it could barley fit into a woman.

When he met his wife Stacy, he could barely believe she wanted to be with him. He was below average even back then and Stacy was a bombshell of a woman. Medium height, golden hair and a body to kill for, complete with a big bust, a slim waist and the hips of a fertility goddess. He thought himself lucky and treated her as best as he could.

Shortly after he met Stacy, there was William. William was big black stud, the kind you see in porn all the time. He was 6’5” with a dick almost a foot long and bulging muscles all over his body. At first John thought that Stacy and William were only friends. Until one evening he walked in on them fucking like wild animals. John tried to get William off his wife, but he just punched John on the shoulder. So he watched from the carpet, his shoulder either broken or at least disjointed.

After William had cum twice, once all over his wife’s face and tits and then – just minutes later – inside of her, he left and was never seen or heard from again.

Nine months later she gave birth to James. There was no doubt about him being not from John. On one hand, John hadn’t slept with his wife in over a year by this point. On the other hand, James looked nothing like his father, which became more and more clear as he grew up.

For starters, James was clearly the son of a black man and a white woman. His skin was dark and his features looked chiselled, although they had a certain softness to them.

When he was twelve James started working out. And it paid off, big time. Soon he had muscles covering all of his body, a thick back, impressive chest and a sixpack made of steel.

His penis, even as a boy an impressive 4 inches, grew longer and longer the moment he hit puberty. And it wouldn’t stop. By the time he was 16, he was already eight inces – double the size of John.

On his 18th birthday Stacy measured the cock of her son. By this point, there was no reason to call it a penis anymore. At a strong eleven inches, the thickness of a female arm and blessed with the sexual prowess of a sex god, there was just one way to describe James’ equipment: A big black cock.

That same day was when Stacy started fucking him. Or did he start to fuck her? John couldn’t quite remember, but by dusk they were already on their second round. And they didn’t stop until way past midnight when Stacy had had at least a dozen orgasms and James coated every part of her body with his semen.

Now, about a year later, John peeked through the bedroom door. James was sliding most of his big cock into his mother and grunted with every thrust. But his noises were completely drowned by the wails and moans of the woman before him. Only occasionally would he lean forward and kiss her shut her up for a moment, only to kiss his way down to her big tits…which caused her to moan even louder.

John looked transfixed at the two naked bodies gyrating against each other.

James noticed and turned his head. “Hi, Dad”, he said casually, not for a single moment interrupting the pistoning motions of his dick. “You got breakfast ready?”

His father, John, shook his head slowly. Inside, he felt his stomach churn. He knew that James wanted him to be a good house-slave and tend to all his needs. After all, his mother was either fucking with him or too exhausted from the fucking to do almost anything.

“Good”, said James and Beylikdüzü escort gave his mother three hard strokes, bottoming out with each one.

Did he mishear just now?

James saw the confusion on his dad’s face and clarified: “I wouldn’t have time for breakfast today anyway. Mom and I planned a few special things today and there is no time for eating scheduled in there.”

He thrust deep into his mother and diddled her clit.

“Fuck, baby”, she moaned and grabbed his strong arms.

“You can watch, if you want.” James gestured for him to come in.

Without another word John got in, closed the door and sat on a small chair in the corner. Actually it was where his wife usually did her make-up, but lately it was his place. At least two times a day his son would fuck his darling wife, and at least once a day he would watch from this very place.

“Oh, fuck!”, James’ mother moaned. She looked over to where her husband sat, then turned to her beautiful son. “He looks like a creep, watching us.” She kissed him, her tongue snaking all across is teeth, lips and gums. “I love it!”

“You know, dad, three things will happen today.” James nibbled on one of his mothers nipples and licked all around her bossom, before he continued. “Mom and I have been talking. She wants another baby, or to be exact: We want another child. If it’s be a boy, 18 years from now we will fuck her MILF body together.”

“OH YES!”, Stacy whined and bucked her hips wildly.

James grinned. “She is all for that, as you see. And if it’s a girl, I will have not only a mother to fuck, but a sister as well. A ripe body and a firm young one to milk my cock all the fucking time.” He shivered visibly at that thought.

His cock seemed to do something at this point as well, as Stacy rubbed her clit feverishly and came with a deafening cry of ecstasy.

“That is our first goal of the day: Fill mom up with as much spunk as possible, get her belly swollen and a little sibling by the end of the day. Secondly, I always wanted her to take it up the ass. But we currently have no lube at home…” He shrugged.

“But baby”, his mother gasped from beneath him, “without lube I will never be able to fit your huge dick in my little asshole.”

James grinned mischievously. “That is where you come into play, dad. You will get her shithole nice and ready for me. If you do a good job, I may let you watch her first time anal.”

“But she already did it with me once, before you were born”, John stated.

His son and wife looked at each other and laughed.

“Sorry, honey. You don’t really think that compares … like, at all, do you? He is over three times your size and you only had it in me a couple of seconds before you shot.” She made a disgusted face, like always when she thought back to their few sexual encounters.

Then she caressed her son’s cheek lovingly. “But my little – or should I say big baby will pound me for hours. You will, won’t you baby?”

“I will, Mommy.” James licked her lips, face and breasts. “I love all of you. And I will especially love your tight ass. I’m sure of it.”

A few minutes of non-verbal fucking passed, then James spoke again. “And last but not least, I will fuck mom in public. Probably in a bathroom or on an empty lawn. You will keep an eye on the people nearby and distract them. If you have to, get naked and draw their attention. But I really want to fuck my Mommy in nature for once. That will be awesome. Sounds good?”

James didn’t wait for an answer.

Steadying himself with one arm on the bed and with the other on one of Stacy’s tits, he now really started the fucking. Like a mad man he rammed himself into her and grunted like a wild animal that had only had one thing in mind: Breed the female in front of him.

Unexpectedly, Stacy reached her hand out towards her husband and beckoned him to come closer. Timidly he did, as he didn’t know how James would react to that.

She grabbed his hand and looked him in the eyes. “I want to hold your hand while James fucks his sibling into my womb. I want to see the look on your face when he does what you never could, and never should do.” A small, sadistic grin crossed her face.

Seconds later, she screamed again, another orgasm washing over her.

James now pumped his big black cock into her pussy like a drill hammer. By the second he got faster, his lower region blurring at the speed. “FUCK! I will fuck you pussy everyday while you’re pregnant. There won’t be a day we don’t do this, Mommy. Promise?”

His mom nodded, now moaning constantly. “Yes, baby. Every day, even the day I give birth to your son or daughter. And after I give birth, until we can fuck again, I will suck you off as much as you want.”

James groaned. John Beylikdüzü escort wasn’t sure if it was the thought of getting head as much as he wanted (even though that was already the case) or the thought of his mother carrying his child.

He was proven wrong immediately. “Mommy, fuck! The thought of my little baby bro or sis suckling your tits while you suckle on my cock is just so … Ahhh … so unbelievably hot!”

Stacy dug her nails into his wide back. “Yes, baby. I will eat your spunk while the little one drinks my milk.”

James’ last few thrusts almost looked comical, as he pulled almost all of his ten inches out and slid back in in no time. But what made it much less comical was the fact that they both moaned and cursed like filthy pornstars.

“Fuck, baby. Give me your cum. Fill me up, get me pregnant. Make your Mommy your personal breeding slut.”

James hollered as he came. “Yes, Mommy! Take my fucking spunk!”

His ass muscles contracted again and again, accompanied by his guttural moans and her occasional high-pitched shrieks.

John thought they were done at one point, but he should have known better. Just then the cum leaked out of Stacy’s pussy, and by the amount coming out James had to be still ejaculating.

Finally, his black son pulled out of his mother. A shit-eating grin was plastered on his face. “That was intense. Shit, I think I might need some food after all. Or at least something to drink. Dad, get me some water. Mommy, clean my cock.”

At his words both his parents jumped. His mother inhaled his dick and John left the room to get him some water. With the amount he came, it was only natural that James needed a large glass of water afterwards.

When John returned with a big glass of cool water, James was already face-fucking his mother again.

After he noticed John, he stopped.

“Oh, yeah. Got carried away for a second.” James took the glass and drank it in three large gulps. “We need to get to the next part.”

Thinking for a moment, James snapped his fingers as he had an idea. “I know. Dad, you will get behind mom and lick her asshole. Get it all lubed up for my dick. Mommy, you just keep on sucking me. I bet a little extra lubrication from your spit won’t harm when I ream your ass.”

Stacy visibly shivered at that thought. “Oh baby, I will make your big cock nice and wet for you to enjoy my ass.” She turned to her husband. “And you, you will get my asshole as wet as possible. If it hurts for just a second, I will crush your balls afterwards. So don’t you dare stopping licking before I’m not ready to take James’ fuckstick all the way in my shit-hole.”

John gulped. Judging by the size of his sons meat, there was no way it wasn’t going to hurt his beautiful wife, especially as it was her first real ass-fucking. But he would give his best to prepare her.

Forming a little chain, they got into position. James was kneeling on the bed, face-fucking his doggy-style mother, who in turn got her ass licked by her husband.

After a few minutes, James asked his father: “You ready, dad? I can’t wait much longer, the thought of moms tight ass is just driving me crazy.”

John glanced up. He was in a bit of a predicament now. His wife’s asshole wasn’t lubricated enough to accommodate his hung son, on the other hand he dared not to keep James waiting longer. If he learned on thing about his son in the last few months, it was that nobody should ever get between him and a fuckhole when he was horny.

“O-okay. I-I think she-she is ready now.” John’s voice was barely more than a whisper.

James nodded. A grin formed on his face as he looked down onto his mother giving him a blowjob. “You ready, Mommy? Ready to get the first ass-fucking of your life?”

She slowly let go of his cock, as if she didn’t really want to let it leave her mouth. “Yes, baby. I will always be willing to pleasure your dick with everything I’ve got – including every hole. Just tell me where and when.”

He smirked. “Now, your asshole. Turn around.”

Being already in doggy, she just turned so that her ass faced James instead of her face.

James caressed her butt-cheeks lovingly, before slapping each one hard. “Your ass is just amazing, Mommy. All that yoga really pays off nicely.”

“Thanks, baby. You’re so sweet”, she swooned.

“Anytime, mom. But now for the main event.” He kneaded her cheeks a few more times. Then he took hold of his cock and positioned it right in front of her asshole.

“Oh, baby. I feel you down there. Please be gentle.”

“Of course, Mommy. But you will take it, no backing out now.” His voice was oozing confidence and dommination.

“No, never, baby.”

James slowly pushed forward. At first, just half an inch pushed inside.

Stacy Escort Beylikdüzü stifled a cry and whimpered at the intruder.

“Does it hurt, Mommy?”, he asked, rubbing her ass cheeks gently.

“N-no”, she whispered. The glare she shot at John told a very different story.

James relentlessly pushed inch after inch of his big black cock inside. After his glans had slipped in completely, it was easier for the rest of the way. Stacy still gave a little hick and a small cry here and there, but after a minute or two most of James’ impressive length and girth was buried in her asshole.

“Holy shit, Mommy. You almost took my entire dick.”

She licked her lips, small tears in her eyes. “How many inches to go, baby?”, she asked in a high-pitched voice.

James spread her cheeks obscenely wide, taking a good long look at the part of his cock not (yet) inside. “About two inches, maybe closer to three. Hard to tell where your brown rosebud ends and my brown dick starts.” He grinned an let her cheeks fall back into place.

“Little whimp, come closer”, Stacy demanded. John knew better than to disobey his wife.

Stacy grabbed him by the hair on his legs and pulled him closer. Now her face was right in front of his tiny penis. It was hard, but still not even four inches in length and as thin as a woman’s fingers.

She forcefully grabbed his whole groin and squeezed. “You didn’t lick me well enough. I told you what would happen.” She didn’t sound that angry, more unnerved and frustrated.

James slapped his mothers ass and added: “I think you should punish him now, Mommy. Kick him where its hurts.”

John looked at his son pleadingly, but James didn’t even look at him. His attention was solely focused on getting a nice ass-fucking rhythm going.

Stacy wasted no time. She held his dick and balls in one hand and with the other, she punched. And she punches hard.

John leapt backwards, but his wife held him tight enough that this caused more pain then just enduring the torture he knew she would bring upon him. And sure enough a second punch, now focused on his nutsack came just seconds later.

“OW, FUCK! That hurts so bad!” He was nearly crying, the pain much worse than the two or three times in his youth, when he had gotten hit his private are by a ball.

“Yeah, I hope it does.” Stacy was hatefully glaring up at him. “Those were for not licking my asshole properly.”

She punched yet again, the pain strangely getting fainter with each punch. “And that was for never being able to satisfy me.”

James buried himself deep in his mothers forbidden hole, causing her to moan.

“You souldn’t punch him for that”, he grunted. “He already knows and is willing to watch be give it to you every day. It’s kind of cruel, don’t you think?”

His mother gave him a sceptical look.

“He will know that he is shit at everything soon enough. Soon he will take care of your child while watching us fuck. That will be a decent punishment, don’t you think, Mommy?” With that he jerked his hips forward, sinking all his many inches deep inside of her.

His mothers answer was a mixture between a moan and a ‘Yes’.

After another minute of deep thrusting, James slapped Stacy’s ass faster and faster. “Oh, I’m going to cum again soon, Mommy.”

“Yes, baby. I can feel your big cock getting bigger and bigger in my tight little hole. Do you want to spunk in my ass, baby?”

James could barley contain himself at that thought, his expression was that of a man erupting at every second now.

“No, Mommy”, he groaned instead. “Everything for your pussy. I don’t want to waste any of my semen at the moment.”

He pulled out and turned his mother around. “Suck on my dick a few times. Wouldn’t want any of your ass juices in your pussy, especially now that we want a child.”

She didn’t waste a second. She suckled on his dick, licking everywhere on his rock-hard shaft.

Suddenly, he exploded. A big gush of cum hit Stacy square in the face. Another, even bigger spurt painted her upper chest, before she took his cockhead in her mouth and swallowed the rest.

“Ops”, he said shrugging. “Seems like I couldn’t contain myself. Your ass is just too amazing, Mommy.”

Stacy had swallowed most of the cum he had fed her and was now lazily licking on his still semi-hard dick. “No problem, baby. I know you have more in you. And you know I just love the taste of your manly juices.” She giggles and tongued his glans.

James pushed her away gently. “Well, that is two out of three done. We’ll get dressed and go out. Time for some nice public fucking.”

“Yes, baby”, his mother panted, still a little shaky from the intense ass-fucking she just received. “But promise me one thing.”

James arched his brows. “And what is that?”

“This time, cum inside of me. Make sure I am really pregnand from you and your potent, big black cock. And also: Fuck me as hard as you can. Use me. Today is about you, baby.”

James grinned. “Deal, Mommy.”

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