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I sit in your chair and notice it’s still warm. You’ve recently been here. I can still smell you. I lean back and close my eyes, wishing you were there with me. My hands run down the front of my thin shirt. My nipples begin to perk and tighten, so hard they almost hurt. I bite my lower lip, thinking of you touching them; kissing them; squeezing them. I was so lost in the moment I didn’t hear you come into the room, locking the door behind you. You reach down from behind the chair and begin to unbutton my shirt. A small moan escapes my lips.

“Took you long enough,” I sly laugh follows.

You bend down and begin to kiss me, slowly nibbling and tasting. Our tongues entwine as your hands reach inside my shirt and cup my breasts. You come around to the front of the chair, never parting from my mouth. I stand up, pressing myself hard against you. I feel you starting to swell, crushing yourself into my hip.

I begin to move around until I can push you down into the chair. You sit back and bizimkent escort watch as I unhook my bra then move to slide my panties off from under my floppy summer skirt. I lean down and run my hands through your hair as I softly kiss down the side of your face. Then your neck, gently biting and tasting down to your shoulder blade. I pull away and kneel down between your legs, watching your eyes as I slide my hands down your chest to your belt buckle. I pull the loop through then unbutton your jeans, slowly sliding down the zipper. I reach my hand inside and pull out your plump erection. I lean down and take the swollen tip between my lips, gently sucking and teasing, holding tight to the base and squeezing your thigh with my free hand. Your hands pull my hair away from my face to catch the show. I begin to moan as I suck you deep into my mouth, closing my lips tight around, sliding my tongue up and down the underside. I look up and see you lost in the moment, lips parted, bostancı escort quietly whispering my name. I continue to enjoy your thick cock, my grip follows my mouth in the up and down motion. I can feel the wetness beginning to collect in my opening, yearning to be filled.

My mouth pulls away and I move up to kiss you. Your hands fondle and grope at my breasts, rubbing and squeezing, driving me insane. I crawl up onto you, one leg on each side, and slowly lower myself onto your thickness. Your hands move to my ass, pulling me onto you, as you bury your face in my neck. My hands grip the back of the chair as my hips grind into you, pushing you deeper and deeper inside of me.

“Oh god David…this feels so good…I love the way you fill me…” I saw between each moan and sigh.

You kiss down my neck, to my breasts, and back and forth between each nipple. I’m so lost in the sensation, your wet mouth, the in and out movement of our bodies joined. büyükçekmece escort I push harder, yet harder and deeper. My tongue rolls across my lips. I wrap my arms tight around your neck and begin to kiss you. Our breathing becomes harder and we moan together as our tongues explore. So sensual, the art of kissing, adding to the movement of our bodies entwined.

A slow burning starts in my stomach. The angle of your cock inside me seems to be hitting every spot to send shivers all over me. I throw my head, my hair falling down my back. Your hands move up and down my back, through my hair, down to ass, squeezing, making me open as wide as I can, allowing even more of your strength to push inside of me. Your words and moans only stoke my fire, causing my hips to move into you in ways I didn’t know I could maneuver, wanting every inch of that addictive cock so far inside me.

“Oh yes, sweet David, god I love your cock…” moans escape, from deeper inside my throat.

I clutch your cock hard, squeezing with the flesh walls, as the waves begin to move from far up, working their way down to grip you, hold you, suck all the warm juices escaping your tip. We cry out together, grabbing each other tight, holding on for dear life. The spasms shake me, writhing on your lap, on your cock, in your arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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