Discovery Ch. 09

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It had been a long but wonderful evening. Jen and I invited Dick and Nina to spend the night at our house and they agreed. Matt said that Bryan and Debra would be staying with them as well and suggested we all get together for breakfast. A fine plan formed, Dick, Jen, Nina, and I gathered our scattered swimsuits and snuck across the yard. I noticed the moon was full and thought maybe sometime in the future we would have to put up a fence that joined the one Matt and Lisa had around their pool.

Arriving home, we decided a shower sounded good before bed. Jen made sure we had towels for everyone and turned down the sheets in the master bedroom. She said since we had a king sized bed it made more sense than dirtying two rooms. We took turns showering with me going last. When I entered the bedroom, Dick and Jen were laying on the bed. Nina was standing in front of the mirror brushing her hair. It was so long she had trouble reaching the ends. I offered to help. Jen said I knew nothing about brushing hair and she would help Nina. I laid down on the other side of the bed away from Dick and watched. Jen stood behind Nina and ran the brush through her hair. It was quite a sight. Two beautiful naked women, with one brushing the other’s hair.

As I began to get aroused, Nina said, “I can’t believe you guys haven’t had enough.” Sure enough I looked over and Dick was rising as well.

Jen said, “Nina, I think it is because they are watching us. Naked. Together.”

Nina said, “Of course, you’re right, that has always been a fantasy of Dick’s. We’ve watched a couple porno movies that had two girls doing each other and he always gets excited.”

Jen, still brushing Nina’s hair, asked “Have you ever been with another woman, Nina? I mean before you met Dick.”

Nina didn’t answer but seemed to be thinking. Just as Jen started to say something else, Nina said, “Well, when my sister and I were in our teens we did a little exploring but I never told anyone, not even Dick.”

“Well, when we were young, there were five of us girls, but my brother Tim used to do puppet show for us girls with his penis. We’ve teased him about it since but never really told anyone what it was. But my sisters and I never really did anything.” Jen told Nina.

That seemed to give Nina some courage and she continued, “Well my sister and I are very close. When we were in our sophomore and freshman years in high school, our parents went on vacation for a week and left us home alone. We got into some wine one night and were looking for trouble to get into. We went into our parents room and started snooping around. We got into their closet and found a box that had some video tapes in it. We might have overlooked the tapes but there was also a rubber penis in the box. Jill said she bet the tapes were porno. So we took the box out in the living room and put one in. It sure was porno. We got our first looks at a hard penis watching that tape.

We watched people fuck and suck and eat pussy. It had some real nice looking people in it. We watched the whole tape. Then we put in another. This one had two women eating each other’s pussy. Then one of the women took out a rubber penis just like the one in the box and started fucking the other girl with it. By that time we had drank all the wine and just started kissing. It got real hot and we just undressed each other and tried to do everything we had seen in the movie. Afterward, we put all the stuff back, making sure to rewind the tapes. We ate each other every day till my parents came home.”

I looked over at Dick. His eyes were kind of glazed over and he was stroking his rigid cock. My dick was standing at attention too. Jen stopped brushing Nina’s hair and laid the brush on the dresser. She took Nina’s hand and led her over to the bed. She laid Nina back down on the bed between Dick and I. Jen climbed onto the bed and began kissing Nina. Nina returned the kisses and let her hands denizli escort glide over Jen’s body. Jen began to kiss her way down Nina’s body, paying a lot of attention to Nina’s hard nipples. As Jen continued to work her way toward Nina’s pussy, Nina had gotten her hands between Jen’s legs. Nina began to tug on Jen’s legs and Jen started to turn. By the time Jen got her head between Nina’s legs, she was feeling Nina’s tongue between her own.

Dick and I were both stroking our cocks as we watched this scene unfold before us. Nina started coming and Jen did shortly afterward. As our wives were still in the throes of their climax, Dick got up on his knees and put his cock into Jen’s cunt from behind. Seeing this, I crawled to the foot of the bed and put my erect penis between Nina’s pussy lips. I could feel Jen’s tongue still working on Nina’s cunt. At the same time she could and did lick my cock. I knew Dick was feeling the same thing. We screwed our wives to another climax and shot both their pussies full of spunk. As we rolled back to our sides and rested, Jen and Nina continued to lick each other’s pussy. Jen sucked my come from Nina’s and Nina sucked her husband’s come from my wife’s cunt.

I only dozed off for a few minutes. When I woke up it was because someone was sucking my cock. I looked down to find Nina doing her best to breathe life back into my member. Jen was on the other side of the bed doing the same for Dick. When they got us both fully erect, Jen announced that she and Nina had made a deal. Nina had never had two men at the same time and wanted to remedy the situation. Jen had agreed as long as she got similar rights in the morning. Dick and I had no objections. So while Nina continued her excellent blowjob. Dick got up behind her and slid his dick into her wet pussy. We were just beginning to match our rhythms when Jen interrupted us. She said it looked like we were doing a fine job, but that what we were doing was not what she and Nina had agreed to.

Dick looked a little confused, but I was way ahead of him. I raised way up throwing him to his back. Nina stayed attached to his cock. When he got to his back Nina disengaged and turned to face him. Nina straddled his hips. Dick looked up at Nina riding his cock and the light came on. By that time, I had grabbed some petroleum jelly from the head of the bed and was trying to spread it on Nina’s puckered anal ring. I succeeded in getting my middle finger into her anus up to the first knuckle. I allowed her to adjust to my invasion and then began screwing her butt with my finger. I could feel Dick’s cock invading her pussy through the thin membrane that separated him from my invading digit. Just as I felt Nina’s pussy begin to contract, I replaced my finger with my cock.

Nina’s ass was extremely tight but her contracting cunt helped pull me into her ass. By the time I got my dick all the way in, Nina was starting another climax. I rode that one out and began to match my strokes to Dick’s. Nina didn’t stop coming. Finally her contractions were too much for me to bear and I began to pump my fluids up her ass. As I did, I could feel Dick’s cock swelling up and he filled her pussy.

I fell off Nina’s sweet ass and went right to sleep. When I woke again the bed was bouncing. Dick lay beside me. Jen laid on her back on top of him. He had his large erect cock up her ass and was pounding away at her. Nina was on her knees in front of Jen with her face buried in Jen’s cunt. I tried to will myself into the situation but failed. I fell back to sleep to the muted sounds of their passion.

I don’t know when they slept but they obviously did. When I got up about ten. Jen and Nina were at the kitchen table. Jen had made a pot of coffee for Dick and she and Nina were having their morning diet coke. They said Dick had gone to the store to get some supplies for breakfast. I grabbed a cup of coffee and diyarbakır escort was sipping that when Dick returned. Dick said he was starved and was ready to eat. Jen and Nina started cooking sausage, eggs, potatoes, and toast. I went to the phone and dialed Matt and Lisa’s. Lisa answered and said they were just finishing showers and would be right over. Twenty minutes later Dick and I were finishing a huge breakfast when Bryan, Matt, Lisa and Debra came in the back door. Lisa and Debra relieved Nina and Jen of their cooking duties. Bryan and Matt sat down to full plates. Nina and Jen joined us and Lisa and Debra were just a few minutes behind.

We were just cleaning up from breakfast, when Mike and Jane pulled in to Matt and Lisa’s driveway. They had Jack and Suzanne with them. Lisa yelled out our back door for them to come over. Mike knew Dick from his work and introductions were made all around. Jane said they were just out for a ride and trying to fill in a Saturday, but didn’t mean to interrupt. Lisa said it was no problem as we had not decided how we were going to spend the day either, that we had just gotten together for breakfast. Mike suggested the guys could play golf if we had a couple more guys to make two foursomes. The girls said that was fine. They could catch some garage sales and work on their tans afterward. Matt said he was sure Rick would like to play. We put our heads together but couldn’t think of another guy.

Jen said maybe her brother, Tim, would play. I called Tim right after Matt called Rick. They both jumped at the chance. Jen and Lisa invited the wives to come along and go with the them. They agreed and Lisa told them to bring their swimsuits for some swimming and/or sunbathing later. Before they arrived and the guys and girls went their separate ways, Jen pulled me aside. She said she was reluctant to mention Tim in case things got wild later. I reassured her that

Tim was a big boy and

I doubted that Betty (his wife) would go along with anything risque. She agreed and felt a bit better.

Rick and Sara and Tim and Betty arrived about ten minutes later. The guys packed into two vehicles with all their golf gear and headed off. We stopped along the way and picked up a cold case of beer. We went to a small local nine hole course near where we lived. Everyone had played the course before and thought we could do well and have a good time. Matt, Rick, Dick and I made up one foursome and Mike, Jack, Tim, and Bryan made up the other. We did have a good time. The weather was beautiful and we were playing well for a bunch of weekend golfers. By the end of the third hole we were running low on beer. Fortunately we were right across the road from a gas station/convenience store. Before we teed off, we drove across the street and bought two more twelve packs.

By the sixth tee we were doing very well. As Mike’s group prepared to tee off, Mike suggested we should wager something on the game because we were all doing so well. Of course Mike is an attorney so he thought we should play for money. The cops in the crowd vetoed that. Tim, Dan, and Rick wanted to play for more beer. Bryan, who was feeling no pain, suggested we could play for wives. Everyone laughed, but Tim who was the new face in the crowd, said he couldn’t do that because I was going to lose and he would win his sister. I laughed at that and told Tim that no one was more worried about that than Jen.

We all teed off. As we were walking up the fairway toward our balls, Tim and I ended up close together. Tim said he was beginning to wonder if Bryan had been serious. I hit my second shot and walked over to watch Tim hit his. He hit his shot and we started toward the green. I swallowed hard and said, “Tim, we’ve all had a little to drink and after a few drinks people tend to talk too much. Before you hear it from someone else, you should know Bryan was very serious.”

Tim antalya escort came to an abrupt halt in the middle of the fairway and looked me in the eye. He said, “You mean Bryan wants to swap wives?”

“Yes.” I said.

“He thinks the other guys will go along with that?” he asked.

I answered, “In at least half the cases, he knows they will.”

“Come on you two!” Matt was shouting from the green. We started walking again.

Tim started again, “You mean Bryan and Deb…wait a minute. Do you mean you and Jen swap partners?”

“Keep walking, Tim,” I said walking again “Yes we have Tim and Jen was concerned about asking you to play golf with us because she thought things might get wild later.” We were getting close to the other guys waiting on the green and stopped talking. I walked up and putted for birdie. Tim putted after me because he was closer. He three putted for bogie. As we started over to seven, I said “Two stroke swing Tim, I don’t think you have to worry about winning.”

As the other guys started teeing off on number seven, Tim and I were hanging back talking. We hit our tee shots and Tim and I both hooked into the trees. “Tim,” I said starting off to look for my ball, “why are you worried about it? Betty wouldn’t stick around anyway, would she?”

“Well Dan,” Tim began “just between you and me, we have skinny dipped in mixed company three or four times. Remember the umpires party. She does have a wild side and a couple of those times I caught her really looking over some of the guys. There’s your ball.” he said pointing. I hit my second shot and went to the other side of the fairway. Tim hit his and was only slightly better off. “Actually Dan, one of those occasions was with Bryan and Debra out at the farm.” Tim continued as we walked “and I was certainly wishing I could get to know Debra better.”

We pitched our third shots onto the green and walked that way. We putted out even. At the eighth tee, we popped another beer, teed off, and started down the fairway. “Tim,” I said, “Jen is very nervous about you being there if we get into a situation where we swap partners. I’m sure it is the whole incest thing. Although she watched Suzanne and Jane get it on and just last night Nina told Jen about doing her sister, Jill. Jen doesn’t think badly of them. As a matter of fact, both our attitudes have changed about a lot of things lately. Would you be able to handle that?”

We finished the eighth and were preparing to tee off on nine. Tim said he would be fine and asked, “You mean some of the wives do girls too?”

Bryan had not gotten very far away and turned to Tim saying, “Actually, Tim, I think all the wives do girls.”

Tim started, “You mean…?” I just nodded. We gathered around the last tee. A short discussion concluded it would be too difficult to determine who won what. So it was decided we would just go back to Matt’s and join the girls and drink. We played the last hole. Mike won overall and Tim beat me by one stroke with a birdie on nine.

On the way back to Matt and Lisa’s we stopped and picked up some more beer and I got a bottle of rum. Dick, Tim, and I stopped at my place and changed into our swimsuits before walking across the yard. By the time we got to Lisa’s back gate the party was in full swing. We walked in to find the girls already drinking. Tim and I couldn’t believe it. Jen and Betty were both wearing bikinis. Jen always thought she was too big (and on top she was spilling out) and Betty always dressed way too conservatively. Swimming usually meant long cover-ups for both. Our shock only increased when we walked over to the bar Lisa had set up out side and turned around to find that both suits were thongs. Jen and Betty’s very white fair skin only drew more attention to the fact that their butts were not covered. My sister-in-law has a very nice butt. “Tim,” I said “put your tongue back in your mouth.”

Tim shook the cobwebs from his mind. “I can’t help it. We were probably three or four the last time I saw Jen showing this much skin. She has grown up quite a bit.” he said obviously looking at his sister’s boobs.

“Thank you, Tim, for noticing and might I say I have only imagined Betty’s charms up to this point.” I said walking toward our wives.

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