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It started out as a playful flirty kind of thing. I’d just gotten over a divorce and now happy and relieved things were working out between me and Lisa. At first she would give me ribbons from her hair or bits of fabrics, or straps, or trinkets for me to wear at the base of my scrotum as a kind of cock collar. She joked that I was only permitted to masturbate while collared for those times when, say, work schedules etc. didn’t allow us together time.

Eventually, she would call me from the law office at my work at the health club and tell me when she wanted me to jerk off for her live and on the spot. We were getting along great and having great sex at night and on weekends, so soon I was finding I enjoyed this little game of Lisa in charge. Sometimes I would have to find space in a lavatory at work or at business or sports bar rest room or something. I would then have to call or text a report to her of the “juicy details” as she called it. Other times I would wack off in the car or if I was at home while she would be on the phone or video call app and coach me with hot dominatrix dirty talk! Soon things got the point where I usually only had the urge to masturbate when and if she required it.

Since she made more money than me, I became accustomed to having her way on this and she was very reasonable and sweet and not too demanding as one might expect. But as we became more serious, she decided (and I pretty much readily acquiesced) to turn the heat up a notch.

“Call me in twenty minutes, after I get back from the lunch meeting,” the text said, late in the day as she had travelled on business to the west coast.

I’d left work early and made myself comfortable before putting through the call. To please her, I fastened an old thin black patent leather watch strap of hers around the base of my ball sack.

“I’m in the ladies room. Earphones. Charlene is in the next stall. She’s a close talker, so play along Ok?” So earphones meant only she could hear I guess. But what was this playtime in the women’s toilet all about. Kinky indeed.

“So, honey, how’s it going?” Lisa purred.

“Uh, Ok”.

“I hope so. You sure?”

I could hear Charlene talking through the lavatory sounds of running whooshing water, “You talk to your boyfriend while sitting on the john?”

“Uh, no Char,” the neighbor is housesitting and she is also babysitting our niece.

“Oh,” Charlene replied.

“Naughty toddler,” I heard Lisa murmur.

“What… who…” I inquired confusedly, remembering Lisa’s comment about playing along.

“Put her on the phone,” Lisa ordered sternly.


“Just do it dear,” she commanded emphatically.

“OK,” I sighed.

“Now, now, Daphne.” I guess this was to be her version of me being her Dave in this scenario.

“You know Aunt Lisa, doesn’t like it when you come over and eat too much junk!”

“Yes,” I answer in a complying tone.

“And too much juice box is not good. Did we check your underpanties today. Are you damp?””


“Yes! Yes what dear?”

“Yes… Aunt Lisa…” I answered submissively as I started massaging my cock out of my basketball shorts.

“And when you checked this morning, is it soft or hard?”

“Sounds like she needs more fiber,” I heard Charlene giggling.

Lisa licked her lips and smiled deviously on the video chat screen, as I obediently displayed my trained swollen cock for her approval.

She went on, “And no little temper tantrums for the babysitter or Aunt Lisa will need to spank your bottom. Understand?”

I could hear the sounds of Charlene primping and zipping and flushing as I stroked my hard on. Lisa leaned back in the stall to reveal that she wore no underwear under her business skirt and had shaved off her dark bush.

“Understand what?” She laughed along with Charlene, whose voice trailed off as she left the room.

“Yes, Aunt Lisa,”

She giggles some more as I try to hold back the jism, “Charlene is gone now, so let’s hurry it up!” she urged,

“Your office people… you didn’t tell…”

“Never mind,” she snaps, as the screen flips all dark and topsy turvy as she sets the phone down with a clinkity sound, “Now pay attention…”


She stands in front of me and lets me look at her curvy voluptuous as she bends over to tug up her skirt. “KIss it,” she orders.


“Do it, so I can hear you!”

She spreads her ass cheeks slightly and giggles as she allows me to watch her golden fountain from behind. With a swish and a swipe of some paper towels she tidies herself up and envelopes her sweet ass back into her navy blue business skirt. “Had to mark my territory. Don’t come all over yourself!”

She blew me a kiss, “Good boy. See you when I get home.” And hung up. I almost came wondering what she told the gals in the law office about the real story behind our “baby-sitting” arrangement.

Over time, these little long distance playtimes between Lisa and I produced additional benefits, as mardin escort I eventually could maintain longer, stronger erections during our actual nighttime lovemaking. Upon return from this latest business trip, she seemed much more interested in other women. She would bring up Charlene from time to time, prodding me to explain my feelings about possible scenarios involving me “pleasuing” her and her co-workers in a theoretical group session.

Things seem to come to head as she was able to get me to go along further and further with her kinky dominating role play situations. During the past few weeks, I (or we as it were) became fascinated with a new customer at the health club. Brianna Jenkins was a kind of local celebrity, a record breaking high school basketball star and current women’s hoops coach over at State College. She was a fine looking six foot tall women in her mid twenties with long blonde hair with a magnificently chiseled physique. Her team always did well and she had established a great career for such a young coach. Lisa and I enjoyed following her success on TV, radio and the local papers. I explained to Lisa that my main task was to aid her in rehabbing a surgically repaired leg resulting from an injury during her playing days. A surgical scar running nearly the length of her left outer thigh profoundly marked her otherwise perfect body.

One late afternoon I put her through her paces of leg lift routines. She gradually shed her self consciousness about her leg scar and now presented herself in clingy medium short shorts as she went through the next part of the routine, face down continuing through the leg lifts.

We would often engage in frivolous sports chit chat, especially about her hoops coaching career. In contrast to her head coach demeanor on the basketball court, our conversations were filled with laughs and giggles as she moved through her fitness routine.

“Just a few more reps,” turning her head back towards me with that smile and an playful inquiring tone in her voice.

“Five more, OK?” I abruptly answered, trying to mask my gaze lingering admiringly over her firm sweet ass and thighs.

“Slave driver,” she chirped jokingly as she brushed aside her golden blonde bangs and moistened her lips with her tongue.

Suddenly my cellphone vibrates in my pocket. “Uh, got a call, sorry.”

“It’s OK. We were done anyway,” Brianna replied as she got up to gather her things. Seeya next session. Thanks again.”

The gym club business office was occupied with a rec league personnel meeting so I headed to a stall in the men’s room to take the call.

“You sound like you’re busy,” Lisa purred into the phone sassily.

“Yeah, a little.”

“Oh, oh this the day Brianna comes,” she prodded sarcastically.


“She still there?”

“Yeah, I think she’s getting showered and dressed to leave.”

“Oooh, maybe I could leave work early and come down there and check her out in the shower. Take your cock out and FaceTime me with it”

I drop my pants and stroke as she orders.

“You like checking out her ass while she does leg work, huh?”

“I guess”

“Don’t lie to me. Stroke it hard but no cumming this time.”


“Get it nice and stiff and hurry out so you can say good bye to Brianna.”

“Not sure she’s still here”

“Pull your pants up over your crotch and go out and show her how you pitch a tent. As if you haven’t done that already?”

I pull myself together and get ready to close the call.

“See you when we get home. Now go, Dougie! Kiss kiss.”

I walk out to the lobby and Brianna is all dressed and on her way out. “Quick call, huh? See ya next week I guess.”


“Oh and happy birthday she chirped as she walked out the door with a quick little wave.”

I got home way before Lisa. Usually first one home cobbles together later-in-the-week leftovers for dinner.

“So Brianna knew my birthday was coming up?”

“Oh yeah,” Lisa laughed, “We’ve met a couple times at the Freeway Mart getting our morning coffee and bagel.”


“Sooo,” she murmured softly, “I’ve arranged for Sunday birthday dinner for us at Ling’s Emporium. If you behave,” she laughed.

“Cool,” I said.

Lisa worked extra late on Friday and was out and about all day Saturday preparing for my thirty first birthday bash. Ling’s was a huge lavish restaurant and catering enterprise owned by a wealthy Asian woman and operated in part by her lovely twin daughters Mia and Yuki. We arrived around dusk and were directed to the lower level complete with several table settings, a self service bar area, and adjoining outdoor courtyard. Lisa had Mia and Yuki come in and set everything up so as to allow us to pretty much help ourselves to the bar and buffet. She hinted that there would be a couple other guests so I awaited with excitement and some trepidation over what surprises she had planned.

“We have a lot planned for tonight van escort so we are having dessert first,” Lisa announced as Yuki brought over a cupcake with a single candle and a couple coffee cocktails. The twins were lovely in black cocktails dresses, long dark hair cascading about their bare shoulders. They all sang “Happy Birthday” and I blew out the candles and devoured the cupcake, pleasantly surprised to find it was laced with a tasty liqueur and some odd spices.

“I added a little herb,” Lisa informed me with a sly wink and the twins flitted about finishing with some decorations and setting up the buffet and bar area. She then handed me a a soft gift wrapped package, “Go down the hall and change in the men’s room, quickly,” she instructed.

I unwrapped the package in the men’s room to find a new gym bag with a fancy black with white stripe track jacket. I put it on and found another little wrapped box in the pocket with a note attached: “Slip this on. No wanking until I tell you! Hahaha! Happy Birthday, Dougie! Love, Lisa.”

She had been having us experiment with even fancier cock rings and other sex toys for a while now. This was actually a shiny sparkly jewel encrusted chrome ring and relatively heavy at that. I slipped it over my cock and balls as directed and walk back to the food and drink party area. Mia courteously pulled out a chair and seated me next to a grinning Lisa, resplendent in a clingy navy blue business suit over a lacy white blouse and high heels.

“Happy Birthday,” Mia said as her sister continued finishing touches on the bar and food areas.

“Thank you, uh love the new track suit but now I’m a bit underdressed,” I commented jokingly.

Lisa wrapped an arm around me, kissed me on the cheek and began sliding her other hand under the table and into my pants, “Making sure it fits real snug,” she whispers seductively in my ear.

Mia and Yuki approached the other side of the table on their way out, “Give us a call if you need anything else,” one of them said cheerfully as I secretly squirmed under the firm grip of my wife’s firm hand. Lisa often revealed her exhibitionist tendencies during our erotic play and she giggled at my discomfort over the under-the-table hand job in front of our hostesses. She brought out another piece of jewelry, a silver neck chain, and kissingly adorned it about my neck. I sat back with a sigh as she made birthday chit chat with the sisters while working me up to hardness.

“Thank you, ladies,” she said.

“Uh, yes, thank you. Say hello to Ling… to your mother for us,” I said.

The Ling Emporium often hosted many bachelor and bachelorette parties and the like, so it was looking like Lisa had something wild planned for my birthday. As they headed out, the sisters smiled and rolled their eyes at each other at the spectacle of the two of us making out like horny teenagers while I tried to maintain my composure over what was happening under the table.

“I think it fits quite nicely,” she says while fiddling with my neck chain with one hand and working my cock with the other. The ring felt cold against my thighs as she worked me. I had wondered if Mia and Yuki thought I was sporting a hard on coming out of the men’s room.

As the girls departed she reached down deeper and I heard a metallic clicking sound.

“Uh, wha…”

She suddenly draws a long chain out from my pants that she had surreptitiously attached to me like a leash, as I was very distracted by the girls and buzz-infused birthday cake.

“OOooh, look at my precious pet,” she teased tugging on the chain.

Completely shocked I gaze over her shoulder to see Yuki and Mia usher a couple women toward the ladies room as they exited.

“Strippers?… Dancers?” I inquire anxiously, anticipating something very kinky.

“Better,” she winks.


She tugs on the chain, the leash.


“Get down on all fours Doggie Doug. Before the girls come out.”

She gives me another lighter tug and walks over to the end of the bar area and grabs a rolled up newspaper as I try to stand and then stumble.

“Go on, do it” pulling out a chair and smacking me on the ass with the rolled paper as I go down to my hands and knees. I rise up on my haunches as she pulls the chain taunt and grips the hair firmly on the back of my head. Her back turned toward me, I hear the voices of the two women emerging from the hallway.

“Hey, Lisa!”

“Glad you could make it, Charlene. Thanks for coming” she says with a giggle.

Charlene. From work? During our phone play, I’m thinking? I turn and look up as they gather around me.

“You two have gotten acquainted I presume?” Lisa says.

“Yes… uh, what the… ” I hear them say with some giggling.

“Brianna! Brianna?”

Geez, looks like Lisa had brought her work friend Charlene and Brianna from my gym to some bondage birthday play time!

Lisa pulled the chain taut before handing it forward to Charlene, ankara escort keeping me bent forward as she continued to slide my pants off. “So Brianna, as I’ve mentioned to Charlene… Dougie Dog and I engage in a practice of supervised masturbation. I’m often away from home for work for exhaustively long hours so… phone chats, video calls, FaceTime hangouts allow for him to wank under his mistress’s firm loving hand,” she explained laughingly. She took back the leash from her friend Charlene who proceeded to yank the jacket off from over my head, pulling me further facedown all the way to the floor.

Brianna pulled up a chair to sit, a curled hand propped under her chin, a bottom lip protruding slightly, displaying a look of concerned consternation over the proceedings as Lisa went on:

“Doug struggled with some severe premature ejaculation early on in our relationship. So some mistress slave structure helped right things quite nicely, right honey?”

“Uh, I wasn’t expecting this sort of… ” I replied, rather buzzed and befuddled.

“Oh, oh, well… really, pets don’t talk now do they?” Lisa replied with a couple whacks of rolled newspaper about my butt cheeks and balls.

“Let me help with that,” chirped Charlene. Unlike tall blond leggy Nordic looking Brianna, and my svelte brunette Lisa, she was rather thick with lacquered pulled back auburn hair, ruddy freckled round cheeks that gave her a wholesome look that seemed to bely a naughty streak. “Unzip me here,” as she turned toward Lisa, tugging at the zipper of the skirt underneath a dark gray blazer. All three women were dressed to the nines as they proceeded over my bare naked humiliation.

Charlene stood to face me as she lifted her skirt and unsnapped her garters. Lisa pulled the leash taut and hard as her colleague yanked off a pair of white lace panties, tugged me by the hair and stuffed the crumbled undies into my outstretched mouth. Pushing hard until my eyes almost teared as I caught a glimpse of her ginger colored bush before she smoothed over her skirt. “What do you think you’re looking at,” she blurted out with a laugh as Lisa whacked me about the ass, causing all to giggle deviously.

Brianna stood up with her arms slightly folded, “Hmmm, so that’s why he always seemed to be running off to take a call during our work sessions? It often seemed he came out with a boner from checking out my ass!” she grinned sarcastically. She lowered her gaze as I straightened myself up on my haunches on all fours. “Is that a jeweled cock ring?” she exclaimed.

“Yes,” replied Lisa, “One of his birthday presents.” Lisa beamed proudly.

“Wooh,” Brianna threw her head back with a laugh and blurted out, “I need a drink!”

“Sure,” Lisa urged, “Help yourselves girls, there’s an open bar and snack counter. And I got some party favors… Charlene grab those two bags… a purple one and a pink one for you and Bri. And mix me a vodka gimlet while you’re at it please.”

The women grabbed their drinks and some small plates of fruit, nuts, cheeses, and various mini pastries and such and assembled around the round table where Lisa sat wielding the leash: “Heal,” she snapped smacking me with a rolled up magazine as I knelt backward onto my heals. “Hands behind your back please,” she ordered with another smack. She tapped at the inside of my bent knees as Brianna took a gulp of her drink, leaning over to gaze at my crotch. Charlene tapped Brianna on her shoulder to whisper in her ear as they fished around in their gift bags, “Let me tell you about Daphne…” She continued to explain in laughing whispers about me and my wife’s office lavatory phone play from days ago.

Brianna rolled her eyes and smiled somewhat woefully at me as she pulled a silvery chain with a name plate on it from the gift bag. She held up the name plate. “SlutPuppy,” Charlene read it out loud as they all laughed.

“Come over to hook him up, Bri,” Lisa requsted.

“Ok,” Brianna took another sip and approached me to wrap the collar chain around my neck. It was attached to another chain that she stretched out behind me.

“The other end goes underneath and clips on to his cock jewelry,” Lisa explained.

“Oooh,” Brianna knelt down one one knee beside me and pulled the chain along my chest, caressing my ass as she clipped it to the cock ring. She rubs her fingers through my hair with one hand while curiously stroking my cock and balls, running her fingers around the ring.

“Up,” Lisa orders me up on all fours, pulling the ever tightening chainlink ever more taught as Brianna strokes me to a stiff hard on.

“Is puppy boy house broken?” laughs Charlene, “We don’t want Brianna to make him cum all over!” She dipped into her purple gift bag and pulled out something with a thick long silky plume on it and a small jar.

“Your turn again, ” smiled Lisa as she handed Brianna her pink bag. She pulled out another different colored jar and a couple dog bowls. “Here,” Lisa said, taking the jar from Brianna to unscrew the lid, “You wanna massage this stay hard cream all over his cock and balls to keep him hard. So we can let him cum when we want!”

“OOoh this is gonna be fun,” exclaimed Charlene, brandishing her jar and a feathery object type thing.

“It’s a cute tale for the puppy.”

“Yeah,” Charlene replied to Lisa with a grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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