Fun Down Under Ch. 03

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Jayne whispered in my ear. Seeing her boyfriend go down on me really got her off. “What about your boys outside? Think they would go for a blowjob and I’d love to see John take a stiff one up his ass. Maybe a little gang bang. What do you think?”

I couldn’t believe what this 23-year old fox was asking me. She wanted to see this guy she had been seeing behind his wife’s back in a little gay action. Now that she knew he played both sides of the field, she wanted to watch. What the fuck did I care?

Jayne saw my reaction and knew that the thoughts were swirling in my head. I wasn’t sure I wanted the crew that worked for me to be involved in something like this. But then again, I’d never had a guy go down on me nor had I ever fucked a guy up the ass before. This was all a bit new to me.

“Tell, you what, I’ll make it worth your while. You get those blokes in here, fucking Johnny over there, and I’ll join in. We’ll have ourselves a regular little orgy. Me and Johnny taking on the whole lot of you,” Jayne smiled as she bent down and stuck her hot tongue in my ear.

I’m not sure I cared much about watching John get fucked up the ass but the thought of Jayne taking on all the guys had my cock stiff as a rod.

“Okay, deal,” I answered back. “You explain the plans you have to John. I’ll go get the guys.”

“Bloody awesome,” Jayne shot back. “Hey, there’s Fosters in the fridge. Go ahead and get them loosened up a bit first.”

I slipped back on my trousers and took a few cold ones out to the boys. I chatted a few minutes before I broke the news that the lady of the house and the hubby were a bit on the kinky side and asked if they were up for something a little unusual. I explained that he was Bi and his wife always wanted to see him get used by a couple of guys. She was also a gamer and promised to suck and fuck them all if they agreed to do her hubby.

Of course Jayne and John weren’t married but I figured no one in my crew would know that. I was a little taken back that they were all beside themselves at the thought. Gulping down their lagers the boys were Bayan Escort Gaziantep anxious to get at both Jayne and John.

I wanted the mood just right so I encouraged each to drink another beer before we went back to the bedroom.

Cliff, Rod, and Brent were raving when they got a load of Jayne in her naked splendor. Rod was the first to pull down his fly and make his way over to Jayne who wasted no time reaching into his trousers and pulling out his meat. The look on John’s face was more one of panic as he realized what was about to happen.

Going down on me was one thing but taking on the whole lot shook the old boy up. His trepidation was put behind him quickly as Cliff pulled his own pants down to his knees, grabbed the back of John’s head and pulled him roughly to his cock, “Suck it faggot!” Cliff taunted him.

“Show your wife what a good cocksucker you are and when you’re done I’m gonna fuck the bitch. Matter of fact, we’re all gonna’ fuck the bitch,” he chided him as he took a gulp of his Fosters.

John did exactly that as he went to work on Cliff’s cock as he moved his mouth up and down on his hard shaft. Meanwhile Brent moved over to Jayne and bent down on the bed and began feasting on one of Jayne’s pink nipples. I did the same, taking her other breast in my hand and sucking on the little nub. Jayne was working Rod’s cock over as she slurped noisily on the hot flesh.

Brent moved down the bed and parted Jayne’s legs and began licking her hot little box that just minutes earlier had been gripping my cock. Brent took up a position between her thighs, the red hair of her snatch parted by his face which moved up and down her juicy slit.

Rod was pushing his cock in and out of Jayne’s mouth as she ran her talented tongue around the crown of his dick. Jayne threw her strawberry locks to one side as she feasted on his cock. I looked over to see Cliff push John onto his back as he raised the fucker’s legs and slid his cock, wet with John’s own saliva, into his anxious hole. John groaned as the cock eased in but he didn’t resist as he took the hard dick without reservation.

Figuring what the hell, I moved over the bed and having removed my pants positioned my own cock to John’s mouth. He took the dick in greedily as he sucked with abandon. John was now getting it in both ends as we worked this fucker over.

“Thats right mother fucker,” Cliff taunted him. “Take that dick, work it. Show your old lady what a faggot you are!”

Brent slipped off his pants and I laughed as I saw him struggling with them at his ankles. But eventually he freed himself and moved between Jayne’s gorgeous toned thighs and pushed his penis between her slick folds. Jayne wrapped her lean legs around his back and pulled him in. She was in a frenzy and excited as hell as she bucked up against Brent while still sucking Rod’s meat.

Her eyes were glazed over like a woman possessed as she looked over to see John sucking my cock while Cliff pounded his ass. I thought Cliff had broke something the way he groaned as she shot his load deep up John’s hole. John’s own little pecker was bouncing madly on his belly as Cliff thrust, lifting his ass off the bed and back down again as he orgasmed.

Jayne came too just seeing and hearing Cliff and John. Jayne’s sounds were muffled on Rod’s hard cock as she worked it up and down with her fingers wrapped tightly along his shaft.

Cliff had pulled out of John and collapsed in a chair over by the dresser as he nursed the beer he had left there eyeing the action around him. Meanwhile Jayne urged Rod to fuck her lover, “Fuck him for me baby. Do him. I want to see it!” she encouraged him.

If Rod was hesitant, it was quickly overcome by the look on Jayne’s face as he took up a position between John’s outstretched legs. Lifting them over his shoulders, Rod’s cock slid into the cum drenched hole and began fucking Johnny’s asshole. John simply rolled his head back and continued to swallow my cock as his tongue bathed the head.

“Yea, fuck me. Fuck me with that hard cock,” John moaned betraying his true feelings. “Fuck me harder,” John urged as Rod started to really get into it now as he slammed up against John’s ass. Seeing Jayne and John both getting it, I felt my balls tighten as I launched my hot load into John’s mouth and across his face.

John had the same lustful look on his face that I had seen on Jayne’s as he licked his lips of the cum that trailed across, savoring my huge load.

Rod went after John pretty good as Jayne taunted him herself, “Fuck that ass. Shove your hard cock up his ass. He’s such a faggot. You love that dick don’t you Johnny. You like that hard cock up your man pussy,” she teased.

“Yea, oh fuck yea, I like it. I love that cock up my ass, fuck me,” John groaned. Rod accommodated him as he pumped wildly until feeling his own load, pulled out and shot a stream across John’s stomach.

Cliff meanwhile had slipped into the bathroom and cleaned off his cock and was ready for round two as he took up a position at Jayne’s mouth. She hungrily took in the meat which swelled between her plump lips.

Before we were all through all three guys had fucked John up the ass. I settled for a blowjob and was too exhausted to cum for a third time.

Jayne had cum in her strawberry blonde hair and leaking out her pussy and John was covered in it. He had a pool on his stomach and on the side of his face.

Brent was the one who surprised me. After fucking John he cleaned himself off and fucked Jayne’s pussy one more time. Both Jayne and John were thoroughly fucked by the time my boys had dressed to leave.

I promised each one that I’d pay them for the day’s work but to be back the next day to finish the job on the deck. I made it clear that what had happened was a one time event and would stay between us.

I was exhausted when I collapsed that afternoon on my couch back at the flat. I hadn’t had that much sex in my life and had never had an experience like that … ever. The thoughts kept replaying through my mind as the images of Jayne getting banged, John taking it up the ass, raced through my head.

I made myself a whiskey on the rocks as I turned on the TV to get my thoughts off the day’s events. Relaxing with my beverage, the cool whiskey teasing my throat, my cell rang.

It was Jayne, she had another idea…

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