Garden Party

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What is it about cock? Ever since Alex reawakened my lust for it, I couldn’t get enough, and, lately, it seemed like every guy felt the same.

I was always pee shy. If there was someone else in the restroom I just couldn’t go, and all because I was stifling my desire for cock.

“What if he looks at my dick? What if I look at his?” I was always so worried. Well, the answer was, if he looks at my dick, he probably wants to suck it, and, if I look at his, it means the same.

I began to see horny guys everywhere, to watch if they’re gaze went to my crotch or if they followed my eyes to theirs. I focused in on the slightest brush of a hand across a bulge, the eye contact that said “Follow me.”

There was the dapper old gent at the mall who bought me lunch after I blew him in the department store stall. Then there was the bear at the hardware store who plowed my ass in his van in the middle of the day while mommies with their carts from the big box store walked by yelling at their kids. There was the clerk at the grocery store who followed me into the men’s room and sucked my cock. All those years of hiding what I wanted when there was a world just full of it waiting.

Which brings me to Justin.

I used to think it was a curse to be bi and married, but now I realize it’s an opportunity. My wife’s cousin had gotten engaged and we were invited to a garden party to meet the new in-laws. Whee! I get to burn off a Saturday talking to people I don’t know about something I don’t care much about. I thought of all the mischief I could get up to if my wife would only go by herself. No such luck.

As soon as we got the party, my wife got sucked into the world of women – what’s the dress look like, what are Bayan Eskort your colors, etc. I went off in search of food and beer. I was just putting together a burger when he came out with more platters.

“You’ve got to try this,” he said as he set down a bowl of coleslaw. Then, pointing to the barbecue, “This, plus that equals heaven.”

“I could make a joke about a mouthful of pulled pork, but that wouldn’t be right. I’m Jackie,” I said.

“Justin,” he said laughing.

He was the groom’s brother. About 25, tall and lanky with deep set blue eyes over angular cheeks, topped with reddish blonde hair. I was looking at his hair and imagining what the thatch around his cock looked like, which made my cock stiffen in my jeans. I started to lower my plate to hide it.

“What if he sees me getting hard?” I thought, and tried to will it to go down, but every time he laughed, his eyes lit up, and I just got harder.

“Have I learned nothing?” I thought again. I let myself enjoy my erection, pushing my hips slightly forward to accentuate my bulge, daring Justin to look. I caught him glancing down furtively, which made me harder still.

He said he hated weddings.

I said, “What’s not to like? Free booze, horny bridesmaids…” I held up my ring finger, “Of course, that’s all over for me, but there’s nothing to stop you.” He was silent for a moment, then changed the subject.

“Have you had a tour of the house?”

I followed him into the house, my eyes on his tight ass and lean, but muscular legs. I thought about him leaning against a wall with his shorts at his ankles as I snaked my tongue deep inside his hole. I thought about his strong hands holding my head as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. I must have been daydreaming, because he stopped short and I ran into him, knocking us both down in a comical tangle. As he hit the floor, my straining cock pushed right against his ass. I rolled off and tried to right myself as he rolled the other way. I reached out to steady myself and my hand fell squarely in his crotch.

He was hard.

We sat up, each against a different wall, and laughed.

“Sorry about that.” I said, “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Looking across at him, I could see the head of his hard cock as it tented the leg of his shorts. He reached down and stroked it through the fabric as he looked straight into my eyes. I stroked my own bulge and parted my lips slightly. He reached a hand to me and pulled me up.

“Come on,” he said as he adjusted his shorts and walked down the hall. I followed.

He led me to his bedroom and closed the door behind us. I stood there, waiting to follow his lead.

He began rubbing his cock through his shorts again, so I did the same. We gazed into each other’s eyes and stroked, letting the lust wash over us, not hiding anything anymore. I stepped forward and, pushing his hand away, squeezed his dick. His breath drew in sharply as I began to rub small circles punctuated with rough squeezes. I knelt down and lifted the leg of his shorts, uncovering the head of his hard cock. I licked the underside and sucked his helmet into my mouth, swirling my tongue across and around it. I reached in through his other pant leg to stroke and pull on his balls as I slowly took more and more of him into my mouth.

He started to moan softly as I worked over his member. He tasted slightly salty from sweat and his musk was intoxicating. I unbuttoned his shorts and slid them down, then leaned back to take him all in.

His thatch was just what I imagined, short, but not shaved, and the same reddish blonde as his hair. His cut cock looked to be about 8 inches, but seemed longer jutting out from his lanky frame. His large balls dangled deliciously, with one slightly lower than the other. A drop of precum oozed out and I quickly lapped it up. I looked up into his eyes. They were ablaze.

I put his cock back into my mouth and slid it slowly down my throat until my nose was resting against his beautiful, wiry pubes. I held him there for a minute or so, working his shaft with my tongue, then slid up slowly, popping his head out. As his cock dangled and bobbed, I licked and nibbled at the shaft and head, the gently sucked his lower testicle while working his iron-hard cock with my hand. With my other hand, I unbuttoned my jeans to free my own throbbing rod and jacked it as I returned to sucking Justin deeply down my throat.

I quickened my pace, wild with lust for this young man’s organ. He began to groan and hiss as I fucked him with my mouth. Precum dripped from my cock, making me slick. He placed his hands on my head and started thrusting urgently. I got even harder as I anticipated his eruption.

With a final lunge, he drove deep into my throat and started spraying. I pulled back so I could feel each jet of hot cum splashing into my mouth. Three! Four! Five! SIX steaming ropes of cum flooded my mouth. I started swallowing, but it was too late. His seed gushed past my lips and seeped down my chin. I wiped it up and smeared it on the head of his cock, then took his length down my throat as I savored his juice.

He was just starting to work on me when we heard people coming down the hall. We quickly zipped up and headed back to the party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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