Gay Online Dating – The First Meet

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So I’m a straight guy. I have a girlfriend. I have a job. I do all the normal things you’d expect. I play video games, have nights out with the boys, watch porn, have sex and eat pussy (I’m the best, by the way) but every so often I get weird urges. Really weird urges.

You see I get curious about trying things out with guys. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my girlfriend Sasha and I don’t want a relationship with a guy, I just want to see what it is like in the bedroom. Hell, I don’t even find guys attractive. No matter their age, skin colour or body type, as long as the dick is long I love to watch them suck and fuck. It turns me on as much as seeing big ass and titties.

Watching videos is all good and well but I have a girl and that means I’m not allowed to try the real deal. Do I even want to try the real deal?? I keep asking myself that question over and over, everytime telling myself that the answer is no as long as I have Sasha. One day, however, I find myself making an account on a gay dating site. I fill out my profile ever so accurately.

20 years old. Bi-curious. Bottom. “Straight guy curious to try sucking cock for the first time!!”

I don’t see any harm in it. It’s not like I’ll do anything or meet anyone. Shit I probably won’t even get any messages and I’m too poor to actually pay for it, so I couldn’t send anyone messages either. I peruse the profiles for a while. BigDaddy this, BlowNgo that. I can’t do much so I log off before Sasha comes home, delete the browsing history and forget about it until the next day.

On my next login I’m surprised by the amount of messages I have from guys of all ages and all over the country.

One guy writes “You can suck my cock anytime”

From another “Hey I travel to your city for work, you can service me in my hotel”

And this one “Love having my cock sucked, and I can give you a nice creamy load to swallow”

And so on. I didn’t read them all. I felt scared yet turned on. I wasn’t doing anything but at the same time I felt like I was doing something wrong. I felt like I was betraying her. So I panicked and deleted my account. Cleared the browser history once more and told myself I would forget about this and never try it again.

But 5 years later Sasha and I broke up.

In my depression I found myself going out and getting wasted. Failing to pick up girls. I turn to internet dating. I sign up for various dating sites and I have the money to afford premium accounts. I spend months chatting to and eventually meeting up with various women. I’m single, so it’s ok. Then one day I get a message from some random guy.

“Hey man, I know your profile says straight – but you’re hot. Let me know if you ever want your cock sucked ;)”

I didn’t know whether to be flattered or weirded out. How does someone even send a message like that? It seemed so strange to me that someone could make first contact in such a way. Even stranger was the fact that I was slightly turned on and that I wanted to be the one offering to suck cock.

So I found a gay site, and made a new profile.

25 years old. Curious. Bottom. “Straight guy curious to try sucking cock”

This time I was premium.

The messages came once again, Eskort Kız all very similar to that first time many years ago. Come suck on mine and blah blah blah. Boring stuff. Hate to say it, but for my first time I wanted to meet with someone with patience and experience. I was curious, legit curious, not the kind of ‘curious’ in videos that ends up getting every hole pounded after 30 seconds. I found that talking to this guy named Trey.

He was in his 40’s, bald, formal personal trainer and gym owner. Most of the time we talked about lifting weights and he’d give me tips for all my workouts. Of course he’d throw in the typical cheesy lines “come here and i’ll give you a workout ;)” and we’d laugh it off. He was cool. Said I could come over whenever I was ready, even if it was just to talk. There was no pressure (But at the same time I thought of all the girls that I said the same things to – they never came over just to talk) but I was skeptical. One day I bit the bullet and we made plans for me to come over one afternoon, with one condition: he doesn’t wear clothes in the privacy of his home (except when answering the door). No problem. As long as I can wear clothes I didn’t really mind.

On the day I was coming over I got held up at work, so the afternoon meet became an at-night meet. He texted me the address to his apartment and told me to call him when I arrived. He’d come down and meet me at the bottom as I’d need his keycard to use the elevator. I have a shower and get dressed, then hop in my car and make my way there. I’m nervous, but, I’ve met a lot of people online. Just because it’s a guy doesn’t make it special. I arrive and call him as per his instructions. Then I wait. After a few minutes a bald guy comes walking towards the door to let me into the building. We exchange greetings and I follow him to the elevator. Probably the quietest and most awkward elevator ride ever. I half expected him to whip it out then and there, but this is the real world – not RedTube. We exit the elevator and make our way to his apartment. Once inside, we make a bit of small talk.

How is work? How is life? How is gym?

He doesn’t have much of a lounge room and we stand in the kitchen around the bench top. He tells me about himself, what he used to study and what he used to do for work. After 5 or 10 minutes he asks if I want to get into the bedroom, just to sit on the bed as it’s a bit more comfortable than standing around in the kitchen. I look at him with a raised eyebrow, as if to ask are we going to sit on the bed, or… ‘sit’ on the ‘bed’…

He assures me that he won’t make any moves. He just wants me to be comfortable and he wants to get out of his clothes. So alright, we head into the bedroom. He quickly removes his shirt and shorts – oh man, he’s naked – and gets into bed. He makes some more small talk before asking what made me decide to meet him, and what it is that I wanted to do. I told him the truth, saying that I was curious and that I had wondered what it would be like to suck cock, but that I didn’t think I could bring myself to actually do it. He said that was fine and that I could leave at any time. He also said I was free to touch and explore, I didn’t necessarily have to use my mouth. He told me to go at my own pace, even if that meant not doing anything at all. I felt a wave of relief knowing that he was genuine. So I asked if he’d mind if I touched his penis. He shook his head. So I started poking and prodding it with my fingers…

It wasn’t completely soft, but only partially erect, as if something had turned him on ever so slightly. So I tried to jerk it. At first with just 2 fingers holding it, then some more, after a minute I was stroking it with my hand. Still it wasn’t erect. Even looking at him, it seemed like this was doing nothing for him. I felt bad. With girls I have a pretty good idea of what I’m doing and I’m good at it – with my tongue at least, I’m terrible at clit stimulation with my fingers. Still looking at him he says that I can lick it if I want to, that he’s just had a shower and cleaned himself up. So I lick the head of his penis, trying to avoid getting any pre-cum on my tongue, I move to the shaft. Licking up and down a few times I notice that he’s not groaning or moving, which means that I need to do more than lick. I go all the way with oral on girls and they love it, maybe I should do that here. So I put my mouth on it.

The head of his penis is in my mouth and I’m massaging it with my tongue. I’ve probably licked the pre-cum, but there’s no discernible taste difference. It all just takes like skin. Penis skin. In my mouth. It’s not bad, really. Not the best taste in the world, but nothing negative about it. So I get to working harder. Bobbing my head up and down, working my tongue up and down and around the shaft and head. That’s when I hear a soft “ooh yeah” from behind me, a “yeah suck it” follows. It looks as though he’s starting to enjoy it! Feeling pleased with myself I try even harder as I hear him behind. His moans and groans, his hip movements thrusting to match my head bobbing. Since putting his cock in my mouth I’ve stopped using my hands – I don’t need them, I’m an oral expert – so away ago. Sucking frantically. Grabbing his cock only when I take it out of my mouth to lick it up and down. I’m trying my hardest, trying to take as much as I can. 8 inches. I try to deepthroat but my gag reflex is too strong. I hold my breath and go down as far as I can, his cock hitting the back of my throat, it feels like I couldn’t breathe with it this deep even if I tried. But I try to fit as much as I can. Over and over again. He’s still moaning and moving, but it hasn’t intensified. I take it out of my mouth to give myself a breather and before I go back down on it he tells me to stop.

He tells me that I’m very good, but that it’s extremely hard for him to get off on blowjobs. He asks if he can return the favour, but I respond asking if we can 69 instead. He’s fine with the idea. I tell him to get on top of me, and he does so. Now I have his knees on either side of my head and his cock in my mouth. Even when on all fours the head of his cock stays in my mouth. He brings himself down, inserting his cock all the way to the back of my throat, partially obstructing my airways and he starts to undo my pants. I can tell he’s not familiar with this position, he’s not thrusting or moving, and seems unaware that it is hard for me to breathe. I’m enjoying it though, and I’ve found that turning my head to the side gives me space to breathe comfortably. So while he fiddles with my belt and zipper, I’m getting a deepthroat crashcourse. Then he starts to suck me off.

It’s not the best BJ I’ve gotten, but he was better than me, and it was made more enjoyable by the fact that my mouth was pretty much locked onto his cock with no choice but to suck. I loved it. He had cream or something on his hands stroking my cock, then sucking on it while massaging my hole. I was in ecstasy. But with my mouth full I wasn’t able to tell him I was about to cum, it didn’t matter though. Once my body started to convulse he took his mouth off me and starting jerking it as I shot cum all over my stomach. Finally he got up, removing the cock that had been stuck in my mouth for what felt like eternity, and went to get a towel for me to clean myself. After wiping up I rolled over onto my stomach. He asked how I was feeling. I told him that was awesome, in my post-orgasmic daze. I had my eyes closed, laying there, relaxing. I heard a drawer open and close but didn’t really think anything of it. Next thing I knew he had straddled my prone body. I never mentioned wanting to do anal. I didn’t want to do anal. But I was scared and he had one hand pressing down on my back keeping me down as he ran his cock up and down my crack, teasing my hole. He penetrated me.

Now I could hear it. The moans and groans of real pleasure. All his weight was on my back. Keeping me down as he thrusted in and out. Each time with an “oh yeah” or “that’s right”. Strangely it didn’t hurt, it wasn’t painful, but at the same time it wasn’t enjoyable for me. Between the moans he started to whisper things to me. Telling me that my mouth was good but that my ass was even better. How tight I was. How good it felt. How he could do this everyday. He kept thrusting. In and out. Offering to let me stay the night. Telling me that I could come visit anytime.

Then he came.

After his body stopped shuddering he pulled out and rolled over onto the other side of the bed and started removing the condom. That must’ve been what he grabbed from the drawer after I came. He asked how I was feeling. I was feeling weird and scared, but I told him that it was a bit painful – I lied. I said that it hurt and that it felt like I needed to go to the bathroom. He motioned towards the toilet door but I told him I had issues with public or other people’s toilets – another lie. He said I was free to use his apartment’s facilities but that I was fine to go home if I wanted. He didn’t seem to mind so I got dressed and made my way to the door. He asked when I’d like to meet next and I told him that I’d have to see how work pans out because my hours are crazy and then there are the weekends – even more lies. I left.

We kept in contact for a little while after that. Eventually I used work as my excuse when I wouldn’t respond to his messages. He was cool with all of this, never getting mad even though I had an excuse everytime he wanted me to come over again. I’ve stopped sending messages since then but every now and then I get a message from him.

“Can’t wait to play again” with a picture of his hard cock attached.

I delete it every single time.

But I’ve started talking to another guy on that website.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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