Glory Hole Ch. 1

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My first experience with a glory hole occurred in Kansas City when I was 23. My wife was pregnant and just about due with our first child. Needless to say I wasn’t getting any at home but was not comfortable finding a playmate for a few weeks. I didn’t feel right about asking her to jack me off or give me head. I think she probably hated the idea of sex at that time. My wife would, under duress watch a porno flick with me but she said they didn’t turn her on. I have liked porno all my life. Since it was not very realistic to setup the VCR at home, put on a porno flick and beat the bishop, I started dropping into adult arcades that were scattered around the city.

I would find an arcade, get a roll of quarters, look at the Now Playing board, remember some numbers and go into one of the small private booths. I would settle back, get my quarters ready, get my Kleenex near by and start the show. Before long I would have my cock out and be slowly jacking it as I watch some great flicks! My favorites were those that had a guy fucking some babe and then pull out and shoot his cum over her belly and tits. I also really liked where the girl sucked the guy off and he jacked off on her face. Depending on how much time I had, I might watch several short films before timing my climax so I shot off into my Kleenex when the guy on screen blew his nuts over some hot bitch!

One day I went in a booth, locked the door behind me, set down and as I started Eskort Bayan to watch a flick noticed there was a hole cut in the partition between me and the next booth. I suspect they had been there before but I just hadn’t noticed. I could see flickering going on and from where I was sitting I could see a guys knees through the hole. I leaned down and sure enough…..There was a guy with a big, hard cock slowly jacking it. I found it strangely exciting but had come in to get off so I didn’t pay much attention to the hole for about 10 minutes.

I got my cock out, picked a flick and settled back to enjoy a simultaneous cum shoot with the lucky guy on screen that was actually getting what I was missing. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw movement in the glory hole. But when I looked there was nothing there. Then I saw it again and saw a finger stuck about halfway through the hole revolving around the sides of the hole in a slow, sensuous way. It would continue for about 15 seconds and then the finger would disappear only to return again.

It sounds naive now but I wasn’t sure what this was all about. Then suddenly the finger was replaced with a hard cock sticking through the hole. It was pulled back in a few seconds and I understood…I was being invited to stick my cock through to the guy in the next booth. I had never had a sexual experience with a guy and never thought about one, but it was strangely exciting. I said to myself, “this guy wants to suck me!” Then I said, “but I’m not gay, so why would I let him?” I then had a thought that I bet millions of guys have also had…” I can’t see who it is and I don’t have to do anything in return, and a hot mouth would sure feel good! I will simply put my cock through the hole, get sucked while I watch the porno on the screen. I will still shoot when the stud in the film does but this might feel better.”

I stood up and turned toward the glory hole slowly stroking my hard cock. The finger came back through the hole as a final invite. I am quite tall so I had to bend to get my cock through the hole. I was tentative because I told myself this might be a little dangerous… sticking my precious cock through a hole in the wall for someone I did not know. However, as the saying goes…”A stiff prick has no sense”.

As soon as only a couple of inches were through, I felt a hot, soft, warm mouth enclose itself over my cock. A tongue rolled around my cock as I shoved the rest into this hot hole of pleasure. I remember thinking…” this feels better than any blowjob I can remember!” There was a lot of enthusiasm behind that hot mouth. Most women act like they are doing you a favor to suck your cock and most don’t even pretend to like it. This was different! The tongue was hot and active around my throbbing rod as a steady suction was maintained. I found myself straining to get all of my cock through the hole to that hot eager mouth.

I realized this was for MY pleasure. Whatever pleasure the guy on the other side of the glory hole was or wasn’t getting was his problem. I started to simply let myself go as I picked up the speed of plunging my cock into this hot unknown mouth. I couldn’t stop…I had to shoot and there was no reason not to. I was not obligated to give any warning or give a shit about what they did when I came. As my knees shook and a deep moan came from my chest I had the largest, most intense, powerful orgasm of my life! And the mouth simply sucked harder taking every drop of my hot cum with unabashed enthusiasm.

After draining my balls of their pent up cum, I collapsed back onto the bench. A few seconds later I heard someone say “thank you!” through the glory hole from the other booth. THANK YOU! Can you imagine? Some guy just gave me the best blowjob of my life and HE says thank you! Unfuckingbelievable!

In a couple of minutes I heard the door open to the booth next door. I cleaned myself up and in a few minutes left my booth. As I entered the main part of the store, the area where they sell films, adult toys and books a guy in his 40’s looked up and smiled at me. I don’t know if he was the guy or not and I sure wasn’t going to ask, but if he was…He was one GREAT COCKSUCKER! From him I learned, and it has remained true, guys give better blowjobs than women. I believe it when women say that another woman eats pussy better than a man. I sure know the opposite is true!

There’s more if ya liked it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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