Going Gay to Get the Girl

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I know I am not a very good writer. This is just a way for me to get my fantasies out. If you enjoy then wonderful.


Me: Brian

Roommate: Sam

Girl: Kelly

I was going into my senior year in college. One last year to party and have fun before buckling down, and getting a job. Over the summer, when I received my housing form asking for preference of roommates, I selected no preference. I was hoping to be assigned with a much more liberal roommate that could help open me up and show me how to have fun. I was paired up with Same, and he more than changed my life forever.

Since it was my senior year, I got a much nicer dorm room. It was more like a studio apartment, small kitchen, and our own bathroom. When I arrive to settle in, my roommate had already done so. At first I thought I was in the wrong room, there was pink everywhere.

“Hey there, you must be Brian.”

I turned around, out he came from the bathroom, wrapped in a pink towel, walking towards his desk.

“Hey Sam?” He smiled. “Very nice to meet you, looking forward to a fun year together.”

I got set up and got to know Sam. He was a good guy. He let me know he was gay, and let him know it didn’t bother me one bit. He was relieved as he felt he was finally ready to unleash himself. We got to know each other really well over the first month, and I felt myself opening up to him more and more as well. I told him my struggles finding a girl, types of porn I watched. We started to get naked together in the room, just feeling free with one another. It was never a problem to walk in on each other masturbating to porn. We would just check out what each other were watching and move on.

Then, after the first month, Sam came home with the most stunning beauty I have ever seen. She was tall, had long legs, straight back hair. I was more than smitten. She was a bit of a goth, and it turned me on to no end. She was in a short black skirt, ripped stockings, black boots, and various dark tops. All complimented by her black eyeliner and dark lipstick. She had pert B cup breasts, and was skinny. Everything was perfect for me.

She never so much as shot me look though. She followed Sam around everywhere. On the laptop, in the kitchen, when he went out, and even to the bathroom. She would follow him when he showered, and followed him out in his pink towel. I tried to join in on their conversations, and while Sam included me, she just went to her phone.

When she finally left at night, and we got naked, I asked about her. I told him I was smitten and would love to find a way to take her out.

“Don’t waste your time with Kelly, she only goes for gay guys.”

“So are you with her?” A look of disappointment over my face.

He laughed “No no, you are more my type.”

My dick pulsed when he said that, and I know he saw it to, as he stared right down at it. I am not sure why I got excited, maybe just thinking he was into me turned me on. I remembered why I selected no preference in the roommate form. A wicked idea began to form. Time to have some fun.

“Well, I think I am willing to do whatever it takes to have a shot with Kelly.” Smirking as I gripped my cock.

“What do you have in mind Brian.” Gripping his own cock now as well.

“What if I show her I am willing to go gay for her?” Slowing raising my hand up and down my shaft. Starting to breath heavier.

“She would know it is just an act, you would really have to get into it, and show her you know how to please a man.” Equally breathing heavier and stroking up and down.

“Well, I am willing to learn, if you are willing to teach me.” I winked at Sam and opened my legs wider, working my tool harder.

“If we are going to do this Brian, time to lay down some rules.”

Over the next hour, we outlined a plan on how to turn me gay in the next month. Rule one, was we will always be naked in our room. Second was that, we will always shower together, to help clean each other and learn each others bodies. Third, I will do what he says, no matter what. Fourth, I will learn to love cock and cum. Over the next month, he will train me to kiss a man, stroke a man, blow a man, and take a cock like a man.

I agreed with his terms.

“To seal this deal, we are going cum together, on each others cocks.”

Why was I so turned on by this?! I nodded in agreement.

“Come sit on the bed with your legs spread and hold the base of your cock.”

I hopped up and awaited further instruction. He Antep Bayan Escort got on the bed with me, placed his legs over mine and scooted in real close. So close that cocks met, and pointed straight up together. When our cocks connected, electricity shot through my body. I thought my heart would beat out of my chest. I almost came right there. Pre-cum oozed out down our cocks, covering his and mine, which set off his as well. He gripped both our cocks together and stroked us together.

“OH MY GOD!” I started thrusting up into him. My eyes were in the back of my head, my whole body was vibrating with pleasure. “I cant hold it, I am going to cum!!” I was screaming.

“Let go Brian, cum on me, cum on me!” I couldn’t hold it. Cum erupted between us, and landed on myself and Sam. I fell back on the bed in utter pleasure, panting like I had just ran a mile. Sam, leaned over me and stroked his cock on top of mine till he came as well. I was laying there covered in his cum and mine.

“Sleep well tonight Brian, our training starts tomorrow!”


Over the next month we began our routine. After Kelly left, we would immediately strip naked and he begin to train me. No matter what we do, I will be eating all the cum. I have to get used to the taste. The first week we will practice kissing, and each week build on it. First kissing, then kissing and hand jobs, then kissing and hand jobs and blow jobs. Then finally kissing, hand jobs, blow jobs and anal training with toys. The first time you take a cock will be in front of Kelly he said.

Kissing Sam was weird at first. He is not as soft as a female, but he was definitely more intense. Our make out sessions every night would get very heated. I learned where to touch his body to get him more excited. Sliding my hands up and down his back, his legs, and always pulling him into me. We make out all over the place, in bed, standing, on our small couch. Our cocks always mashed together. Once we would separate, there would always be a string of pre-cum connecting us together. It would take one stroke for me to cum in my hand and slurp it up. Followed by him cumming on me somewhere, after which I would scoop up and share in a kiss with him.

The next week, once we started making out, I would slide my hand down his body to his luscious cock. I would slide back and forth, while I tickled his tongue. We got on his bed, and I would cuddle up right next to him. I would then lean over and lick his lips as my hand would gently cup his balls. I would feel the weight in my hands as I nudged his mouth open with my tongue. Sliding my fingers up and down, while I looked into his eyes. I would grind my cock along his hip, leaving a trail of pre-cum on his waist. I felt him tighten up and felt his cum rise through his balls and erupt all over his chest, setting off my own explosion. The final day of that week, Sam gave me a hand job. We started making out and as my hand drifted down, he spun me around, and nestled up right behind me. I titled my head to the side as we resumed kissing. His hand traced down my chest to my cock, standing straight up. Wiggling his hips, his cock resting atop my cheeks, he started to grind into me while he massaged my cock. I was sooooo turned on. Feeling the heat of his cock between my cheeks, the side kiss, I did not last long. Luckily after I came all over the floor this time, he did not make me clean it up with my tongue. Though while I was down there cleaning up, he did cum on my very welcoming face. I was starting to really become his personal slut, and I was loving it.

In the third week, I found myself staring at his beautiful erect cock, between his spread thighs. I was on my knees, in front of him, drooling at the pillar above me. I crawled over, pulling his cock to one side, I slowly tickled his anus with my tongue. Feeling his balls resting on my nose. I Eskimo kissed his balls, then dragged my tongue up his long shaft. After slapping my face with his thick cock a few times, I popped my head over his, slurping and sucking his amazing cock. My hand stroked my own, as my other squeezed his balls while my head bobbed up and down. This was by far my favorite activity with Sam. I loved being between his legs, me on all fours, my back arched, butt waving in the air, with a hot piece of meat in my mouth. I fed off his moans which made my own cock throb harder. I could almost cum without touching myself while I sucked his cock.

The final week before I came out to Kelly, was my anal training. I was nervous by very excited. I loved when Sam rested his cock between my cheeks, and now we were almost there. Once naked, he laid out a series of butt plugs on the bed along with some lubes. I was instructed to wear them all day and night to start to stretch my anus for him. Then he pulled out another box of dildos, which all had suction cups on them. When we play I would remove my butt plug and sit on these progressively larger dildos while I sucked his cock. We stuck one on the toilet and I would bounce up and down on it as he stood over me, sliding his head over my lips. We put one on the shower wall, and I would fuck myself against it while feasting on his glorious cock. Bouncing on that dildo and his cock started to make me wonder if I could ever go back to girls after this. The feeling of being full on both ends was too exciting for me to ignore. But as the next night came, and Kelly swung by, I knew I couldn’t be fully swayed to the mighty penis 🙂


Today was the day. Today I was going to ask out Kelly one last time before I showed her how kinky I can be for her. I was so excited and nervous I decided to skip classes and stay home. Gave myself an extra chance to practice with the dildo to loosen me up for Sam. I had a feeling she would turn me down yet again. But this time I was prepared!

They came in together as usual, and again I was just awestruck by her beauty. Its not for everyone, but I just love a goth chick. Today she had on her normal black boots, with black and white knee high socks. She had a crumpled black skirt, and a black denim jacket over a white tank top cut at the midriff. Her black hair was straight and just past her shoulders. Black eyeliner and she was wearing a choker. I had a hard on for this girl with her clothes on!

Once we all settled on the couch to watch some TV, had Futurama playing, I spoke to Kelly.

“I know I have asked you out before, but I would love to take you out. I would love to show you the kind of guy I can be.”

“I am sorry Brian, its nothing against you, your just not my type of guy.”

“Allrighty, its OK. Sam I am going to hit the shower, care to join?”

“Sure 🙂 “

Kelly looked confused, but none the less followed Sam into the bathroom like she normally does.

She sat on the toilet and pulled out her phone. Once we we all together in the bathroom, I pulled Sam in for a kiss, rolling my hands down his body as he did the same. We made a slurping sound during our kiss, and we heard a drop. We both looked at her, her jaw wide open, legs spread arms to her side. She was in shock and dropped her phone. Sam resumed kissing my neck as he started to unbutton my pants.

“Well Kelly, if you wont go out with me, I guess I will have to play with Sam.”

My pants hit the floor and I lifted my arms as Sam raised my shirt above my head. I devoured his face again, while I lifted his shirt off only separating for a moment to pull it off. I sucked his tongue as my hands went to his pants and slid them down. When they fell, I stepped back for two reasons, for Kelly to see us fully and to admire him. I licked my lips and stepped back to him, rotating my hips, sliding my hard cock on his. He slapped my ass, then pulled me into him. I reached over to turn on the hot water and felt Kelly’s hand there already. I turned to her, still had shock all over her face and her legs were trembling. Sam stepped in and pulled me by my cock in to follow. Closing the clear curtain, all she could see now was our blurred silhouettes. I smiled at Sam, he smiled back.

I pointed my cock to his, and we rubbed our heads together, I let out a guttural moan in my excitement. From the outside it looked like we were connected through our cocks. I grabbed the body wash and dripped it down between us, coating our cocks together. We pulled each other close and began humping each other, sliding our cocks together. A steady stream of moans came from us both as we frot our cocks together. Continuing to hump his cock, I pull him into me so I can kiss him hard, rolling my tongue along his as did our cocks. He flipped me around and spread my legs. I pushed my hands against the shower wall, as he humped his cock along my cheeks. It looked liked he was fucking me good. And I made sure to groan extra loud.

After a little bit, we stood up to rinse the soap off while making out. I turned off the water and pulled the curtain aside, cock pointing straight out with Sams. Kelly was sitting there, in her boots and knee high socks and nothing else. Her legs completely spread while she fingered her bald pussy with one hand and gripping her tits with the other. Her head was back and her eyes closed in ecstasy.

I gripped Sam’s cock, “If you want to continue to watch the show you can follow us”. I pulled him along, still wet from our shower. No need to dry off, I needed his cock now. Back in our sitting area, Kelly rushed along and plopped back on the couch and immediately went back to working her pussy. She bit her lower lip and her eyeliner had streaked down her face with her sweat. I gave Same a quick kiss, then slid down his body, nibbling his neck, then down his chest to his nipple, tickling his belly button till his cock was right in front of me. I slapped my face with it a couple of times before I devoured it. No more soft and sensual, I wanted to slurp his dick up. I grabbed his hips and bobbed up and down rapidly. My cock still pointing straight up as he fucked my face.

I pulled his cock all the way out, holding just the tip on my turn and turned my head to her and smiled. Kelly just paused and shook, an orgasm over took her. I smiled and went back to work. I shifted Sam around so that he was facing her and my back was to Kelly. I bobbed up and down and snuck one hand around to tickle my ass. I started to slide a finger in my ass while Kelly watched. I was getting ready to have my ass taken.

Sam pushed me off and told me to bend over the table. I slowly complied, stepping up to the table, spreading my legs wide and resting my chest down. I looked over at Kelly and pulled my cheeks apart. Sam came back dripping lube down my cheeks and slowly fingering it in. Looking directly at Kelly I moaned and contorted my face for her. Sam lubed up his cock and slowly pressed the head in. Once it popped in, he rested there while I got used to it. I was semi broken in from the dildos but still nothing compares to the real thing. He slowly slid forward every minute till his balls tickled my ass. I stroked my cock while he started to slowly thrust in and out. I close my eyes, I am to lost in pleasure now to see what Kelly is doing. I lean back up and turn my head so I can kiss Sam as he starts to thrust faster. He reaches around and pulls on me as we kiss. I cover my hand with his to slow him down or else I will cum to soon.

I whisper into Sam’s ear and he smiles. He slows down and pulls me around so I am facing Kelly, still stroking her clit. We walk forward to her, still connected. I lean forward and put my arms against the couch on either side of her head. I am directly facing her, bent over her. Looking her right in the eyes, Sam starts thrusting again. My cock is bouncing inches from her pussy as Sam slams into me. He is fucking me directly over her while I look her in the eyes. Her eyes stare back at me with pure lust. I am so turned on looking at her I cant hold it much longer.

“I am going to cum soon, I cant hold it…”

“Kelly, put your hand under his cock, catch all of his cum. I want you to feed it to him after he unloads.”

She just nods her head and cups her hand.


Kelly catches spurt after spurt in her hand, trying to make sure not to lose a drop. With me cumming, my anus tightens around Sams cock and he cums hard in my ass, screaming in the process. We just stand there panting, his cock still in my ass as Kelly slowly raises her hand to my mouth. I lick her hand clean as she wipes it across my face. After she pulls her hand back and licks up whatever is left over. I lean forward and kiss her, slowly at first, but grows with intensity. A little cum spills out between us on her belly. I pull back and smile, I lower my head to her slit, and slowly lick up. She couldn’t hold it and immediately cums on my face.

Sam pulls back out and collapses on the bed. Still leaning over her, I ask her:

“So, can I take you out on a date 🙂 “

She smiles and we kiss.


After that day, Kelly no longer followed Sam around. She followed me around. We were regularly naked in our studio and would have lots of sex. She got a strap-on and would fuck me with it. I would fuck her. She would watch me get fucked by Sam. Sam would watch us fuck. Sam found another friends with benefits and eventually I got spit roasted while Kelly watched. She would fuck me with the strap-on while Sam fucked his friend. Kelly brought one of her friends over to fuck me with a strap-on together while Sam watched. There were many couplings ahead. Me and Kelly stayed together for a very long time and had some amazing sexcapades. And it all started by going gay with my roommate.

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