Got Milk? – Delilah , Mac Ch. 08

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“Um… could you repeat that, Delilah?” Mac says as he make his way to Delilah’s black love seat, the back of it settled comfortably against the foot of her bed. As he sits down on its left side, the cushion absorbs and adapts to him with ease, providing extreme comfort.

Delilah smiles as she makes her way past Mac, taking the right side of the couch. “I want to know what exactly a ‘footjob’ is!” she says giggling, using her fingers for air quotes at the mention of the word “footjob”. She giggles as she finally sits down next to Mac, leaning back into the couch. As she sighs in total bliss of the soft feeling of her couch, she settles herself by slumping down even more into the back of the couch. With Mac looking on in pure admiration, Del completes the transition by crossing her right pantyhose leg over the other once again, wiggling her teasing foot in her worn out white ballet flat.

Licking his lips at the view, he finally speaks with an enhanced motivation, “Well… you know what a ‘handjob’ is, don’t you?” Bouncing her crossed leg ever so slowly, Del softly responds “Hehe, I believe so. That’s when a girl uses her hand to jerk a guy off, right?”

“Yeah, and the difference between that and a footj—”

Delilah interrupts his discussion with a somewhat pained groan. “I’m sorry, Mac, it’s just really hot in here. And my legs are kinda sore.”

“Oh, uh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Hehe, it’s ok. I wanted it to be hot. Haven’t you noticed I turned the AC off?”

“Well… I was kinda distracted by a silly girl TEASING me with her feet all day and night.”

She smiles as she flexes her toes high in her flat, responding back to him “Yep! And it’s not done by a long shot! But do you mind if I get myself a little more comfortable here?” Mac nods and chuckles at her. “Yeah, sure. Don’t know why you’re asking me. It’s your room.”

“Hehe… good.” Delilah playfully shakes her head at him, and makes a big show of slowly lifting her crossed right leg horizontally. Looking at him deeply in a serious expression, Delilah carries on with her teasing as she shifts her lifted leg back over to its right side. Mac watches on as she begins to rotate her ankle, slowly bringing her leg and foot back onto the carpet floor.

“Talk about taking your sweet time…” Mac says, laughing.

“Shhh… shaddup” Del softly says to him. As Mac makes the zipping motion with his fingers over his lips, Delilah stretches out both of her legs in a completely horizontal position, spreading them apart and making her flats clash with each other. Still looking at him in her serious expression, she says to him “You know… I didn’t tell you before, but I started doing yoga about 4 months ago.” Mac raises his left eyebrow “Really? I did happen to notice that your legs were a lot more toned and loose when it comes to moving them around.”

“Hehehe, yes, they are. So I can do this now…” As Delilah brings both her legs back to the floor, she demonstrates her brand new flexibility. Taking her left leg with her hands and softly caressing it, she inhales softly. She then extends her leg out and proceeds to lift it as high as it will go, her foot in her flat levitating past her shoulders. Soon, her leg is completely vertical, and Del smiles in a proud fashion, caressing her lifted leg for Mac.

“Hehe, like what you see, tiger?” she sweetly asks, admiring her pantyhose as she caresses her leg all the way up to her pointed toes in her flat. Mac becomes almost speechless, but manages to blurt out a audible “Yes” before he slightly shifts in his side of the couch, facing her direction.

Del then lets her lifted leg descend slowly back down to the floor. Slightly smirking at Mac, she raises both of her legs onto the couch itself, bringing her knees towards her blouse covered chest. “But you still gotta tell me what a ‘footjob’ is now. I didn’t forget, doofus.” she says as she hugs both of her pantyhose covered knees, her feet tapping away inside her damp white flats. “I know I do… it’ll give me a chance to gather myself, anyway” he says.

Mac looks at Delilah as she brings her right arm on the right armrest of the couch, creating a balance for her weight. “Now that I’m all nice and stretched out, this will be easier to do. Hehe…” Mac watches on as Delilah, with a quiet sigh, displays her flexibility again as she allows her right leg to cross yet again over her left knee. The flat covered foot make its way towards Mac, nicely getting settled. Mac feels the everlasting tingle in his cock, shifting his erection attacking his basketball shorts.

Del laughs at him, finally letting her crossed leg relax, and says to him with a loving smile, “No need to hide it anymore, dude. Just let it grow…” Flexing her foot high in her flat, she allows the crossed leg to bounce away, the foot gyrating inches away from his face. “I’m going to tease you a lot more now while you tell me what a ‘footjob’ is. Hehe… think you can handle that without bursting in your shorts?” she asks, Bycasino sticking another tongue out at him.

Her playfulness just makes her all the more attractive to Mac, and he nods at her. “Psh, you don’t scare me, girl. I wasn’t ready earlier, but now I’m prepared for whatever you bring at me!”

“Ha! We’ll see about that!” Delilah flexes her foot even higher in front of his face, allowing her ankle to make an audible popping sound. After taking a second to twirl her now sweaty hair into a ponytail, she motions for him to begin. “So, yeah. You. Footjob. Explain it to me.”

Taking his eyes off of her worn out flat in front of him, Mac begins to speak. “Ok… well, a footjob is like a handjob, basically, but instead of using your ha—”

“God, I can’t wait to take these shoes off… ugh, they are making my feet so hot right now…” Delilah interrupts again, scrunching her toe knuckles out of the worn out flat. They seem to be even more slippery than before. Mac glares at her foot, almost forgetting his discussion. He begins to notice the ever present stench from her flat attack his nose again, which almost emasculates him.

Delilah smirks again, having him right where she wants him since her teasing is working to perfection. “Psst, hey,” she whispers as Mac looks up at her. Motioning with her left hand, she obliges him. “Footjob? Hmmmm? Tell me, dude.”

Mac shakes his head quickly, and gathers himself. “Ahem, right, um, footjob… like I was saying, a footjob is when a girl uses her feet to j—”

Delilah interrupts again with another giggle, and bounces her leg in a faster pace. She scrunches her toes again, and this time, the heel finally pops off, letting the flat sway onto her toes.

“Hmm… you know… I think I used to always do these with my shoes… even my black converse. I just never paid attention to it. This… shoeplay stuff. I think I like it.” she confesses as the flat swings over her pantyhosed toes. “Hehe… I really like dangling my flats now. It’s such a stress reliever, you know?” she says in bliss, her crossed leg now bouncing in a natural rhythmic tempo to Pentatonix blaring from the stereo. She sighs again. “It just feels soooo good to do that with my feet. Taking them off and putting back on. Twirling them around. I like playing with my flats. Hmmmm… it’s really fun… hehe…” Delilah scrunches her toes hard, making the flat barely cling onto her big toe.

Mac can only take a good look at it, rubbing his crotch desperately from the constant talking Del is doing about her own shoeplay. She is totally getting into his head even more.

“Ugh, I just hope my feet are not too sweaty and stinky inside these flats… my God… You don’t mind the smell of my feet, don’t you?”

Mac stares a hole onto her flexing foot in the dangling flat, and he almost doesn’t hear Del’s voice.

“Mac, tigerrrr?” Delilah says in a singing manner. Mac looks up at her, just in time to see her slowly mouth the words to him: “Foot… job?”

“You keep interrupting me as I’m trying to explain it to you!” he says to her.

“Ha! I do no such thing, sir!” She says in her best innocent expression. “Ok, ok, fiiiine… I won’t say anything else. I promise” Clearing her throat, she brings out her best serious look at him and asks, “Now, come on… tell me about the footjob…”

Mac shakes his head at her, and cautiously begins to talk. “Alright… like I was saying, a footjob is like a handjob, but instead of using your hands, you use your feet t—”


Mac gets sidetracked by the white flat falling into his lap. He looks down at it, and looks back up at Del’s right crossed leg. Her foot is rotating away inside the clinging sheer pantyhose, and her toes are scrunching with glee. Mac gets a full blast of the sweaty odor from her foot, and her leg continues to bounce to the beat of the music. The harder her toes clench, the more wrinkles her sole creates. Mac slowly looks at Delilah, who still has a serious look on her face. She strokes her chin, and stares back at him, motioning with her hand again for him to finish his explanation.

She DID say she wouldn’t say another word; however, her playful feet have other agendas. Mac slightly groans, and does his best to carry on. “Um… uh, yeah. So, a footjob is when… when you use your feet to jerk a guy off.” Finally, he is able to say what he needed to say before she tried something else!

“Ohhh, I get it.” She nods with a giggle as she flexes her toes high, the arch in her foot making itself more noticeable. She continues to bounce her leg as her toes stay flexed. “And that’s what you like, huh? For a girl to jack you off with her feet?”

He nods “Yeah… especially pantyhosed feet…”

“Well, that I figured out on my own.” She laughs, and with another relieved sigh, she suddenly raises her right crossed leg as high as it can go on its own. “Do you mind if I stretch myself a bit more? Gotta do the right leg this time…”

“Not Bycasino giriş at all… not at all…” he says, shaking his head.

Delilah smiles, but goes right back to her serious look. “Tell me more. How does it feel to have a footjob?” As she asks him, she wiggles her toes on her foot, lathering up more sweat from her pantyhose. “It… uh… it f-feels…” Mac stumbles over his words as he watches Delilah.

Using both her hands to grab her right leg, she flexes her toes as she brings the leg back towards her. With another sigh, the leg becomes completely vertical. Inhaling once again, she nods at Mac’s voice as she now begins to caress the leg in its pantyhose, embracing it with affection. Her toes begin to curl and point out, and Mac makes sure he doesn’t miss a single movement.

He continues as best as he can “I honestly never really… tried it before.”

“Wow, are you serious? Really…?” she says in shock as her toes curl even harder, making her sole wrinkle up more. Delilah brings her leg back even closer towards her, and she looks directly at her leg. “I would’ve thought for sure you’d have one by now, being the foot guy and all. I mean, geez, you are very detailed about it. You’re very detailed about feet in general” she says as she stares at her lifted leg in front of her. “God, this feels so good…” She brings the stretched leg even closer, exhaling as her knee inches almost towards her lips.

Mac looks on in astonishment. “Yeah… well… I guess I’m just not that lucky. I guess… I’m… I’m ju—”


“Mmmm…” Delilah sighs lustfully as she places a loud kiss onto her pantyhosed stretched out leg. “Mmm… don’t say that, tiger…” moaning softly, she caresses her leg as she stares at it, placing another loving kiss onto her other knee. Mac sits there shocked, his erection clearly throbbing in his hands.

Delilah continues, scrunching her toes as hard as they would go. “Any girl would be LUCKY to give you a footjob. ANY girl.” She plants 2 more wet kisses onto her lifted leg, followed by another caress with her hands. “And if they don’t do it, they are fucking idiots.” Mac strokes his penis through his shorts, shivering at the sudden self-worship that seems to be originating in front of him with Delilah.

Delilah suddenly takes a long soft lick onto her leg, letting her tongue lather up the built up sweat. “Holy fuck…!” Mac softly yells in a whisper, biting his fist instinctively. Del smacks her lips at the acquired taste of sweat, and plants even more kisses all over her leg. She speaks to Mac in between her kissing session. “Bunch of dumb, selfish idiots. They don’t know how hard it is for a guy like you just because you’re into feet.” More kisses, with her sighing with a new-found passion. “They just don’t fucking get it…”

“De-Del…” Mac says softly, a concern beginning to form.

On cue, Delilah lowers her leg, and grabs her pantyhosed right foot, looking at it with authority. “It’s upsetting, man. I know how you feel, tiger… just not able to be yourself because you’re scared of being labeled a perv or some shit like that. It’s totally unfair, man! People have to be more open-minded. All you want is to have sex with feet. There is nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. It’s ridiculous, being labeled an outcast in a society that does fucking condom challenges or tide pod challenges or some shit that could literally kill them.” She stares at her foot more, rubbing into it and gathering the sweat it created all over her hands.

Mac watches her quietly as she massages her own foot and carries on with her rant.

“It’s not fair, dude… you just want feet, that’s all. That’s ALL they are: Feet. I mean, what’s the point of getting pedicures or wearing color socks if you don’t like dudes LOOKING at them? What the hell is the point of wearing PANTYHOSE if you’re not going to show them off? What’s the point of giving a footjob if you’re not comfortable with it?”

“Del, you’re right I mea—”

“And… what is the point of wearing FLATS all day if you’re not going to play with them and get them and your feet all nice and smelly?” She brings her foot closer to her face, and looks at Mac. He looks back, in full admiration of her defensive lecture of the foot fetish. Delilah continues “Mac… I know you want my feet, and that’s completely ok with me now. You don’t mean any harm with it. I’m so sorry about last year. Really. I didn’t understand at the time… I just didn’t understand…”

Mac nods at her. “It’s ok… it’s alright…”

Del smiles at him. “I want you to want my feet now. I don’t want you to hold back on this with me ever again. Ever. Do you understand me, Mac?” Delilah looks at her foot in her hands, biting her lips. Mac could see in her now-glassy eyes that something was awakening inside of her. “Del… you ok?”

Del looks at him, and back at her foot. “I’m just… SO turned on right now. You have no idea. I think… I think I like my Bycasino güncel giriş own feet now. I think I just gave myself a foot fetish” she chuckles, feeling her toes scrunch in her hands. Mac looks at her wide-eyed “Really…?”

“Yes… God, yes…” she admits, bring her foot close as ever to her face. “Mac… do you want me to smell my own feet?”

“More than anything in the world, Delilah.”

She scrunches her toes again, caressing the wrinkles in her sole with her index finger. “Keep another secret…?”


She closes her eyes, and confesses, “So do I…” She opens them back up, and quietly breathes hard. “I want to smell them so bad right now.”

Mac strokes his crotch and stares at her. “Oh God, Del…”

“Mac… tiger… I know you want them, but PLEASE…” she stares at her foot, the pantyhose shining from the sweat. “Please let me have my feet first.”

Mac nods at her. “Then take them.”

And with a slight inhale, Delilah finally brings her foot to her nose, and smothers it with her toes. Mac watches in extreme arousal as Delilah manages to stop shivering enough to breathe deeply into her own foot. Mac could hear the air enter her nostrils, and Delilah coughs as the stench finally infests in her lungs. “UGH!” she coughs again, taking another deep sniff. “God, my feet stink!”

Mac doesn’t even answer her. He just looks on, zombiefied in the show of Del getting into her own now admitted foot fetish. After another cough, she takes a breath in between, gathering herself. After a couple of seconds, Delilah brings her foot back to her nose. Closing her eyes, Del takes in another whiff, this time not coughing. “Ugh… so smelly. It’s so gross…” She breathes in her foot once more, a tear falling down her cheek. “God, my feet are so fucking nasty, dude…”

She takes a second to pause her teasing talk, and looks at Mac’s crotch. She notices the flat that is at war with his erection in his shorts. “So are are you gonna sniff that, or nah?” She chuckles at him, resulting in him grabbing her fallen fallen flat. “Sorry, I just got so into you sniffing your own foot. It’s… it’s just so awesome to see” he says to her.

Delilah blushes, and watches him slowly bring her flat to his face. “You wanna to smell my shoe, tiger?”

“Yes… so much. Can I smell it, please?”

Delilah smiles, and lovingly nods at him. “Go ahead and sniff it.”

Mac never hesitates as he buries her insole into his nose again, breathing the sweat and musk from her white flat. Delilah giggles. “Hehe… you like? Does it still smell good to you?”

Groaning in ecstasy, Mac nods. “Yes, hell yes…”

“What does it smell like to you?”

“Like… seaweed.”

“Hehe, ew, that’s a new one. Does it smell like feet, too?”

“Yes… like sexy pantyhosed feet.”

She whispers to him, “Does it smell like MY feet?” Mac groans and nods, letting his fetish consume him completely. “Yes… I love it so much… SO much…”

“Wanna smell my shoe again, tiger?” she asks in an encouraging and loving manner. Mac desperately nods, wanting to get another fix of his euphoric high from her flat. “Yes… God, yes. May I please, Del?” Delilah nods, and instructs him. “Go ahead and sniff. Hehe… Take a long whiff” she whispers as he brings her flat back to his nose.

Mac slowly breathes into her flat, letting the aroma flow within his lungs. His arousal does not let him cough, as he craves her stench more and more. Delilah looks at him, and becomes his sudden aromatherapist, directing and instructing him with each breath:

“That’s it, tiger… breathe it all in. Smell my shoe. That’s it… smell it. Inhale deep and long. There you go… hehe… that’s it… let me hear you breath it in. Come on, let me hear it… Ok… Good. Get in the toes area, too… yes, that’s what I want to see and hear. Take a nice, deep breath… Ok, now the heel part. Yes… good job. Hehe… smell that nasty flat. Smell it… smell it nice and good, Mac… nice long whiffs. Sniff it… come on, come on, don’t stop… yes… yes, there you go, theeerrre you go. Let that stench get all in you. Smell my stinky shoe… smell it, tiger… take a good, long deep whiff…”

Mac is getting dizzy from the odor and the constant smelling, but he is loving every single minute of it. Forcefully stopping himself to regain his composure, Del smiles as she watches him, giggling. “You liked that, didn’t you? You liked smelling my shoe?”

Mac leans back on the couch, totally pleased and satisfied at the odor. “God, that was amazing. Thank you so much…”

“Did it smell like everything you had hoped for?”

“Yes… and more…”

“Hehe, aww, you’re so sweet.” She blushes as she motions with her hand towards the flat. “Here, let me smell it now. We’re supposed to share, right? Haha, I hope you saved some stench for me, ya dope,” she jokes at him. Mac laughs as he brings her flat to her hand, letting her grab it.

Crossing her right leg over the other again with her legs on the couch still, Delilah chuckles at Mac. “Now sit back and observe. I’m gonna show ya how a REAL pro sniffs a shoe,” she says playfully at him, bringing the flat to her nose. Mac laughs at her “Go for it champ! Ham that shit up!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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