Growing Up College Ch. 3

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Cum Through

Chapter 3: …But Four is a Party


The Monday morning after Paul’s visit was a blur. He hadn’t left until late Sunday afternoon, and Liz and I had stayed up late chitchatting as only roommates can. I was exhausted and I knew I looked a wreck. That’s why I was surprised when a handsome guy in my Sociology class struck up a conversation with me.

“Hi. You’re Jessica, right?” A male voice asked me.

I raised my head to look at him. He was turned around in the row of seats just in front of me. “Oh, yeah.” Was my ingenious reply.

He flashed me a lopsided grin. He was wearing cute, tortoiseshell glasses and a tee shirt. He had a look of an East Coast prep school academic. His blonde curly locks gave him sort of a West Coast surfer boy style. I was charmed, so I tried my best to give him a winning, cheerleader smile. I was hoping that I had nothing in my teeth.

“I’m Tim. I’ve noticed you around campus. You know … you and a blonde girl.”

“Oh yeah? That must be my roommate, Liz.” I leaned forward, suddenly wishing I had worn something more revealing.

“You got a boyfriend?” Tim asked, again with the grin. This time, two identical dimples popped onto his suntanned cheeks.

I leaned back, instantly ashamed. “Oh, yeah. I’ve got one back home.”

Tim kept smiling at me. He must’ve known I was melting. “Well, that’s cool. But, I hope you know that’s not going to stop me from asking you to stop by my house’s party on Friday.”

I grinned back at him, brushing my hair from my eyes. I was praying that my charm was still on. “You’re house, hmm? And which one would that be?”

Tim laughed, “Why, you picky about where you party?”

“Maybe, but if you’ll be there, I guess I can ignore the lack of hors d’oeuvres and waiters in tuxedos.” I giggled.

Tim laughed back, “Well, I’ll see what I can talk my brothers into. But, no promises, okay? If you’re extra nice, maybe I can get you a bottle of red wine.”

“Thank you, monsieur.”

“De nada, milady. We’re at Phi Beta Kappa. It’s on the far right corner of that Greek Quad. I hope you’ll come. And, feel free to bring your friends.” Tim smiled again, and Dr. Rheas dimmed the lights to begin class.


“Oh yeah? Phi Beta Kappa? They’re the soccer house on campus.” Liz said to me when I told her about the party on Friday. “Who’s the guy?”

“He said his name was Tim.” I replied. I was still unsure about going. I knew if I drank, I’d most likely need someone to make sure I didn’t hook up while I was there. But, with Tim as my host, I wasn’t sure I wanted the sitter.

“What will Paul think?” Liz asked, munching on a slice of three-cheese pizza.

I sighed. “I don’t know.”

Our friend Ashley piped up, “I think we should go. I mean, we’re not going to be bad … well … maybe not.”

Another friend from our hall, Alicia, joined in. “I’m going to go. Jess… just don’t worry about Paul. I have Steve at home. They never have to know,” she said with a wink.

I nodded guiltily

“Besides,” Liz said, “partying with frat boys is why we came to college right? Well, other than the food, that is,” she dropped her slice disgustedly and took a long drink of Pepsi.

We all laughed at her. I guess the decision had been made. Phi Beta Kappa, here we come.


Friday night came quickly. Liz and I met Ashley and Alicia in Alicia’s room and we got ready together. We had gone shopping following Monday night’s supper in eager anticipation.

I was wearing a deep plum tube dress that bared maximum cleavage and izmir escort thigh, platform sandals, and nothing else. I figured that if I chickened out with Tim, I’d at least have Liz post-party.

She was wearing a turquoise blue halter dress with a deep V. It really emphasized her tan and blonde hair. I was sure she’d get herself a man faster than Mike Tyson can fight a match.

When we arrived at the house, the party was already in full swing. I spotted Tim almost immediately, and he saw me. I could tell he was about 6′ or so, with a long sleek frame. Images of what his abs and regions south might look like sprung to my mind. I blushed.

He smiled that famous smile and strolled over, carrying five bottles of beer. He handed us the bottles, keeping one for himself, and swung his arms about Liz and I.

“Ladies! I’m Tim, and I’ll be your maitre ‘d!” he said, ostentatiously. I laughed at the other girls confused looks.

Alicia tapped me. I turned back to her and she shouted to me over the din, “Ash and I are going to look around. Don’t be a pussy, Jess!” she gave me the thumbs off, and hooked arms with Ashley.

Tim escorted us to the bar. He leaned over it and shouted “My lovely guests have arrived!” The bartender looked up and smiled, moving toward us. He was nearly as tall as Tim and just as handsome. He had deep tan skin that could only be Italian and, of course, waves of thick black hair.

He extended his hand to Liz, first. “Un mio piacere, la mia signora.”

Liz’s eyes widened and the bartender smiled, “It means ‘A pleasure, my lady.’ I’m minoring in Italian. I want to live there. I’m Mike.”

Liz smiled instantly. I could tell she was in love. “I’m Liz,” was all she could say.

Tim slid his arm around me. “And this is Jessica. She’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen,” he proclaimed to Mike. I was more than a little embarrassed until Mike gave a look at Liz and said, “I could almost agree. Buon Signore! Two perfect girls in one room? Thank you for college!”

Mike whistled and another boy swung around the bar as he let himself out and joined us. “Now we can party!” Tim proclaimed. “Can we give you ladies that grand tour?”

I nodded, afraid my voice wouldn’t be heard over the loud party. Tim took my hand and lead me through the crush of people and down a flight of crowded steps. Liz and Mike weren’t far behind.

We seemed to be in a basement. The walls, ceiling, and floor were painted black, and spray painted with lots of glow-in-the-dark paint. There were a few raised areas, and on one sat a DJ. He was choosing songs from an I-Mac while a skinny blonde ground in his lap. He was happily nursing a bottle of Miller Genuine Draft. On another platform were two poles, where a group of scantily clad girls were grinding and sliding up and down. On the far wall there was another bar. It was made of glass block with lights behind it. And everywhere else in the room, people danced. Some were grinding, some dancing to the beat, and others, slow dancing to their own music.

Tim pulled me to the middle. He leaned to my ear, “This is the dance floor.” He put his hands on my hips and I guided my self to one of his hips and danced very tightly to him. I turned my self away and rubbed my ass into him. I felt his hard on immediately pushing into my back. I smiled and drained my beer.

I looked to Liz. She and Mike were dancing, as well. Tim took my empty bottle and turned me back to him. “More?” he asked. I nodded and he went to the bar.

I went to Liz and Mike. Liz smiled and Mike alsancak escort grabbed me by the waist, pulling me tight. Liz and I each to a side and ground against him. Tim returned and slid the drink into my hand and his arms around my waist. Soon, the four of us had sort of a dancing orgy. We were grinding and dancing and drinking and both Liz and I were laughing uncontrollably.

Tim leaned to my ear again and asked if I wanted to go upstairs. I nodded again and winked at Liz. He led me back upstairs, through the crowd, and up another flight of stairs.

He took me to nice sized room with two double beds. “Welcome to Chez Tim. I’ll be right back. Don’t move a muscle.”

I stood, glancing around my surroundings. I figured that Mike must be his roommate because they were in a few pictures together. Soon, Tim came back carrying two glasses of wine and the bottle in an ice bucket. He handed me a glass, “Your red, milady. To you.”

“To you,” I raised my glass and let the silken liquid slide down my throat. I set down my glass and perched on the bed. Tim sat with me. Wordlessly, I reached to him and pulled his mouth to mine. The mingled taste of wine and heat melted our bodies together and he eased me back into the bed. After a few probing kisses, Tim sat up, his trademark grin in place. “You don’t hesitate, huh?”

“Not when I want something.” I said, any inhibitions long drowned. Tim’s looks clouded. “Are you sure you want this, Jess? I don’t want to take advantage of you.”

I smiled coyly and stood, unzipping my dress. I left it slide to the floor. Stepping out of my sandals, I moved to his lap. “Is that enough of a yes?” I asked, smiling.

Tim’s jaw dropped. “You have my vote, babe.” Quickly, he unbuttoned his shirt and removed his shoes, socks, and pants. His torso was better than I hoped, perfectly carved and tanned. I crawled to the end of the bed and trailed my finger against the slight blonde hairs on his abdomen. When I reached the waistband of his boxer shorts, I tugged them down over his stiff cock. I gasped at his size and suddenly felt the need to be filled.

Suddenly, the door opened and we both looked at the door. Liz and Mike stumbled in, half-naked and laughing. They turned and saw us, wide eyed.

To my surprise, Mike grinned. “Starting early, Tim? I wanted to see the show for myself, but it’s cool.” He looked to me and his eyes widened. “Damn!” was all he managed. Liz giggled and stumbled over to the bed. I was still shocked. I looked at Tim.

He was smiling at me. “I hope it’s all right, girls. I thought we could all have fun.”

I just looked to Liz, who was smiling at me. Her halter was unfastened and the pink of her nipples were peeking out over the blue over her dress. I just shrugged and pushed Liz back onto the bed and started suckling those perfect nipples. I heard the united gasp of Mike and Tim.

I guess the recovered quickly because soon I felt strong hands around my waist. I looked up momentarily and Tim was pulling me down to the edge of the bed. I was mouth-level with Liz’s pussy so I just ducked my head and began to eat her out. I heard Mike’s voice say, “Oh, man! This is so hot!” I felt Tim’s fingers on my clit and I cried out against the Liz’s silken skin. Then, I felt Tim’s long, hard dick enter me. I moaned again and I heard Liz moan. I felt hands in my hair, grinding my face into Liz’s snatch, so I just worked harder. When I felt her cumming I stopped and called Mike.

“Here, hon. Take over.” Mike pulled Liz’s legs around him and put his big buca escort dick into her. Liz threw her head back in an instantaneous orgasm and I smiled.

I then felt Tim’s finger on my asshole and I smiled. I couldn’t wait to have that hard cock in my ass. Soon he was probing me with his fingers and I was near an orgasm. I pulled away from him when I heard Liz’s moans quiet.

“Hey, Mike. Come here, please.” Mike obliged and stood next to Tim. I led them both to the vacant bed. I instructed Tim to sit on the bed, and he did. I, in turn, sat my willing asshole on his fat cock, crying out in pain and pleasure. When I adjusted to him, I leaned back and asked Mike to put his cock in my cunt, which he did torturously slow. I finally felt their hard cocks deep inside me, barely separated by a few tissues. I was in heaven as we moved in sync. Soon, I was bouncing up and down very hard and Mike was moaning, trying to hold off his orgasm. He played with my tits almost reverently. Tim, on the other hand, grabbed my tits and mashed them about in his hands.

“Take my cock you little slut!” Tim growled in my ear. Finally my release came hard and fast. I felt Tim grab a handful of hair and pull my head back. My screams picked up tempo, as did my thrusts. Soon, Mike’s head was back and he was slamming his cock into me.

“Take my load, bitch!” Tim grunted. Finally, I felt his hot cum slam into me, filling my asshole. Almost an instant later, my pussy was milking Mike’s dick and his seed spilled into me. The combined sensations caused me to cum again, spasming wildly, and shouting incoherently. Finally all lay still.

Liz was at our side, her hands on her hips. She had shed her dress, and her tits heaved when she talked. “When do I get my turn?”

All Mike and Tim could do was groan. They pulled out of me and collapsed onto the bed.

I stood, aching. I took Liz’s hand and took her to the other bed. “C’mon, let’s give ’em something to think about.”

I laid on the bed and Liz straddled my face. I eagerly lapped at her dripping quim. She massaged my clit with her able fingers until I was wet again. Then, she bent over and licked at my smooth cunt lips and clitoris.

Soon, the boys’ shadow’s fell over us. They were each holding their huge cocks in their hands, looking an awful lot like hungry wolves. Liz climbed off of me and I stood. Mike laid in my place and Liz bent down and began to lick and suck his balls and that glorious dick. Without and prompt, Tim rammed his dick into her ready and waiting pussy. I straddled Mike’s face and he took up where Liz left off.

Soon, I felt my release coming again and I felt my juices gush out and I squirted all over Mike’s face. I heard Liz’s moans around Mike’s cock, and assumed she was also cumming.

I stood and Tim pulled his cock out of Liz.

“Jess, my slut, come here,” Tim beckoned. I went to him. Mike also stood by Tim. Liz and I got on our knees in front of the boys. We took turns kissing one another and taking the boys cocks into our mouths. Soon, we heard their combined moans and began to jack them off.

Mike came first. He spurted his hot load onto my face and hair and some onto Liz’s face and tits. The sight made Tim cum and his load was even bigger. A lot of it ended up on my face, but Liz got her share. Liz and I then went at it, kissing and licking the salty jism mixture from each other.

Spent, we each climbed into bed. I curled next to Tim and sleep came immediately.



The following year, I transferred to a larger university in to city, as did Paul. I graduated from there with a BA in Biology. I went on to get my Masters and my Doctorate. I married Paul. I kept in contact with Liz all through graduate school, but we never saw each other. Neither of us ever forgot our freshman year, however. I doubt we ever will.

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