Hotel Room Submission

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I heard the door open. Someone entered the room and the door clicked closed behind them. Adrenaline flowed through my body in anticipation.

I stayed motionless, listening to the figure move around the room, increasingly aware of my own vulnerable position. As instructed I was on all fours on the bed, blindfolded. I was clad in a lacy black g-string and matching stockings. As I waited, I could feel the sexual tension in the room building. The stranger had stopped moving now, I could tell they were examining me, looking me up and down, deciding how to begin.

Finally the standoff was broken. The anonymous figure moved to the foot of the bed, behind me.

The first touch was electric, and I could not prevent a loud gasp escaping as I felt their fingers brush lightly across my scrotum. I realised my cock was practically rock hard as it involuntarily twitched. The stranger lightly stroked my balls through the lacy fabric of my panties. A moment later, I felt the stranger pressing their thumb against my asshole, rubbing up and down. If it were not for the panties, I was sure the thumb would have entered my ass. I could not help but release a low guttural moan.

The stranger spoke, issuing an order for me to place my hands behind my back. As I did so, I felt a soft material being wrapped around my wrists, binding them together. I was now completely helpless, unable to prevent the stranger from carrying out any desire they wished. This, however only made my cock harder.

The stranger resumed touching me. Placing his hands on my ass, he squeezed it gently. Feeling the contours of my butt, he slid one hand down, his fingers invading between my ass cheeks, down further squeezing my scrotum gently through the panties. Eventually he grasped the thick base of my hard cock. The stranger tightened his grip, my foreskin becoming taught against the head of my cock.

The stranger began wanking my cock slowly through the lacy material. My pleasure was undeniable as I moaned and gasped into the pillow with each stroke.

The man spoke, “Yes — that’s it. You like this don’t you? Having your hard cock wanked through your panties? I bet you want to come don’t you? Do you want to Fast link come in those sexy panties of yours?” All the while the man caressed my ass, and firmly stroked my cock.

All I could do was moan and plead for him to continue. “yes — please sir, yes”.

The stranger continued to jack me off, rubbing my cock with the lacy material. Again, I felt pressure on my asshole as the man moved his other hand to tickle my anus through the lace. It was soon too much, my balls tightening as the man coaxed me to orgasm. I felt it from deep within, a gushing sensation which erupted white hot spunk from the tip of my cock. As I moaned in ecstasy, I lost count of how many pulses of cum flowed from my dick, but the hot gooey fluid filled my lacy panties, soaking them through.

The stranger released his grip on my cock, leaving me for a moment moaning and panting, my orgasm gradually subsiding.

I don’t know how long passed, but there was a gentle knock on the door, causing me to sharply surface from my stupor. The man answered the door. From what I could tell, another stranger entered the room.

I heard movement around me, the blindfold preventing me from seeing anything. I felt a presence behind me, and another beside me.

Again the first touch sent an electric shiver through my entire body. The stranger at the foot of the bed had put his hands on my waist, grasping the waistband of my cum-filled g-string. He slowly pulled them down, until the waistband was tight around my thighs.

At the same time, the other man moved onto the bed, positioning himself so he was laying with his back against the wall, my head between his legs. Taking my head in his hands, he guided my mouth to his semi-hard cock.

I opened my mouth and started lapping at the base of his shaft, beginning the business of getting him hard, so that I could suck him. I could sense him stiffen, the shaft of his cock now pressing against my face as I licked his shaved balls. I could hear him moan approvingly as I dragged my wet tongue up the length of his cock until I felt the smooth head. As I circled the end of his cock with my tongue, I felt the man behind me press his own tongue against my asshole. fast links

I paused for a moment, enjoying the sensation of having my asshole rimmed. The man behind me was drenching my anus with his saliva, licking and poking at my ass with his tongue, tasting me and beginning to delve into the depths of my asshole.

I turned my attention back to the cock in front of me. Closing my mouth, I initially rubbed my lips over the head of the stiff cock. Licking my lips I tasted his precum. I took him in my mouth, closing my lips around the head, and gently began sucking. I began to move my head, taking more of his thick shaft into my mouth, before pulling back, working him with my tongue. With each stroke, I took the shaft deeper into my throat, and allowed the man to fuck my mouth as he wanted. My hands were still bound, helpless to stop him.

The man behind me continued his rim-job, tongue-fucking my ass. He kept my ass cheeks apart with one hand whilst alternately stroking my scrotum and jacking off his own cock with his other hand. I couldn’t prevent myself from whimpering and moaning around the cock I was taking in my throat.

It wasn’t long before the man whose cock was fucking my mouth was groaning, and it was clear he would come soon. He pulled my head up, and issued a command for me to take his come in my mouth but not to swallow it. I was to keep the come in my mouth. I nodded and said “yes sir” in between my panting breaths. The man reached down and began to wank his stiff shaft as I kept my lips over the head of his cock. In moments I felt a gush form the man’s cock, shooting rope after rope of thick cum into my waiting mouth.

This was too much for the man behind me as he stood up with the intention of relieving his own throbbing cock into the panties I was wearing. He grasped his cock, and leant into me. I could feel his shaft against my balls as he gave a few strokes to his large hard tool. With that his cock erupted, spraying his spunk against my own cock, and the inside of the already sodden panties. Feeling this, I uncontrollably came myself, adding yet more cum to the messy pool of spunk in my g-string.

We stayed motionless for a few moments, recovering. My mouth full of cum, my own cock dripping spunk, and the man behind me allowing his cock to dribble his remaining cum onto my ass.

Soon, the man behind me pulled up his trousers and left the room quietly.

One he had gone, the man whose cock I had just sucked stood up. I still had his load in my mouth, tasting it’s creamy salty texture. He instructed me to turn onto my back, and lay on my bound hands. Once I had done so, the man pulled my cum-filled panties down my stocking clad legs and off.

He then instructed me to open my mouth and show me the cum he had deposited. Upon doing so, the man pushed my soiled panties into my open mouth, gagging me.

“The man who has just left was given instructions to prepare your ass so that I may fuck you. He has done that very well. You are to suck on those cum-filled panties until I have finished. Is that clear?”

I nodded, and began to suck on the cummy g-string in my mouth. Almost instantly the man lifted my legs and positioned himself, the tip of his cock pressing firmly against my asshole. I moaned through the panties as he pushed himself inside me, his length disappearing into my ass. He started to fuck me deep and slow, I could feel his cock stiffen more with each stroke, both of us moaning with each thrust.

Being blindfolded, tied up, sucking on my cum filled panties, wearing stockings, and being fucked in the ass by a well-endowed stranger I could not have been any more turned on, and my own cock was so hard. The man must have noticed this as he started to jerk me off as he fucked me causing me to moan into the cummy gag even more.

I came first, spurting what little cum I had left over my own stomach. The sight of this must have spurned the stranger on even more, who proceeded to fill my ass with his hard cock, thrusting deep and hard now, quickening his pace, pounding my tight asshole with the entire length of his thick shaft.

Finally the man started to cum, pulling out and spraying my cock and stomach with his milky white seed. As he climaxed the man, moaned, gripping my thighs tightly. After a short while he rubbed the end of his wet cock over my balls and asshole, depositing the remaining drops of his cum over me.

He stood up, dressed, undid my binds, and then left me as I laid, panting, covered in cum, sucking the panties, soiled but satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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