Kelly , Claire Ch. 03 Pt. 01

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There was a knock at the door. It must be her, Kelly thought. She opened the door.

“Hi…” said Claire. She had shoulder length brown hair and beautiful, big breasts. She was dressed casually. Just jeans and a fairly loose t-shirt. But Kelly could still see the breasts that had been very much on display the first time she had caught a glimpse of this gorgeous girl.

“Hi, you must be Claire,” Kelly said, even though she knew fully who Claire was.

“Yeah, that’s right. Are you Kelly?” Kelly, who had darker, almost black, hair and slightly smaller breasts, nodded her head. “You needed to talk to me about something important.” Kelly was wearing much tighter jeans than Claire. They showed off her long legs and her great ass. She had a red tank top on. She was purposefully showing off her assets.

“Please, come in.”

“You know, normally I don’t go on errands to people’s houses like this. It’s just because you live so close. Normally I would have demanded to know over the phone”

“It will be worth your while.”

“Good. It better be.”

“Why don’t we go upstairs? bursa üniversiteli escort It’s more comfortable and private in my room.”

“Whatever…” Claire said dismissively.

They climbed the stairs and entered Kelly’s room. She closed the door and sat down on the bed. Kelly motioned for Claire to have a seat next to her.

“I suppose you know this is about your boyfriend.”

“You mentioned that.”

“Oh right. Anyway, when I saw you at the party I thought I had to tell you…”

“Go on…”

“Well, he…when I saw you at the party I…I…I couldn’t take my eyes off you…”

As she said this she slid her hand over Claire’s thigh and in between her legs. She stroked her through the denim. Claire looked shocked and confused as Kelly kissed her once and then again, moving her hand up from her crotch to her breasts. The two made out slowly and shyly. Claire eventually brought up her hand and began stroking Kelly’s hair. They began to remove each other’s clothes and they explored their bodies as they did this. escort bayan Claire had never sucked a girl’s breast before but she willingly took Kelly’s in her mouth. Kelly stood up and Claire followed, being led by Kelly’s hand. Kelly placed Claire’s beautiful naked body up against the wall and began to kiss her lips and neck. Claire threw her head back and sighed. Kelly sucked her tits and licked her stomach and belly button. She began to eat Claire out, nibbling her clit and everywhere else around her pussy. She stuck her tongue in between Claire’s wet lips.

“Turn around,” said Kelly and Claire did as she was asked.

Kelly slid her finger from Claire’s pussy up between her ass cheeks. She got down on her knees. Kelly stuck her tongue out and licked Claire’s ass cheek from bottom to top. She brought her tongue to Claire’s anus and rimmed it. At first, Claire was kind of grossed out, but soon she began to moan. Kelly continued to rub Claire’s wet pussy lips. Then Kelly stuck her tongue as far through Clair’s sphincter as she could. The feeling of a tongue in escort bursa and around her ass was very new to Claire and she got wetter. Claire rubbed herself a little to enjoy it even more. She felt a finger enter her ass. Then another, then another. Kelly pumped Claire’s ass quickly. Claire winced in pain but didn’t tell Kelly to stop. Instead she rubbed her clit and put one finger in her soaking pussy. Kelly then abruptly got up and walked away.

“Oh, boo. I was enjoying that…” moaned Claire.

“Don’t move,” commanded Kelly. Claire obeyed and ground her hips against the wall.

Behind her Kelly shoved one end of a big double tipped-dildo into her pussy. Claire felt Kelly’s hot breath on her neck and she turned her head to kiss her. Claire sucked on Kelly’s tongue, tasting her own ass with pleasure. Then she felt the other end of the big double-tipped dildo, which protruded from Kelly’s pussy, enter her ass. Kelly buttfucked Claire like an animal. She put one hand with Claire’s on Claire’s pussy and the other groped a breast. Claire fingered herself and turned her head again to kiss Kelly and they passionately made out as Kelly thrusted into herself and into Claire. They came together.

“So this wasn’t really about my boyfriend?” Claire asked as they lay on the bed cuddling.

“Actually it was…I fucked him.”

“…” Claire was speechless.

“But I only did it to get to you.”

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