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Kevin”s New Camera
Author: Angel
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Nick/Aaron/Kevin
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to it.
Beta: None. All mistakes are mine so please let me know.
Disclaimer: None of this is true; at least not to my knowledge. I do not know these people and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
Dedication: To Nick and Aaron for being so easy to slash! Come on guys you might as well practically fuck on national TV and let us all watch! Oh and Kevin… darling you are sex on two legs!
Notes: This was inspired by several things. I had  been awake for almost 24 hours when my friend Fie and I started talking about Nick and Aaron and of course it got burned into my head. So when I finally went to sleep at 4:30AM I dreamt it… It was also inspired by a certain slash goddess. Jules and I had quite the inspiring conversation after she saw Nick and Aaron  I hope it inspires a few dreams of your own…
WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST, sex with a minor, and homosexual relations.


“I can’t believe the stuff these people come up with!” Nick exclaimed incredulously as he sat dressed only in boxers in front of his computer. It was early morning and he always slept in the nude… he wasn’t about to get dressed up when it was only his brother and his boyfriend there with him.

“Are you reading that stuff again?” Aaron sighed. “Jeez, Nick, you’re gonna get addicted to that shit… wouldn’t you just rather do it?”

“Don’t tease you little fuck or else your ass is gonna be feelin’ it for a week.”

“Oooh… my ass opens with anticipation!” Aaron joked as he headed towards the kitchen, leaving his brother to read fan fiction… slash.

Nick continued scanning through the website filed with these stories… every single one including a disclaimer that in one way or another stated none of the events depicted were true. That made him smirk a bit… if they only knew.

“Hey Aaron…” Nick yelled. “Where’s Kevin?”

“Here I am baby.” Kevin said as he walked up to Nick. Clad in just his boxers, Kevin walked slowly, examining his new toy… the Sony Mini DVD Handycam.

“Kevin it’s too early to be playing with electronics!” Nick whined.

“It’s never too early to play with electronics… here I’ve almost got it figured out… hold on… don’t move baby. I want you to be the first thing the camera sees.”

“Oh god…” Nick sighed and continued studying the contents of the website he was surfing.

“Baby… babe look at me…”

Nick looked over at a beaming Kevin and noticed the small red light on the camera, quickly turning away.

“No Kevin, I look like shit!”

“Babe that’s not possible… look at the camera please… babe… come on!” Kevin pleaded but Nick’s mind was made up.

“Fine… I’ll go film Aaron…” Kevin sighed and turned off the camera. Just as he was about to walk away he saw Nick grab the growing bulge in his shorts and adjust it. “Um… looking at internet porn Nicky?”

“Better.” That came out way huskier than necessary. “Take a look, Kev.”

Kevin set the camera down on the ankara rus escort table and walked over behind the desk to look at the computer monitor.


“Yeah I told ya.”

“But wait… no… I’m bigger than that? Aren’t I babe?”

Nick shook his head lightly and smiled. “Kev it’s obviously not real but damn… still hot ain’t it?”

“Hell yeah.”

“What’s hot?” Aaron asked walking up to them holding a cup of water.

His question was ignored so he took it upon himself to find out. He set the cup down and walked around to look at the screen.


“Yep.” Nick agreed.

“Wait… how come it’s Kevin and not me!”

“Because I’m not twelve!”

“Neither am I!”

“Okay stop it you two!” Nick interrupted. “You fight about everything! Although I must say this is a new one. Can you imagine what that would sound like in a conversation? ‘My boyfriend and my brother were fighting over why in an altered picture, it was my boyfriend fucking me, not my brother.’ “

“Who would you have that conversation with?” Kevin asked.

“That’s not the point… the point is… damn it I forgot what the point is…”

Aaron laughed. “Figures”

“Hey watch it spanky!” Nick warned and smacked Aaron’s ass.

“Oh yeah baby… harder!” Aaron laughed.

“Harder? You want harder? I’ll give you harder!”

Kevin took the opportunity that he was being ignored at the moment and picked up his camera, immediately turning it on and aiming at the scene unfolding before his very eyes.

“Come here!” Nick commanded as he pulled Aaron down onto his lap.

Bent over Nick’s lap, Aaron squealed and struggled to get away as Nick lowered his PJ bottoms and began to eagerly slap his ass.

“Ow!” Aaron said in a laugh.

Kevin smirked from behind the camera and adjusted his growing erection into a more comfortable position.

Nick continued slapping Aaron’s ass, every once in a while giving him a few seconds rest then picking right up again. “You said you wanted hard little bro… take it…”

“I give… I give!!!”

Nick laughed and stopped slapping Aaron’s now red butt cheeks and began lightly caressing them. “That ought to teach you to mess with you older, wiser, not to mention better looking brother.”

“HA! Sounds like you’re delusional big bro.”

“Is that so?” Nick sucked in his middle finger, coating it generously in his saliva then bringing it down between Aaron’s cheeks, aimed right at his tiny pucker. Without any warning, he thrust his saliva covered fingered as far as he could into Aaron, eliciting a small whimper from the boy.

“Shit.” Kevin whispered as he now struggled to keep the small camera steady enough to film.

Nick smirked as he heard Kevin and looked up to lock gazes with his boyfriend. He withdrew his finger entirely from Aaron’s body and thrust it back in forcefully, causing a few choice words to escape his brother’s lips.

Kevin couldn’t have controlled the moan that escaped his own lips as he witnessed that. He was barely paying any attention to the camera anymore; just using his free hand to rub against his cloth covered erection.

As his finger çankaya escort fucked his little brother tight ass, Nick pushed his hips so his own cock would rub up against Aaron’s body across his lap. He closed his eyes momentarily and licked his lips, letting the sensation drive him. After a bit, his eyes opened, locking with Kevin’s again immediately.

Kevin’s free hand dipped into his boxers and wrapped around his large erection. He used his freely dripping pre-cum to coat his cock with lubrication as he slowly jerked himself into a frenzied state of mind.

“Fuck!” Aaron gasped as Nick’s finger curled inside him. “Oh fucking hell…” He moaned between clenched teeth as he felt a second finger added.

Nick stopped rubbing his cock up against Aaron and withdrew his fingers, expecting Aaron to protest but instead he got a flat out hissy fit.

“What the fuck?!?!” The teenager looked up at Nick. “Are you crazy? Get back in there!”

“Hold your horses babe…” Nick set Aaron down on the floor and sat back up on the chair. He ran a hand through Aaron’s hair as his other hand, brought out his fully erect cock from his shorts. “I’ll finger you… while you suck me…”

Aaron sure as hell didn’t need to be told twice. He moved forward between Nick’s open legs and kissed the tip of Nick’s cock. He looked back at Kevin, who was still stroking his own monster eagerly, and smiled. He turned back towards Nick, took a deep breath, opened his mouth wide and surprised Nick by taking all of his erection into his mouth and down his throat, his nose now buried in Nick’s pubes.

“FUCK!!” Nick hissed. “Damn AC!”

Aaron remained in place for as long as he could then slowly pulled back, sucking fiercely at the shaft, only to repeat the motion a few more times until Nick stopped him.

“Easy there babe… I know you like sucking my cock and all but if you keep doing that you’re going to make me cum right now… and believe me… I want this to last.”

Aaron nodded and went back to sucking Nick’s cock, this time only deep throating him occasionally and providing slightly less forceful suction.

By this time, Kevin had set the camera down and was sitting on a chair a few feet away, slowly stroking his cock as he watched intently.

Once Nick managed to get most of his body under control, he leaned over as Aaron sucked him to insert two fingers back into Aaron.

He felt the fingers enter him and moaned around Nick’s cock which in turn made his brother shiver and push his fingers even deeper.


Kevin moaned from his seat and Nick looked up at him with a smile. Nick mouthed something to Kevin, who nodded and got up, quickly walking up to them.

As he saw Kevin kneel down behind Aaron Nick slowly began to withdraw his fingers. Just as his fingers left Aaron’s body, he felt Aaron begin to pull away from his cock, most likely to protest but Nick wasn’t having any of it. He grabbed a hold of Aaron’s head and pushed him back down on his cock.

Aaron made a gagging sound but it didn’t worry Nick. He knew Aaron could take it.

Kevin smiled up at Nick as he rubbed his cock a few more times, placing it at Aaron’s entrance and with one powerful ankara escort thrust, burying it deep inside the young man.

“Tight… fuck your tight!”

Aaron whimpered and gagged again around Nick’s cock. The intrusion had taken him by surprise and quite frankly it hurt like hell. Kevin wasn’t small by any means.

Kevin withdrew just a bit… not even an inch then slowly pushed back in to the hilt as he had before. He moaned as he felt Aaron’s muscles clench around his cock tightly as he tried withdrawing again. Those muscles wanted him there… they were sucking him back in… not letting him out. He made a mental note to fuck Aaron more often.

Nick eased his grip on Aaron’s head and the boy pulled up on his cock, eyes closed, before diving back down.

Kevin bit his bottom lip and began to thrust with more force. He angled his hips a bit and thrust in harder… faster.

Aaron’s world went blank for a second as Kevin’s cock punched his prostate like that. He moaned repeatedly… over and over again, every time Kevin’s cock thrust in and out of him. He made a mental note to have Kevin fuck him more often.

Nick’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as Aaron moaned around his cock. Kevin looked fucking hot as he thrust into Aaron like that but Nick refused to stare for too long or he’d go crazy. Kevin was absolutely beautiful… even more so during sex.

Kevin grabbed firmly onto Aaron’s hips, bringing the boy’s body back against his roughly… pushing his cock deep… deep… deep into that hot tight crevice in Aaron’s body. He growled as he felt Aaron’s ass clench again around him and made his thrust rougher. He was now pistoling his hips madly into Aaron’s ass.

Aaron’s sucking faltered for a bit as he moved to wrap his own hand around his cock and pump it in time with Kevin’s animalistic thrusts.

Nick grabbed a hold of Aaron’s hair and began thrusting up to meet his brother’s mouth. His orgasm neared quickly and he could no longer hide his desperation. He fucked Aaron’s face roughly as he stared deep into Kevin’s eyes. The passion, the lust, the pure sexual energy that he saw in them drove him over the edge and he closed his eyes, pushing Aaron down on his cock all the way and making him swallow his seed.

Kevin watched Nick’s orgasm play itself out and closed his eyes. He let the sensations control his body as his hips now roughly bumped against Aaron’s. It was mere seconds later he found himself losing all control and with a few shallow thrusts, releasing his sexual frustration… all that he’d held inside deep into Aaron’s willing body.

Aaron pushed back against Kevin’s wild thrusts and as he felt Kevin warm seed fill him, his cock twitched and he came… hard all over the floor.

Kevin leaned forward to place a kiss between Aaron’s shoulder blades and gently withdrew from Aaron’s body, causing the boy to groan in protest around Nick’s now limp cock.

Aaron pulled back and sat on his heels. “Fuck… shit we gotta do that more often.”

Nick nodded silently, slumped in the chair with his eyes still closed.

Kevin sat on the floor, legs crossed and looked up at Nick. “Babe, you okay?”

“Oh god yes!” Nick grunted.

Kevin and Aaron laughed and looked at each other… a little mischievous gleam in their eyes. Kevin looked back at the camera and just as he thought… it was still on. He brought Aaron close to him for a kiss. Once the kiss broke, Kevin looked up at Nick…

“Oh baaaaby we’re not done just yet…”
THE END email me: ast

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