Lennie Ch. 02

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The next morning she went to his home as invited. It was a nice house in an upmarket neighbourhood and it was obvious they were not short of money. The wife let her in and introduced herself as Elizabeth or Liz for short.

As they sat in the kitchen drinking coffee, Lennie had the opportunity to look at her properly. She was in her mid thirties and obviously took care of herself with a good figure and fresh complexion. Although she had been a bit wary at first, Lennie found herself warming to her and they chatted easily and comfortably about all manner of things.

At last Liz broached the subject that Lennie had known all along would arise eventually.

‘Look, I really wanted to thank you for what you did for us yesterday. We normally enjoy a very active sex life and we had been missing each other desperately. What you did for us was tremendous and I was really pleased to be able to make Doug feel good.’

‘It was nothing,’ said Lennie suddenly feeling embarrassed.

‘Oh yes it was,’ replied Liz, ‘and just as a small token of our appreciation we’d like you to have this.’ She pushed a small envelope across the table which Lennie took and opened. In it was a fifty-pound note with a short note thanking her for her help.

‘I can’t take this!’ said Lennie.

‘Of course you can and don’t be silly. I know that auxiliaries are not at all well paid so please go out and have a good evening on us.’

Lennie quite literally did not know what to say.

Liz continued. ‘It’s not just for yesterday but what you did for him before as well.’

Lennie looked at her incredulously and with a certain amount of apprehension. ‘What do you mean?’ she asked cautiously.

‘You know, masturbating him and letting him have your knickers overnight!’

Lennie was floored. For the first time in her life she just did not know how to respond.

Liz laughed at the look on her face.

‘Look, don’t worry; I assure you I’m not out to make any trouble or cause you problems. I was terribly worried about Doug after the accident but now I know he’s going to be all right, I have other concerns for him. I know he misses sex and what you did for him, and us, is really appreciated. I can take care of my own needs with my fingers or vibrator, although God knows, they can’t replace the real thing, but Doug has been confined to that bed for weeks now and I could see his hunger increasing each time I visited him.’

Lennie remained silent and amazed.

‘Look, I’m not one of these jealous wives who want complete fidelity from their husband,’ went on Liz, ‘I’m just pleased you were able to do something to help his frustration.’

‘What else do you know?’ she asked faintly

‘What else is there to know? You have a little mole inside your thigh at the very top and although you have some hair at the front, you are shaven round your vagina. Before I got there yesterday you’d had Doug’s penis in your mouth, and I must say it was wonderful to walk in and see his erection.’

Lennie sat there mortified as Liz continued.

‘On my way to see him I had been wondering if there would be any chance of doing something but I hadn’t expected that. You were an absolute Godsend, and when Doug rang me this morning and told me he’d masturbated you after I left, I was pleased that you’d got something out of it as well.’

Lennie just sat there not really believing what she was hearing.

‘He was telling me about you while we were making love and,’ she reached across and put her hand on Lennie’s and lowered her voice confidentially, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever cum so quickly or strongly before in my life! Twice!! I was so carried away that I swallowed his sperm without thinking – the first time I’ve done that for ages!! Come to think about it, it didn’t taste nearly as bad as I seem to remember it did some years ago.’ She giggled softly. ‘Perhaps my tastes are changing.’

She sat back. ‘Anyway, what did he tell you about me?’

Lennie was not sure she should respond. All this open-ness was one thing, and she was amazed at what had been said so far, but how would Liz react if some of her secrets came out.

‘Well…nothing really’

‘I don’t believe that.’ said Liz. ‘He must have told you Escort Bayan something? Come on don’t be shy’

‘Well…..he did mention something about a damp patch in the bed but I wasn’t really taking too much notice.’ she hastened to add.

‘He told you about that did he?’ She leaned back in her chair and half closed her eyes. ‘You’ve no idea how much I miss that wet patch. It’s always a lovely reminder the next day and, sometimes when I’m making the bed after he’s gone to work and see it, I have to have to take matters into my own hands so to speak.’

‘I know what you mean.’ said Lennie. ‘I’ve sometimes done that when my boyfriend has gone to work and left me in bed, especially if I’m on afternoons.’

Liz suddenly sat upright again. Looking straight at Lennie she said quietly there was another reason for inviting her here but it was a bit embarrassing and she didn’t know how Lennie would react.

Lennie laughed. ‘After what you’ve just been talking about you’re embarrassed?’

‘It was something Doug told me about you yesterday. I’ve always wanted to shave myself but been too frightened in case I cut a bit I shouldn’t, if you understand what I mean. Doug has tried in the past but no sooner has he started things seem to go awry and we wind up fucking like fury!!’ She looked hopefully at Lennie. ‘Could I ask you if you’d be willing to do it for me? I know it would be such a massive turn on for Doug but it is his birthday tomorrow and in his circumstances I want him to remember it for reasons other than being in hospital.’ Her face reddened and she looked away immediately. ‘Look, this is really embarrassing….please forget I asked. I’m sorry’ and started to get up.

Lennie quickly reached across the table and took Liz’s hand.

‘We’ll need some scissors, a razor, soap, water and a towel. It will be much easier also if you are laying down. Would you like me to do it now?’

Liz sat down. ‘You wouldn’t mind?’ she asked

‘Of course not. I do it all the time at work but I must confess this is the first time I’ll have done it for this reason.’ She went on. ‘You do realise you’ll be fully exposed and I’ll have to manipulate you to get in all the folds, don’t you.’ It was more of a statement than a question.

‘Listen, when you’ve been educated at a convent boarding school and only had other girls to share your frustrations with, you pretty soon loose all inhibitions about your body. Even the most intimate bits!’

For some reason these words had an immediate effect on Lennie and she felt her cunt start to moisten. She had often shaved women at the hospital but that was purely functional and meant nothing to her. This was different.

They went upstairs to the bedroom and Liz gathered all the bits together. It was a large airy room with fitted wardrobes and lots of mirrors all of which seemed to reflect the bed. Liz saw Lennies interest.

‘We do like to watch ourselves making love.’ she said matter of factly. ‘It makes it so much more exciting.’

She laid the towel on the bed and quickly removed all her clothes from the waist downwards. Laying down she said ‘You’d best arrange me as you want me.’ and, drawing he knees up, opened her legs as wide as she could.

‘That’s fine.’ said Lennie and started snipping away with the scissors. After a while she asked ‘Do you want it all done or just round your lips?’

‘The lot,’ she said, ‘look.’

Twisting round she pulled a book out of the stack in the bedside cabinet and quickly leafed through it. ‘This is what I want Doug to see.’ She held up a photo of a reclining naked woman with her legs wide apart. Her crotch was completely bare and she was holding her lips apart with two fingers. The moisture between them was very evident.

‘Yes: well that should certainly surprise him.’ laughed Lennie and turned back to the task in hand. She could not deny that it was all having an effect on her and, sure enough, within minutes felt her panties getting damp. She had never seriously considered a lesbian relationship before, but here, in the intimacy of the bedroom with a woman who had openly admitted to that type of activity, the idea suddenly seemed very tempting.

She had virtually finished but didn’t want to break the casual intimacy of it. ‘I’ll just wipe you and check there are no little bits of itchy hair in places you wouldn’t want them…. er …that’s if you don’t mind.’

‘You do whatever you need to…or want to.’ said Liz in a very low voice. Lennie looked at her but Liz was laying with her head turned to one side with her eyes closed. She knelt down beside the bed and very carefully started examining the folds round Liz’s cunt. As she pulled the lips from one side to the other they parted and Lennie could quite clearly see the moisture between them. She gasped quietly and quickly looked up to see if Liz had heard but she was still laying there with here head turned and eyes closed. For a few seconds she continued to stare at the sight before her desperately wanting to touch it, and herself, but not daring to in case she was getting all the wrong signals.

She quickly stood up. ‘OK. you’re fine. I think he’ll be amazed at that.’

If anything she thought Liz looked a little disappointed as she got up off the bed.

‘If you really wanted to surprise him, there is something else you could do.’ she suddenly blurted out. ‘It’s something I sometimes do for my boyfriend to really turn him on.’

‘What’s that?’ said Liz with interest.

‘It’s in my bag. I’ll go and get it: don’t get dressed yet.’

She quickly got her bag from the kitchen and took from it a small box which she opened to reveal several small gold rings and chains.

‘What is it?’ asked Liz

‘Intimate jewellery. I saw it advertised in a magazine and sent off for it and it’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made!’

Liz was intrigued. ‘I presume you wear it in places that are not usually seen.’

‘Yes, but the beauty of these is that you don’t have to be pierced to wear them.’


‘You just open the ring like this and close it as much as you need to grip you without hurting. You have to put them on a couple of times to get it right but when you have they’re very comfy….. and very erotic.’

‘Wow!’ breathed Liz, her eyes sparkling as she looked at them.

‘I’ll look out the advert for you if you like. They weren’t very expensive but you seem the sort of person who would enjoy them.’

Liz nodded eagerly.

‘In the meantime,’ Lennie went on slowly, ‘would you like to borrow these for tomorrow?’

‘Could I? Would you really let me? Are you sure you wouldn’t mind?’

Her eagerness made Lennie smile. ‘Of course you can, and you’ve got time to experiment with them first. Here.’

She handed the small box over which Liz gently emptied on the bed.

‘What goes where?’ she asked

‘The larger rings are for your nipples and the smaller ones are for your lips. The chains can be put between the rings if you wish or you can just use the rings as they are. It’s all according to how you feel at the time.’

Liz was examining them carefully and it was obvious she was very turned on.

‘Are you sure they don’t hurt?’ she asked.

Taking a deep breath Lennie decided to take the bull by the horns. ‘Look Liz, would you like me to show you how I wear them?’ she asked in a low voice feeling her face going crimson.

Liz looked at her. ‘I’d love you to.’ she replied softly.

Lennie started removing her clothes. It was only when she was doing this she realised that Liz would not be able to help but see the state of her excitement both in her panties and her cunt. She stopped undressing.

‘I don’t think I can do this.’ she mumbled ‘I’m sorry.’ and started pulling her jumper back on.

‘Why? Is it because I’ll see how turned on you are?’

Lennie stared at her completely embarrassed. How could she tell? Was it so obvious?

‘I was watching you in the mirror shaving me and looking at me and could see it then. It’s a natural reaction and certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Give me your hand a second.’

She put one leg up on the bed and placed Lennies hand on her newly shaven crotch.

‘Feel me,’ she said softly, ‘go on….inside.’ As Lennie pushed in and felt the abundance of juice Liz closed her eyes. ‘I swear if you don’t suck me or wank me soon I’ll have to do it myself!’

This was the first time Lennies fingers had ever been up any cunt apart from her own. She was surprised at how warm it felt and moved her finger round the walls.

‘Oh God; yes.’ moaned Liz then opening her eyes looked straight at Lennie. ‘Are you as wet as this?’

Lennie nodded.

‘Let me feel….please?’ she pleaded gently.

Lennie removed her finger and looked round for some tissues. Suddenly Liz caught her hand and, lifting it to her face, sucked all her juice from it.

‘Don’t you like the taste of your own cream?’ she asked.

Lennie nodded. ‘Sometimes.’

‘I love it. Come on now, quickly.’ she urged.

Lennie quickly undressed and saw Liz remove her blouse and bra at the same time. Her nakedness confirmed she took care of herself and the erect nipples on the slightly full breasts in front of her, raised an urge in Lennie, for the first time in her life, to reach forward and caress and then kiss them.

The response was an appreciative moan followed by a softly issued instruction, ‘Lay on the bed like I was a few minutes ago.’

As soon as she did, she saw and felt Liz’s head go between her legs and felt her breath on her lips. She felt a finger parting them then pushing into her. She arched her back slightly and heard Liz whisper ‘God you’re beautiful’ before the finger was withdrawn and she felt her cunt being invaded with Liz’s tongue and lips. The sensation was fantastic and turning her head to one side she saw their reflection in the mirror. She could see Liz’s head moving, which she could feel in her groin, and her spare hand working feverishly at her own crotch.

She quickly pushed Liz’s head away.

‘Don’t do that, don’t wank yourself. Let me do it! Come up here!’

She got up beside her and they gently cuddled for a few seconds.

‘I want to see you as I do it.’ Lennie whispered and Liz carefully squatted over her face. As she looked at the open lips and wetness Liz had smeared over her skin while wanking, she felt the tongue enter her again and knew it wouldn’t be long before she came. She pushed first one then two fingers into Liz and started making fucking movements watching as the lips were pulled in and out with her hand. She felt the action between her legs getting more intense and could feel herself rising.

‘For fucks sake Lennie I’m nearly there.’ grunted Liz tearing herself away from Lennies wide open hole for a second. ‘Use your tongue!’

Without a seconds thought, Lennie withdrew her hand and thrust her face against the open gash of Liz’s cunt. She pushed her tongue as deep into the hole as it would go then pulled it back to seek out her clit. She felt Liz buck as she found it and held onto her buttocks to try and keep her still. She could feel Liz’s hard sweaty nipples pressing against her stomach and could taste the salt in her juice and knew Liz was getting the same from her cream. Afterwards they realised they had both started to cum at the same time. Although Lennie could feel her own starting, it was only when she felt Liz push her crotch hard against her and felt some liquid squirt into her mouth, that she realised Liz was there as well. They continued to suck at each other furiously until the sensations gradually subsided then fell apart and lay there utterly spent.


After they had recovered and showered Liz asked ‘Was that your first time?’

Lennie nodded.

‘I don’t think it will be your last. You’re a natural. Did you enjoy it?

Lennie nodded again

Liz picked up Lennies knickers.

‘These are soaking,’ she said, ‘you can’t wear these. I’ll lend you a pair.’

She suddenly smiled and went to a drawer from which she picked a bright red thong. Turning to Lennie she said, ‘These are Doug’s absolute favourites and he goes mad when he sees me in them. As you can see they don’t hide much. Why don’t you wear them and let him know later that you’ve got them on. You can give him these wet ones as well and tell him you’ve been to see me this morning. That will really get him going! I can’t get to the hospital today, I’ve got to go and visit my mother but if you can do anything for him, then please do.’

She went on. ‘Only two things. Please don’t spoil my little birthday surprise and I would rather you didn’t fuck him until he’s out of hospital and we can all do it comfortably in bed together!!!’

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