Madison’s Neighbor

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The slight continuation of Madison After School. So if you haven’t read it yet, please do first.

On my way home from school, I got an idea. I knew if I told my dad what I had done in school, he would be furious. He would beat my ass until I couldn’t walk anymore. My relationship with my dad has always been very strict. The talk of boyfriends or drinking has always been silenced. Not only if he knew, but if I had to be the one to tell him that his daughter was a slut, I couldn’t imagine the results. That’s why I got the idea to ask my neighbor to be my dad for the meeting with the principal.

I pulled my car into my driveway and walked across the lawn over to Jeff’s house. He was the same age as my dad. He was in great shape for his age and had the cutest goatee I’ve seen on an older man. I knew he was separated from his wife and worked a lot out of his home. He would come over every once in a while to watch the 49ers with my dad. I could catch his eyes looking me over occasionally, too. And he never did more than that. He was always a perfect gentleman to me. I fantasized about Jeff sporadically opening the door when got out of the shower when I was naked and wet or catching me bending over when I wasn’t wearing any panties under my skirt, but that’s about it. I looked up to him very much as a father figure.

As I approached the door slowly, my thoughts of how I was actually going to ask disappeared. Oh hi, I was wondering if you’d meet with my principal and go over how I let half my teachers fuck me, I thought. Nope that’s not a good idea. Then I thought what if he tells my dad after all? I took a deep breath now only feet from the front door. I knew I had to take the chance. I rang the doorbell and waited on the front steps standing as innocently as I could in my school uniform. I began to wonder if Jeff ever fantasized about me.

The door opened. “Well, hello there, Madison. What brings you over here? Come on in. Excuse the clothes, I just got home from a meeting.” He held the door open and allowed me to walk past him. He was dressed up in a white shirt and black slacks. Now that my thoughts were where they were, he was very attractive and looked quite sexy.

“Well, Mr. Peters, I was wondering if you could help me with something?” I shyly asked. I didn’t know if he had a temper like my dad, but he always seems so easygoing, I was hoping for the best.

“Sure, what’s the problem, little lady? And call me Jeff, you know that.” He walked me over to the study where we both sat on opposite couches. I sat on the love seat with my knees together hands crossed in my lap and he sat on the three-seater on the left seat with his legs sprawled out and an arm resting on the rest.

“Well, I’m kind of having some trouble at school, Jeff.” I said as I looked in his eyes as my nerves were building in my stomach.

“Tell me about it, kiddo. Wanna a beer?” He was much cooler than my dad was. I looked up at him as he made his way to the kitchen.

“Um…” I didn’t know what to say.

“It’s ok, I won’t tell.” He retorted slyly and smiled.

“Sure. (I paused) Well, the reason I’m coming to you and not my dad is because I’m in a lot of trouble and I know my dad wouldn’t be able to handle it. So I was wondering if we might be able to keep this just between you and me?”

He came back from the kitchen and took a deep breath as he handed me my beer. The way he was looking down at me was just what my dad would have done. He returned to where he was seated before and popped his beer open. “That’s asking a lot, Madison. I first must know if you are in any sort of danger. That I cannot keep from your father.”

“Oh no, Jeff, it’s nothing like that at all. Everything is fine. I just did something I shouldn’t have and I need your help.” I explained as if it was just car trouble or something.

“OK, so what do you need me to do?” He leaned backed and relaxed.

I sipped on my beer hoping that it would make this easier. “I need you to meet with my principal and me tomorrow for a meeting… as my dad.” My eyes glued to his waiting for a good reaction.

He gave me a little smirk and his eyes got bigger, “And what did you do that you have a meeting with the principal?”

I couldn’t believe I was going to tell him. I looked up at him after taking a huge gulp, “I was caught doing something… I shouldn’t have.”

His smile got even bigger. He continued to stare at me waiting for an answer to his question, “So I have to play your mean daddy, huh?”

“Uh huh…” I looked up at him as he was smiling away. I knew he’d do it.

“OK, then. I think I’ll need some practice playing your daddy. And I’ll need to know what you did. Why don’t you come sit on my lap and tell Daddy everything.” His look changed from casual to almost evil I felt. I got up and put my beer that was almost gone on the coffee table. He closed his legs forming a lap. As I sat, I pulled up the back of my skirt so that my panties were in contact with his pants. His Bycasino body was nice and warm. My heart began to race.

“So what is this principal going to want to know from me?” He wrapped his right arm around my waist pulling me just a little closer to his body.

“I think he just wants you to be aware of how I have behaved lately and that you are dealing with it accordingly or some bull.. stuff.” My fingers were twiddling and my heart’s speed was pounding while I sat on my neighbor’s lap.

“Well to establish the proper punishment that your principal needs to hear from me, I’ll need to know what you did… exactly.”

I took a deep breath, “I… was late to class…”

Surprised he replied, “That is why we have to have this meeting!?”

“Not exactly, I.. It was what happened afterwards and…”

“Tell me how my daughter was a bad girl.” He tries to say innocently.

“He told me I needed to be.. spanked for my tardiness… Do I have to tell you everything, (I paused) Daddy?” I looked up at him. Telling him that someone had to spank me was turning me on a little.

“Yes, you must tell your Daddy everything. Did he spank you?”

“Yes.” I could feel myself getting wet.

“Tell me how he spanked you, Madison.” He said in a cold commanding way that was doing something funny to my body.

“I had to lay across his lap. He (I paused while he waited for me to continue) pulled my panties down and spanked me with his hand.” I was getting hot. Without realizing it, I was slowly rubbing my pussy against his leg.

“There is more, isn’t there?” He smirked. I swear I could feel his cock starting to grow beneath me. The mere thought was having a huge effect on me.

I nodded my head and put my head down, “When he was done, I was a little shocked and said some things I shouldn’t have. (I paused not sure if I should really go on.) My teacher said if I didn’t suck him, he’d get me in a lot of trouble.”

“And did you suck him, Madison?” He questioned seriously.

“Uh huh…” I was now squirming on his lap more. I could feel his hard tool against my panty-clad ass.

“Tell me how you did it.” He placed a second hand on my other hip and with both hands he moved my covered pussy over his hardening cock.

I couldn’t believe what I was telling my father’s friend and how hard I was making him. “I got on my knees, took it out, and licked it like a popsicle, daddy.” I said slowly. I could feel my juices flowing. I knew my panties were soaked and I was not so subtly gyrating my hips over his cock that I felt growing even harder.

“And did you like it?” He moved his hand under my skirt cupping my covered pussy. His fingertips just resting against my swollen lips. I knew he could feel my wetness through my panties.

“Ohhh,” I let out a soft moan as his hand touched me. “Yes, daddy, I loved sucking on his cock.” I moaned again. Instantly his fingers moved in-between my folds, pushing them into my pussy as I started to lightly bounce on his fingers, spreading my legs only slightly.

“You’ve been a bad girl. A bad, bad girl, Madison.” He removed his hands and left me breathing heavily while I rubbed my wet panty clad pussy over his clothed cock. I look up at him and saw that he was hot. He leaned back against the couch. I felt his cock push against me harder, straining to be freed, my mouth watering.

“Get up, take it out (he paused). Show me how you sucked his cock, you slut,” he ordered. His words were effecting my body – my pussy as if he was still touching me. I loved how wet and juicy my pussy was getting. I got off his lap staring into his eyes while I kneeled before him. I moved my eyes down and saw a huge bulge. See him all dressed up and his cock hard underneath was such a turn on. I thought about protesting, but knew he’d only threaten to tell my dad. But what I really thought was that I wanted to be his slut.

On my knees, I unzipped his slacks and unleashed a rock hard cock. It must have been at least 9 inches. It was magnificent looking. I wrapped both my hands around it, feeling it pulsing. I stroked him for a little while before I lowered my head. I extended my tongue and slowly flicked it over his slit. I fondled his balls while I ran my tongue up from the bottom of his iron shaft to the top of his head repeatedly. I tasted every inch.

“UGHH, show daddy what a bad girl you are.” I loved how he played my daddy. I started with slow long licks from the base of his shaft up to the head. I made sure to lick up all his precum. The feeling of his hard cock against my tongue made me hotter. Next I took the head of his huge cock and slowly slid it into my wet mouth as he let out low groans. I closed my eyes and tighten my lips around it as I slid it almost all the way into my mouth. I left enough for my hands to hold. I didn’t think I could fit anymore in. I moved my lips up and down his shaft, sucking harder with each thrust. I sucked in hard as it slid out and let my mouth loosen while Bycasino giriş I shoved it back down.

He grabbed my ponytail forcefully, “You like being a bad cock sucker, don’t you?” He moved my head forcing his cock all the way down my throat. I moaned on his cock answering him as he began to fuck my face slowly letting me adjust to his length.

He took his cock out of my mouth away from me. He started to jerk off just inches from my face. He held his huge cock out for me. With my mouth open, I moved in closer to taste it again, but he moved it, teasing me. He placed the head on my lips and ran it across wetting my lips like lipstick and withdrew it from my reach. I leaned in again to taste him, but he moved it to the side of my face and slapped my cheek with his iron hard cock. I moved my face with my tongue protruding trying to taste it for an instant before he had a chance to move it again. Quicker than me, he waved it from my left cheek to my right cheek allowing my tongue to make contact for a brief moment before he slapped my other cheek leaving his wetness all over my face.

“You like this I can see it in your eyes. I bet that little pussy is so wet right now.” He continued to tease me. With his hand still wrapped around his cock, this time when he dragged it slower front of my face so that I was able to enclose my lips around his hard shaft.

“OHH yess babby! Suck daddy’s cock, you bad girl!” He grunted at me while I felt his hips thrusting into me. I matched his thrusts and as he pulled away from me, I slid his cock out of my mouth and when he pushed at my face I pushed his cock deep inside my mouth. I felt his hand touch my cheek. It touch was so gentle. He ran his hand up to my hair and stroked my head while his fingers danced in my hair. As his hips thrusted forward, he gently pushed the back of my head on to his huge cock. With each next push, I felt his cock going just a little deeper down my throat. The sensation of his hands and his cock buried inside my mouth make me suck him even harder. I was building this desire to taste his cum. I wanted his load to fill my mouth like cock was filling my throat. The hungrier I sucked, the more he grunted, the harder I sucked. I continued to play with his balls, teasing them with my fingertips. I could feel them filling as I touched them. God, how I wanted to taste Jeff’s cum.

“That’s it my slut, show daddy what a whore his daughter has been at school!” His dirty words were torturing my pussy. His hand still holding the back of my head playing with my hair as he pushed my face into his thrusts. I could even fell his cock swelling inside my mouth. Never before had I wanted to have my mouth fucked so badly. The waiting of tasting his cum was making me dizzy.

“Is baby going to let daddy taste that sweet pussy? I’ve been waiting for so long to taste that pussy? (he paused) Mmmmm, Watching you come home from school in that little skirt everyday, watching you prance around in those tight panties every time your father has me over, (he paused) and watching you run up stairs and play with that wet pussy after school. OOOH that’s it, baby! Suck it good!”

“MMMHMMMMMM, MMMMMMM.” I moaned hard on his cock feeling it vibrate inside me. Knowing that he had watched me play with my pussy was making it ache. I sucked his cock for all that is worth now. His hand locked on to a chuck of my hair pulling me harder with each thrust as his hips rammed against my lips. He fucked me so that my lips were reaching his balls.

“That’s right! I know what a slut you’ve been. You want me to fill your pretty mouth with my hot cum?” In and out his cock slammed against my lips.

“MmHHmmm!” I answered as best I could. I felt his cock reach the back of my throat. I had never had a cock so deeply inside my mouth. I ran my one of my hands that was fondling his balls further back his asshole, my fingertips teasing him. Instantly I felt his cock become so thick I didn’t think my mouth was big enough.

“You fucking bad girl! OHH YESSSS! OH FUCK! YESSSS! You better take itttttt alllll, YESSSSSSS!” He started to cum. I felt his balls tighten and he closed his eyes. I could feel it surging through his body as it started to squirt into my mouth. It tasted so sweet and hot. I drank it as if it was the only thing I’d had to drink in weeks. I slurped and sucked it all. He kept cumming though. I let it fill my mouth taking gulps when full. I could feel some seeping out through the side of my mouth, but continued my sucking and swallowing of all his tasty cum. When he was done, I left my mouth sucking gently on his cock showing him I wanted more. He took hold of his limp cock and pulled it from my mouth.

“Stand up, slut.” He ordered. I stood up before him. My mouth was a little soar. He sat on the couch staring at my body. I felt my nipples grow hard to his gaze. His hand reached out and found its way under my skirt. I spread my legs for him. He ran his hand slowly between my soft thighs to my covered pussy. Bycasino güncel giriş With one finger, he brushed it against my slit gently pushing my panties against my pussy making them even wetter, if possible.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned to his soft touch was enough to make me cum almost. He took his hand away and stood up. He walked over to the armrest of the couch.

“Bend over, now!” He ordered again. I walked in front of him and bent over the high armrest sticking my skirt-covered ass out at him. I waited for him to do something. For a few moments, I just stood there bent over. I could feel his eyes on me. Finally, I felt my skirt rise over my ass without him touching me at all. I knew he could see the wetness on my panties as they tightly clad to my twin lips that peeked out behind me.

“Mmm,” Jeff let out a soft moan as he stared at my covered ass. “My little cock sucker needs some attention?” I felt him move directly behind me. Both of his hands ran up my naked thighs and over my panties. I heard him kneel behind me. Each hand grabbed each side of my panties and ever so slowly slid them down to my knees. The feeling of being exposed to Jeff for the first time made my whole body tremble with excitement and anticipation.

“Oh, Jeff,” I mewed while I waited for his touch. I knew he loved to see my glistening pussy before him.

Still not touching me, “There was more you were going to tell me, wasn’t there, Madison? You did other naughty things that sluts do, didn’t you?”

“Uh huh,” I responded aching from the anticipation. I arched my back even more pushing my pussy towards him.

“That’s yes daddy!” He chuckled.

“Yes, daddy.” Just then his tongue softly caressed my wet slit and stopped. A few seconds later he ran his tongue barely reaching my clit all the way up just shy of my asshole. His tongue was so gentle. I could feel it licking up my pussy juices with his two passes.

“OOOOH! Je… OH GOD DADDY,” I moaned loudly pushing my ass back even more. I felt his tongue extending as he parted my swollen lips. He licked my open puffy wet lips slowly and stopped.

“Tell daddy, what a bad girl his daughter is.” I could feel his hot breath just inches away from my pussy. I felt his big hand run up my thighs over my ass.

“I’ve been really bad, daddy. I got so hot during class I left to go play with my little pussy,” suddenly I felt his warm tongue lick my pussy again. I felt my lips surround his long tongue as he pushed it into my pussy. “OOhhhhhgggggoddddd! Oh daddy, I had to play with my pussy so badly at school that I went to the janitor’s office and lifted up my skirt. Mmmmm!” Jeff’s tongue was now giving my slit long wet strokes that only grazed my clit for an instant.

“Go on, tell me what a slut you are.” He said as he plunged his face back into my dripping pussy. I felt his mouth suck on my lips while his tongue fucked my hole.

“UHHH! OH! I started playing with my wet pussy so good, daddy. Thinking about what a slut your daughter has been. Rubbing my clit so fast, OOOHHH, daddddy, um.. when the Janitor walked in oooon meee.” I squealed. His tongue was flicking its way over my clit, the perfect spot. He moved his mouth higher and locked it around my clit as he ate me out.

“OOH, I’m gonna cum soooooon, daddy! MMmmm! He told me he was going to tease me for all the boys I’d teased with my naked pussy, daddy.” His tongue was double tonguing on my clit. My words and his tongue were making me dizzy. I arched my back again and pushed against his face feeling the miracle of his tongue. “OOH Daddy! I’m cuummmmiingggggg! OOOH YESSSSSSSS!!” I felt a huge ripple rip through my body as Jeff continued his expert tongue action against my clit.

He lifted his face for an instant to say, “Go on, tell daddy how dirty you’ve been.” His tongue lapped up all my juices that were starting to run down my thighs.

“He spanked me, daddy. He told me what a bad girl I was and wouldn’t let me cum. MMmmmm!” On and on his tongue kept licking, tasting, lapping, and flicking over my clit making my body so sensitive to every movement he made. I felt his hand slide up the back of my thigh as his face remained buried in my pussy. He caressed my ass making me shiver in delight, making my nipples so hard it felt like he was pinching them with a third hand.

“OH GOD! He had the biggest black cock I’d even seen. He oooohhhhhh, daddy, he teased me with it and made me beg for it! OHH UHHHHHGG!! He was videotaping it, too. I’m gonna cuuuummmmmmmmm!!!” Quickly I felt his hand move away from my ass and SMACK!! He spanked me with his tongue continuing its assault on my clit.

“Oh daddy, nooooo!” SMACK!! SMACK!! I started bucking against his face as I came again and again. SMACK!! SMACK!!

As my ass started to sting, I felt him stop. He removed his face, “The only way to really punish you is to have you fucked until you can’t fuck anymore.” I didn’t understand. I wanted so badly for him to fuck me already.

“What do you mean, daddy?” I said innocently as I turned my head around and looked at him while he was still kneeling on the floor. He was staring at my ass. I felt his fingers go between my cheeks and down to my pussy. My body was now trembling to his every touch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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