The Hiltop

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The young man and the young woman approached the hill from different directions. They were both looking for a place to be alone, but neither was aware of the other’s presence.

The young man was in his early twenties and just out of college. He had landed his first real job and moved into an apartment with two of his college buddies. He liked living there, but he felt like he didn’t get much privacy with his roommates and their girlfriends always around. Sometimes he actually missed the dorm room he had to himself during his senior year. And no matter how hard he tried, he simply hadn’t been able to find a girlfriend.

The young woman had recently moved to the area for a new job. She had also just graduated from college and had rented her own apartment. She liked her job and the people there were nice to her, but she was shy and having a hard time making new friends outside of work.

The young man had hiked in the area back when he was a boy scout. He remembered a place near the top of a hill where there were no houses, roads or any other signs of civilization for miles. He loved the idea that he could see so far, but no one could see him. The idea of having complete privacy in such a natural, panoramic setting filled him with a sense of humility and excitement. It reminded him of the rush he gets from being the only person in an elevator. He’d been searching for the exact spot for almost an hour, and his heart beat faster as he stepped into a clearing and realized that the nearby hillside was the place he was looking for.

The young girl was also looking for a place to be alone. She didn’t have privacy issues like the young man, but she loved nature, and relished being a part of it. Someone at work had told her about this secluded place about 15 miles out of town, and she was very much enjoying hiking along a trail that was obviously used very little. She reasoned the longer she walked, the less likely she would be to be disturbed, and she was happy to go a little farther to find just the right spot. However, she had to admit that she found herself spending more time thinking about whether she had remembered to pack spare batteries for her vibrator, and less time admiring the wild flowers as she continued. Fortunately, the trial broke into a lovely open space that featured a gentle hillside overlooking miles of lush greenery. It was perfect. Little did she know there was a young man who had come to the same conclusion not more than 150 yards from her on the other side of the hill.

The young man took a few minutes to appreciate the fact that he was alone is such a majestic setting. The freedom to do absolutely anything he wanted was precious to him, and he intended to make the most of it. He knew that before too long it would all be over, and that thought made him sad. But for now, he decided to focus on the present and savor the anticipation of what he had planned. He briefly worried that someone would come along and spoil things, but he decided the chances of that were remote. Of course, he had no idea a beautiful young girl was just on the other side of the hill.

The young girl was also savoring the beauty and solitude of her surroundings. She wondered what the people at work would think if they knew she was willing to walk five miles to masturbate outside. They would probably be shocked. The thought of what she was about to do excited her, and she noticed that her nipples had become visible through her sports bra.

“Just a little longer guys,” she thought to herself. She would give them the attention they needed soon enough, but first she wanted to make sure everything was perfect. She spread the thick towel from her backpack on the soft grassy hillside, sat down and took off her shoes and sox. She also unpacked the small bottle of red wine and cheap plastic wine glass she had brought. Finally, she took out Fred, her favorite vibrator, and placed him next to the blanket within easy reach. Fortunately, she had brought extra batteries, but she decided to leave them in her backpack for the time being. When she was satisfied, she poured herself a glass of the wine, relaxed, and got more excited by thinking about how she planned to touch herself.

The feelings of excitement were also growing in the young man, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. He took off his shirt and spread it on the sloping ground. He had thought about bringing something larger to lie on but he didn’t want to be burdened with a backpack or too much to carry. Besides, he was worried that his roommates would see him and start asking questions. He sat down on the shirt and felt the warmth of the sun on his hairless chest. His shoes and sox were next. When he had them off he used his fingers to explore each of his toes and the area between them. It felt nice after his long walk. When he was done with the toes, he massaged his feet – kneading the soft flesh of his arches. It felt wonderful and slightly altıparmak escort erotic. He remembered the joint in the pocket of his shorts. If his body was so sensitive now, he could only imagine what it would be like when he was high. It was then that he discovered he’d forgotten to bring the tissues that he was going to use to clean himself up. Oh well, he’d think of something. He lit the joint and took a long hit.

The wine was sweet and the small bottle would be just enough to dispel any inhibitions that may have lingered. She took her bra off after she had finished the first glass and looked at her breasts. She had always liked them, even though many girls would think they were too small. Her nipples were sensitive and responsive to her own caresses or those of a lover. The breasts themselves were smooth and firm and she liked that she could go braless if she wanted to. She had not showed them to that many guys yet, but she knew that the ones she had were turned on by them. It was clear from the erectness of her nipples, that looking at them was turning her on too. She closed her eyes and let the sun warm the exposed skin as she drank another glass of wine.

The dope was amazing, and put the young man in just the right frame of mine. He was perfectly in tune with nature; and with his own body. It felt so natural for him to be a part of this beautiful environment like any other member of the animal kingdom. But there was one important difference to remedy. He stood up, inched his shorts down his body and stepped out of them. He deliberately kept his underpants on because he had decided to do a little self-assessment, and he wanted be methodical about it. Like most guys, he had never been quite satisfied with his level of endowment, but the dope was helping him see things from a different perspective, and he was pleased that he was now able to look with some pride at the bulge in shorts. He placed a cupped hand there and appreciated the substance he felt.

At last he pulled down the cotton shorts and looked at his penis as if for the first time. He wanted it to be bigger, but somehow it looked like it was in proportion with the rest of his body. He tried to imagine looking at it from someone else’s perspective, but he decided that was impossible. He had not showed it to that many girls yet (oh if only he had more chances) but he hadn’t gotten the sense that the ones he had were disappointed. One girl even told him his penis was beautiful, but he thought maybe she was just trying to be nice. For now he decided he could feel OK about himself and just relish being naked outdoors. He thought about yelling something into the surroundings just to announce his presence, but decided not to. Instead, he walked around the area for a few minutes looking at his body and the way his slightly engorged penis wobbled with each step. He urinated against a tree (why do guys do that?) and paid attention to the feeling of his pee coming out. Finally, he went back to his shirt, added his discarded underpants to his makeshift blanket and laid down in the warm sun.

The wine was gone and her nipples were still hard. The young girl cupped her breasts and felt the residual warmth of the sun on the smooth skin. She enjoyed the sensuous feeling of her soft touch and began to caress herself. She could no longer ignore her nipples which had become super sensitive. She touched them wondrously, feeling them respond. She knew just how to do it and she focused on the pleasure she was giving herself. She pretended that she had showed her breasts to a boy for the first time, and that it was his hands that were caressing them so expertly because he thought they were so beautiful. The strong connection she between her nipples and clitoris made her aware of her vagina, and she felt an urgent need to expose it to the open air and sunshine. She ripped off her hiking shorts and panties at the same time. Things were progressing too quickly, so she forced herself to lay back and enjoy her heightened sense of awareness.

The young man could wait no longer. Sexual energy was coursing through his body. His desire was heightened by the fact that he had been planning this experience for nearly a week, and had abstained form masturbating all that time. One reason was that it wasn’t that good in his apartment with his roommates always around. He’d die if he ever got caught and he never knew when someone would bang on his door. So when he did do it, it was usually late at night or very early in the morning. But he could never make plans and indulge himself in a truly satisfying and unhurried experience like he could when he was living in the dorm, or like he was doing now.

He began by gently touching himself all over. He was really stoned and the sensation was amazing. He began with his hair, face, ears and neck. He covered his arms, and massaged each of his fingers like he had done with his toes. He played bursa anal yapan escort with his nipples and softly caressed his smooth chest and abdomen without getting too close to his pubic area. He shifted focus to his feet and toes and again stimulated them as he had done before. He was getting more and more turned on and his penis was getting larger. His fingertips worked up one leg and then the other. His entire body tingled and he knew it was time for the ultimate pleasure. Little did he know that at that very moment a beautiful young woman was in the same condition just the other side of the hill.

Sexual energy was also commandeering the young girl’s body. She had spread her legs well apart so that she could fully feel the sun and its warmth on her vagina. A light breeze intensified the experience and she relished the feeling of her femininity being so fully exposed. Her body was an integral part of the environment. The fragrance of her perspiration and her vagina mixed seamlessly with those of honeysuckle, clover and pine in a profound and compelling display of natural energy. It was so very different from the way she feels on the bed in her apartment before she masturbates. She opened her vaginal lips with her fingertips to maximize the feeling of harmony with nature as she revealed herself so intimately. Her clitoris was already hard and peeking out from under its pink hood, adding to her feelings of vulnerability. Like the young man on the other side of the hill, her entire body tingled and she knew it was time for the ultimate pleasure.

The fingertips that had been touching his legs moved gradually to his inner thighs. He loved the feeling of their light touch on the sensitive skin. He moved them closer and closer until they just barely grazed the sides of his scrotum. He repeated this motion several times and the feeling was electric. He raised his legs into the air and began touching his buttocks; gradually working inward until he made direct contact with the underside of his testicles. His penis responded predictably. He placed his feet back on the ground and began caressing his scrotum with both hands. He cherished this feeling. He thought about the time when the girl who had told him his penis was beautiful caressed him that way, and he pretended it was her hands that were doing it now. He was completely erect and had no choice but to move on.

He began with his two-handed technique. He encircled his erection with his right hand and slid it down the shaft while using his fingers to stimulate the underside of his glans. He could make contact all the way around, and he was glad he was circumcised because he didn’t think this method would work if he wasn’t. The second hand was right behind the first as it completed its journey. He continued alternately stroking this way as his pleasure mounted. He had never seen this technique in porn films, and he wondered how unusual it was. All he knew was that it was the way he did it the first time he masturbated, and that he has instinctively started subsequent sessions with it ever since.

The warm sun on his body, and a gentle breeze reminded him that he was outside. He felt a special connection to nature and his beautiful surroundings. He felt like a small part of natural human existence doing something that was healthy, beautiful and important. The sexual energy throughout his body began to concentrate in his genitals. He stopped his stroking to fondle his testicles again. He liked to do this to prolong his pleasure. He looked at his own erection and experienced a sense of masculine pride. He savored this feeling for a few more minutes before resuming his stroking. As the wonderful sensation of an impending orgasm intensified, he would stop and move once again to his testes. He repeated this process and each time the feeling got stronger. His body was bathed in sweat and his heart was pounding. He decided to switch to his more conventional method of encircling his penis with his thumb and forefinger and using short strokes to rub it up and down the underside of his head.

This method allowed him to caress his testicles with his other hand at the same time. The luscious feeling was coming back faster now, and he knew he would not be able to resist much longer. He went back to using two hands and brought himself to the edge yet again. He was lost in his own world. If someone had stumbled across him at that very moment, he would not have cared. His penis was the center of the universe. It was the only thing that mattered. His hands moved in a frenzy of stroking. Higher, higher and higher he went. His favorite part of masturbation is the precious seconds of indescribable pleasure he feels after he crosses the threshold of knowing he’s going to ejaculate but before it happens. He intended to experience that feeling as he never had.

He was masturbating at a spiritual level. He felt privileged to have bursa bayan escort such a wonderful penis, and vowed never to be ashamed or dissatisfied with it again. His body was a beautiful thing and he was brazenly showing the world what it could do. He gave himself permission to cross that threshold and embraced it with his very soul. The moments of bliss he loved were pure ecstasy followed by the incredible sensation of his semen coming out. The powerful spurts were going everywhere and he cried out in pleasure as he jerked the end of his cock. Over and over they came; rushing through his penis and splashing on his chest and abdomen. He basked in satisfaction and manly pride at what he had done as the emissions subsided and he squeezed out the last drops.

And then he froze. He could not be sure but he thought he heard someone nearby cry out. Could there be someone else on a hike about to discover what he had been doing? He had a moment of panic as he grabbed his clothes and ran for the woods. He cursed himself for forgetting to bring tissues to clean himself up, but he grabbed some leaves from a nearby bush instead. Soon he was dressed as if nothing had happened. The only incriminating evidence was the cum-soaked leaves and the smell of semen on his hands and body. He cautiously walked out of the woods – his heart still pounding.

The young girl was about to have a similar experience. After relishing the feeling of exposing her most intimate parts so fully, she used her hands to reengage the rest of her body. Like the young man, she included her head, arms, feet and abdomen. When she was ready she cupped her hands over her nose and mouth and breathed in her unique personal essence. She tasted it on her fingers too. Her nipples, which were already erect, became even harder and she rolled them gently between her moist fingers. The connection between her nipples and clitoris compelled her to move to her vagina. It was glistening with arousal fluid which continued to leak out onto the towel. She spent a few seconds exploring her inner thighs with her fingertips, but quickly moved to her opening. She worked her fingers all around her slit, stimulating the area between her inner and outer lips without making direct contact with her clitoris. She inserted the middle finger of her right hand and used it to stimulate the roof of her canal.

Her vaginal muscles involuntarily tightened around it and she inserted another finger. She pretended it was a boy using his fingers to explore the vagina she was so willing to share. After a few minutes she withdrew her fingers and began stimulating her clitoral shaft using the circular motions she loved. She pretended to show her imaginary boyfriend how she liked to be touched and that he was doing it. She was getting higher and higher and a sheen of perspiration covered her body. The sensation in her clit was wonderful, but her vagina felt empty. She grabbed Fred, switched him on and inserted him into the gaping hole between her legs. It felt wonderful as she plunged it in and out, squeezing it with her muscles while it was deep inside and using its tip to stimulate her clitoris when she pulled it out. She pretended Fred was the boy’s penis moving in and out and stimulating her clit and vagina. She imagined that he told her that he loved her and that he wanted to fill her with his semen.

The sun was warm and a cool breeze reminded her she was outside in a natural setting, doing something healthy and beautiful and natural as countless women have done throughout history. The connection with nature and womanhood made her feel even more alive and she gave herself permission to finish herself off. She loved having combination orgasms that involved both her vagina and her clit and she focused on them both as Fred went in an out faster and faster. She was on the verge of an incredible orgasm as she pretended her imaginary boyfriend’s cock was exploding inside of her. That image pushed her over the top and she cried out in ecstasy as her body convulsed in orgasmic release. It lasted seemingly forever as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body before she lay back satisfied and completely spent.

But then she froze. Surely she imagined it, but she could’ve sworn she heard someone else very close by cry out at the same time. She would be so embarrassed if someone saw her now! She scrambled to get back into her clothes and stuff Fred into her backpack. When she was done she put it on and cautiously began exploring the surrounding area to see if someone else was there – her heart still pounding from a combination of panic and orgasmic aftershock.

Cautiously she crept to the other side of the hill, and that’s when she saw the young man. He was putting on his shoes! He didn’t appear threatening. In fact he looked like a really nice guy just about her age. She waited until he was done.

“Um, hi,” she said sheepishly.

“Oh my God. Hi,” he said after nearly jumping out of his skin. “Wow, I didn’t expect to see anyone else up here.”

“Me either,” she said. “Have you been here long?”

“No,” he lied. “I’m just out for a hike.”

“Me too”, she replied. “Do you come here often?”

“Not really, but it’s so secluded and peaceful, I’m thinking about coming next week.”

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