Women’s Sexual Confessions: Frances

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A group of men and women sit around talking candidly about their sex lives.

Hi, I’m Paul, the host of this party. Welcome. Come in. Thanks for stopping by to read my story.

We were all sitting around the big screen, plasma TV watching the Super Bowl one year. I had invited all of my best buddies to watch the game with me. There were 21 of us guys, including me. Our wives and girlfriends were upstairs drinking wine, laughing, talking about kids and complaining about us, no doubt. We could hear the women getting louder, as they drank more.

During half time, instead of watching the recap of the game and the half time show, as a lark, I thought it would be a fun thing for each of us to confess what his personal, sexual peccadillo was. Only, I was shocked by what happened next.

Instead of going around the room with each guy sharing a few intimate details about his sex life and about his wife or girlfriend, it turned into a men’s meeting, an open forum with no holds barred and nothing held back on sexual peccadilloes, so much so that we actually turned off the Super Bowl to talk about what we did with our wives or girlfriends behind closed doors. Then, when we weren’t even halfway through the group, wondering what we were doing and why it was so quiet, the wives and girlfriends all filed downstairs to join us.

Before it gets too confusing, allow me to introduce you to my friends. Anthony is with Ramona, Bob with Sue, Charlie with Helen, Dave with June, Eddie with Elaine, Frank with Rose, Gary with Cindy, Henry with Barbara, Jim with Samantha, John with Amanda, Larry with Diane, Michael with Yvonne, Nick with Nancy, Peter with Wendy, Randy with Francesca, Roy with Irene, Steve with Linda, Tom with Mary, Vinnie with Kathy, and Wayne with Gloria, and I’m Paul and that’s my wife, Paula.

We filled our wives and girlfriends in on what we were talking about, sex, sex, and more sex. Instead of shock, we received titillation and interest from the women. It appeared, after having a few drinks, they were just as interested in talking about sex as we were. Only, we never figured they’d want to participate in our impromptu sexual confessions. Women don’t normally talk about sex with men, especially in this large a group.

Figuring they’d never confess their sexual secrets, but hoping with the alcohol they’ve already consumed that they would, Eskort coerced and encouraged by their husbands and boyfriends, I asked if any of them wanted to make a sexual confession. I couldn’t believe when they were eager to participate. I should have known, since she’s a swinger, still, I couldn’t believe when Cindy started the sexual confessions rolling.

Cindy, Gary’s wife, both swingers and in the swinging lifestyle was first to confess with her confession that she loved big, black cocks. Then, June, Dave’s wife, told the group that she was a lesbian, albeit, bi-sexual, and had a few lesbian affairs during her senior year at college. It was my wife, Paula, who raised her hand next telling the group that she had an affair with a black midget, a door-to-door salesman, who turned her on by peeking up her short skirt at her panties. Ramona said that her confession involved the sex toys and that she’s addicted to her dildo and vibrator and cannot have an orgasm without them and while she sucks her husband’s cock. Wendy was next to volunteer her sexual confession telling everyone that she enjoys having forced sex, having her clothes pulled from her gorgeous body and being taken. Finally, Yvonne confessed that her biggest turn on was a romantic evening and she recounted the romantic evening her husband gave her on her thirtieth birthday.

“Okay, then, is there anyone else who wants to make a sexual confession? Anyone at all. Don’t be shy. A bunch of your friends have already made their confessions. This is a time to get it all off your chest. C’mon, it doesn’t have to be a sexual confession.”

“I have a sexual confession,” said Francesca.

“Ah, we have a new victim,” I said. “Just as Amanda has been quiet all evening, we haven’t heard from Francesca either, Randy’s lovely wife. The floor is all yours, Francesca.”

“Well, my husband knows my sexual confession because he was complicit in arranging me to have a lover,” she said with a laugh.

“Now this is what I’m talking about,” said Steve. “Finally we get back around to sex and sexual confessions.”

“That’s it, Steve, we’re going home,” said his wife, Linda.

“Okay, okay, I’ll be quiet.”

“Some of you may know that Randy has a medical problem. He’s a diabetic. He got the disease not from overeating, as you can see he’s normal weight, but he inherited it. A genetic disorder, he got the disease from his parents. They were both carriers for Hematomacrosis, which basically means that Randy has too much iron in his blood and that excessive amount of iron settles in the organs and other places in the body. In his case, the iron settled in his testicles making him impotent. He tried Viagra and Cialis and that worked okay, but it wasn’t until his Endocrinologist prescribed Andro-gel a testosterone supplement that he’s been able to maintain an erection on a regular basis.”

“Is there anything that can be done for the disease besides taking medication for diabetes,” asked Ramona, Anthony’s wife.

“Yes, he exercises, monitors his blood sugar, and watches what he eats. Also, whenever his iron levels are elevated, he must have phlebotomy therapy where they remove a pint of blood, which lowers his iron levels.”

“My cousin has Hematomacrosis. I had never heard of it, until he told me that we all should be tested with a simple blood test to see if we have it, too, since it’s hereditary,” said Cindy, Gary’s wife.

“Anyway, Randy, the sweet man that he is, feeling bad that he can’t please me in the way that he used to do, as an early Christmas gift, bought me a Sybian.”

“A what? What is that some kind of a dog or a horse,” said Steve. “Isn’t that a pony? A Sybian pony from Arabia or something,” he said to his wife, Linda. “Yeah, I heard of it. Those horses are expensive.”

“You’re such a moron, Steve,” she said laughing at him, “but I still love you. You make me laugh. A pony? Did you hear what Steve just said? He asked if a Sybian was a dog or a horse. Then, he asked if it was a pony from Arabia,” she said laughing.

“So, what’s the big joke,” asked Steve? “If you’re going to all laugh at me, you can at least tell me what a Sybian is. Is it a tiger,” he asked causing even more laughter.

“We’re not laughing at you, Honey,” said Linda laughing. “We’re laughing with you.”

“I’m not laughing,” said Steve folding his arms across his chest and going quiet.

“It’s not a dog, a horse, a pony or a tiger,” said Francesca. “But it does have a saddle,” she said making everyone laugh again.

“No way,” said Cindy. “You have a Sybian? When can I come over?”

“Me, too,” said Wendy. “I want to try it.”

“Make that three of us,” said Rose. “I always wanted to try one. We can have a Sybian party, just for us girls.”

“I’m game,” said Paula, my wife. “I’ve been dying to try one of those. That’s what I want for Christmas, Honey,” she said turning to me.

“But I already bought you a gift,” I said.

“Will someone tell me what a Sybian is,” asked Steve?

“A Sybian is an autoerotic machine used for the purpose of sexual stimulation, masturbation, for women. You mount it, as you would a saddle on a horse, only it has a mechanical penis that can be regulated to produce more intense orgasms,” said Charlie.

“Whoa,” said Steve. “With one of those sex machines, there’s no need for a man anymore.”

“Don’t give me any ideas, Steve,” said Linda with a laugh.

“How do you know all this information about Sybian machines,” I asked Charlie?

“Carmen Elektra and Pamela Anderson were on Howard Sterns trying them out. The show was a riot. Carmen was actually enjoying it.”

“So, what’s it like,” asked Cindy?

“It’s amazing,” said Linda. “I used to get migraine headaches, not any more. I just sit on my Sybian and allow it to pleasure me.”

“Can you regulate it from mild to oh, my God,” asked Paula.

“Yeah, I can, but I still haven’t made it past the third setting yet and it goes all the way to ten. I can only imagine,” said Francesca with a laugh. “I even gave him a name.”

“No way, you did,” said Linda. “What’s his name?”

“Dick,” said Francesca with a laugh. “I love my Dick.”

“A masturbation machine. Wow! Can I come over to watch,” asked Steve?

“I’m going to have to give you the same answer that Amanda gave Henry when he asked to come over to see her panty collection. Not in this lifetime,” said Francesca making everyone laugh again.

“If you are interested, Steve,” said Linda. “They make a model for men, called the Venus,” she said with a laugh and making everyone else laugh.

“What the Hell am I going to do with that,” said Steve. “What does it hook up to my cock and masturbate me? I can do that myself with my hand,” he said.

“No, actually,” said Linda, “it fucks you up the ass with a mechanical penis.”

“Gross,” said Steve. “Who the Hell would want that,” he asked with a cringe and a shudder?

“Well, if you were a gay man, you might enjoy it,” said Dave.

“No thanks,” said Steve. “I’ll stick to watching my porn on the Internet,” he said with a laugh.

“Who’s next,” I asked. “Who has a sexual confession to make?”

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