A Dirty Dog Doggin’ Around Ch. 04

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Our first New Year’s celebration after leaving Germany was, as it turned out, surprisingly eventful. Mandi and I had stopped in a small bar close to the Interstate highway, owned and operated by a Korean woman. She was tough but nice, and was generous to people who frequented her bar, especially couples who could be considered regulars.

We went there about once a week to drink a few beers and shoot pool. One evening in late November, when we were sitting at a table close to the fireplace, right after I had stirred the fire and added some wood, she came over to our table. I figured she would just do her usual chat for a minute, and move on. This night was pleasantly different.

“You guys are new, but I like you. You come here and have a good time, and don’t cause trouble. You dance sometimes. That’s nice,” she told us.

I thanked her and said we enjoyed her place, especially sitting with a cold beer by a roaring fire. As I spoke, she was digging into a pocket of the tunic she wore. She pulled out something in her hand and offered it to Mandi. It was two small, homemade tickets of some sort.

“We have New Year party here!” our host explained. “Plenty food, free beer, big party. You invited.”

We were slightly surprised, but gratefully accepted her invitation.

“Thank you,” I said, “We will definitely be here.”

We enjoyed the fire and talked with a few people, and went home. We returned a few more times before New Years Eve. Then the big day occurred.

It just happened to be a Sunday, and here in God’s country polite people didn’t drink on Sunday, thus the locked door and free party. We arrived about 2100 and the party was just beginning to kick. We had to knock on the door, and after it was opened a crack, a face partially hidden by the door asked for our tickets.

I offered them and saw an eye carefully scrutinizing them. The door closed almost shut for a few seconds, and then another set of eyes appeared, only to have the door swing open and our hostess appeared.

“You come in!” she cried with outstretched arms.

We entered and exchanged hugs as the door was bolted shut behind us. There was a decent crowd, not too many people but enough to have a kicking good party. We grabbed a couple of beers and hit the bar, where there was a buffet line of food set up. Our hostess had made a bunch of Korean food, including some delightful egg rolls. There was plenty of kimchi, and we helped ourselves to as much of the food as a plate would hold.

After grabbing an empty table, we dug into the food for a while, and enjoyed the music. We started dancing a little while later, and while dancing, accidentally and literally bumped into another couple. We stepped back and shared a laugh and went back to dancing. Then, for no apparent reason, we bumped into the same couple again. We backed away laughing and decided that the dance floor wasn’t big enough for the both of us.

Mandi and I bowed out and went back to our table. As we continued to eat, the couple we banged around with came over and asked if we wanted to join them. Since we weren’t really acquainted with anyone else at the bar, we decided that it would be fun to meet someone new. And with that, we moved over to their table.

The couple was Chuck and Wilma. It was the first time I knew anyone named Wilma, with the possible exception of Fred Flintstone’s wife, but that was her name. She was well built, nice plump tits, nice ass, and Chuck was tall, somewhat heavy but in reasonably good shape. He had a slightly brushy beard and longish hair. Wilma had auburn hair that was obviously enhanced from a bottle, but was really nice looking. She turned out to be in her early 40’s and Chuck was about 5-6 years older. She really liked dancing and kicking up her heels and he was pretty laid back.

When Mandi got tired of dancing, Wilma asked me to dance, so we jammed around the floor for a while, and then when they put on some slow music, I danced with Wilma while Chuck and Mandi took a slow tour themselves. Wilma had a pretty nice body, and I found myself getting horny from doing a slow jam and grinding my crotch into hers as we danced. I started getting hard, and she felt it and got even friendlier, grinding back with a passion.

This went on for a while, off and on until midnight when we all celebrated the New Year. Sometime before midnight, we decided that we should go back to our place since their kids were already taken care of, so not long after we saw in the New Year, we headed out. Mandi rode with Chuck and Wilma rode with me so if we got separated, we didn’t have to worry about finding our house.

We just got started when I reached over and grabbed Wilma around the shoulders and gave what was supposed to be a hug. She leaned toward me and kept going, right into my crotch. She had my cock out of my pants in seconds and swallowed it. This made driving a bit difficult, and I had to concentrate on driving just to keep from killing us. We managed to get to the house in one piece. Mandi and Chuck had already gotten Çankaya Escort there, and had gotten some drinks and beers out. We put on some music and danced a while, slowly slipping out of some of the clothes.

Mandi and I had partied and swung with some other couples before so this wasn’t our first time. It was for them. Wilma had a private conversation with Chuck and soon we had split off. Wilma and I danced to some hot music and stripped each other naked while the song played. Chuck and Mandi went into the kitchen and were playing grab ass. She was kinda mediocre about Chuck, but he seemed okay, and Mandi was in a party mood anyway.

While they started getting naked in the kitchen, Wilma and I hit the floor and I slipped into her so easily I thought we were a well oiled machine. We fucked on the living room floor for a while, and then Mandi and Chuck came back in, naked except for Chuck’s t-shirt, and he laid down on the floor and pulled Mandi on top. They did some slow moves for a while, and since the floor was getting a bit old for me I wanted something more comfortable to lie on.

Wilma and I moved to the den and got comfortable on the futon, fucking away like old lovers. We jumped into a 69 for a while, I fucked her from behind, and she had a couple of nice orgasms. Since I had quite a bit of alcohol, I had trouble getting an orgasm. But Wilma was a hot older babe, and she didn’t want to quit, so I was cool.

After a while, I asked her if she was into anal sex, and she said she hadn’t done it before. I got some lube, and got her to lay down on her stomach. After greasing her tight back hole with first one, then two fingers, she seemed to be okay with anal play.

I eased the head of my cock up against her ass. We didn’t have the lights on but I could feel it slipping right into the tight ring of her asshole. She stiffened up for a second, and when my cock popped in past the head, she squirmed in pain. I tried to get her to relax a bit, and she seemed to for a minute, but as I tried to push further into her ass, she balked and pulled away.

“It hurts too much,” she complained.

I tried to reassure her that it took some time, and she swallowed another drink and gamely offered her ass to me for one more shot. I used my fingers again, gently massaging her anus with well oiled digits. She told me to try again, but when I began to push in she still had problems, so I finally gave up. We relaxed for a few minutes, and went back into the living room. Chuck was still on his back and Mandi was doing a slow ride on him. I got another beer, and told them I was ready to crash, and Wilma and I left for the guest room.

The next morning I woke up with a bit of headache, and it took me a minute to realize what had transpired the previous evening. It didn’t take long, though, when I saw the auburn hair peeking from under the blanket. I had a raging hard on, and thinking back about Wilma’s ass made it worse. Just when I thought I would bust, and gentle hand wrapped around my cock and began to stroke it gently.

After a little of this, I saw a lump moving under the covers, and then a warm mouth sucked in the head of my cock. This time, Wilma took her time and slowly and carefully began to take a bit more of my cock at a time until she had pretty much gotten most of cock down her throat. Mandi was pretty good at giving head but this was really special.

Wilma slobbered and sucked on me for a few minutes, and then began playing with my asshole. As she stroked my back hole, I finally got the urge to come, and within seconds, blew a huge wad down Wilma’s throat. She gamely swallowed as much as she could, spilling a little on my legs. After this, I lay there panting and took a few minutes to recover. I returned the favor without a word, diving into Wilma’s pussy and eating her to a killer orgasm within minutes.

I got up and wandered off to the bathroom. When I went in the living room and looked out, Chuck’s pick-up was gone. I peeked into the bedroom and Mandi was alone under the covers, gently snoring away. I grabbed a beer, and some coffee for Wilma, and returned to the den.

As she sipped her coffee, I told her that Chuck had already left. She had planned a meal for some friends that evening and invited Mandi and me over for dinner. After just giving me a great blow job, though, she acted so shy when she headed for the bathroom, grabbing a blanket and wrapping up. While she was in the bathroom, I got dressed into some sweats, and when she returned, she asked me to take her home.

We drove to her house in almost uncomfortable silence. I finally broke the spell by telling her how sexy she was, and that she was the first woman that much older than me that I had sex with. She laughed and told me she had never had sex with anyone younger than she, and we laughed at the thought. About the time we got to her house, she leaned over and tweaked my crotch, told me she had a great time, and insisted that Mandi and I come for dinner that evening. Keçiören Escort I told her we would.

Mandi was ready to kill me! She was cool with Chuck and was getting into a strange fuck when he began mauling her nipples. When he actually pinched them, she got mad and slapped his hands away. He told her she shouldn’t be so bitchy since she was just a slut who fucked other guys while her old man fucked their wives. She had gotten off him, gone into the kitchen and grabbed my chef’s knife and came back in the living room and asked him if he wanted his hard-on sliced off.

He tried to raise up like some kind of redneck badass, but Mandi was ½ American Indian, and had a temper showed it. Chuck decided he would let discretion be the better part of valor and split. That’s when Mandi heard me and Wilma still going at it and went to bed.

I was almost afraid to mention the invite to dinner, and when I did, she said she didn’t want to get around a crude redneck bastard like Chuck again. She told me that we shouldn’t piss them off after what went on, though, and told me to go and offer her apologies for drinking too much and having a killer hang over. She would stay home and get some rest and maybe take the dog for a long walk.

I went on over to Chuck and Wilma’s for dinner, met the kids, met the friends, enjoyed a good meal, and drank a few beers. When I got ready to leave, Wilma walked out with me.

As we started down the walk to my car, she said, “I don’t think Chuck treated Mandi very well. I know how he is, and he was being a shit. He wants to try to swing with people, but he is way too jealous and he just gets angry with whatever female he can take it out on.”

I pondered this for a moment as she continued. “But if you want, I would like to get together with you on our own.”

I looked at her for a second before realizing what she said.

“Just the two of us?” I asked.

“Sure. Besides, I want you to teach me how to do that in my bottom. It hurt, but it is so dirty I got turned on by the thought, and I want to learn how to do that. Do you think you could teach me and get me to where it didn’t hurt?”

Well, an old horny butt bandit like me couldn’t resist this invitation and I told her, “I think I could do that.”

She laughed a low laugh, and turned toward me, reaching down with a hand between us to grab my cock.

“I can’t wait,” she said succinctly.

I gave her my work phone number, and she told me that Chuck drove a truck and was often gone for 3-4 days in a row.

“We can have some fun,” she said with a smile.

I left with a hard on and went home.

We actually got together alone for the first time about three weeks later. We had a good fuck on her bed, and Wilma was a willing if physically unable participant in anal sex. She just couldn’t seem to relax and loosen up enough to do more than get a pain in her ass.

I told her that maybe she could use some toys to loosen her up slowly, and when Mandi and I were down in the closest decent town, I slipped out while she was shopping to ostensibly grab a beer but also stopped by a sex shop and got Wilma a selection of sex toys.

She had a vibrator, but I got a couple more, a butt plug kit with different sizes, and as I was browsing, found the kicker, a latex panty imported from Europe that had two molded dildo-like probes for pussy and ass, and a small ridge to rub the clit of the wearer. The panty had been cast from latex rubber, and the probes and panty made a single, continuous piece.

Once emplaced, one simply poured some light sex lubricant into the panty and either walked around, exercised, bicycled, rode a horse, or did something else physical to make the probes move in and out of the pussy and ass and the clit ridge would stimulate the clit.

Wilma was almost aghast at the dildo panty when I showed it to her, but she was also a bit curious. She also liked the rest of the toys, and promised to use them. We got together for a couple of more sessions and she showed me how much fun some of the toys were, and she had me fuck her doggie style while she had a small butt plug in her ass. She got a killer orgasm from that one.

We would meet about once a month for a 2-3 hour session when I was able to get away from my training site early. Mandi watched her soaps in the afternoon when she wasn’t working, and didn’t like to be disturbed, so I didn’t tell her what time I actually got away from work. Wilma worked hard to get her butt hole loosened up for me to actually fuck, but the process was slow and painful. She worked hard getting her tight little hole to loosen up for me, and got to the point where she absolutely loved having me play with a probe in her ass while we fucked doggy style.

I was at work early one afternoon after the site was cleared of people, finishing up my training reports when I noticed a car pull up in front of the facility. I didn’t recognize it at first until I noticed a female get out of the Etimesgut Escort car. It was Wilma. I thought this was a bit odd, but I welcomed the interruption since I was in no hurry to head home and had left one of the simulators running so I could do some shooting after I finished my reports.

As she came down the walk to the front office, I notice that she was walking rather gingerly, like she was sore or something. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a bright red blouse, sleeveless and opened at the neck. She was also wearing some red pumps. As she got closer, she looked a bit flushed.

She apparently didn’t see me sitting at the desk, even though the window was open and I could see her easily. She knocked on the door, and I told her to come in.

She slipped in the door, looked at me and said, “Is anyone else here?”

“Nice to see you too,” I replied, “and no, no one else is here. Why?”

She smiled and moved over to my desk, set her hands on it and leaned over to kiss me. I gave her a quick kiss and noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra and her tits were exposed from 4 buttons open on her blouse.

“Nice view,” I said, “Is that for me?”

She laughed and said, “Sure. And I have a surprise for you if you have a little time.”

Mandi wasn’t due home from work for another two hours and no one would be showing up at the site for about 3 hours for remedial training, so I was up for a surprise.

“I have some time. What’s the surprise?”

She laughed and said, “You’ll see. Now why don’t you show me around this place?”

I told her there wasn’t much to see, but if she would give me a minute to finish my reports I would. She asked if I had a ladies room, and I pointed her out in the hallway to where she needed to go. She walked away in that funny, slow walk, and came back about 5 minutes later as I was finishing my reports.

“Done yet?” she asked.

“That I am, let’s go,” I replied.

I decided to shut the windows and lock the door so I wouldn’t be interrupted accidentally, and we headed over to the left side of the building. It was actually a couple of large Quonset huts joined by a concrete block building in the center. We walked out in the open bay, mostly dark, lit only by the light that seeped in through the floor level vents. She looked around and noted the low lecture stage across the front.

“What’s that for?” she asked.

“That is where we brief each class on their training, and also give some classes.”

“Oh,” she said and slowly looked around.

Then, after a short pause, she turned and wrapped her arms around my waist.

“Are you sure you want that surprise?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said.

“Well, I am so horny I am running juice down my legs. I need someone to lick me clean. Can you help me with that?” Wilma asked.

“Oh you bet,” I quickly answered, “that sounds like you have an emergency on hand.”

“I do,” she laughed, and began to rub my cock through my uniform pants.

“And I need some help with something else.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

She took my hand and pulled it down to her thighs. I rubbed her bare leg below the skirt and she pushed my hand up under her skirt. I thought that she was definitely in a hurry so I ran my hand on up her thigh to her crotch, half expecting her not have any panties on, only to be blocked by a the feeling of rubber. I stepped back in surprise and then it dawned on me. She was wearing the dildo panties!

This was an unexpected delight, and I asked, “So when did you decide you would wear my little present for you?”

She laughed lightly, grabbed my hand and pushed in harder into her crotch. I took the hint, and began rubbing along the center where the clitoral knob of the panties would be, and she responded with a moan.

“I thought maybe I would try them out today, and decided I liked them more than I thought. They were nice after I finally got them situated. And after I moved around a bit in them they made me really horny. So I decided to surprise you and see if you would like to take them off me. I had an orgasm while I was driving over her and almost ran off the road.”

I chuckled and said, “Better be careful where you wear those. It could be dangerous.”

She pushed against my hand and said, “Rub a little harder.”

I massaged into the neoprene surface, and watched her breath quicken until she finally burst into an orgasm.

“Damn, these things are so much better than I first thought. When you gave me these things, I thought you were crazy. But the more I thought about it the more I figured I would give them a try. And you were right about the best way to put them on.”

I would like to have seen her wiggling around and getting the two molded probes into her pussy and ass, but there was time for that later. I had another idea in mind.

“So you got the back one in without a lot of problems?” I asked.

She chuckled again, and said, “It hurt a little at first, but I used some nice flavored lube and slowly worked both in at the same time. After I got them part of the way in, I peeled the upper part over my legs and then pulled them the rest of the way up. After I sat on my stool, both dildos went all the way in and have been there ever since. The one in my ass is still a little uncomfortable but I think I’m getting used to it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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