A Gulf Coast Vacation Ch. 03

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After we had rested up from our recent sexual exertions, I suggested to Trish that we get cleaned up, make a grocery shopping list and head for a nearby grocery. She agreed, got ready to go out, but before we left, we took inventory of the refrigerator, pantry and what we might like to eat the next week when we decided to eat in.

We completed the shopping trip, returned to our condo, put things away, and I said to Trish, “Let’s step out on our balcony and check the early evening view?”

We went out, stood by the railing, I put my arm around her and pulled her tight against my hip. She turned her head, looked up at me, smiled and offered her lips for a kiss, which I quickly responded. Ending the lengthy kiss, “Trish I love you so much!” At the same time I lowered my hand to her butt, squeezed and messaged both cheeks.

“Jay, while I enjoy the fondling, I don’t want your groping of me to be so visible to the public! See those people looking up at us while they walk along the beach?”

“Trish dear, while some are looking up at this high rise, it’s impossible to tell which balcony they are looking at as they are too distant to see anything in detail. So that you will understand how hard it is to see through the wood slats in our railing from that distance, let’s go down there and enjoy walking the beach this evening?”

She agreed and we headed for the elevator, then the short walk to the beach. With frequent vehicle traffic along the beach, the sand was quite hard packed in front of our condo. We passed several couples as we walked along and one pair had paused to look up at the building and we heard her ask, “Which one is ours, I can count the floors but I can’t recognize which balcony is ours?” He responded, “7th floor, and our apartment is the 3rd one from the left.”

We moved on and I said, “We are one floor directly above theirs. Look at the 6th floor and tell me if you can see that couple looking down at the beach?”

“Yes, I can ….. but barely, she replied. If they are doing anything inappropriate, I can’t tell. “So, I guess your position is that, if we should do anything naughty way up on our 8th floor balcony, no one could tell? Is that right?”

“Yes! That is it exactly! How about we go back up there, get naked, check the view and see if there is something else we might enjoy doing?”

Trish, with enthusiasm, replied, “Yes, let’s go back up to our place and get naked!”

Riding up the elevator, I reached over, grasped her breast and üsküdar escort gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Jay, stop it! See the security camera just above the door? Even if the video isn’t being monitored now, I don’t want the night watchman to view it later!”

I quit my unapproved behavior, gave her a quick kiss on her forehead and said,”Sorry Dear!”

Walking down the landing to our door, I reached down, grabbed her butt and continued to squeeze, without receiving any complaint. Trish just look up and me and smiled, pausing to rub her breasts against my arm as I unlocked the door.

After closing the door, she turned to me, reached up with her arms and pulled me down for a kiss, which I returned with enthusiasm.

“Trish, would you undress for me, but only down to your panties and bra?”

“Why not everything? I thought the plan was for us to get naked?”

“It is my dear, but permit me to enjoy removing your last two garments?”

“Ok, she responded, but are you going to strip, or am I supposed to undress you?”

“Unless you have some particular need to strip me, I thought I’d do it myself while enjoying watching you get undressed! If you care to watch me at the same time, you might like to see the effect you have on me?”

Trish grinned, kicked her shoes off and started removing her skirt and blouse. At the same time while watching her disrobe, I was quickly stripping off my clothes. When I got down to my shorts, I paused to see if Trish had any comment. She did.

“Jay, it appears that you have a pronounced bulge on the front of your shorts! Please drop them and let me see what might be the cause.”

I did as she asked and as they dropped to the floor, I stood at attention displaying my very serious erection.

She observed, “Are saying that seeing me in just my bra and panties caused that to happen?”

“Yes Dear, plus the ideas I have in mind for what I want to happen next! Please go over to the couch and get on your hands and knees?”I requested.

She did as I asked, then when in position, turned to look at me and asked, “What now?”

I walked over and told her, “I want to undress you and enjoy the touch of your lovely body in a variety of places, while visually enjoying your very womanly charms!”

Standing beside her, I leaned over, ran my hands down from her neck to her bottom, including some diverting touches along the way to both sides. As my hand neared her tuzla escort panty covered bottom, I gently massaged both of her butt cheeks, then stroked down her crotch touching her pussy through the panty. Touching that spot, she twitched and issued a little, “Eeeek!”

I said, “Trish, did I locate a sensitive spot?”

“Of course you did …. and you know it!” she exclaimed.

Using both hands inside her elastic panty band, I started lowering them down, pausing just below her butt. This left her total ass exposed, including the rear view of her pussy.

“Why are you stopping there?” Trish inquired.

“Dear, I am taking a few moments to enjoy looking at your beautiful and very sexy derriere, plus I love this view of your pussy slit! In fact, I am seriously considering a ‘doggy style’ fuck soon!? What do you think about that idea?” I asked.

“Jay, I like that version and you can begin now!”

“Not yet, Dear, I have more garments to remove as I prefer that we both be naked to fuck!”

I then reached up and pushed her bra straps down over her shoulders. Taking my left hand, I reached under her, grasping the bra’s center and gave it a few jiggles both left and right. Trish turned her head and gave me a questioning look wondering why I hadn’t unsnapped the back yet? Then I did unsnap the back, letting the bra fall to the cushion and I told her, “Let it stay where it is, as I have a plan to use it later.” I then returned to her panties and began pushing them down further to her knees.

“Trish, lift up your knees as I want to pull them off.” She did as asked and then raised her legs allowing me to slide them off past her feet. Holding her panties in my hand, I used them to glide back and forth over the cheeks of her ass, including her exposed pussy. When her pussy lips were touched, I heard her issue that little “Eeeek!” again. Tossing the panties aside, I told her to move her knees farther apart, which she did. Taking my left hand and slipping it under her, I searched for and fondled her breast. I quickly located a nipple, giving it a pinch and a twist, bringing on a shudder and a gasp. I then reached across and did the same to her right breast and nipple, getting the same reaction.

At the same time, my right hand was stroking her derriere and moving down to the inside of her thighs. Moving up the thigh and approaching her pussy, I sensed her tensing up and, when my hand made contact with her pussy lips, she pendik escort quivered. Enjoying her reactions, I started easing my finger up and down her slit, noticing the dampness already there. I gradually inserted my finger into the warm slickness while making contact with her clit.

Trish suddenly cried out, “That is very nice, but not big enough! I want that stiff cock inside me …… right now!” she exclaimed.

“OK Trish, but how do you want it?”

She turned around on her knees, extending her arms to the back of the couch while sticking her butt out with her opened pussy slit toward me. “Start with doggy fucking, right now …… please!”

Taking my stiff cock in hand I worked the head slowly up and down her very wet pussy slit.

“Stick it in!” Trish demanded.

I complied, ramming it all the way in to where my pubic hair was ticking her

pussy lips. I began a series of in and out fucking actions coupled with the slap,

slapping sounds against her lovely rounded butt cheeks. With each deep stroke,

Trish would utter a series of “Uuuuh!”, “Uuuuh!” sounds. Turning my head

toward the balcony windows, I could see our reflections of my fucking

motions and, with the timed pounding, the swinging of those lovely breasts.

“Trish, if you turn your head to the left, you can see us fucking and enjoy the

action scene along with me!”

She did as I suggested, responding, “Jay, you obviously are enjoying this reflection

and I can assure you that your efforts are being thoroughly enjoyed by me! Can

you reach under and give my nipples a pinch and twist?”

I did as she suggested, and while continuing fucking pace, timed my nipple

grabbing to her breast oscillations.

“Trish, I wish I had a tripod for my video camera and we could have a copy to view


“That’s a good suggestion Jay! Maybe there is a camera shop in the big mall

where we could get a tripod. Seems like that would be a good investment!

Trish added. Meanwhile, keep on with what you’re doing and don’t slow down,

I’m getting closer with each stroke!”

Her remark gave me a boost and I intensified my efforts to the point

that I was reaching my own point of climax.

“Trish, I’m about ready to explode! Want me to pull out and squirt on your

back, or shoot it inside?”

Unable to wait on her reply, I was barely able to withdraw in time to unload on

her back. At this point, I was still trying to recover and get my breath.

Trish was also gasping for air, but was able to offer, “That was a really great

fuck, Jay! I was thoroughly enjoying each and every stroke from your wonderful

cock! Could we do it again soon?”

(To be continued )

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