A Succubus and Her Daughters

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Sequel to A Succubus and a Priest.


Caleb reverently closed the book of scriptures on his desk and reflected on what he had read for a minute. The smell of hearth smoke and the chirping of crickets intruded through the ajar window. The village was getting ready for sleep. He was growing used to living here, but on balmy summer nights like this, an inexplicable unease would grip him, forcing him to seek solace in the teachings of the goddess.

It seldom helped.

Sighing, he extinguished the guttering candle on his desk and trudged upstairs. Human minds were weak and fallible, even those of goddess’s servants. It wouldn’t do him any good to dwell on this strange anxiety.

Up in his bedroom, he shrugged off his priest’s cassock and washed up in the basin. Walking up to the window, he closed his eyes and inhaled the night air. The breeze dried his damp hair, carrying the noises of the village and the adjacent forest. Much like reading the scriptures, listening to the night had become something of a ritual, although what he was trying to hear, Caleb couldn’t say.

Distant thrumming drifted to his ears, gradually growing closer. Frowning, he scanned the starry sky. It sounded like the beating of wings–enormous ones–but the village was far away from the mountainous territories of griffins and other flying monstrosities.

A winged humanoid silhouette darkened the stars, and his blood ran cold. A harpy–or worse yet, a succubus? Lurching back from the window, he clasped his hands together and chanted a verse to invoke the goddess’s protection.

The wing beats ceased for a moment, then thumped loudly as the unwanted visitor braked and alighted through the window. The chant died in his throat. Crimson eyes set in a face of unearthly beauty. Curved horns arching from fiery hair that cascaded down dusky shoulders. Voluptuous curves artfully wrapped in black leathers. Before him stood a she-devil, a denizen of hell.

The black wings shrank into her shoulder blades with a rustle, and she sashayed closer. “Hello, Caleb.” There was something painfully familiar about her sultry voice, although he was certain he had never seen her before.

He raised a hand in a warding gesture. “What do you want of me, fiend? I warn you–“

“Oh, stuff it,” the succubus said with exasperated fondness. Pouncing at him, she pressed her plush lips to his.

His nostrils flared at her sweet scent, and his hands rose as if to embrace her. The involuntary reaction of his body shocked him to the core. Then years-old memories rushed into his skull, and he recoiled with a gasp. Guilt, fear, and a deep visceral desire stirred within him.

“Lilith,” he whispered.

“I missed you so much, Caleb,” she purred, stroking his cheek. “Spent so many lonely nights dreaming of being with you again.”

“You… you made me forget…” He groaned and clutched his forehead. This had to be a dream, a nightmare.

“Is it hard to remember?” She tutted. “Perhaps I left the spell on too long. Don’t worry, I know just the thing to jog your memory.”

She led him like a puppet to the bed and seated him down. He only stared blankly as she divested him of his trousers and underwear, his mind reeling. That night two years ago, she had ensnared him, used him, and–

Her hot wet mouth enveloped his cock, jolting him back to the present. She peered at him with upturned eyes as she worshipped him with her tongue.

“D-don’t!” Grasping her horn, he pushed her away.

She instead took his cock into her hand and stroked insistently. “I’m simply saying hello in the manner of a succubus. You don’t need to do a thing. Don’t need to worry. Just sit back and enjoy it.”

Lust raged within him; he might’ve been a priest, but he was also a man, and his body recalled the pleasures she could inflict upon him. A sensuous smile played on Lilith’s lips as she reached back to loosen her leather bodice. Her beautiful large breasts bounced free, and she cupped them with a theatrical moan.

Caleb couldn’t help but stare and mentally compare reality to his returning memories. She appeared to savor his attention as she extended her inhumanly long tongue and drooled onto her breasts. Leaning forward, she sandwiched his stiffening cock between them.

He hissed in a breath. Her skin was smooth and hot and slick with saliva. Then she began to stroke him, and he swore, gripping the sheets. Lilith giggled throatily and squeezed her breasts tighter.

Desire and guilt warred inside him. Should he fight her? Even if he did, she could paralyze him with a snap of her fingers. Or was that just a pathetic excuse not to resist?

Moaning, he succumbed to the pleasure. The crown of his throbbing cock appeared and vanished between her dusky globes. Her relentless strokes sent blissful shudders up his spine, and his traitorous body rejoiced at the end of his long abstinence.

Lilith moved faster, her slit-pupil eyes fixed on his face. When he started to pant and tremble, she ducked and took him into her mouth. tekirdağ escort She bobbed her head vigorously until he erupted down her throat with a cry. She greedily swallowed everything and licked him clean before pulling away.

“Your seed is as potent as I recall,” she said, flush-faced. “Now I have strength enough to do what I came for. There’s someone who wants to meet you–two someones–but they spent all their lives in the lower planes and can’t open a portal by themselves yet.”

Caleb stared at her as a dreadful suspicion dawned on him. She couldn’t possibly mean…

Lilith stood and raked her long-nailed hand through the air. The very space split apart in its wake, and a burning desert appeared as if through an oval window. “Come, my daughters. It is time for you to meet your father.”

Caleb gaped in mounting horror as the rift widened to reveal a pair of young succubi amid a blazing landscape. One’s hair was red and the other’s black, but otherwise the two were spitting images of each other. Upon seeing him, their mouths split into fanged grins, and jostling each other, they squeezed through the rift and tackled him to the bed in a double hug.

“Daddy!” cried the redhead. “Oh, you’re just like mother said!”

“Father,” said the brunette, nuzzling his cheek. “Finally.”

Caleb just lay there, struck dumb. The girls clung to him, the sweet scent of their hair filling his nose and their smooth skin burning against his. Then the redhead’s knee brushed his crotch as if by accident, and coming to his senses, he pushed them off.

The redhead’s lip trembled. “Aren’t you happy to see us, daddy?”

“Now, now,” Lilith said. “Your father must be a little overwhelmed since his memories only just returned. Why don’t you introduce yourselves first?”

The redhead perked up. “Oh, of course.” Kneeling on the bed, she jutted out her chin. “I’m Ruby, the elder. I dreamed of meeting you for so long!” Her eyes were the same brown he saw in the mirror every morning, except with slit pupils.

“I’m Onyx,” the brunette said in a more subdued tone. Her eyes were crimson like her mother’s. “We’re twins, so being older doesn’t matter.”

Caleb swiveled his gaze from one to the other. Ruby’s brown eyes. Onyx’s jet-black hair. Their tan skin, a tone halfway between Lilith’s and his. No matter how much he loathed to acknowledge it, he saw himself in them. Their heart-shaped faces resembled their mother’s, and they were almost as tall, but their figures were slimmer, their horns shorter, and their dress even more perverse: strips of leather crisscrossed over their perky breasts and low-cut thongs.

He shook his head frantically. “You’re lying. They–they can’t be mine! It’s barely been a couple of years.”

“Time flows faster in the lower planes,” Lilith said. “Two decades passed for us since then. Our daughters are ready to spread their wings.”

Ruby giggled. “And our legs.”

“Crude as always,” Onyx said.

Ruby stuck out her tongue at her. “But true. Don’t pretend you weren’t playing with yourself every night after mother said she would introduce us to daddy.”

Onyx’s cheeks colored. “Same goes for you.”

“Horny little brats,” Lilith said fondly. “I can’t blame you for being excited. It is in our nature to seek out strong men, and your father was virile enough to give me not one but two healthy daughters.”

Ruby lowered her hand to her skimpy thong and squirmed. “I’m getting hot just thinking about it. Thank you for sharing him, mother.”

“Nothing but the best for your first time,” Lilith said. “By consuming his vitality, you will quickly grow into full-fledged succubi.”

Three pairs of hungry eyes centered on Caleb. He gulped and belatedly covered his crotch, repulsed by her very suggestion. Spawns of hell that they were, they were also his daughters.

“What’s wrong, daddy?” Ruby asked with concern.

“I don’t think he wants to lay with us,” Onyx said.

Lilith sighed and snapped her fingers, causing him to sag limply to the bed. “His head is filled with the teachings of the goddess, but there’s a proper brute of a man hiding deep inside. You’ll just have to bring him out.”

“That’s so sad,” Ruby said sympathetically. “Why do humans make everything so complicated instead of just doing what feels good?”

“Don’t worry, father,” Onyx said. “We’ll help you forget all about those silly teachings.”

“Well said, Nyx.” Lilith crawled behind him and lifted his head onto her warm lap. “Why don’t you show him what fine succubi you grew into?”

The twins glanced at each other and smiled. Ruby tossed back her crimson hair, and sending him a coy look, toyed with her leather top. Onyx unwrapped hers matter-of-factly and bared her firm round breasts. Seeing that his gaze was now on her sister, Ruby pouted and wiggled down her thong. Kicking it aside, she proudly displayed a trimmed strip of crimson curls above her smooth mound.

Caleb caught himself staring and squeezed his eyes shut–Lilith’s escort tekirdağ foul magic didn’t prevent him from doing that, at least.

Ruby made a frustrated noise. “Don’t close your eyes! Look, my breasts are larger than Nyxie’s.”

“Only slightly,” Onyx said coolly.

“Make him look, mommy!”

Lilith laughed. “Holding him still is already more coercion than I prefer to use. You’ll just have to do something he’ll be unable to ignore.”

There was a brief silence, followed by soft plops of clothing on the floor. Caleb stubbornly kept his eyes shut. The mattress creaked as first one, then the other twin climbed on. Their conspiratorial whispers reached his ears.

“Will it get even larger?”

“I think so… Like we practiced on our tails…”

A hot breath tickled his thigh. “Together…”

Two pairs of hot lips kissed his cock, and his eyes flew open. The twins lay on his either side, peering up at him. Their lips quirked into toothy grins, and they proceeded to explore him with their tongues. Onyx licked his balls, poking and prodding delicately. Ruby lapped at his shaft, coating it with her saliva, glancing up every now and then at his face.

He gnashed his teeth. Don’t get hard, he chanted in his head, for goddess’s sake, they’re your daughters, but it was in vain. The girls exclaimed happily at his involuntary reaction.

“So big,” Onyx whispered, staring cross-eyed at his cock.

Ruby reached back between her legs. “It almost looks like it won’t fit.” Breathy moans interspersed her licks as she rubbed herself.

Onyx lavished his stiffening cock from the other side. When a droplet oozed from the tip, she lapped it up and closed her eyes with a satisfied hum. Ruby made a noise of protest and pulled her into a deep kiss as if to share the taste.

“More will come out if you keep licking, ” Lilith said, amused.

Ruby pulled away from her sister and eyed his cock. Wetting her lips, she wrapped them around his crown and moved hesitantly up and down. A whimper escaped him, and he bit the inside of his cheek. Why did something so wrong have to feel so good?

Onyx sucked on her finger and watched enviously, kneading her breast. After a minute, she tapped her sister’s shoulder, causing her to pull away. Tucking her black hair behind her pointy ear, Onyx took her place. He groaned as her tongue twirled around his crown, and her eyes narrowed in satisfaction.

It was Ruby’s turn to pout. “Let’s do it together.”

Onyx let him out of her mouth and made space for her sister. Her inhumanly long tongue glided around his crown while Ruby planted suckling kisses down his shaft and teased his tightening balls. His breathing quickened.

“Well done, my daughters,” Lilith said, stroking his hair. “He’s close. Make sure to drink every last drop, all right?”

The twins froze and exchanged a long look. With obvious reluctance, they rose to their knees.

“I need daddy to finish inside me,” Ruby said, her pupils dark with lust. “For my first time, nothing else will do.”

Onyx’s forehead knitted. “Why you?”

“Because I’m the elder.” Ruby’s expression softened. “Please, Nyxie…”

Onyx gnawed on her lip and nodded. Squealing happily, Ruby hugged her and pecked her on the cheek. She straddled Caleb’s thighs and inched forward until her hot wet cunny rested against his hardness.

“Don’t,” he choked out, yet his cock twitched as if having an opinion of its own. “Please don’t do this… Ruby.”

Her brown eyes widened, and she paused uncertainly.

Lilith clicked her tongue and laid a finger on his lips. “I won’t let you ruin her big moment, Caleb. If it helps, think of yourself as being cruelly trapped and used–then none of this will be your fault.”

“But I don’t want to be cruel to daddy!” Ruby exclaimed. “I want all of us to love one another.”

“Humans have silly hang-ups,” Lilith said, “but deep down, he wants this as much as you do. See how hard he is for you?”

“Really?” Ruby’s face shone. “That makes me so happy.”

Caleb tried to scream but couldn’t. Lilith smiled down at him, her finger sealing his lips. Ruby was reaching for his hand and didn’t notice his internal struggle.

“Hold me as you make me a woman, daddy,” she said, interlacing their fingers.

A debauched spectacle unfolded before his helpless eyes. Onyx held Ruby’s other hand and angled his cock at her glistening entrance. The sisters smiled at each other in a sick parody of familial love, and Ruby sank down, her breath hitching as his cock parted her wet folds.

Onyx let go of his cock, still clutching her sister’s hand. Ruby nodded to her, locked her shining eyes with Caleb’s, and with a quavering sigh, sheathed him to the hilt. Lilith’s magic did not prevent his treacherous moan.

Onyx rubbed her thighs together. “How is it?”

“Perfect,” Ruby breathed. “Like I’m finally filled in the right way.”

Her fang trapped her lower lip as she shifted this way and that, clenching around him. tekirdağ escort bayan When she rolled her hips forward, he couldn’t help but moan. Ruby’s was the tightest, hottest sheath imaginable.

“Does that feel good?” Her brown eyes found his. “It feels so good to me, daddy.” She rose an inch and impaled herself upon him, whimpering.

“Easy does it,” Lilith said. “Your father’s quite large, after all.”

Ruby let go of their hands, leaned forward, and braced against his chest. She worked her hips up and down, making him suppress another moan. The heart-shaped tip of Onyx’s tail snaked under her thong as she watched raptly.

“Your cock stretches me so good,” Ruby moaned.

Hot tears stung his eyes. That no mere man could withstand the assault of a succubus was of little consolation to him. Ruby’s enraptured face swam in his vision. Her brown eyes were a stark reminder of his sin, yet he couldn’t look away.

“I’m glad you’re my first, daddy.”

His jaw tightened as her building rhythm pushed him inexorably toward the edge. She was a demon. She was his daughter. Yet no matter how much he castigated himself, he couldn’t restrain the primal instinct of his body.

“Looks like you teased him too much,” Lilith said with mirth. “He’s almost there.”

Ruby’s eyes widened. “A little longer!”

He squeezed his eyes shut. Every muscle in his lower body was tightening, his loins aching, until his mouth opened in a strangled grunt–

A warm cord coiled around the root of his cock and squeezed. Gasping, he opened his eyes. Ruby’s tail had wrapped him snugly, and somehow, even though she continued to ride him, he wouldn’t come.

“A little longer, daddy,” she pleaded.

Each roll of her hips reverberated through him, ratcheting the pleasure higher. His cock throbbed, painfully hard inside her molten embrace. His helpless moans almost drowned out hers.

“I’ll help, father.” Onyx clasped his wrist and lifted his hand to Ruby’s supple breast. “She loves being touched here.”

Ruby whimpered and leaned into his touch. His burning need overpowered his qualms, and he kneaded and squeezed her breasts none-too-gently. Her inner walls fluttered, moans spilling from her lips. Tweaking her small hard nipples, he thrust upward to meet her.

“Daddy,” she squealed, “oh, daddy!” Her tail whisked away as she clamped down on him.

The pressure in his loins erupted, and he cried out, bucking into her. Their voices created an obscene duet as they shuddered against each other in unholy ecstasy.

Ruby slumped atop his chest, breathing as heavily as he. Her face glowed with such happiness that he couldn’t muster up the anger at being used. She was like an innocent animal obeying her instinct to feed. Lilith, on the other hand, clearly relished the immorality of the act.

Lilith only smiled at his glare and brushed his hair away from his forehead. “Was it everything you hoped for, Ruby?”

“Yes, mommy,” she murmured blissfully.

“Your horns grew a little,” Onyx said, leaning closer.

“So they did,” Lilith said. “I told you his virility was impressive.”

Ruby felt her horns and beamed at him. “Thank you, daddy.”

Caleb opened his mouth, then bit back his retort. He had given in to the twisted pleasure of their coupling. What right did he have to rebuke her?

“Now me.” Onyx peeled off her thong, a string of wetness connecting it to her shaven cunny. “Sister, we agreed.”

Ruby sighed reluctantly and climbed off him. Her sister immediately straddled his thighs and stared at his cock.

“No, don’t get smaller.” Onyx winded her tail around his root and stroked his slick shaft, making him hiss.

“Men tend to be sensitive after climaxing,” Lilith said. “I thought I taught you that.”

Onyx glanced at him guiltily and worried her lip. “I’ll be gentle, but I need you inside, father.” Inching forward, she rubbed her wet heat against his cock. Her tail remained coiled around him snugly, preventing him from deflating. More devilish magic.

“Please bear with it,” Lilith murmured, caressing his cheek. “They’re eager to test their abilities.”

Rising slightly, Onyx guided him inside and eased herself onto him. Her mouth stretched into an O, and she let out a soft whimper. His fists clenched as he suppressed a groan. Sopping wet and even tighter than her sister.

“Amazing,” she whispered. “You spear me so deeply.” She tossed back her hair and rocked her hips.

He gasped at the sensitivity. “I can’t–can’t come again so soon.”

Her lips curved into a smile so like her mother’s. “Then I get to enjoy this longer.”

Groaning, he sagged into Lilith’s lap. Onyx ground sinuously atop him, as gentle as Ruby had been wild, her eyes locked with his. Her straight black hair framed her flushed face and fell past her perky breasts. Her tail clasped his cock possessively, loosening and tightening to the rhythm of her rocking.

Her breaths turned into pants of pleasure. She ground faster and faster until she threw back her head and cried out softly. As she clenched around him, he twitched inside, not yet able to give her what she wanted.

Onyx exhaled shudderingly, her face shining with such joy that it made him swallow uncomfortably. “Let me make you feel good too, father.” Leaning back, she searched for a new angle of attack.

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