A Very Happy V-Day

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Alina Li

Outside, the snow is falling at a steady rate, a slow accumulation and build up of sparkling cold flakes turned the landscape into a winter wonderland. However, inside, a few bottles of wine were being slowly savored sip by generous sip and the aroma of a home cooked meal permeated the air.

The peppery warmth of the Merlot spread throughout my body, no doubt causing my cheeks to flush and my thoughts to race a bit. I watch the other women as they laugh and twirl their hair, rolling their eyes at stories of their boyfriend’s excuses for this and that or their perfect husband’s perfect jobs, sll while sharing pictures of vacations at the beach, kids, pets. Our typical Midwinter get together.

Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine, what with all of the fun candy hearts, chocolates, valentines, romantic dinners, alcohol, whipped cream, strawberries, that kinda thing.

I sat and joined the other women as we gathered around the table. The six of us made a pact years ago that no mater what our relationship status was, we would have dinner together on Valentine’s Day as a way to say I love you without actually saying it. It was our way to strengthen the bond of sisterhood. It hasn’t been easy keeping up this tradition, but as long as we are all together, even for a short time, we consider it a success.

Which is fine with me because unfortunately my significant other was across the country, thousands of miles away.

Thinking about him and how much I was missing him, my emotions started taking control. I felt my face become more numb with each delicious drink, knowing that alcohol makes me VERY horny and VERY needy. I was aching to go hide somewhere and touch myself, release the tension, but time with my friends was short and precious and dinner was soon to be served.

I jolted up from the table and quickly ran into the bathroom just to get a sample of how wet I was before we all started to dig in. I snapped a few selfies of my hand exploring under my panties; a beautifully wicked grin across my face. I reached down and teased myself just a little, caressing the silk covered folds of my womanhood. I sent those pictures to Joe, my far off boyfriend, put myself back together, and joined the rest of the group again.

My stomach growled as I scooped up up a generous helping of salad and loaded up my plate. I sprinkled on a few, sliced almonds and some feta cheese. I drizzled on a generous amount of home made balsamic dressing to top it off, grabbed another bowl and filled it with spaghetti and a meatball, then proceeded to my seat. I hadn’t eaten all day in anticipation of having a few drinks and too much salad and pasta. I can’t resist Sammy’s homemade sauce, always flavored just right.

The conversations continued and so did the throbbing ache in between my thighs. I couldn’t even focus on any of the stories being passed around the table. All I wanted to do at the moment was ease this build up of sex inside me. Joe has been away for almost six months and I yearned for his perfect cock inside me.

“Jeannie! Earth to Jeannie!” I heard Sammy the hostess and my best friend, call out my name a Acıbadem Escort few times.

“Oh hey, what? Sorry I… did you ask me something?” I was totally lost in dirty thought.

“Girl, you look like you just came out of a VERY nice dream!”

Yeah. A wet one.

“I’m just missing Joe is all,” I explained.

I pushed a meatball around the bowl when an idea popped into my head. I could just FaceTime Joe, he would probably be sleeping right now, with almost 12 hours time difference, but knowing him he wouldn’t mind. The sexy text messages we exchanged earlier today told me otherwise.

I ate the meatball with gusto and cleaned off my plate with the remaining piece of delicious fresh bread. I poured myself a other glass of wine and snuck out of the dining room to hide in the den downstairs. I immediately pulled out my phone and found Joe’s name in my recent contacts. I excitedly called him for a bit of face to face action.

“Hey, Babe! What’s up?” Joe looked a little groggy but still incredibly slim and sexy in his worn out sweatpants, his hair disheveled, just how I like him.

“Oh, nothing. Just missing you like crazy today. I’m a little tipsy, and a little bit ….”

Joe cut me off. He knew what I was getting at. “Horny babe, I can see it in your eyes. You get that look.”

He knows me so well.

“Maybe just a little, I mean it’s been so long since we’ve …” I droned on, pouting.

My usual when I drink.

I really needed fucked. I desperately needed the intimate touch of another human being. My vibrator just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I ached for skin on skin contact.

Underneath the covers I could tell by the way his hand bobbed that he was already playing with a massive hard on. My pussy throbbed as I watched him.

How unfair.

“Jeannie, touch yourself for me. Let’s cum together. I know it’s not the same but, please. Do this for me.”

How could I say no!

I glanced around the room to make sure nobody was lurking in the nooks and crannies of the basement. The coast was clear. I propped the phone up in front of me so I could have both hands free. I tugged my leggings down a bit and began pleasuring myself through the thin cotton of my thong.

“Let me see it. Let me see what I’m missing,” he said in a breathy voice.

I pulled my panties to the side and gently spread apart the silky folds, my clit pointing at attention as if to beckon him right through the phone. His face mirrored my own excitement and need.

“God I really want to put my mouth on you Jeannie. I forget how you taste.”

He is such a damn tease.

I took another gulp of wine, almost dropping the glass onto the floor as I heard footsteps getting louder and closer.

“Jeannie? Jeannie are you down he…”

I was literally caught with my pants down.

“Sammy, I…”

She covered my mouth with her hand to shut me up and said hello to Joe, who on the other end was frozen with his dick in his hand.

I sat there, bewildered, reeling, adrenaline coursing through my veins. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying Acıbadem Escort Bayan to find words that would express my embarrassment and my apologies when I felt a second hand caress my hard nipple through my shirt and a tongue pierce between my lips.

I kissed her right back.

Sammy spent what felt like an eternity on my mouth, a hint of alcohol still lingering on her lips and her breath. Her hand continued to explore my chest, grabbing and tugging like she had been waiting for this moment for years.

Joe finally interjected from beyond “What the fuck?!”

At first I thought he was angry until I noticed he started stroking himself again, faster and with more eagerness than only a few moments ago.

“Keep going. Omigod yes,” he softly moaned through the phone.

“Sammy take her clothes off, do it now!” Joe demanded.

She obeyed. I felt a cool rush of air as my cotton t-shirt dress went up over my head. The static electricity in the dry air shocked us both. I’m surprised it didn’t ignite a fire between us, it was already hot enough.

I looked up at Sammy as she brought her face to mine once again. My heart started racing. I’ve never been with another woman, let alone my best girl friend.

Our lips collided and our tongues danced until she began to trace a warm wet line down to my neck to my heaving breasts. It gave me a chance to catch my breath long enough before she tugged the cup of my bra down and pulled an erect nipple into her mouth. She held my tit in her hand and continued to suck, almost like she has done this before.

I felt her other hand skim the length of my belly and settle between my legs. I was already wet and ready for whatever Sammy wanted to do to me.

Sammy glanced down at my phone. Seeing Joe’s erection she looks back at me and says “you really want that inside you, huh”?

She began to lightly slap my swollen clit with two fingers. The vibrations of her rhythm felt amazing, tantalizing. But it wasn’t long until I felt her thrust those fingers deep inside my pussy.

“How does he fuck you? Slow and soft, or fast and hard?” Sammy looked right into my eyes with a hunger I’ve never seen before.

“Hard Sammy. She likes it hard. Well slow at first. She likes to be teased. Teased until she can’t take it anymore. Then right before she is about to come I stop,” Joe exclaimed breathlessly.

I can’t deny that. It’s exactly what I like.

Sammy continued the see-saw motion in and out of my drenched hole, now adding a perfectly manicured third finger into the mix. The pressure of her hand ramming into me was just what I needed. I felt like I was going to explode already. I tried hard not to let it show on my face, in case she decided to take the suggestions of Joe seriously. If she stopped now I would be devastated. I could feel my climax building and my muscles ready to give in.

“Sammy stop.” Joe demanded.

She obeyed. I opened my eyes and gave him a look that pierced right through him.

How dare he!?

Joe began to throw out more demands. “Jeannie, sit on her face. Straddle her head.” Escort Acıbadem

There was no time to argue, nor was I going to. We both took off the rest of our clothes, throwing each garment haphazardly onto the floor, wasting no time at all. Sammy sunk down onto the couch and I positioned my wet, waiting pussy directly over her face. I was shaking with nervousness and excitement, overdosing from the adrenaline.

I lowered down until I could feel the tip of her tongue against the sensitive skin of my clit, allowing her to penetrate me just enough to almost put me through the ceiling. She worked me over with her eager lips and busy tongue, licking me from front to back, stopping to suck, nibble, kissing the delicate skin of my inner thighs, more licking. If I would have known how amazing this feels coming from another woman I would of been doing this sooner. Way sooner.

I could smell the delicious scent of her arousal rising up from her pussy and it made me want her even more. I could also hear Joe starting to pant on the phone, but for a moment I forgot he was even there watching.

I dove in between Sammy’s thighs, I couldn’t seem to hold back. With one swipe of my tongue she bucked her hips, and yelled out, probably loud enough for the rest of the dinner party to hear. I pressed down hard on her mouth, smothering her with my sex, my hot wet flesh dripping with my nectar, my legs squeezing her head until she became still again. She continued licking, sucking, kissing all my sensitive areas, devouring me. I tried to reciprocate but my orgasm was building to an intensity I could no longer handle.

Looking over at Joe, I sucked on my fingertips, gave him the “do-me-now” eyes that I know turn him on, and began to fuck Sammy with my hand. She was so tight and wet, but my fingers glided with ease, her insides are like silk, luxurious and soft, I wanted to wrap myself in it. I slid my hand in and out, paying attention to her reactions, her muscle contractions, her moans.

The room felt supercharged with sex. I knew any minute I was going to explode like a storm cloud opening up on a hot muggy day. My pulse was bounding through my body, my hips rocking back and forth, I was about to lose all control.

And I did.

I felt an electrical shock pierce through my body. Shaking, quivering, wave after wave, ripples of heat and wetness traveled to my throbbing cunt. I rode Sammy’s face as she rode mine, the sloppy wetness draining from our pussies and into each other’s faces, our feminine fragrances mingling. At that moment I didn’t care who walked in and saw us.

I could hear Joe moaning through the phone. I glanced over to see his erection grasped firmly in his hand, his motion exquisitely quick and deliberate as he shot out a glistening stream of cum, most of it sliding down onto his stomach. God how I wished I was there to finish him off, to drink him in, to lick him clean.

I could hear the sound of many footsteps on the floor above. The three of us coming together no doubt produced a loud chorus of orgasmic proportions, surely stirring up curiosity with the girls upstairs.

I carefully climbed off of Sammy, my legs like worn out rubber bands. I felt weak but exhilarated. I bent down and kissed her hard, tasting my musky juices on her tongue, fulfilling one last moment.

I blew a kiss to Joe through my phone, told him I love him and pressed “END”.

Although I knew this was just the beginning.

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