A Wonderful Treat

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One morning Mother asked me to accompany her to the market. There was a lot of shopping to do and she could not possibly carry it all back alone. We had almost completed all the shopping when an incident occurred that was going to change a lot of things in my life.

A bunch of loafers had been sitting on a rock and ogling at Mother while she made some purchases at the butcher’s shop. Mother always has been quite an eyeful, and turned heads wherever she went, but these guys went beyond the limits of decency. They started passing remarks at her.

“Hey, beautiful, when are you calling me over to your house?” One of them called out to Mother. “I’ll put that wonderful body of yours to its proper use.”

“What a fantastic piece of goods she is.” Another one remarked. “Fucking her is something one could happily die for.”

“I am ready to die right now if I am given the chance to screw her arse.” The third one said.

I could not believe what I was hearing. My blood began to boil inside me. I could feel Mother squeeze my arm entreating me to keep quiet. However, the rage I felt was beyond my control. I confronted the guys and got into a fight with them. I got in a few good blows but it was an unequal battle. I was alone against three much bigger guys and I was soon overpowered. I was struck down to the ground. I had blood gushing out from my nose, while my lips were smashed and an eye blackened. The guys began raining kicks on me as I lay on the ground. Fortunately for me some onlookers intervened and broke us up. The guys departed hurling filthy abuses and threats at me as they left.

People stood around me giving various types of advice as I sat with my back against the rock, totally dazed and disoriented. Mother was kneeling beside me and holding me up in her arms. She was crying and asking people to help me. Someone got us a jug of water and helped her clean up my face. When I felt a bit better, some people helped us get into our car and we drove back home.

“There was no need for you to get into the fight.” Mother scolded me as we drove home. “You could have been killed.”

I wanted to say something in reply, but I simply did not feel upto it. So I let her continue to scold me as she held me in her arms. I rested my head against her soft bosom and dozed off.

When we got home, mother called in a doctor who examined me thoroughly. Thankfully he did not find anything broken. He left after prescribing a few balms and painkiller tablets. Mother applied the balms on the wounds and ice on the swellings with her soft hands. She wept whenever I cried out I pain. She fed me the painkillers and held me in her arms till I dropped off to sleep. Thanks to the medications and her ministrations I felt much better by the time Father got home in the evening.

When Father learnt what had happened he was furious. He rebuked Mother for not ringing him up at his office immediately and letting him know what had happened. He rang up a friend of his who was a senior official in the police department and told him what had happened. He demanded immediate action against the guys who had insulted Mother and beaten me up. He was given assurances that appropriate action would be taken soon.

“What you did was very brave. You could have been badly hurt.” Father told me sitting on a chair next to my bed. “We are both very proud of you. Thank you very much for standing up for your mother. Don’t worry about it any more and get back on your feet. I will handle the matter from here on.”

Later that night Father’s friend called and said that the police had picked up the ruffians. We were in a more relaxed mood. Father began to lighten up the atmosphere.

“What exactly did those rascals tell your mother?” Father sinop escort asked me.

I was embarrassed and I tried to avoid answering his question.

However, he was insistent that I give him an answer.

“Come on.” He said. ” I would like to know why you had to get into a fight with those ruffians.”

“They said she was a great piece of goods.” I told him.

Father looked at me quizzically.

“Don’t you agree with them?” He asked me.

This was getting rather awkward. Even Mother was finding it so.

“Stop it, Father.” She said. “He is our son. How can he think of such things about me?”

However, Father refused to back off.

“Come on.” He said. “Tell me whether or not you think your mother is a great piece of goods like those rascals had said?”

“Yes, I do.” I finally blurted out.

Mother clapped her hand to her mouth and ran out of the room. Father threw back his head and guffawed. Then in a more serious mood he clapped me on my back.

“You deserve a reward for what you did, my son.” He said. “You risked your life to save your mother’s honour. We can never repay you sufficiently for that. Tell me what we can give you in return?”

“I had to do what I did, Dad. I could not allow a bunch of thugs insult my mother and get away with it, could I? There is no need to reward me for it.” I told him.

“There must be something that you desire.” Father persisted. “Tell me, I promise I will get it for you.”

“I know you will, Dad.” I replied. “But I don’t want any reward for this.”

“Fine, if you won’t ask for anything, we will have to arrange for something on our own.” Father said. “I hope you agree to that?”

I could not say anything in reply. So I just nodded my head in the affirmative.

The next Saturday we went for dinner at one of the top hotels in the city. Father ordered drinks for me as well. I was rather taken aback by his gesture.

“It is time you learnt about the finer things in a gentleman’s life.” He said. “How to drink properly is one of them.”

We had a sumptuous dinner. I was a bit woozy with the alcohol I had consumed. We were all in a merry mood when we finally returned home.

“Your Dad has stood you his treat.” Mother said as we entered our house. “Now is my turn to give you a treat.”

I looked at both of them in surprise. Father said nothing. He put on some soft music on the music system.

“Would you like to dance with me?” Mother asked me.

“Sure Ma.” I told her. We did this occasionally and it was something I always looked forward to.

We had been dancing for a while when Mother suddenly dropped the bombshell.

“Do you really find me a great piece of goods like you told your father the other day?” She asked me.

I was stunned. “Uh! Yes, Ma. I do.” I finally stammered out.

“How do you know whether I really am a great piece of goods?” Ma continued. “Wouldn’t you really like to find out?”

I looked at Father for help. He was grinning at me. He got up and pretended to stretch.

“I’m awfully tired.” He declared. “I’m going to bed. The two of you enjoy yourselves.”

“Well, don’t you really want to find out?” Ma asked after he had left. “Of course it may be that you actually find me most unattractive and are only saying all this to make me happy.”

“No, Ma.” I said hurriedly. “I truly think you are gorgeous.”

“Really? Why don’t we go to your room and find out for real?” Mother asked smiling.

She caught my hand and led me to my bedroom. I followed her totally dazed. She shut the door behind her and began to take off her sari.

“Would you like to help me take off the rest?” She asked me.

I was totally stupefied escort sinop and could only stare at her. Mother then led me to my bed and made me sit down. She unloosened the strings of her petticoat and let it fall to the ground. Then she took off her blouse. Her beautiful boobs strained against her bra. The sight of them made my cock get so hard that I moaned with pain.

Smiling slightly to herself, Mother began to take off her bra. Her splendid tits hung out in their magnificent glory for me to see. They were not only a big wholesome size 38D, they were beautiful. They jutted out firmly from her chest with hardly any hint of sag on them. Then she slipped out of her panties. Her lovely pussy was covered by a dense patch of hair.

“Well, do you like what you see?” She asked me. “Do you really find me as good a piece of goods as you thought?”

My throat felt parched. I was finding it difficult to breathe.

“You are much more beautiful and sexy than I had thought.” I managed to croak out somehow.

Mother laughed. “What funny things you say.” She told me. “Now it’s your turn. Let me see your sexy body.”

I was too stunned to move. Finally, Mother came and sat beside me. She began to unbutton my shirt. Then she helped me take of my vest. She began to kiss my chest.

“You are like your father.” She remarked. “You don’t have any hair on your chest. However, these muscles you are developing are going to make you a very, very sexy man indeed.”

Mother made me lie down on my bed. She helped me slip off my trousers. Then slowly she drew down my underwear. My rock hard cock sprang into her view. Even at the time it was nearly seven inches long when fully hard.

“My God!” Mother gasped. “Oh, it’s huge. I’m going to love it. Oh, my son, you are fully a man now.”

She went down on my cock and began licking it. She lubricated the foreskin and rolled it back exposing my angry red cock head. She began to lick my cock head. Sensations I had never imagined could exist coursed through my body. I groaned in ecstacy. She began to suck my cock. I felt her taking my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Her lips rubbed my cock from along its length from bottom to top and back again while her tongue caressed my cock head. I felt I was going to go mad.

“Ooh, Ma. I’ll go crazy.” I cried out. “Oh, this is too much. Don’t stop Ma. I never knew this could be so fantastic.”

Mother sucked me harder and harder with an increasing rhythm. Her fingers tickled and caressed my testicles. I could feel my sperms burst out of my testicles and flood into my cock. I felt my cock grow bigger and bigger inside Mother’s mouth. By now Mother was jacking me frantically. My sperms burst out of my cock and into her mouth. She gagged a little at first but then began to hungrily swallow as much of it as she could. Streams of sperm continued to shoot out of my cock. She sprayed some of it on her face and the rest all over her tits. She applied my sperms all over her face, throat and tits. She then proceeded to lick my cock clean. She saw to it that not a drop of my sperm was wasted.

I lay back exhausted. Mother lay on top of me. “That was nice wasn’t it?” She said. “Did you enjoy it, my son? Would you like to do it again with me? I know I would love to do it again with you.”

“Oh Ma, you don’t have to ask.” I told her. “You are the sexiest woman on earth. I am so lucky to have you do this to me. I will do whatever you want me to do. But, Ma, will Dad agree to our doing all this?”

“He will, my son.” Mother assured me. “In fact this was his idea. It sprang up the day you defended me against those ruffians. We decided that if you were ready to risk your life for my honour, then we sinop escort bayan should be willing to give you something comparable. A dinner at a top hotel was nothing in comparison. So we decided this was the best way to reward you. I will spend at least two or three nights each week in your bed teaching you all about sex.”

“Oh thank you, Ma. This will be a wonderful reward.” I said. “But, Ma, that Dad will want you in his bed too, won’t he?”

“Your Dad is not getting any younger, my son.” Mother replied. “He has had to cut down on sex after the heart attack he suffered the year before last. He does not have the same energy for sex that he once had. This way he gets a rest, I get all the sex I desire and you also learn about sex.”

Mother and I began to kiss each other tenderly, exploring each other’s bodies. I kissed her tits and nipples, then her lovely smooth stomach before going down to her sweet smelling pussy. Mother spread out her legs so that her pussy was easily accessible to me.

“Lick my pussy, son.” She moaned. “Drive me mad.”

“You will have to teach me, Ma.” I said. “I have never done this before.”

She held apart the lips of her pussy. I could see the pink vaginal walls.

“Hold it apart like this.” She told me. “Now place your mouth at my pussy lips. Insert your tongue and begin to lick. You will find a small button inside. That is my clitoris — my love button. Stroke it with your tongue.”

I did as she said. I found the taste of her pussy juices a bit strange at first. It tasted sour, like weak dahi. Gradually I began to get to used to it. I found the button she had told me about. The first time I stroked it with my tongue Mother gave out a long, low moan of pleasure. I licked her harder and harder. Her moans grew more and more frantic. Juices flooded out of her pussy walls and poured into my mouth. I lapped up as much of it as I could.

Mother was soon thrashing around in ecstacy. Her nails raked my back. Her raw display of naked passion got me excited as well. I felt myself getting hard again. After a while Mother could not take my pussy licking any longer. She judged my cock was hard enough again and so she got up and sat astride me. She inserted my cock inside her pussy. It was heavenly inside her — so warm, so soft and so snug. She began to move on top of me.

Slowly we began to settle into a rhythm. Our tempo increased and Mother humped into me as I thrust back. My cock soon regained its full hardness and she moaned with pleasure as my cock thrust itself deeper and deeper into her. Her tits jiggled and bounced in gay abandon in front of my face. I caught of them and squeezed them hard. Mother squealed in pain. I pulled her tits nearer to my mouth and began to suck her nipples. They were erect and hard with desire. Mother’s moans began louder and louder as she reached one orgasm after another.

Since I had emptied my balls only a little while back, it took me quite some time to come again. As I felt Mother’s pace slacken with exhaustion, I rolled her over on her back and climbed on top of her. I began to hump her harder and harder. She was sobbing with the sheer ecstacy generated by the friction of my cock with her clitoris. I ground my cock deeper and deeper into her belly. We were both in the throes of an ultimate rapture when I felt my cock finally begin to swell inside her womb. I could not hold my sperms back any longer as I came inside her and shot my load into her uterus. We continued to ram our bodies against each other until every drop of my sperm was squeezed out of my testicles and had fallen inside her belly.

We lay in each other’s arms quite overcome by the unbelievably intense passion we had ignited in each other. We tenderly kissed each other tasting the salty sweetness of each other’s lips. This was going to be quite a reward, I thought. I snuggled myself into her arms until my head rested against her lovely tits. I was still sucking at her sweet nipples as I dropped off into a deep and dreamless sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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