Adventures of an Unassuming Man Ch. 02

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I don’t know what it is about travelling that makes us geared up for sexual adventure. Maybe it’s the freedom or the excitement of wondering into the unknown. But what I do know is that as soon as I leave my home for travels, my mind wonders off to the possibilities of meeting strangers for quick sexual encounters.

Until a few years ago I was a boring, middle-aged, unassuming man. But then I moved to Dubai and spent three glorious years there doing nothing much other than working and having sex with my beautiful English neighbor and my Indian servant. My marriage was shaky but after I went back to Egypt, my homeland, my new sexuality brought back my marriage and I once more fell in love with my wife. She accepted my adventures in Dubai as something that had saved out marriage and I even told her about my travel adventures, and since they were doing our marriage a lot of good, she agreed to let me loose when I travelled, as long as I told her everything including the minutest of details.

But enough about that!

So I was travelling for a five day trip to Dubai, again, to report something to my corporate headquarters and this time me and my wife sat down and set goals for me; sexual goals! I had to seduce the maids that cleaned my room everyday! Of course, this would need planning on a grand scale! My wife even set another higher standard of a goal: they had to be of different nationalities!

Now the problem was that my firm always reserved elegant hotel rooms for me in the best hotels and seducing hotel maids was almost impossible so I contacted headquarters and told them to forget about hotels and that I would make my own reservations in furnished apartments, which are plentiful in Dubai. So I did just that.

Did I tell you that to make life even worse, she demanded absolute evidence that I managed to seduce the maids! This was going to be hard!

I planned for a whole week and decided that I needed tools for this task.

Step 1: I bought one of those pens that record eight hours of video and audio for a start. Then I bought a massager – one of those long armed, vibrating massagers that can be either used as a massager or a vibrator.

Now I was ready.

Step2: immediately upon arrival in Dubai, I informed the management of the furnished apartments that I will not need their cleaning service and that I would hire a company that I always did business with. They made me sign a few papers waiving my right to sue if anything was claimed lost or stolen.

Step 3: I contacted three different maid service companies to request maids on the three of different days I was staying there; all to come at around 2pm as I usually finished my work around three and would take half an hour to get back to the apartment whereby the maid would still have another two hours or so to complete that cleaning shift as their shifts would be from 2-6pm. My first request was for a Filipino maid, the second was for an Indian maid and the third was for an Ethiopian maid.

I was now in business.

The next day I went to my offices and left as anticipated. I had left the recording device/pen on record and strategically placed it clinging on a shirt pocket aimed at the bed and hanging on a large standing hanger where you can just throw your clothes on, and left the massager on my unmade bed. Of course, I tested the position by recording some video to make sure that it was aimed correctly on the bed and viewed it on my laptop as it had a USB connection.

All the maids had been informed by their employers that I would be back around six to pay them. So my return at 3-4pm should be a surprise to them.

Maid 1- From the Philippines:

I walked into my rented apartment to find her working on the sitting area. She briefly looked at me and smiled but did not stop to greet me or anything. I walked around aimlessly pretending to be suffering from a back-ache. I then walked into the bedroom to find that it was nicely done and that my massager was placed on a small bedside table. I shut the door, got my laptop out and got the pen and inserted it and viewed the video. As expected, she had used the massager – this never fails! But she did not use it erotically. She ran it over her whole body quickly and briefly stopped it over her groins, laughed and ran it over the rest of her body and back to her groins for a second or two and switched it off. This was going to be difficult. I almanbahis adres switched the recorder back on an replaced it where it was. I walked back to the sitting room and gave my best performance by holding to my back while walking with a slight lean forward and sat myself slowly on the couch.

The maid was short and plump. Not good looking in any way. I loved it! The thing with very normal looking people is that they seemed less arrogant and more vulnerable.

She looked at me and smiled again. “You hap problem, sir?” she cheerfully asked.

“Yes, my back hurts,” I replied, crumpling my face to express my pains aches and pains.

“Sorry, sir,” she said as she continued her work.

“Oh no, that’s ok,” I replied, “I will get my massager and do my back. But thank you for your concern.”

She smiled and continued work. I got up walked to the bedroom, got the massager and went to work on my back.

She looked at me. I pretended not to pay attention.

“In Philippines we go to massage, not machine,” she said in a concerned manner.

“I don’t want a massage because I will have to walk to go there,” I was being sly.

“There is Chinese massage place not far,” she said in imperfect English.

“I can’t walk,” I said.

She continued her work and I continued my massage with the machine. I pretended that I was trying to reach for a hidden spot on my back but couldn’t reach it and pretended to moan in pain while watching the giant 42″ plasma screen.

She looked at me again. “You want me to do for you?” she sweetly asked. Bingo, contact made!

“Can you? But please only use the machine,” I said, feeling the all too familiar stir in my groins.

“OK, but lie on couch,” she commanded and I obliged.

She ran the massager over my back and I pretended to try to enjoy it if not for the awkward positioning of the couch.

“Look,” I said, “don’t worry about it I’ve had enough because the couch is not comfortable.”

“OK. But you can sleep on the bed?”

“I don’t want it to be any trouble for you,” I poorly offered.

“No problem,” she said.

I walked into the bedroom and she instructed me to take my shirt off and lie face down. She then started working my back with the machine. Living in Dubai previously I had learned that massage was like water and air in the Philippines so I said to myself go for broke: “Can you massage me with your hands”

She smiled softly then said; “very hard, and too much work.”

“Three hundred Dirhams,” I offered –that’s about ninety dollars.

“OK,” she was quick to agree.

“Can it be a full body massage?” I pretended to be begging.

“Of course, I meant full-body. But take off everything,” She said.

I took off everything but kept on my boxers. She did my whole back, legs, feet, arms hand and then told me to turn over. She then did my shoulders, feet, arms again and moved on to my thighs. Erection! I opened my eyes to see how she reacted so she looked at me.

“Sorry,” I weakly offered.

“This is good. Normal,” she said.

“OK,” I said then continued, “you’re not angry?”

“Why angry?” she merrily said, “Now I massage him,” she asked pointing at my pesnis.

“Yes please,” I said. “But wait, I got up and walked to my closet and pulled out another two hundred Dirhams. “Can you take your clothes off?”

No hesitation. She got up, took her clothes off and went to work. She massaged my penis with expertise. I slowly reached for the tit that was closest to me and very very softly circled her nipple. She didn’t object. I continued. She was getting into it. She started going down on my penis and then suddenly I felt warmth. She had taken it in my mouth and was happily sucking away. I sat up and tapped her ass and asked her to move over on to me for a 69. She was dripping wet and had a very small cunt. Her juices were flowing at a rate that made me almost drink and not lick them off. She began moaning and moving her cunt up and down over my mouth so I licked her harder. Then I went for her tiny clit and she gasped and clenched all over. I attacked viciously and circled it frantically but made sure not to put too much pressure on so as not to cause any discomfort. She got up all of a sudden and turned her body around and sat on my dick and rode me like a champion. I pulled her upper part towards me and kissed her almost violently and she reciprocated almanbahis adres while we pumped each other to orgasm. She broke off the kiss because she needed to breath as she came. I felt her juices flow like nothing I have ever felt before and apparently Filipinos are famous for that. Her body was spasming at a scary rate and her moans could be heard a mile away and I shot my cum into her while I too spasmed like a man with a fever would shake.

She slept in my arms for I don’t know how long. I slept too. When I woke up, I found out that my dick was still in her cunt. She moved and I shot another load and slept again.

When we both woke up it was dark outside. She got up, got dressed and chuckled and said “bye,” and left all in the space of a minute. Maid 1: accomplished.

Maid 2 – from India:

I opened up my apartment door but no one was there. I walked into my bedroom and no one was there. Shit! The maid never came, I thought to myself and started taking of my clothes. And as I stood in the middle of the room stark naked, the door to the adjoining bathroom opened and out came the ugliest thing I had ever seen! She was short, about 4’8″, very dark, almost blackish grey, and naked!

“Oh, God,” she almost screamed in her hilarious Indian accent as she looked at me get an instant hard-on while she struggled to both cover herself and run back into the bathroom. And suddenly I noticed that her clothes were off and thrown on the floor on the other side of the bed; the side I could not have seen when I walked into the room!

I went to the pen, pulled out the laptop and put it in, viewed it and BINGO – she was masturbating with my magic wand!!! Being an evil man, I quickly attached my laptop to the giant screen adjusted the picture and played the video with the audio. I went back to the bathroom, knocked on the door and instructed her to get out immediately.

She came out covering herself in shame, not knowing what lay ahead! “I’m so sorry, sir,” she said covering her tits with one arm and her crotch with her other hand and doing the famous Indian head-roll! “please sir, I just wanted to take a bath, quickly before you came because I was sweating and didn’t want to look bad for you,” she continued as my erection started her in the face. She couldn’t help but look at my dick, on and off as she spoke. I’m willing to bet she knew she was fucked there and then.

I moved in behind her and pushed he out of the room leading her to the sitting area as she protested thinking that I would throw her out of the apartment naked. I intentionally brushed my penis onto her as a couple of times as she protested by slowing down. I was

I was so excited I came on her! and on the floor. She felt the warm semen on her ass and wiped it off, still on our way to the sitting room. She looked at me, weakly smiling as if to say OK, I let you cum all over my ass, can we let this go – I was having none of it. We reached the sitting room and I pointed her towards the giant screen where she saw herself cum displayed beautifully on the giant screen. She put her hands over her face, in shame, and cried. “I’m so sorry, sir, so sorry, so sorry,” she said as I savored my second victory.

I grabbed her arm and led her back into the bedroom and violently threw her on the bed. I then mounted her and held her legs apart and inserted my dick into her cunt with a vengeance and pumped for five very violent minutes. She was shuddering the whole time. And as I was about to cum I withdrew, turned her over and rammed her ass. I nearly passed out as I came.

“You can go,” I said, wiping of the stickiness off my dick.

“Thank you, sir,” she said. She was grateful to not be in trouble so she grabbed her clothes and left the room and within a few minutes, I heard the door to the apartment shut! Maid 2: accomplished – fast, easy, violent and more importantly, free!

Maid 3 – from Ethiopia:

I walked into the apartment. A sad looking girl was cleaning the room. She looked beautiful for a change! She was tall, slim and had small, well defined features and had beautiful chocolate, shiny colored skin. Why was she sad, I wandered? I said hello and walked straight into my room, shut the door and got my pen, inserted into the laptop and watched.

Apparently, she had turned the music on the TV on loudly where she could hear it in my bedroom and started dancing around. She got onto the almanbahis adres bed and jumped up and down and danced some more. Then she seemed to observe some cum stains on the bed, got down and smelt it, then licked it while chuckling crazily. She found my vibrator, massaged herself then shamelessly put it on her pussy and moved it frantically along her pussy and came! Bingo – again! This was going to be easy. But this time I would smoothly play her!

I went back to the sitting room with my pen and laptop and sat down. She was cleaning slowly and appeared to by crying. “Are you OK?” I pretended to be concerned.

“Yes, OK,” she acted – no Oscars though!

“You don’t look like you are OK,” I offered my sympathy, savoring the moment.

“OK, small problem,” she offered.

“Why, what’s wrong,” I was curious to hear her lie. “Please sit down and tell me,” I said while I hooked up the laptop to the giant TV.

“I have problem in my village,” her weeping turned into a sob.

“Tell me,” I offered my sympathy again!

“We are very poor in my village and some bad men took our food,” she sobbed more.

“How?” I started feeling my groins stir.

“They come and take. We can do nothing,” she explained.

“Can I help?” I was moving in for the kill.

“No,” she hesitated.

“OK,” I replied.

“Oh sir I need money!” she let out another sob.

“How much?” I asked.

“Two-thousand Dirhams, sir,” she looked away.

I pressed play and the video went on screen. She was still looking away when she heard the music come from the screen. I had started playing from the exact point where she was cumming. She heard herself cum and looked at the screen in utter terror. “No,” she got up and lunged at the TV.

“No, what,” I smiled, erection in full, now.

“Turn off TV,” she almost screamed, turning violent and looking dangerous – more stiff now, I was.

I turned it off and looked at her victoriously. I had her and she knew it but I was going to milk this to a maximum. I was becoming good at being evil. Maybe I was just plain evil!

“Shut up and listen. I got your name from the agency and I have a photo of your passport. I know where you come from and I have the contact numbers and addresses of your family. Now …” I paused to make the maximum of this, “You are going to let me fuck you or I will put this on the internet. Do you know what the internet is?”

She nodded.

“I will also send a copy of this to your family, do you understand?”

I tied her to the bed using all the linen in the room. Each of her hands and feet were tied to each of the corners of the bed. I turned on the vibrator and went directly for her cunt. She came within a minute. I looked at the camera I had placed back into the shirt on the hanger without her noticing and winked – one for the wife. I kept the vibrator on. She came again, but his time she was shaking. The vibrator was still on. But this time, when I sensed she was about to come, I yanked my clothes off and penetrated her and began to pump her hard. I timed it well! We both came together. She was still tied up so I used the vibrator again.

“Please stop,” she begged, her body shaking.

“I will make you cum ten times before I stop,” I threatened.

“I can’t come anymore. Please let me go,” she begged.

I looked at her shiny body and went straight for her damp cunt and ate her with no mercy, finesse or eroticism; just plain vengeance and a will to conquer. “You’re a whore. You are my slave you little cunt and I will make you remember this day.” I felt myself cumming again so I mounted her and came inside her. “The morning after pill is all I owe you,” I said as I cleaned the tip of my penis.

I then released her feet and she was too tired to move. I adjusted myself so as to lift her feet on my shoulders but instead of penetrating her cunt I fucked her ass. She let out a gasp of pain, sorrow and pleasure. But after pumping her ass for two minutes my erection deflated and all of a sudden I lost the will to fuck this piece of ass. I withdrew, got off her, released her bonds and told her to leave. I went outside to the sitting room and waited for her to reappear. She came out to me looking very broken and said she was sorry. I told her not to be. After all, did I not have fun?

I edited all three clips on the plane back home. I was lucky as no one was sitting next to me. That night, I proudly showed my wife my accomplishments. She claimed that I had not accomplished my task! After all, did I not pay the first girl?

“Seducing means to fuck without having to pay. You’re such a loser!” my wife said.

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