Annie and Brendan, Getting Closer

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Annie’s eyes, half-closed, rolled back as Brendan licked her slit from the bottom of her nectar filled hole all the way up to her clit. He had been working her pussy over for a half hour and she was nearing climax for the third time. He had held her down after her first orgasm so that she couldn’t move away from him on the bed. Her clit was so sensitive after she came that it was almost painful for her to continue, but Brendan knew if he could just keep her in place it would quickly pass and her second orgasm would be twice as good as the first and in half the time. It was.

Now, as she was ready to pop for the third time tonight, he surprised her when he unexpectedly flipped her over quickly and pulled her hindquarters up to his mouth. Annie’s face flopped into the pillow as his pulling motion caused her arms to drop helplessly to the bed. He stared at her shining rosebud, slick from her own juices and moved his tongue forward like a spear. He met little resistance as it pushed through the first ring of her glorious asshole and made its way towards ring number two, up her silky tunnel.

“OOOOOWeeeee!” Annie squealed, pushing her bottom backwards in the hopes of driving Brendan’s tongue further inside of her. Again, her eyes rolled back, she could hardly recognize herself, she had lost her resistance and was being moved around by Brendan as if she were weightless. Earlier in the night with her legs pushed back onto her chest, she felt in control, but slowly succumbing to his will. Next, for orgasm number two, her sexy feet were behind her ears and she felt as limber as a gymnast. Now she was more like a rag-doll; she had been tossed and turned and before she knew what happened he had violated her with his devil tongue in her sensitive anus. This time the orgasm was coming from a different place, her bottom, intertwined nerves forming the beginning of her clit all jumbled up her ass with Brendan’s fleshy tongue probing and licking her insides. She had now worked two fingers into her pussy, pushing hard on her g-spot. Brendan added three more of his own fingers into her pussy, moving them in and out like a three-headed cook, while her fingers stayed fixed on her inner clitoral wall. Five fingers, two of them hers, stretched her pussy and gave her a fullness that made her warm inside her womb, God it was hot. She was unexpectedly hit by her third climax faster than she expected.

“Yes, Yes Yes.” She was cumming, cumming for the third time and now the most intense time of the night. Suddenly there was a whoosh of water, soaking both of their hands. From his position behind Annie, Brendan’s mouth enveloped her rosebud and sucked it in, he knew she was squirting.

“OHHHHH OHHHHH MY GOD.” Annie growled. Her body shook for what seemed like ten seconds after the sticky love fluid had shot out of her glistening pussy.

“OHHHHHHH.” She slowly turned her head back and looked at Brendan, his tongue still inside of her, “Are you going to fuck my ass or aren’t you?” She half-smiled as she said it, but left no question as to what the answer was going to be.

Brendan sprung to action. Quickly, on his knees and fumbling for the lube on the bedstand. WET Premium silicon, their favorite lube for ass-fucking. He snapped the cap upward and poured a puddle of the slick liquid into his palm, moving it forward and cupping it upward towards her red eye. Her hole, already dilated from his warm tongue, Brendan quickly drew as much of it as he could into her waiting tunnel. He took his index and middle finger and pushed them into her rectum up until he felt the webbing of his hand meet resistance. He moved them back and forth to test her readiness, as well as the slickness of the track. Satisfied with his findings, he withdrew his fingers and poured another palm full of lube into his hand. Next he slathered his cock, making sure he was covered to the point it was dripping off of him.

She was ready, but she had been ready from the moment his tongue snaked into her sensuous asshole, taking her by surprise.

“Give it to me, I need that cock in my ass, now,” Annie urged, “NOW!” She was suddenly insistent.

Brendan scrambled behind her and lined his rod up with her slick pucker and leaned in. Silk satisfaction. He moved through her without resistance, in the delicious grip of her butt. He started moving in her slowly as he would normally do, so as to give her time to adjust to his intrusion, but she was already prepared. She needed him, his cock, his force, his strength, She needed his pubic bone hitting her tailbone. She needed his hands gripping her ass checks, HARD. She needed his balls swaying and slapping against her pussy with each animal thrust. She needed his sweat dripping off the end of his nose onto her back. She needed the noise, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, of his cock squishing and sliding in and out of her ass. She needed the buzz in her head, her pussy, her clit, her ASS, She needed all of her senses to remain engaged, bingöl escort to take her away.

Brendan felt it too, he turned off his brain and let his cock lead the way. It started to move faster and faster, pulling his body along with it, by force of its own will. His prick was heating up, now over-heating from the friction in her body, but also the feeling of his orgasm speeding ahead. He grunted and moved even faster. He had never moved this surely inside of her, this deliberately, this forcefully, he was in complete control. That was it; control. She needed him to take over, to control her, to bring her through this moment. And he wanted control, he moved another inch higher onto his legs to penetrate her slightly deeper, to take her to the next plane. He started to black out from the effort and the pleasure, when his orgasm crashed through and took over.

“GRRRRRR AHH GRRR. YESSSSS.” He screamed as the light in his eyes went black and shot red and green through his mind. His cum poured like lava out of him into Annie’s tight tunnel. Lava, thick and hot. Not so much a jet blast, but the force of a crashing wave, Thick, steaming, white lava.

Annie threw her head upward and arched her back. She could feel his cum boiling inside of her. It was almost painful at first, but she recognized that feeling meant that the reward was hers. His cum. Her ass. Her reward.

“AHHHHHHHH YESSSS.” she purred. It pumped into her and steamed further and further upward into her gut. She savored the feeling and felt her fourth orgasm of the night taking her over the edge…she whimpered, she was lost, no more energy, no more sound, no more screaming, only waves of pleasure, pleasure, more pleasure. All that was left of her was the cheshire smile that stretched across her face.

Drawing a languid hand through her matted hair, she pictured what she must look like, laying there prostrate on the bed, with her hips in the air, face turned sideways, hair a mess, sweat dripping from her forehead and cheeks, sheets crumpled, Brendan’s dick still in her ass, cum dripping from the sides or her reddened hole, her pussy lips swollen and draped open. What a sight, she loved it. She deserved it.


They shared breakfast the next morning, silently, but warmly, with glances across the table at each other. Brendan, peering over the newspaper, Annie, in his faded Twins T-shirt and nothing else, breaking into a grin. As she smiled, she could feel her asshole pulsing from the workout it was put through the night before. Sipping on her latte and leering back at him, blushing, she whispered, “You’re so bad.”

Brendan’s cock twitched in his boxers. He was still turned on from last night’s action. Now Annie was silently acknowledging the reaming he had put to her, “So Good.” he whispered back.

“mmmmmmm” she half-moaned, “So Good”

It was the kind of Saturday morning Brendan had come to love. They started the day together and laid around until around eleven, when he would go upstairs and get dressed and head out to the club for a round of golf with his crew. Annie would work in the garden for a few hours and then make her way into town for afternoon coffee with a girlfriend. They’d meet back up around five in the afternoon and get ready for the evening, showering, dressing and having a cocktail or two to warm up for the night.

The way Annie was acting, Brendan wasn’t sure he ever going to make it to his game. By 9:30 he was looking up towards the stairs, but Annie wasn’t thinking about the time, she was still buzzing from last night and replaying the events in her mind as she leered at Brendan.

That loss of control was so unlike her, she thought. It wasn’t the loss of control in terms of him taking her ass, he had done that dozens of times. The loss of control that she was high from was the part where she didn’t have to decide anything. She was being dominated by Brendan, but not in a S&M kind off way, no. This was the kind of dominance where she gave over her control and Brendan, picking up on her need to be led, somehow got into her head and could anticipate what she wanted and what she needed. He liberated her by deciding how she would be ravaged. She was ready to go for his cock after he went down on her the first time, but that’s where things changed. She would normally pull him up to her after cumming and rub the head of his cock against her clit. She would masturbate herself with his hard dick for a few minutes to work him up and then then slowly slide him into her. But this time, he interrupted her usual progression.

He held her arms above her head with his left hand, while using his stronger right hand to keep her planted on the bed, not allowing her to roll over or squirm out of the way. He kept her there and after a minute, where Annie almost got angry, he moved his face back down between her legs and forcing her legs open with his right hand, he slid his tongue back inside her. She arched bingöl escort bayan her back, surprised and still slightly resistant, and then, surrendered. At that point, she gave in and let him do with her what he would. She didn’t feel anything other than release at that moment. She wasn’t annoyed, she wasn’t determined to have her way, instead she gave in and let herself go, to the pleasure, to his will. It felt so good. She thought of all the decisions she had to make everyday at work, with her family, decisions for them, decisions for Brendan and she realized she didn’t want to make any more decisions. When she came the second time, he could have done anything he wanted, she was on-board. When he flipped her over and starting rimming her she wasn’t even aware of what was happening, she was on a plane of release and eventually, when he fucked her ass, she was as relaxed and as free as she had ever been. She could feel no tenseness in her bottom, she was open, open to him, open to his cock and consumed by the feeling of being taken over by her lover. Everything that took place, her squirting, his orgasm, her fourth and final orgasm were as inevitable as breathing, because she was being enjoyed and she was enjoying it and she didn’t have to do a thing other than love him.

Wordlessly, she got up from her chair in the kitchen and moved towards him. Kneeling between his legs, she looked up and grinned. She was now the one in control and as if to say, “I’m Back.” She pulled his boxers to the floor and lowered her head to his shaven balls and began to lick them. Brendan could tell she was determined to see him cum for her and this time he was the one who was giving in. Annie continued to lick his balls, first the left, then the right, nuzzling with her mouth onto them in a sweet, loving way. He felt the thrill of her saliva on his sac, cold in the morning air, but then warmer as she leaned in and engulfed them with her tongue. His ass lifted off the seat of the chair as she continued to find ways to thrill him with her tongue.

Now she had taken her right hand and grabbed hold of his stiffened rod. Holding him by the root, she made an art of lathering his balls with her spit. She finally lifted her face form his lap and stared up at him, “I love you,” she mouthed to him before leaning his cock toward her and taking his glans between her lips. For minutes she worked the top half of his cock with her mouth. He surrendered to her skills and felt his balls start to tighten, meaning he was on the road to release. Annie, sensing that he was making the turn for home, started jacking his slick cock off with her hand while keeping his dick-head in her mouth. Brendan was now really getting close to cumming.

Annie rose up a bit on her knees and in doing so took Brendan’s legs over her shoulders. As she raised up, his body slid down the chair slightly, exposing his waxed asshole to the light. This was what Annie wanted. Without hesitation, she took her left hand and slid her first and second fingers into his sphincter. Brendan moaned out loud, “Oh God, So Close, Fuck My Ass Baby.”

Annie moved into hyper-mode, pushing her fingers all the way up his ass and searching for his walnut shaped prostate. It was almost to much for him, the mass-stimulation: her hand pistoning on his cock, her mouth clamped on his prick, her tongue swirling around his dick head and finally, her fingers working in and out of his asshole.

“AHHHHHHEEEEYAHHHH.” He screamed as his cum boiled into her mouth. “Oh Fuck Oh Fuck OH FUCK.” He continued to make a series of grunting sounds until he was drained. Shaking now, he almost whimpered as Annie continued to suck the last of his cum out of his dick.

“Annie, Annie, Annie, Easy.” He was now in that refractive period after orgasm where his cock was super-sensitive and any more additional contact was almost painful.

“Perfect.” Annie thought, “Now he knows how I felt last night.” Not wanting to torture her beloved any more, she let his cock pop out of her mouth and she slowly stood up and leaned into him. In what was becoming a ritual for the two of them, she took his mouth in hers, opened her lips and pushed his cum out of her mouth with her tongue, while he eagerly drew it in and filled his own mouth with his seed. They French kissed for minutes, exchanging his pearly fluid until there was nothing left to share because they had both, eventually, swallowed his load.


“Where’s your game?” Brendan’s partner Chris asked as Brendan put his approach shot to the eleventh hole into the water hazard to the left of the green.

“I left it in the kitchen” he half laughed as he looked whimsically at the other two guys in the group.

“You ate too much?” Chris looked at Brendan wondering what was up? Brendan was his golf partner for nearly 4 years. They knew each other socially, competitively and yet Chris hadn’t heard this kind of tone from Brendan before. Then there was the escort bingöl fact that Brendan was 6 shots over par and they were barely past halfway to the end of the round. His partner’s head was someplace else.

Brendan snorted with laughter, “Yeah, you could say that about me last night, but then again you could say that about Annie this morning too”.

The other two men, whom Brendan and Chris were playing against now came over to get into the conversation. Drake, one of them, was Brendan’s usual opponent. He and his wife had known Brendan and Annie for years. Drake’s wife Molly was friends with Annie and would meet up with her socially, in fact they were in town at that moment shopping and stopping off for a latte.

“Details, I want details.” Drake had always had a thing for Annie. He loved her toned body, especially her pert 34B breasts and her shapely legs. When they went out to dinner he would keep an eye on how she dressed and he loved it when she wore a revealing top or a skirt that highlighted her legs. She had those calf muscles that when looked at from behind, formed the shape of a diamond reaching from her ankle up to her knee. She was also a bit of a tease, as was Drake. They never missed an opportunity in their many nights out as couples to turn the conversation to sexual connotations and overture. Now he was hearing more from Brendan than he had before about what Annie was like between the sheets. He tried not to look to interested, but he was transfixed.

“Well for the past few months we’ve had this…awakening, I don’t know what started it, but now it’s like we’re engaged again and trying to fuck in every position, in every room, on every piece of furniture in the house, and it just keeps going further and further.” Brendan shared, kind of surprising himself with his revelation of their sex life to his friends.

“Wow, no wonder your heads up your ass today.” Chris mused, not realizing all the things involving Annie and Brendan asses that had gone down in just the past 16 hours.

The men all exploded in laughter. The fourth guy in the group, Matthew was a high school buddy of Drake that would play with these guys as a guest a few times a year. He was about 6 feet tall, with a strong jawline and blue eyes and brown hair, dusted with blonde. He was clearly an athlete, his arms showing the girth of someone who had lifted weights, but not the kind of guy who wanted to be flashing his guns. He worked at creating a lean, strong physique, strong to the core. Brendan had always liked him and he was pleased when Drake texted that morning saying Mathew would be their fourth. Matthew was single, but only because he chose to be.

“She’s how old, if you don’t mind me asking?” Matthew offered, although with no hint of caring at all if Brendan were actually offended.

“Ever since she turned thirty,” Brendan replied quickly, secretly proud of his wife’s striking beauty that led many people to assume she was in her early twenties; his trophy wife. Brendan would just as quickly let the person who said that know that she was indeed his trophy wife, but his first and only wife, a trophy since the day they met. Later he would share the story with Annie as a form of compliment and she would roll her eyes, although it always gave her a tingle between her legs that all these men found her desirable.

“Ahhh, the Dirty Thirties, that explains it.” Matthew laughed and winked at Brendan.

The three men in the group, all married, looked for more explanation from the bachelor in their midst.

“It’s my experience that women these days are in a such a rush to build a career before settling down with morons like you, that they never really let themselves focus on what they want for themselves until they look up and the calendar has changed. At that point they go one of two ways; they either give into the belief that they are aging and their role is mother, wife, worker, so that they lose some of their identity…and then there’s the others.” He took his hat off and swept his hair backward as they walked off the green towards the next hole, replacing his hat, just-so

“The others?” All three men yelled at him as they pursued him to the twelfth hole.

Matthew stopped and turning back towards his pursuers, said, “The others. The ones who are secure enough in who they are and in their life, or their marriage, or their job, or whatever, that they look at their thirties as the moment to invest in themselves. It usually presents itself with an increased sex drive, but pretty quickly leads to the realization that’s there’s another world out there, right in front of them, that can can enter if they just open the door. These are the ones who start experimenting in bed, looking for new possibilities and pursuing pleasure wherever it comes to them from, no matter how taboo that might have once felt.”

He took a step back towards them, “Let’s do an experiment, tell me the last time you took your wife’s ass?”

Matthew looked at his High School buddy, “Drake?”

Drake sighed, looked up and to the left and responded, “I don’t know, three Months ago?”

“Not bad, but not yet Dirty Thirties,” Matthew said, in a considerate manner, quickly moving to the next participant.”Chris?”

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