Annie Babysits the Kids Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 — Interlude

Previously I told of watching my fiancée Anne-Marie blackmailed into having sex with the guys she used to babysit. Instead of being upset, I was incredibly aroused and excited (and from her actions, her as well). Part 3 they incredibly had her dress and act like a slut resulting in her giving my “friends” blowjobs in the mall bathroom as well as having sex with a complete group of strangers.

These adventures have been observed by me as well as reading about them from her diary, the location of which she once confided. I will now tell the story as it happened so it unfolds in a more chronological pattern instead of jumping around as I discovered the events, since many of them were “after the fact” as I had to be careful reading her diary without her knowing.

I will now let the adventure continue…


Annie awoke the next morning sore in places she had never felt before; however, as she lay in bed, she had also never felt so alive. Her mind traced back through the previous day, reliving each moment and sensation. As she recalled the barrage of cocks entering her she became increasingly aroused. Although her first instincts should be shame and degradation, instead her body felt alive and intensely excited. Thinking about all the men she had been with in one day, how slutty she had acted, and the wanton abandon she experienced she knew she never before had felt so much freedom.

There was tenderness in her rear leading her to believe at least one, if not several of the men had fucked her in the ass–yet her only thought was regretting to have passed out from the sheer ecstasy of her orgasms and missed it. Annie had never had anal sex before, but the thought had always aroused her and she was sorry if it had happened, she had missed it.

She felt her heart noticeably beating in her chest, realizing she was getting excited reminiscing. Feeling the familiar wetness between her legs she inserted a finger inside herself, pressing gently on her clit as she closed her eyes and thought about the previous day.

Though some part of her had been influenced by whatever aphrodisiac drug the boys had given her, she knew the feeling of pure sexuality and carnal desire experienced was very much her own. Annie loved sex and had fantasized about many things, some of which had finally come true yesterday. Sometimes she wondered if she was a nymphomaniac; however, she had always been conservative in her actions–until now. She had many fantasies, but she was always afraid to share them with Bob, let alone act them out for fear of losing him.

She had confessed to Bob some of her lustful desires, and they had played upon some occasionally by telling stories as they made love of what was being done to her; both of them enjoying the sexual frenzy she could get into when excited. Even so, he would never understand the feeling of sexual abandonment she had let her body experience as she was used over and over by all those men, as well as her acceptance of manipulation by Brian and William.

Thinking about the boys she wondered how she could have let herself get into such a sexual mess. True the boys had basically blackmailed her into posing for them the first night, but she could have drawn the line there or even fought and prevented anything from happening. Sure she could have been embarrassed if they had told their parents about her sucking off Bob, but they had been dating for years, was it really that bad?

No, she had let her sexual tension get the better of her and let things go too far. She had convinced herself the blackmailing was the root of her acceptance after the boys used the movie betraying her with them; however, she knew deep inside there was a deep, dark part of her relishing the idea of being a sex-slave, showing herself off to men, and letting them have their way with her. She had always had a submissive streak, and being the guys’ sex slave felt almost natural. Bob had only tapped the very surface of her hidden sexuality, but the boys had explored an unknown area of desire within her—a desire they seemed to have known existed or discovered naturally and one she was willingly a part of…

She did not know to what depths of depravity the boys were planning on taking her, but decided it was time to draw the line and not listen to them any longer. She stopped rubbing herself as she realized her body may have enjoyed being used, but she was playing with dynamite and couldn’t afford to be caught. Her reputation, not to mention her parents’ reputation was at stake. If any word of her deviances became well-known, she could never go back to school, let alone get a job anywhere near home, which would be devastating—her parents were too poor not be able to live without any additional income from their various bank loans.

The loans they had taken out at the bank were tenuous even under the best of circumstance, as they did not have the credit required to receive such large amounts; it was approved more on their friendship with Ataşehir Escort Brian’s parents who were well off and willing to help her family. If it was publicized their daughter was fucking anything with a cock—not to mention the president of the bank’s son—she knew the loan would be defaulted, further adding to her shame. Her parents would lose the house, their car, and probably have to move out of town to escape the labeling of having a whore for a daughter.

She had to end things now before passing a point of no return where she was lost in depravity, ruining not only her reputation, but her family’s as well.

The boys may threaten to show the videos they made, but THEY were also on the tapes. They couldn’t incriminate her any more than themselves. True they were younger and could imply something happened when they were kids and she was babysitting them causing them to act this way, but the only “proof” they had showed them forcing her to have sex with them. She could say she had feared for her life and been raped. They WERE stronger than her—her mind unconsciously drifting off tangent to the feel of them holding her and the size of their cocks.

Shaking her head as if the physical action could shake the thought of them from her mind, she refocused. She was certain a defenseless female, especially one as beautiful and innocent looking as her, could sway any law enforcement coming to investigate. Movies or not, there was little they could do that wouldn’t harm themselves!

Feeling she had finally found a way out of their web of control she got out of bed with a purpose.

She drew a hot bath—soothing her aching muscles—and slowly relaxed, closing her eyes in the steaming tub. Languishing in the hot water her mind again drifted to the events of the day before, her body once more responding to her daydreaming as she almost unconsciously started rubbing her clit. She thought of her “suck-fest” as Brian had called it, recalling the taste of cum and the feeling of all those cocks pumping down her throat. She started rubbing faster, the waves of water rippling across her breasts and nipples exciting her even more. She thought about the little “party” massaging herself until she came, the gentle orgasm pale in comparison to the intense feeling she had felt the day before, but more relaxing.

Finishing her bath she toweled herself dry and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was flushed from her orgasm and her nipples were still hard, the water glistening off her body like oil. Bob had often said she had a better figure than a Playboy model and although she disagreed, she knew men found her attractive. Recalling how sexy she looked in the black leather outfit, she glanced at the pile of clothes discarded in the corner of the bathroom from last night. She had been so exhausted when she got home she had stripped down letting them lay where they were where. Barely remembering taking a shower to wash off the seemingly gallons of cum upon her, she had crawled into bed and slept.

Looking down at the clothes now, she noticed the distinct smell of sex and cum emanating from them from across the room. She quickly picked them up and washed them with a damp rag–hoping she didn’t ruin the leather. Remembering how she had looked in the outfit and the feeling of pure sexuality it had given her, she wanted to keep the outfit–maybe even surprise Bob with it someday. No sense in throwing away a perfectly good outfit even if it had previously been used to degrade her she thought. She would take the outfit to a dry cleaner and have it cleaned, spraying the bustier and skirt with perfume to hide the odor of sex on them as she put them in a garment bag for later.

Her morning ritual almost complete, she started dressing. Looking at all the bags from the mall, she almost decided to wear one of the new outfits the boys had picked for her; however, she could never explain it to her parents or even Bob if she wore something too revealing. Not wanting all the clothes she had bought to go to waste, she settled on wearing one of the new thongs the boys had picked for her, almost ashamed at how sexy it made her feel as she put it on, the sexy material sliding between her but cheeks like a gentle lover. Her mind briefly recalled being felt up in the novelty store and again refocused her thoughts to block the memory.

She put on a short, old pair of jean cut-offs she hadn’t worn in a while, the pockets torn in places, the frayed ends barely going past her rear. Since she planned to only clean the house, it didn’t matter what she wore she rationalized, and grabbed a loose, white button-down blouse tied over her stomach to complete the ensemble. She thought about wearing a bra, but looking at her reflection in the mirror and the feeling of sexuality from the previous day still within her decided against it. The material was thick enough not to reveal anything, and she wasn’t planning on getting into any “wet T-shirt” contest to get it wet she chuckled.

To top off the outfit, she Kadıköy Escort put on a pair of high-heeled platform shoes with straps going up her calves almost to her knees, admiring the way they accented her long legs.

Finished dressing she took down her diary from the closet adding a few unfinished entries from the day before. She laughed at imagining the initial shock of her parents; faces had they read it, but knew they would never see it. They had once found her diary and read it, discovering she had played hooky from school and had punished her for it. Since then she kept two diaries–a “PG-rated” book where she wrote the most boring and “safe” stuff for her parents so they continued their belief she was a “good little girl.” It was kept in her dresser drawer where they could easily find it–knowing they would look no further once they read it. It was only a ruse–she had the real “adult-rated” version containing all her deepest secrets with no holds barred stored in her closet. It was this diary she now read.

Editing a few things as she recalled them she again started to feel a heat between her legs reading the previous day’s events. It was almost like reading a porn novel as she read her own writing, not believing it had happened. She couldn’t understand how she could still be so horny after the definitive reaming she had received the day before by all those men as well as her masturbation in the bath, but she was definitely getting excited. Reading the events again, she felt firm in her resolve to confront the boys and tell them she was through with them.

Hiding the book back in her closet, she pulled out her “safe” diary and wrote a bit about her shopping with some friends at the mall to explain her absence all day. Chuckling at the play of words, she tried to keep things in general the same so she would never have to completely lie. In this version she went with two friends and shopped for clothes…stopping for pizza in the mall and so forth. It was something she learned long ago so if she was caught saying something, it was easily avoidable to not be caught in a lie.

Finishing to her satisfaction, she called Bob to invite him over later to watch some movies. Hearing his answering machine and knowing he was probably still at the shop her mind flashed to a sudden fear of Rick and the other guys she had “serviced” in the mall bathroom telling Bob about her, but quickly dismissed the thought. All of those men had wanted Annie for years and wouldn’t dare tell Bob. One didn’t go around bragging to your drinking buddy his girlfriend had sucked you and your buddies off!

What had happed had been so unlike her she knew Bob would never believe them even if they DID tell him, as they were always goading him on about her. They could tell Bob everything and he would know it to be too incredulous to believe. That reason alone was enough to know she didn’t have to worry about Rick and the guys trying something as stupid as what Bryan and William were trying to do. No, they would undoubtedly try to get more from her, but she could handle Rick and them, even by avoiding them from now on as she usually had done. She has shamefully hidden what had happened between her and Rick and this would just be another reason to avoid him and his buddies.

Leaving a message telling Bob to come over when he got home, she decided to do a little research on whatever she had been given. She didn’t know the exact spelling, but “Googling” a close match got her close enough. It was as the biker had described—the drug was considered a “woman’s Viagra” to cure sexual arousal disorder in women. Various drug companies were working on combinations with other drugs to put it on the market—including Ecstasy—with the intention of lowering the inhibitory factor of women for the Bremelanotide to take effect. As the biker described, the drug was used on the “street” as a recreational drug and date rape drug.

True to the biker’s word, the drug was not put in production yet as it did nothing to resolve its initial intent. Most women in various studies were affected directly in relation to their “libido score”—an extremely sexual woman would become a vixen while somebody who was naturally inhibited had no change other than a bit of drowsiness. This part disturbed Annie as she thought back to how wanton she had been under its influence…was she really so uninhibited?

The only other issue with the drug catching her interest was repeated use lowered the amount of drug needed for stimulatory response, making dosing extremely difficult for production usage. True to the biker’s word, women often had to be treated for nymphomania on prolonged exposure due to an almost constant state of sexual arousal.

There was nothing she read contradictory to what the guy at the leather shop had said. Not feeling at all comfortable about how two small doses had affected her and her response to it, she knew she would have to watch what she drank or ate around the boys from now on! Still not feeling totally at ease, Bostancı Escort she went downstairs.

Her mom looked at her strangely, probably from her attire since she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra and normally didn’t wear shoes like she had on around the house unless she was going out, but didn’t say anything as Annie offered to help clean the house.

After cleaning the house and working up a good sweat—the physical activity loosening up her sore body and keeping her mind preoccupied—Annie sat in the kitchen putting together a grocery list. Her mom had to go to a charity function she was helping with and they had forgotten their list the other day when they went shopping, so still had quite a few things needed. Her mom asked Annie to go to the store while she attended her function.

Things were pretty much back into routine…in strict contrast to the events the previous day Annie thought abstractedly.

As she was putting together the grocery list, the doorbell rang. Her mom yelled she would get it so Annie continued her inventory of the kitchen and adding to the list.

A few seconds later, her mom walked into the kitchen carrying a large box. “Odd,” her mother said, “nobody was at the door, but there was this box addressed to you,” she smiled handing the box over to Annie. “Is it from Bob?” her mom asked innocently.

Her parents adored Bob. He was the all-American football star in high school and they liked him from the first day Annie and he dated. They were always asking if Annie and him would be settling down and were always bugging her about marrying him sooner than later. Although only a mechanic at an auto shop, Bob’s family was well-off and they knew if she ended up with Bob she would never be in the straights they were financially.

“There’s always time to make money,” her father told her. She always found it odd him telling her about money matters, knowing how in debt they were with the Strauss’ bank, but kept her mouth shut.

Annie knew they only wanted what was best for her, but her and Bob were in no rush and planned on settling down after she went to school and got her own job.

Breaking her reverie, her mother again asked if the box was from Bob.

“I don’t know mom,” she said, holding the box. It was nicely wrapped in blue metallic wrapping paper and a card with “Annie” was stuck on the front. The box was about 10 inches wide and a couple inches deep, and Annie had no idea what it was; however, it would not be the first time Bob had dropped off a present for her.

Her mom pressed her to open it and Annie tore off the wrapping paper revealing a plain brown box underneath. Opening the top, Annie quickly shut it closed before her mom could see what was in it.

“Well, what is it?” her mother asked curiously.

“Uh . . . nothing, er, I mean…” Annie’s mind worked furiously. “I mean, it’s some chocolates or something, but I’ll take them to my room. I know you and dad are on a diet and don’t need the temptation,” and quickly got up, practically running out of the kitchen to her mom’s bewildered expression.

Taking the stairs two at a time Annie ran up and closed her bedroom door. Her heart racing she carefully removed the DVD she had seen from the box. A card was attached to it reading:

A little memento of our shopping spree. -Brian and William

Annie’s hands trembled as she held the note and disk in her hands. She didn’t know how long she stood there shaking until her mom’s voice came through the door asking if she was all right. Startled, Annie almost jumped out of her shoes as she assured her nothing was the matter. Reassured, her mom said she was leaving for her charity function and wouldn’t be home until late; however, Annie wasn’t even listening as her mind raced through what could be on the disk.

Hearing her mom’s car start and leave, she cautiously went to her computer and inserted the disk. The screen was blank for a few seconds, and she wondered if they were sending her a copy of one of the first videos.

Then the screen faded into a scene burned into Annie’s mind forever: there she was, lying on a plush red bed in a leather miniskirt and bustier, her arms and legs outstretched from her body with her wrists and ankles chained to the bed.

“I want someone to fuck me!” Annie heard her voice yell on the computer. “Please Masters please fuck me!” she moaned.

Annie was in a state of shock as she watched the scenes unfold before her on screen.

She saw two large hairy arms slide up her legs and knew them to be the biker at the leather store, recalling the feeling of his rough hands on her skin. “Oh yes!” she heard herself moan through the computer’s speakers as the biker’s hands slowly moved up her legs. His back was to the camera showing her over his shoulder–it must have been attached to the bedpost Annie thought with horror. She could only see him from behind, but had a full view of herself on the bed.

Annie watched in alarm as the biker slowly reached up and unzipped her miniskirt–the Annie on the screen lifting her hips to help him remove it. There she was, naked from the waist down undulating on the bed like a whore in heat. Even from this angle she could see her swollen pussy glistening from how wet she was, her mind shocked in horror.

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